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A wife finally does the unthinkable

A wife decides to cheat on her ailing husband with a young playboy at work.
Jill’s life changed dramatically two years ago. Her husband of then 8 years, was in a bad auto accident. He would need several surgeries to repair the damage and had to quit his job. Jill now had to become the bread winner, while also taking care of their two young sons.

Now two years later, things are still the same. Jill now 35 also had to take on the responsibility of taking care of her ailing husband along with her other responsibilities.

She had so many things taken away from her including her love life. She hadn’t had any kind of sexual relations in two years since the accident. She felt guilty every time she even thought about sex. She still was a very attractive woman and had to please herself to get her through all of it.

One night after work she decided to go out with a few of her coworkers to a happy hour. She hadn’t been out much lately so this was a refreshing change for her. She really needed this night out badly.

There was about 10 of them from her work that went. One was Brad, who was 28 and was the playboy of the group of men at the office. He had hit on several women at the office including Jill on several different occasions. Brad at times can be annoying and obnoxious even though he was a very good looking guy.

Jill had gone up to the bar to get another glass of wine, when Brad approached her.

“Hi Jill! How would you like to hook up tonight.” Brad sarcastically said to her.

“Brad, you know you can be very annoying. You know I am not going to go out with you.” Jill replied back.

“Jill, you know you want me. I bet you hadn’t had sex since your husbands accident.” Brad shot back.

“It is none of your business,” Jill sharply said back to him.

Brad stayed on Jill as he said to her, “I bet you are wet right now. I know you would love for me to fuck you.”

“Brad just go away. I would never let you touch me in a million years,” Jill replied back.

Brad then got ready to walk away when he said, “I will check back with you in a little bit. I want you to think about it.”

Brad walked away as Jill stood their watching his ass from the bar. She knew the bastard was right as her pussy now had become extremely wet. She sat at the bar and thought about what Brad had wanted from her while she sipped on her second glass of wine.

The next hour was misery for Jill. Her pussy was very wet and she couldn’t but help check out Brad every time he had walked by the bar. She hadn’t had sex in two years, and she now wanted to remember what it had felt like to be fucked by a man again.

She knew it would be a matter of time before the egoistical Brad would ask her back to his place. She didn’t know if she could go through it with him as she didn’t want to become another notch on his belt, or be the talk of the office, and most importantly that she cheated on her ailing husband. She had several decisions to make as she started on another glass of wine.

A few minutes later Brad had made his way over towards Jill. He instantly said, “Did you think about my offer? You won’t be disappointed I can tell you that. I can see you need to be fucked good and hard and I will bring the woman out of you.”

Jill looked Brad in the face and gave up trying to talk herself out of it. She said to him, “You win.”

“I knew you would see it my way sooner or later. We can go back to my place. I am only a few minutes from here,” Brad then said to Jill.

Jill followed Brad out to each of their cars. She had hoped no one had seen her leave with him as she pulled out right behind him. In the few minutes to his place she couldn’t get the thought out of her mind about letting Brad fuck her. She couldn’t believe she was about to let that egoistical young jerk fuck her. She had vowed he would never touch her, but now she was about to go inside his apartment with him. It seemed like nothing else had matter to her anymore but getting fucked.

She walked into Brad’s apartment and immediately Brad was all over her. He caressed her body with his strong hands as her panties were now soaked. She was at his mercy as he could do what he like to her.

The cocky Brad then pulled away from Jill and said, “I want you to strip right now in front of me.”

Jill hadn’t taken her clothes off for a man in two years and never for anybody else other than her husband. She felt flush as she removed her shirt from her body. She then reached back and undid her bra strap. Her big beautiful tits now appeared in front of Brad as his mouth began to water over them. He couldn’t wait to lick and suck on each of them.

Jill now undid her pants and pulled them down to the floor. Her pair of tight red panties were now soaked in moisture as Brad got a look at them. He had removed his shirt and unbuckled his pants as Jill began to take her panties off. She slowly slid them down her gorgeous legs as Brad watched on with a smile on his face. Her beautiful 5’6 foot body was now naked as lust for Brad’s cock ran through her mind.

Brad now with just his pants on went up to Jill and began to caress her lovely body again with his hands. Jill’s pussy was on fire as Brad ran his hand over her lovely tits and ass. He cupped and grabbed both of them as Jill began in earnest to open up his pants. She grabbed them with force as the button had instantly had come undone. She then gave them one hard pull as they had fallen harmlessly down onto the floor. She began to grabbed at his cock through his briefs as Brad tried to control her.

Brad then said, “You really want my cock, don’t you?”

Without saying a word Jill yanked Brad’s briefs down as his big thick hard cock popped out of them. She got down as she knelt before it. She wrapped her hand around his thick throbbing cock and stared right at the head of it. She had never wanted a cock more than now as she started to lick the head and the shaft of it.

She now inserted it into her waiting mouth. Brad moaned out, “That’s it. suck it!”

Jill sucked hard on Brad’s big cock as she had several inches of it buried deep inside her mouth. She sucked long and hard on it as Brad grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth with his cock.

A few minutes later Jill slid Brad’s cock out of her mouth and looked up towards him. She said, “I want you to fuck me with your big cock.”

Brad pulled Jill up off her knees and led her over to an over size chair that was in the corner of the room. He tossed her down on it as he knelt down in between her legs. Her pussy hung over the edge of the chair as Brad began to tease her very swollen pussy with his tongue.

He teased her until she couldn’t take anymore. She started to beg Brad, “Please fuck me. Please!”

Brad now positioned his big cock right in front of Jill’s pussy. He tapped his cock several times against her swollen clit as Jill’s body would jerked up every time his cock touch it. He then pushed his cock into Jill’s pussy. Jill cried out as this was the first time in more two years she had a man’s cock inside her.

It only took a few minutes and Jill was squirming all over the chair. Her cries grew louder as Brad fuck her with long hard strokes. A few seconds later Jill began to scream out. Her body went into convulsions as she had one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Brad continued to pound his cock into Jill. A few minutes later Jill moved her hand down to her pussy. She began to play with her clit at the same time Brad pounded his cock into her. This quickly pushed her to yet another powerful orgasm as she cried out, “Oh! god! Oh’ god!” over and over again.

Brad turned her immediately over on the over size chair. Her ass hung over the end of it as Brad slipped his big cock back into her from behind. He began to fuck Jill hard again as he used the same long strokes with his cock.

Jill cried out, “Fuck me, Fuck me!” as she felt Brad’s cock hitting deep inside her pussy.

“You like my cock inside you?” Brad grunted out to Jill.

“Yes. Yes, I love your cock inside me,” Jill responded back.

It was now 5 minutes later, as Jill started to scream out loudly again. Brad’s cock had penetrated deep into Jill’s swollen pussy as another powerful orgasm began to build. Jill could only last so long as she again started to cum all over Brad’s cock. Her orgasm was so powerful her whole body shook as she had cum.

Brad now gave Jill several more thrust with his cock. He couldn’t hold on any longer as he was ready to cum. He yanked his big cock out of Jill’s pussy and held tightly onto it with his hand. He held off just enough from cumming so Jill could get turned around on the chair.

“Brad then moaned out, “I am going to cum all over those beautiful tits.”

A few seconds later as he hovered over top of Jill’s tits he started to grunt out. His cock exploded as several streams of cum shot all over Jill’s beautiful tits as she held them tightly together.

Jill quickly got up off the chair and grabbed her clothes as she headed into the bathroom to clean up. Once inside the bathroom she looked directly into the mirror on the wall. What she had saw was her messy hair and Brad’s cum all over each of her tits. She wonder if she had done the right thing as she stood their for several minutes. She hadn’t felt like a woman since her husbands accident, but now Brad had brought the woman back out of her. She hadn’t ever cum that hard in her life.

She cleaned up and got dressed. She quickly scooted past Brad and said, “I got to go.“

As she drove home she made a vow to never let this happen again. She was very serious about it even though Brad had brought the woman out of her that night.

The next few weeks were agony for Jill at work. Brad kept up with his advances as Jill fought off each and every one of them. There were still times when Brad walked by that she would still imagine his beautiful cock inside her pussy.

It had been more than two months and so far Jill had resisted the urge to let Brad fuck her again. She thought she was about over him when she all of a sudden had a bad day.

She had been stressed out at work and her home life lately had pushed her to her breaking point. In the past she always handled these problems, but this time she just couldn’t. She needed a stress reliever more than ever and the thought of Brad’s cock inside her started to consume her mind.

On that same bad day Brad again that morning tried to make another advance on Jill. She gave him the same answer she had given him for the last two months. Brad had walked out of her cubicle dejected.

The stress Jill had felt was enormous. She sat at her cubicle as the thought of Brad’s cock began to consume her mind. Her panties quickly had gotten extremely wet while she began to squirm lightly in her chair. The thoughts of Brad fucking her now the most important thing on her mind. The other problems in her life that she was experiencing were no longer visible.

She watched Brad a short time later as he stood outside her cubicle talking to another coworker. Her adrenalin began to shoot through her body as she imagine seeing Brad in the buff. The thought of sucking on Brad’s big cock had her at her wits end.

At one point she reached down under her skirt and touched her very wet panties. She began to rub her finger through them as her clit was very swollen. She now knew she needed Brad’s cock more than ever.

That afternoon she pulled Brad aside. She said, “I changed my mind, I need you to fuck me.”

Brad reached under Jill’s skirt as he felt how wet her panties were. He knew she wanted to be fucked hard and he couldn’t wait to oblige her. Brad then said, “Right after work at my place. I am going to fuck you real hard tonight.”

His last comment made Jill’s pussy even wetter as she went back to her cubicle. It was going to be a long last few hours before the end of the work day.

The last two hours had took forever as Jill drove over to Brad’s apartment. She had made a vow to not let Brad fuck her ever again, but that was all about to go out the window. When she arrived at Brad’s place her panties were so wet she removed them in the car. She then headed into Brad’s apartment.

Once inside Brad immediately was all over her. His hand slid under her skirt and he now was playing with her wet pussy. She began to moan out as Brad buried his finger deep inside her.

A few minutes later Brad grabbed a 2 by 3 foot ottoman and placed it in the center of the living room. He said to Jill, “Strip your clothes off. I then want you to lay your gorgeous body across that ottoman.”

Jill immediately discarded her clothes and laid on her stomach across the ottoman in the center of the room. Her head hung over the edge of it as she looked directly into the carpet. Brad now glared right at Jill’s gorgeous ass as it hung over the side of the ottoman. He removed all of his clothes as his cock was rock hard.

“I am going to fuck you hard tonight,” Brad grunted out as he knelt down behind Jill’s gorgeous ass.

Brad gave Jill’s ass several hard slaps with his hand as Jill yelped out every time she felt his hand smack her ass. He then with one quick burst pushed his big cock into Jill from behind. He quickly began to fuck Jill very hard as it had caught her totally off guard. She screamed out loudly as she started to cum a short time later. Her orgasm was so huge her body shook uncontrollably for several minutes.

Brad now caught Jill off guard again as he pulled his cock out of Jill’s pussy. His cock was very wet from Jill’s pussy as he now pushed it up against her ass. Jill cried out, “Brad, what are you doing?”

Brad said, “Relax!” as he pushed the head of his cock a few inches into Jill’s ass.

“You are going to love my cock in your ass,” Brad moaned out as he slowly began to work more and more of it into Jill’s ass.

Jill cried out as she felt several inches of Brad’s big cock in her ass. It had took a few minutes, but she quickly adjusted to it. He slowly fucked Jill’s ass for several minutes as Jill hadn’t felt anything ever like this before. He then ordered Jill to flip over on the ottoman. She now had her back on it as Brad shoved his big cock back into her tender ass. He held Jill’s legs high into the air and began to fuck Jill’s ass much harder. Jill now feverishly played with her pussy as she fingered her swollen clit aggressively.

Jill quickly cried out, “I am going to cum again,” as she exploded into a very powerful orgasm with Brad’s cock still buried deep into her ass.

Brad now pulled his cock out of Jill’s ass and laid on the ottoman himself. He had Jill straddle over the ottoman and lower herself down on top of his cock. Jill quickly began to move herself up and down on Brad’s cock as her ass was pointed right at Brad’s face. Brad fucked her like this for a good 5 minutes until Jill’s legs had become so weaken that she couldn’t take anymore.

Brad now again moved Jill onto her back on the ottoman. He knelt down in between her legs and pushed his hard cock back into her pussy. Jill cried out as Brad punished her pussy with his cock. He fucked her good and hard for about 10 minutes until Jill screamed out into another extremely strong orgasm.

Brad now was close to cumming. He yanked his cock out of Jill and straddled himself up over Jill’s weaken body. He aimed his cock right down at Jill’s face as he began to stroke hard on his cock. His cock was only a few inches from Jill’s face when he began to grunt out. He shot stream after stream of cum all over Jill’s face. By the time Brad had stopped cumming Jill’s face was covered in cum as it trickled down over her cheeks and mouth.

Jill slowly got up off the ottoman and made her way into the bathroom to clean Brad’s cum off her face. She again looked into the same mirror she did two months ago and asked herself the exact same questions. Last time she vow never to do this again, but this time she couldn’t make the same pledge.

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