A Wife Sharing Adventure That Didn't Turn Out So Well

By mter100

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A husband shares his wife with another man with a big cock and finds out his wife loved it.
A husband sharing his wife can be quite intriguing but it also can turn out to be something totally unexpected. This is exactly what had happened to both Steven and his wife Beth. They had just celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary when Steven brought up the idea of sharing Beth with another man.

It was a tough sell right away for Steven, as Beth wanted nothing to do with it. They had been happily married for the last twelve years and had two young children under the age of 10. They both had good jobs and Beth was a volunteer at her children’s school. She had a reputation to protect and certainly did not want that compromised in any way.

Steven wouldn’t let it die as he had this huge fascination with seeing Beth with another man. It was almost an addiction as he researched and read many stories about other men doing it. Steven certainly did not want Beth to do anything that she was against but he continued to push on with the idea.

It had been almost 6 months after their 12th wedding anniversary when Beth began to reconsider her decision on being shared. She had just turned the big 40 and with that, a change in her life she started to think more about herself. She began to wonder if men still found her as attractive today as they did before. Beth was still a very attractive woman and at 5’3 and 110 pounds, she still looked like she was in her twenties. She had some of the nicest size tits you ever wanted to see and her ass was absolutely gorgeous. She clearly was just as sexy today as anytime in her life, but she was still worried about what men would think of her since she had turned 40.

Steven immediately pounced on the opportunity, as Beth was extremely vulnerable. He made several strides in convincing her that other men would find her very desirable. She began to fall for Steven’s idea more and more until she had finally come to the conclusion that maybe he was right. She needed to see for herself if she could still turn on men just as she did before. She agreed to go along with Steven’s plan to share her but only under three circumstances. One was that it would only be a one-night event and no more. The second was that he couldn’t cum inside her and the third was that Steven couldn’t ever bring up the subject of sharing her ever again.

Steven couldn’t have been any happier as he quickly agreed to Beth’s demands. He already had sought out several men for her to be shared with as his list was down to a few choices. His decision came down to a gentleman named Mike. Mike was a thirty five year old who loved the life of being single. He was a very confident man and loved fucking wives of other men. He was very experienced and had all the necessary things that Steven had been looking for. Steven always had wanted a guy who had a big cock and who would fuck his wife senseless. Mike certainly had those attributes, as his 9 inch cock was much more than his own 5 inch cock. He also loved the thought that Mike could fuck Beth over and over again all night long, as this was something he couldn’t do with her.

Mike was more than excited to get the chance to fuck such a beautiful 40 year old mom. He had been with a few women in the past that were over the age of forty but Beth was by far the sexiest of them all. Steven had put a good deal of trust into Mike and decided not to get a hotel room. He was willing to let Mike fuck Beth right in his own home.

A few weeks later Steven had Mike come over to the house. Beth really didn’t know how this was going to play out, as she had never even met Mike. She had no idea what he looked like or that his cock was almost double the size of her husbands. She was about to get the biggest surprise of her life.

Steven had Beth go out and buy a special outfit for the night. He knew she wouldn’t be wearing it for very long but he wanted her to feel sexy and special. Beth had bought a very sexy piece of lingerie that showed off her beautiful petite body. It was a red one piece see through outfit that covered just enough of her tits and ass to tease any man.

On the big night, Steven had Beth wait in the bedroom for Mike to arrive. She felt damn near naked as she put on her sexy outfit and sat on the bed waiting for her lover. Beth quickly found herself getting nervous as the thought of fucking another man began to consume her mind. She had no idea what to expect even though it was just a one time event.

She heard Mike arrive and now began to pace back and forth nervously. It was a few minutes later that she heard the door open as Steven brought Mike into their bedroom. She was stunned by his looks as she sat on the edge of the bed. She sat there with her arms and legs crossed not wanting to show Mike her beautiful body. Mike was a good looking guy and at 6’2 was a woman’s dream man. He had a very athletic body and Beth now could see why her husband chose him. Even though Mike seemed like a nice guy and was very good looking, Beth still wasn’t ready to uncover her body for him.

Mike certainly liked what he saw as he approached Beth. Beth didn’t move a lick as she sat nervously on the edge of the bed with her arms crossed over each of her beautiful tits. Mike quickly made the first move as he began to undress in front of her. His eyes never left Beth’s beautiful body as he undressed down to his jeans. He then quickly unbuckled them and pulled them down right in front of Beth. He had no underwear on underneath, as Beth got her first look at his gorgeous cock.

Mike’s cock was big and thick as it was easily 9 inches in length. It hung down in between his legs, and Beth couldn’t take her eyes off it. Mike knew right away that Beth wanted his cock as she began to squirm anxiously on the bed.

Mike then walked over to Beth and had her stand before him. He grabbed each of her arms and pulled them away from her body so he could see her beautiful tits through her outfit. He then turned her around wanting her to pull up her outfit for him. He wanted to see how great of an ass she had. Slowly, Beth pulled up her outfit as her small gorgeous naked ass appeared before him. His cock started to stir as he was more than excited by what he had seen. He told Beth how sexy and desirable she really was and how it was going to be a real pleasure to fuck her in front of her husband.

Mike then grabbed the thin straps that held Beth’s outfit in place. He pulled down on each of them until it fell off her body. She was now naked in front of him as he laid her down on the bed. He crawled up in between her legs and began to lick gently on her sweet pussy. Beth quickly began to get very aroused as moisture began to form on the outside of her pussy. He teased her for several minutes with his tongue as Beth began to moan out softly. She was now on the verge of cumming when Mike abruptly stopped. He wanted her first orgasm to be from his big cock.

He wanted to fuck Beth in a bad way as he moved his body on top of her's. She quickly felt the head of his big cock rub against the lips of her now swollen pussy. She had no idea if she could take on a cock of Mike’s size but she was about to find out. A few seconds later Mike began to push his big manhood into Beth. Beth immediately threw her arms tightly around Mike as she felt something she had never experienced before. It felt much better than she could ever imagine as Mike worked several inches of his cock into her tight aching pussy. She cried out like never before as her orgasm quickly began to build.

Mike’s 6’2 body pretty much smothered Beth’s petite 5’3 body. All that showed of Beth’s body was her arms and her legs that were now both wrapped tightly around Mike’s body. He fucked her slowly at a consistent pace as she got acclimated with the size of his cock. Mike had been fucking Beth for about 5 minutes when she began to cry out. She was on the verge of cumming as she held tightly onto Mike’s body. She cried out loudly as he pushed his cock even deeper into her. Her orgasm went on for a good minute as she had never cum like that before. She forgot everything at this point, and all she wanted was for Mike to make her cum hard again.

She came again a short time later as Mike continued to fuck her in the missionary position. Her fingernails ran down the back of his tight ass leaving several marks behind. She couldn’t believe how hard Mike was making her cum right now. She thought her orgasms with her husband were real good but they never came close to matching the way Mike was making her cum.

Mike continued to fuck Beth for another twenty minutes in the missionary position, and was already on her third orgasm of the night as it was more intense then the first two. This time she screamed out as her orgasm shook her whole body for a good couple of minutes. It was then that Mike calmly lifted his body up off Beth's and began to shoot his cum over her stomach and in between each of her tits. Beth was stunned and dazed as she lay on the bed trying to regain her composure. She then looked over at her husband who had already jacked off all over himself. He was in a world of his own as he just watched his wife of twelve years get fucked right in front of him.

It was twenty minutes later and Mike’s cock was again hard. He now wanted Beth to ride his cock as he had her straddle herself above it. She felt extremely aroused again as she lowered herself several inches down onto his big cock. She began to fuck Mike slowly at first as another intense orgasm began to build inside her. She was almost cumming at will for him as she cried out into another very intense orgasm. This one rattled her body as she slammed herself down hard on his cock several times. He ended up fucking her for several more minutes as she continued to ride his cock and the two of them kissed one another passionately on the lips.

He now wanted to fuck Beth in her favorite position and that was from behind. Beth slowly got onto all fours on the center of the bed. She looked out into the bedroom as her husband began to jack hard again on his own cock. She felt the power of Mike’s strong hands as he positioned each of them on her beautiful ass. He then rammed his big manhood back into her as her body jerked forward. She let out a hollowing scream as she felt enormous pleasure from Mike’s big cock.

She couldn’t believe how good it had felt as Mike’s cock hit the back of her pussy. He fucked her good and hard from behind for several minutes as Beth again had one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her body nearly collapsed down on the bed as she screamed out “Oh God, Oh God!” over and over.

Mike continued to pound his big cock into Beth’s pussy until she could no longer take it. Her body finally collapsed down onto the bed as another powerful orgasm was about to engulf her. Mike not missing a beat, continued to fuck her hard on the bed as his body hovered over the top of Beth’s ass.

It was a short time later that Beth cried out again into another intense orgasm. Mike obeying her wishes of not cumming inside her quietly lifted his body up off hers and began to cum all over her small tight ass. Cum now covered Beth’s ass as she lay shuddering on the bed. Mike had given her the fucking of her life as she had several explosive orgasms on his big cock.

The two of them recovered over the next hour. Mike wanted to take Beth one more time before he left for the night. He pulled Beth’s petite body over to the side of the bed and pulled each of her legs high over his shoulders. He began to suck on each of her toes as he slipped his big cock back into her. Beth instantly moaned out as she loved the way Mike sucked on each and every one of her toes.

He then began to pummel her pussy again with his big cock. She quickly was on the verge of cumming as Mike stared straight down at her lovely face. He then held tightly onto Beth’s legs with both arms and began to fuck her really hard. Beth quickly screamed out, “Fuck me! Fuck me! You are going to make me cum!”

A few seconds later Beth cried out into another very intense orgasm. Her body shook hard on the bed like never before as Mike gave it to her good and hard. He now pulled Beth’s body up onto his as she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around it. He held tightly onto Beth’s 110 pound body as he began to fuck her standing up in the center of the bedroom. Beth cried out in total pleasure as he bounced her hard on his big cock for several minutes.

It was a short time later when Mike put Beth back down onto the edge of the bed. He had her flip over onto her stomach, as he wanted to fuck her in the ass. Beth had let Steven fuck her in the ass on a few occasions in the past but this was going to be totally different with Mike’s big nine inch cock. He held Beth tightly down on the bed with both hands and began to push his nine inch cock into her tight little ass. Beth screamed out as her body began to go nuts on Mike’s cock. He fucked Beth for a good few minutes in the ass as she was closing in on a very powerful orgasm.

It was a few seconds later Beth began to scream out loudly. She had a very intense orgasm as her body shuddered hard on the bed. Mike now had several inches of his big cock buried deep inside her ass. She cried out like never before as Mike continued to shove his big cock deeper into her ass. It was then a few minutes later that Mike pulled his cock out of Beth’s ass and had her flip back over onto her back. His throbbing cock now stood over Beth’s stomach, as he was ready to cum again. Beth never would let her husband cum on her face but she now felt totally different about it. She secretly had wanted Mike to cum all over her face and mouth. A few seconds later Mike’s cock began to erupt. His cum flew all over Beth’s upper chest but she was disappointed that none of it had reached her face and mouth.

Mike left shortly after that as Beth showered before retiring to bed. She couldn’t believe how much she had loved Mike’s big cock inside her, but it now was over with or at least she thought it was. The next month was extremely hard for Beth. Sex with her husband was no longer the same. She could no longer even orgasm with him, as his 5 inch cock didn’t do a thing for her anymore. She started to fantasize about Mike and his big cock. She couldn’t believe how much she had missed it.

A few weeks later Beth had come to the realization that she needed and wanted Mike’s big cock. The problem was that she already had made an agreement with her husband that they would never bring up the subject again on sharing her. She decided one night to bring it up herself as she asked her husband how he felt if they did it one more time with Mike. Her husband was a little apprehensive at first, but certainly wasn’t against seeing her again with Mike.

It was a few weeks later when Mike was supposed to come over to the house. A powerful snowstorm had hit the area that night as it took Mike more than three hours to reach their home. It was close to midnight and Mike was exhausted from driving. Steven then brought up how that it was very late and that they all should just go to bed. Beth was extremely disappointed as she was very aroused and really wanted Mike to fuck her, but her husband was right that it was late. She made a spot on the couch for Mike to sleep as her husband threw a couple of extra logs onto the fire to help keep him warm. Then the two of them retreated upstairs to go to bed. Her husband went up first as Beth made her way upstairs a few minutes later. She couldn’t but help look back toward the couch area as she climbed the steps as Mike began to remove all of his clothes. He took everything off, as he stood naked in the living room. His huge cock dangled down in between his legs as they made Beth even more aroused. She quickly joined her husband in bed trying not to think about Mike’s big cock.

Steven had fallen asleep quickly as Beth laid their thinking about Mike’s big cock. Mike had to work in the morning so Beth’s chance to fuck him had just gone out the window. She began to fantasize about him being downstairs as she began to touch herself. She couldn’t believe how horny she had become as a wave of sexual energy shot right through her. It had been thirty minutes since her husband had fallen asleep and Beth could no longer take it. She slipped out of bed, and put her robe on over her naked body, and then proceeded to slowly make her way down to the living room.

Mike was already asleep but that didn’t stop Beth. She slipped off her robe and pulled the blanket down over his big cock. She stared at it for a minute and then knelt down before it. She grabbed his cock with her hand and slowly inserted it into her warm mouth. She sucked on his cock for a few seconds, as it quickly had gotten hard. Mike now had awakened as he looked down to see Beth sucking on his cock. She sucked several minutes on it until it was throbbing.

Beth then climbed on top of his hard cock and lowered herself down onto it. She began to fuck Mike hard as she slammed her body hard up and down onto his beautiful cock. It had felt extremely wonderful as Beth was quickly on the verge of cumming. It was then that Mike began to pound his cock hard up into her as Beth cried out into a very intense orgasm. She tried not to be very loud, as she didn’t want her husband to be awakened.

Mike then lifted Beth up off the couch and carried her over to a big rug that was in front of the fireplace. He gently lowered her down onto the rug as a small fire continued to burn on. He pulled Beth’s legs wide apart and pulled them back toward her head exposing her extremely swollen pussy. Beth then grabbed his big cock and inserted it deep into her pussy as she whispered into his ear, “Fuck me! I want you to fuck me hard!”

Mike fucked Beth hard right there on the floor as Beth cried out in total pleasure. It had felt even better this time around than the first time as she started to orgasm after just a few minutes. Mike now rammed all nine inches of his cock deep into Beth’s pussy as he continued to hold her legs tightly back toward her head. She cried out continuously as one intense orgasm followed another. She practically passed out right there on the floor as she begged Mike not to stop. He continued to fuck Beth hard right there on the floor for several minutes. Her body shook very hard on the floor as she had come harder than any other time in her life.

Mike now wanted to fuck Beth from behind. He mounted himself back behind her and began to pound his big cock deep into her. Beth immediately screamed out in pleasure as she cried out, “Fuck me hard! Don’t stop!”

Mike gave his all as the sound of pounding flesh could be heard throughout the room. Beth again screamed out a short time later as she had another powerful orgasm. Mike now had Beth cumming at will again as Beth came again just a few minutes later. She continued to cry out, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Mike fucked Beth hard from behind for several more minutes. This is when Beth cried out, “I want you to cum inside me! I want to cum with you!”

Mike pounded Beth’s tight pussy for a few more minutes when he announced he was going to cum. A few seconds later Mike began to thrust his cock hard into her as he began to erupt inside Beth’s tight pussy. This pushed Beth over the edge as she also started to cum with him. The two of them then laid there for several minutes until Beth told him that she had better get back upstairs. Beth then thanked him and quickly headed back upstairs before her husband awoke.

The next morning the sun was bright and shining, as Mike had to head out to work. Beth had hoped that the roads were still bad enough to keep Mike at their house but the road crews did a great job of clearing them overnight. She woke up just as horny and aroused as she was the night before but it was to no use as Mike had already left.

Steven also had to go to work that morning leaving Beth all alone to think about her night with Mike. She decided to tell Steven everything that happened the night before. She hoped he would understand and decided to let Mike come over again.

That evening she sat down and told Steven all about the night before. Steven was anything but happy about it. He ordered Beth not to see him anymore and that her days with him were now officially over with. This certainly wasn’t the response that Beth had hoped for. She now wondered if it was all worth it seeing Mike the night before. She now had closed the door on him ever fucking her again.

The next few months were very hard for Beth. Sex with Steven was just dull and boring, as she no longer enjoyed sex with him. Her arousal for her husband had just vanished into thin air. The only way she was getting by was by masturbating to the thought of Mike’s big cock. She found herself masturbating almost on a daily basis.

Beth’s life was now a mess. She at times she wished she never agreed to Steven’s idea of sharing her. The days of just being a mom now consumed her time but she will never forget about Mike’s big cock.