A wife surprises her husband with a threesome

By mter100

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A wife gave her husband a huge 40th birthday present by doing a threesome with another guy.
Jim and Lisa had been married for almost 15 years. They always try to out do each other when it comes to each other’s birthdays. Jim’s 40th birthday was only a few weeks away as Lisa thought about what to get him. She had a few thoughts in her mind, but one thought kept coming back to her. It was to do a threesome for her husband. Jim had been on Lisa for the past two years about doing a threesome with another guy. She had denied him each and every time he had asked.

She knew this would be the perfect gift for him because he would never expected it. She didn’t want him to know a thing about it as she wanted it to be a really big surprise. She had to set up everything herself, but their was just one problem. Who would the extra guy be?

She remembered that last month at her boss' retirement party that his 20 year old son Jason had hit on her a few times. He even gave her his cell phone number on a piece of paper if she was ever interested. She wondered if she had saved his number as she began to rumble through her purse. She just about gave up when lo and behold she found it. She thought he would be a perfect fit for her surprise adventure for her husband.

She called Jason on his cell phone and he was more than willing to help out. He already had a huge crush on her so their was no way he wouldn’t want to be involved. Lisa had set up everything at their house two weeks out. This was the actual day before Jim’s 40th birthday.

The next two weeks were rough on Lisa. She had to contain herself around Jim as she didn’t want him to get any clue that something was up. She also had become very aroused at the thought of doing a threesome with Jason.

The big day finally had arrived. Jason arrived about 15 minute before Jim was to get home from work. Lisa wore only a robe as she let Jason into the house. His cock immediately stirred inside his pants as he really wanted to see Lisa’s naked body underneath her robe. Lisa was a very attractive looking woman. She had a lovely set of breasts and a beautiful ass to go along with it.

Jason and Lisa sat and chatted as they waited for Jim to arrive home from work. It had been about ten minutes later when Jim pulled into the garage. Lisa immediately met him at the door as Jason sat in the living room. Jim was astonish to see his lovely wife Lisa with just a robe on. He said to her, “What’s going on!”

“I've got a big surprise for you!” she said to him.

She led Jim into the living room where he met Jason. He was confused at first as Lisa grabbed Jason’s hand and led him down the hallway to their bedroom. Jim followed closely behind as he wondered what his wife had planned.

Once in the bedroom Lisa began to undress Jason while Jim stood only a few feet from the both of them. Lisa quickly had Jason undressed down to only his briefs as his big cock pushed out against them.

She then turned her attention toward Jim as she undressed him down to his boxers. As the two of them stood quietly in their underwear, Lisa slowly began to remove her robe. She let it drop harmlessly down onto the floor as her beautiful naked body appeared before the two of them. They both were very aroused now as their cocks had become extremely hard.

Lisa then knelt down in front of Jason and began to remove his briefs. She pulled hard on them as Jason’s big cock popped right out in front of her face. She began to gently stroke on his huge hard on as her eyes looked directly at the head of his big cock.

A few minutes later in front of her husband she slowly moved her mouth toward Jason’s big cock. She circled her tongue around the head of his cock as Jason let out a small grunt. She then ran her tongue down the long shaft of Jason’s cock as it began to throb.

A minute or so later Lisa slid Jason’s cock into her mouth. She slowly sucked on his cock as Jason stood their trembling. Jim watched on in excitement as he waited for his turn. A few seconds later Lisa moved over toward her husband. She lowered his boxers as his hard cock appeared.. Jim’s cock may not have been as big as Jason’s, but it was just as hard.

Lisa sucked on Jim’s cock for several minutes as Jim let out several moans. She then got up and led Jim over to the bed. She had Jim lay on his back as she climbed up over top of his face. She moved her wet pussy down to his mouth as he began to suck on her extremely wet pussy.

Jason now stood up on the bed as Lisa began to suck on his hard cock again. She sucked very hard on his cock as her hands were clutched around his tight ass. She was now very aroused as she sucked on each of Jason’s balls. His body trembled as Lisa teased his cock with her lovely mouth.

It was a few minutes later and now Lisa wanted to be fucked. She laid on her back right next to her husband on the bed as she pulled Jason down on top of her. Jason slowly worked his cock into position as Lisa began to moan out, “I want you to fuck me Jason!”

Jason pushed his big manhood into Lisa’s pussy. Lisa cried out as Jason fucked her as she lay right next to her husband on the bed. It was a few minutes later when Lisa turned her head toward her husband. She started to cry out loudly as Jason had brought her to the edge of cumming. Then a few seconds later Lisa screamed out, “Oh’ God! Oh’ God!” as she started to cum real hard right next to her husband. Jim looked directly into his wife eyes as she orgasmed on another man’s cock.

Jason fucked Lisa for several more minutes until Lisa pushed him off her. She rolled over onto her husband as she slid his average size cock into her. Jim began to fuck his wife hard as he rammed his cock deep inside her pussy. Lisa cried out as her husband gave it all he had.

A few minutes later Lisa slid off her husband's cock and moved her mouth down to his cock. She began to suck on it as she wanted Jason to fuck her from behind. She pushed her gorgeous ass up in the air as Jason mounted himself back behind her.

Jason slammed his cock back into Lisa as Lisa cried out, “Oh’ God!” He fucked her good and hard for several minutes as this pushed Lisa to scream out into another huge orgasm.

It was a few minutes later when Jason and Jim changed places. Jim now pushed his cock into his wife’s pussy from behind as Lisa began to suck on Jason’s cock. Jim pounded his cock into his wife from behind as he was extremely turned on.

Lisa now surprised everyone in the room as she cried out to her husband, “I want you to fuck me in the ass!“ Jim had fucked Lisa in the ass before, but it was on only rare occasions she would let him.

Jim pushed his cock into his wife’s ass. Lisa immediately cried out, “Oh’ God!”

Jim fucked his wife ass for several minutes when Lisa did the unexpected. She pulled Jason’s cock out of her mouth and slid her body down on Jason’s. Her pussy was now right above Jason’s hard cock as Jim continued to fuck his wife in the ass from behind. She slowly began to lower her pussy down onto Jason’s cock as she felt for the first time in her life two cocks inside her at the same time. Jason now fucked Lisa from underneath while her husband Jim fuck her in the ass.

It only took a few minutes and Lisa screamed out into her most powerful orgasm of her life. She had never felt anything like that before as screamed out for a good couple of minutes as they both fucked her simultaneously.

They both were close to cumming now as Lisa cried out for neither one of them to cum. They each then slipped their cocks out of her wet pussy and ass and stood up at the side of the bed. Lisa knelt down in front of both of them and began to stroke on each of their throbbing cocks.

It was a couple minutes later when Jim began to moan out. Lisa pointed his cock right at her tits as he began to unload all over each of them. She now turned her attention to Jason as he began to grunt out. Jim watched in amazement as Lisa pointed Jason’s cock toward her face. She looked up at Jason and said, “Jason, I want you to cum all over my face!”

Jason couldn’t wait any longer as his cock began to explode. Several streams of cum began to shoot all over Lisa’s face as she stroke hard on his big cock until she milked it dry. Jason must had cum for almost 30 seconds as he covered Lisa’s beautiful face in cum. She immediately went into the bathroom to clean up as cum dripped off her face and tits.

Jim was spent as he sat on a chair in the corner of the room. Jason’s cock in the meantime was still in a semi-erect state as he lay on the bed. A few minutes later Lisa made her way out of the bathroom. She couldn’t help but notice that Jason’s cock was in a semi-erect state.

She immediately went over toward him and lay next to him on the bed. She slowly stroked on his cock with her hand as she began to lick the head of his cock. She slowly ran her tongue up and down his long shaft as Jason began to moan out.

Jason’s cock was good and hard again in the matter of minutes. Lisa now moved herself on top of him as she sunk her pussy down onto his big cock. She rode on his cock slowly at first, but then began to fuck him with more power.

Jim heard his wife’s cries in the corner of the room as Lisa rammed her body all the way down on Jason’s big cock. She cried out, “Oh’ God!” over and over.

A few minutes later she cried out to Jason, “I want you to fuck me from behind again!”

Lisa got on all fours as Jason mounted himself back behind her gorgeous ass. He pushed his cock back into her as Lisa let out a loud moan. Lisa loved being fucked doggie style and Jason’s big cock had her on the verge of cumming quickly.

It had been only a couple of minutes when Lisa cried out, “Fuck me Jason!” Lisa started to cum shortly after that as her body shook like never before. Her cries filtered out throughout the bedroom as her face was now plaster edagainst the sheets. Her hands pounded on the bed as she felt enormous energy shoot through her.

She then turned toward Jason and cried out, “Fuck me in the ass!”

Jason now stood up on the bed as he hovered over Lisa’s ass. He had never fucked a woman in the ass before as he lowered his cock down against her asshole. A few seconds later Lisa screamed out, “Oh’ God your cock is so big!” as Jason pushed his big cock into her ass.

He fucked her ass slowly at first as Lisa cried out the whole time. A few seconds later Lisa shouted out, “Yes! Yes! You are going to make me cum again!”

Lisa screamed out into another powerful orgasm as Jason pushed several inches of his big cock deep into Lisa’s ass.

It was a few minutes later and Lisa couldn’t take Jason’s cock in her ass any more. She flipped over onto her stomach and pulled Jason down on top of her. Jason pushed his cock back into her as he fucked her several minutes with nice even strokes.

Lisa was now on the verge of cumming again. She cried out to Jason, “Fuck me! Fuck me Jason!”

Jason started to fuck Lisa even harder as she cried out, "Yes! Yes!”

It was only a couple of minutes later that Lisa started to orgasm again. Jason also grunted out at the same time as he began to ram his cock hard and deep into Lisa’s pussy. A few seconds later while Lisa was cumming hard Jason began to cum himself. He began to fill Lisa’s pussy with his cum as his body shook and trembled extremely hard.

The rules were that Jason couldn’t cum inside Lisa, but once he started he couldn’t stop. They both had cum together as Jim watched helplessly from the corner of the room.

Jason then quickly got off Lisa and apologized as he gathered his clothes and hurried out of the house. He was worried Jim would be mad that he had cum inside his beautiful wife.

Jim walked over to the bed as his wife laid their with Jason’s cum trickling out of her just fucked pussy. She said to him, “Happy Birthday! Are you surprised!”

Jim said, “Wow! Am I ever!”

Jim kissed Lisa and wondered what she might get him for his next birthday. He already had thoughts of what he had wanted crossing his mind.