A Wild Vacation Of Wrestling

By mter100

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We watched on as a bra and pantie match turned into something a lot more than wrestling.
My wife and I had decided to take a vacation down to Jamaica. We had planned this trip for about a year and couldn’t wait to see what Jamaica was all about.

We stayed at a beautiful resort that was just outside a small town. We had heard several stories about some of the things that go on in Jamaica and we or at least I had wanted to see if the stories were all true.

The first day my wife and I laid on the beach most of the day. We had seen a few women without tops and a few with some really skimpy bikinis, but for the most part their wasn’t a lot of action going on at the beach. My wife may not had been disappointed by the day but I sure was. I had hoped to see more girls than I did.

The next day we hung out at the beach again. It wasn’t much better than the day before though I did see a few good looking women without their bikini tops on. I was somewhat disappointed as I talked to a employee from the resort. I had told him about some of the stories I had heard about Jamaica. I also said, “I had hoped I would see a lot more action.”

The employee said back, “Why don’t you go into town. I know a perfect spot for you and your wife to go to. I think you will be very happy. Here are directions on how to get there.”

“Wow! This is great!” I told him.

I then thank him and headed back to my wife on the beach. I hoped my wife was game for this, as she was only excited about relaxing and getting a tan.

That night after dinner I said to my wife, “How about we head into town and check out the nightlife.”

“ Are you sure you want to leave the resort?” she replied back.

“Everything will be fine. There is nothing to worry about.” as I calmed her fears.

We got dressed and made our way into town. I pulled out the directions out of my pocket and search for this particular place. The town was a lot more exciting than at the beach as their were all kinds of couples and a lot of women walking around without much on. This is what I wanted to see in Jamaica.

I finally found the place I was recommended to go to. My wife and I heard loud noises coming out of it as we walked up to the door. A gentlemen at the door told us this was a private club only and wanted to know how we had heard about it. As soon as I mention the resort employees name he immediately let my wife and I into the place.

We were both stunned at what we had saw going on. There was a wrestling ring in the middle of the place with several people crowded around it. It was basically half men and half couples. We saw a good looking girl screamed out as she was being fucked right in the middle of the ring. The stud then started to cum all over her as she laid helpless on the mat.

My wife’s eyes got really big at what she just had watched. You got to remember we aren’t as young anymore as we both are in our late forties. I on the other hand was damn excited as we sat down close to the wrestling mat. The resort employee never had exactly told me what went on in this place.

There was a list of rules on the wall as I went over and checked them out. On the top of the rules it said, “Win 500 dollars cash!”

I read on as the rules state if any women can beat their local girl in a bra and panties wrestling match they win 500 dollars cash. As I read the next part my cock got very hard. The next rule stated that you can ripped off the bra or the panties of your opponent and that everything is legal.

The rules also state if the local girl beats her opponent the other losing gal is to be fucked right in the center of the ring by one of the local studs. You can beat your opponent by pinning her or on points. The points add up by grabbing and touching your opponent any way you like. The more you touch them sexually the more points you get. If you can get your opponent to cum right their on the mat than you are the automatic winner on the spot. I almost had fallen over after I read that.

My cock was extremely hard as I walked back over to tell my wife the rules as the next match was ready to start. On the mat stood two women only dressed in a bra and thong underwear. The local girl was around 20 years old and not very big in size. She probably only weigh about 100 to 110 pounds. She had small tits but a very nice looking ass. Her opponent was a beautiful American woman. She had gorgeous tits along with a fantastic ass. She was a little bigger and stronger as she was a personal fitness trainer. She also was a little older than the other girl as she was in her late twenties. Her husband was at her side as he sat off to the side of the mat.

The so cal referee stood on the mat and told the girls to begin. The American immediately took charge of the smaller local girl. She ripped her bra off almost immediately and rack up a bunch of points by grabbing the girls tits. She then rolled her over and quickly got on top of her. The crowd egged her on as she tried to rip the girls panties off her small frame body. The American had the local girl pinned tightly to the mat as she grabbed a hold of her panties. She slowly worked them down off the girl and threw them off to the side of the ring.

It had looked like it was going to be a landslide victory for the American gal as she began to rack up as many points she could by grabbing and touching the local girls tits and pussy. A few minutes later it was a intermission break.

It was a two round match and looked like the American gal was easily in line to collect that 500 dollars. As the next round started the local girl walked out onto the mat without her bra or her panties on. Her body was gorgeous as my cock was extremely hard sitting their watching. The American still had her bra and panties on.

As the whistle blew the local girl came out much more aggressive than before. She used her quickness to take down the American gal right away. She moved on top of the American and began to pin the American’s arms underneath her. As she quickly pinned the American arms down she grabbed a hold of her bra and began to pull on it. A few seconds later the crowd yelled out as the American’s bra was discarded from her lovely body.

This younger and smaller local girl quickly grabbed the American’s tits with her hands. She teased the crowd for several seconds as she smack them back n forth. She then groped at them for a good minute as she had the American arms still pinned down on as she sat on top of her.

She quickly turned herself around on the American. She now went for the American’s panties as she kept the American’s arms still pinned underneath her. There was nothing the American could do as the local girl went for her panties. She grabbed a hold of them and ripped them off the American’s body.

The American woman began to flail her legs around in desperation. She tried as hard as she could to keep the local girls hands off and out of her pussy. A few seconds later the local girl had moved her hand down in between the American’s legs. She began to rub her hand up against the American’s pussy.

She stilled had trouble getting her finger into the American’s pussy as she kept moving her legs in all directions trying to free herself. A minute or two later the local girl was able to pin one of the American’s legs to the mat as the American began to tire out. She now had access to her beautiful pussy with her hand. She quickly jetted two of her fingers into the American’s pussy. She began to finger her pussy as the American tried with all of her might to get free. It was no use as the American now had began to moan out.

The crowd began to chant,” Make her cum! Make her cum!”

The American was in bigger trouble as the local girl began to slide her ass back towards the American’s face. She started to grind her pussy up against the American’s mouth as she continued to ram her two fingers into her pussy. The American began to screamed out, “Oh’ Fuck! Oh’ Fuck! as her body began to squirmed about the mat.

It was a few minutes later and the American woman had all about given up. Her legs were no longer flailing anymore as her body began to weaken. The local girl now was fucking her pussy good and hard with two fingers and had her on the verge of cumming. A minute later as her husband watched on in disbelief the American woman caved in. She screamed out loudly as she began to cum right their on the wrestling mat. The crowd went bunkers as the local gal pulled her two fingers out of the American’s pussy as moisture dripped off them. The referee immediately raise the local girls hand declaring her the winner.

As the American woman laid exhausted and helpless in the middle of the ring a big strong guy enter it. He pulled down his shorts as his enormous cock appeared. It had to be a good 10 inches in size as it hung way down in between his legs.

He knelt down on the mat in front of the American woman. He grabbed the American woman’s legs and pulled them wide apart. Her husband couldn’t look as the big stud pushed his huge cock into her. The crowd love it as the big hunk began to fuck the American with his huge 10 inch cock. The American cried out, “OMG! OMG!“ as the stud pounded his monster cock into her.

He fucked her hard for several minutes as the American screamed out in orgasm. He then stood up on the mat as he picked up the American in his arms. He pulled her onto his cock as he fucked her in the center of the ring as he stood up holding her in the air. Her arms were wrapped around his neck as her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist. He fucked her this way until the American came again on his cock.

He laid her quickly back on the mat as he turned her over on all fours. The American was totally exhausted as the big stud propped up her body on the mat. He gripped her ass with his big hands and began to push his 10 inches of cock right back into her again. He fucked her very hard from behind as the crowd yelled out. I had to admit my cock was about to explode as I watch him take her right their on the mat.

The excitement grew with every thrust into her worn out pussy. He fucked her hard for several minutes from behind as the American continued to screamed out. She came two more times on his big cock as we all watched on. The studs body began to tense up. His muscles began to tighten as he quickly pulled his huge cock out of her pussy. He rolled her over onto her back and he straddled himself up over her face. His cock hung down only inches from the American’s mouth. He began to stroke on his cock as the crowd yelled out. A few seconds later he pushed his huge cock up against the American’s lips and began to shoot his cum all over mouth and face. It was the most exciting thing I had ever saw in my life.

The crowd roared with their approval as the bewildered husband helped his beautiful wife off the mat. The crowd wanted another match as they asked any of the foreign woman if they wanted to try. One of the men asked my wife, but she right away politely said no way. There was no way at her age was she going to get in that ring.

A few nights later we came back for another visit. It was even more exciting than the first time, but that is for another time.

I had to admit it sure would had been exciting to see my beautiful wife out their in the middle of the ring, but I know she wouldn’t had a chance in hell on winning. I would had loved to see her being fucked by that 10 inch cock!