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A workout to Remember

Tags: sex, gym, stranger
Erica gives me an awesome workout
Her long brown hair fell just past her shoulders. The color of her hair
made her blue eyes appear a deeper shade of blue than they actually
were. She was tall, about five-foot six. She carried her 129 pounds
perfectly. Clearly not fat, and for sure not stick thin. She was
athletic yet had curves in all the right places. Her breasts were
outstanding. On the smaller side, she wore a 34-B bra. but appeared to be close to a "C" cup What she lacked in size she more than made up for in sensitivity.

She has been my secret lover for the past three weeks. We meet in the
strangest places at the strangest times to make love. This is the story
of how we met and how she rocked my world.

It was three weeks ago today, I was at the gym, as usual, by 6:30 am. I
was scheduled for weights that day, but when I saw her on the
Stair master, I knew I had to do cardio. She was wearing hip-hugging,
black spandex sweatpants, and a black sports-bra. Without a hint of
makeup, and her hair in a pony-tail, she was the sexiest woman I had
ever seen in the gym.

I played it safe and took the machine two away from hers and one row
back. Like most upscale gyms, ours has mirrors on the wall and five
televisions hung. We have the ability to plug our headset in and pick
any telecast we wanted. I opted for my MP-3 player instead. I put my
headset on, cranked the volume and began to climb on my virtual

There were not many people in the gym that morning and I did not mind.
As I recall, there were just two other people sharing the area we were
in. I kept trying to check her backside out without being her noticing
me in the mirrors. She seemed to be engrossed in the local morning
news. After ten minutes or so, we were the only ones left in the area.
Another fifteen minutes or so passed and she finished her workout. She
gracefully climbed off the machine, walked past me and smiled as she
headed towards the ladies locker room. I smiled to myself and finished
my workout.

I decided to take a steam that day and I do not know why. I have been a
member at this gym for three years and never once had I used the steam
room. I undressed at my locker and wrapped a towel around my waist and
headed in.

I was the only one taking a steam, so I placed my towel down on the
lowest bench and stretched out. The thermostat read 105 degrees. I got
up and soaked myself under the large shower-head. The cold water felt
so good. When I reopened my eyes, the sexy redhead was standing in
front of me. To say she startled me is an understatement. There I was,
buck naked, in the MEN'S steam room, naked, before her! Did I mention I
was NAKED? I was speechless! She finally spoke. She asked if I minded
if she joined me.

At this point it seemed fruitless to wrap the towel around my waist
again, so I took my seat on the bench and she sat next to me. Her towel
still wrapped around her, she looked over at me and introduced herself.

"I am Erica." she said.

"David", I replied.

She said she saw me looking at her. She wanted to know if I liked what I

It all seemed crazy. "Very much so" I replied.

"I like what I see too" she said. Keep in mind I AM NAKED.

With that she stood in front of me and took off her towel.

She was amazing. Not a hair on her body. Her nipples were hard, her
stomach flat and her pussy hairless.

My cock stirred and she asked if still liked what I saw. All I could do
was nod.

She fell to her knees and took my cock in her hand. She lowered her face
to it and sucked hard on the head. She proceeded to take all of the
shaft down her throat. She cupped my balls in her hand and squeezed
them firmly. She swiveled her head from side to side and moved herself
up and down at the same time. The heat was increasing rapidly. Between
this shocking turn of events and the steam, we were each sweating.

She stopped sucking cock, stood up and sat herself on my rigid rod. She
was facing away from me as she lowered herself on my lap and slid my
cock into her wet slit.

My left hand on her hip, my right hand played with her nipple. Her moans
grew louder as I tweaked and rolled it between my fingers. She bounced
herself up and down with ease. I felt my balls tighten and knew my
release was imminent.

Without warning she dismounted, stood and turned. Then Erica remounted
however this time facing me. With great flexibility, she wrapped her
legs around me and grinded herself, forcing my member deeper into her.
I stood, lifting her and began thrusting my hips as fast as I could. It
was time. I began to shoot my thick wad. I blasted load after load
until my eight inches shrunk and slipped out of her.

Together we went to the shower and took a cold rinse. It was now my turn
to please her. We went back to the bench and I spread one of our towels
out on the higher of the two benches. She laid down and I slithered
down her body until my face was millimeters from her beautiful bald
cavity. I cautiously tasted her sex and was pleased with my findings.
She was sweet not salty, almost like honey. I threw caution to the wind
and buried my face into her snatch and licked and sucked until I felt
my tongue numbing. I used my fingers to help her engorged clit escape
from beneath its hood. I suckled it gently and felt her hands ravage
the back of my scalp. Her nails digging gently into my scalp, and
holding my face in place as if to tell me, Yes, this is the spot. I
licked and sucked her, despite losing feeling on my tongue. I was
already hard again and knew it was time to fuck my new workout partner.
I slid up her body, kissing every inch of flesh in my path until our
mouths met and our tongues danced over each others.

My member slid into her wet vagina without guidance, and we fucked at a
frantic pace. Her legs wrapped around me, forcing me as deep as I could
possibly be. Her nails dug into the flesh on my back deeply. It hurt,
but I played thru the pain. She periodically smacked my ass and
whispered "fuck me harder" into my ear as she did.

No woman had ever talked dirty to me during sex and it took me to a new
level. I would swear I felt my cock stiffen up a notch harder than I
have ever felt. I slipped out of her and knowingly she got up on all
fours. I shoved my cock into her instantly. My hands placed on her hips
so I could control the pace, which was fast. My balls were smashing
against her ass. I pumped her as fast as I could. She would look over
her shoulder at me every few seconds, and those big blue eyes had a
devilish look to them. She was so sexy, this all seemed like a dream,
but it was not. I felt that tenseness in my sac build, and I knew I was
getting close. Her moans and groans led me to believe she was as well.
I figured I had nothing to lose, so I did something I normally did not
do. Out of nowhere, I took my middle finger and shoved it up her ass. 
Erica screamed at first, and I began to take it out. When her screamed
turned to a loud YES, I moved it in deeper. She screamed that she was
cumming. As she said that, I began to squirt my seed. Considering I had
released it just minutes earlier, I was shocked at the amount I shot
this time around. Finally, before my cock went soft, we collapsed on
the bench. She on her stomach and me on top of her, I kissed the back
of her neck and ears. We got up after a few minutes and rinsed off in
the showers and decided to get out of the steam before we passed out.
She returned to the women's locker room and we decided to meet in the

I won't bore you with what took place at the diner as we had breakfast,
but as I said, Erica and I have been together for three weeks now and my sex
life has never been better!
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