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A young girl seduces her friend's brother.

a young girl seduces her friend's brother..

I sat by the table, looking at him as he walked towards the kitchen. I held my breath and felt butterflies emerge in my stomach; he was so cute, so desirable. His eyes flickered toward mine and I giggled, looking down at the table and putting my hand over my mouth. When I looked up he was already gone and standing in the kitchen. His sister was sitting next to me, laughing at my reaction to seeing him. “Did he notice me?” I whispered, trying to see if I could see him in the kitchen. “I don’t know” she said, watching me trying to look at him. “He’s so amazing” I said, squealing and clapping my hands. I started giggling again as I saw him walk out of the kitchen, heading back to his room.

He looked at me for a moment and then continued walking.   When he got to his room I suddenly turned to his sister and said “He looked at me!” “Yeah” she said, rolling her eyes and texting somebody on her phone. “Maybe I should go say hi” I said, leaning over a bit to see if I could see into his room better. “Fine” she said, “Do it” “I will”, I said, standing up and walking toward his room. I stopped still in his doorway, considering on what to do. Just do it, I said to myself, stepping down into his room. He was sitting at his computer, typing rather slowly.

“Hi” I said, walking over to him, “Hi” he replied, looking away from the computer and staring at me. I didn’t know what to say next so I said nothing; I just stood there, looking at him. He looked back at me and waited for me to say something; I looked over to his window and kept looking at it, too nervous to look back at him. I saw him looking down my top and further down my legs as I stood there. My heart started racing and I looked back at him again, he was still looking down my top and looked away quickly, looking back at his computer again. He continued doing whatever he was doing before I entered the room and seemed to be pretending that I wasn’t there. He nervously put his hand to his mouth and placed his fingers on his lips; I stepped closer to him and sat on the chair next to him, letting my dress ride up.

He seemed to be shaking a bit as he placed his hand down on the keyboard and I couldn’t help but start laughing and edged closer to him. He still pretended not to notice so I pressed myself up against him and waited for him to say something. I didn’t really care that he was way older than me; I wanted him and would do almost anything to get him. He turned to look at me and said “What are you doing?” Reality seemed to hit me then, here I was, leaning up against him with my top half falling down and my dress riding up my legs. I saw he was aroused, as I could clearly see the bulge in his pants. Meanwhile his sister was sitting in the kitchen texting on her phone, probably wondering what was going on but too freaked out to go and see.

 I put my hand on his leg and rubbed it against his groin, desperate to get a reaction. He jumped a little and his face clearly showed that he was liking it. He suddenly turned to me and kissed me, pressing his lips hard against mine. We kissed for several minutes until he got up and closed his door, locking it and not seeming to care about his sister being home. He walked over to me and pushed me down onto the bed, kissing me again and then pulling my dress off of me. He pulled his top and pants off and his penis jutted out at me, staring me in the face. He put it in my mouth and I sucked at it, hoping I pleased him. He took it out and then pulled my bra off, sucking and biting at my nipples until he finally took my panties off.

 I gasped as he pressed his face into me and explored me with his tongue, tasting me and licking at my juices. He then put his fingers in me and dug deep, watching my face as he did so. He pressed down heavily on me and kissed me again, until he finally went into me, making me gasp at the feeling and claw at the sheets. I almost screamed so he pressed his lips to mine in order to make me stop, making sure we didn’t give his sister any clues.

I felt him soften inside or me as he came, sweating and panting in exhaustion. We hugged for several minutes then got dressed, heading out to the kitchen to get something to drink. “What were you doing?” his sister asked, looking at us puzzled. “Talking” he said, pushing me up against the wall where she couldn’t see and kissing me. “Come back tonight” he said, grabbing onto my breasts and looking at me with his deep set eyes. “Sure” I said, walking away and looking back at him over my shoulder as I went out the door.

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