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Aaron's sister

A welcome home party he won't forget..
“Shit, Aaron, how quick has Nikki grown up?” Tom gasped, peering into his best friend's garden.

“Back off from my sis dude, she is only seventeen. Can’t half tell you have been pussy deprived for a while!” Aaron snapped back.

‘Woah, cool bro,” Tom replied, raising both of his palms to face Aaron, “Don’t worry I won’t touch her. I’m merely saying that I haven’t seen her in a year, and she has certainly..well you know, filled out. And anyway, what’s a six year age difference?” he laughed.

“Whatever,” Aaron mumbled, heading towards the kitchen, in search for a can of beer, to celebrate his best friends return from the Army. “It’s great to see you again, mate. It’s gonna be a messy one tonight. Craig and Hopper are planning on coming along too,” he continued, thrusting a can into Tom’s hand.

“Oh, yeah, any females making themselves present at my welcome home party?” Tom grinned, before taking a swig of lager.

“Oh I’m sure there will be plenty of pussy on display,” laughed Aaron, “enough to keep us entertained anyway.”

Tom’s eyes flitted from Aaron, to the pool in the back garden where Aaron’s younger sister was playfully splashing her friends. The blaring sunrays glared off the kitchen window, altering his view. He could see enough; he could see how her heaving breasts were spilling out of her black polka dot, white bikini. He watched as she continually climbed up the side and dove back into the water. His eyes scanned her body further down to the ties of her bottoms, which were stretched, holding the delicate material in place. He felt a stir in his loins.

“Yeah something like that. Let’s go outside, say hello to the girls.” Tom winked.

“You’ve been back five minutes and you’re ready to pounce already? Steady on, dude!” laughed Aaron, following Tom outside of the patio doors.

“Oh my god!” shrieked Nikki, jumping up and down in the water as she saw Tom entering the garden. Clambering for the side, she pulled herself up the metal steps, the water cascading over her curvaceous, tanned frame. “Aaron, you didn’t even tell me..”

“I thought it’d be a surprise!” Tom smiled, as he watched Nikki running towards him, almost hypnotized by her firm breasts bouncing.

“Fuck Nikki, put yourself away, you’re spilling out everywhere!” called Aaron, turning his head, while his younger sister wrapped her arms around his best friend.

“Oh fuck off Aaron, will you?” responded Nikki. “God, Tom, it’s so great to see you!” she called, stepping onto her tippy toes to kiss him on the cheek.

“Alright you two break it up!” called Aaron. “Oh hey girls,” he smiled, suddenly distracted by his sister's two friends in the pool. “I hope you girls are coming to the party tonight?”

“Sure thing!” they giggled in unison.

Cuddling Nikki in tight, Tom enjoyed the feeling of her wet cushioned breasts pressed up against him. His hands covering her slender back as he locked their embrace, realizing their hug lasted a little longer than necessary.

“Great to see you too, Nik, you’re looking..erm swell!” he grinned, looking down at her large breasts, watching as trickles of water ran trails down her cleavage.

“Oh, thanks,” she blushed, “you’re looking pretty swell yourself.” She was convinced she could feel his erection growing through his summer shorts.

“So you’ll be gracing us with your presence tonight then?” he smiled, conscious not to allow this eyes to fall on her voluptuous breasts.

“Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world! And especially now I know the real reason behind the party. So great to see you again, and hope to see more of you tonight,” she smiled, before heading back towards the pool.

Fuck yeah!” thought Tom, as his eyes were riveted by the sway of her peachy cheeks, barely covered by the thin layer of lycra.

“….so what do you think mate?” asked Aaron.

“Oh..erm..yeah sure,’ he replied, realising he had not heard one word of what his friend had asked.

“Those two young, fresh pieces of meat? We could ‘tag team’ them!” Aaron laughed, as he sat down on the lawn, watching his sister's friends in their tight bikinis.

“Sounds like a fucking red hot plan to me, pal!” replied Tom, bashing his can of lager against Aaron's, trying to avert from the fact that all he could think about was pounding his best friend's sister.

Soaking up the sun's rays, the two best friends lazed casually on the grass catching up on tales and conquests from the other, however exaggerated they may have been.

“You should strip down to your shorts and join us in here boys,” yelled Alicia, pulling her slim, milky white body up from out of the water and leaning on the side of the pool.

“We’re just enjoying the view, my love,” Aaron replied, “saving our energy for tonight, y’know?”

Alicia giggled and dove back into the water.

“She’s gonna get it,” snickered Aaron.


“Hurry up, Nikki, he’ll back in a second! Is the beer in the fridge?” groaned Aaron, ordering his sister around to ensure everything was ready.

“Yes, Aaron!” yelled Nikki, rolling her eyes to her friend Sarah.

The doorbell was chiming as the guests were arriving, filling out the house. Nikki knew that their parents would have freaked out if the party got out of hand, so as usual took the sensible option of serving the drinks instead of consuming vast amounts. Aaron, however, was topping up his alcohol levels from his day in the garden with his best friend.

“Quiet! Here he comes!” yelled Aaron, hushing the room full of people.

“SURPRISE!” came the cheers as Tom walked back through the door, after being at home to get changed.

Nikki's mouth fell open as she looked towards the door. Tom was dressed to impress. His white designer t-shirt clung perfectly to his muscular physique, emphasizing his recent golden suntan. His dark blue denim jeans complimented his pert ass perfectly. Catching his eye, she smiled, quickly turning away in an attempt to hide her flushing appearance.

“Well, as if I wasn’t expecting this,” Tom laughed, sarcastically, “seriously though everyone, I really appreciate y’all doing this for me. It’s great to be home. Oh cake and banners too? When does the stripper arrive?”

Everyone laughed and ‘cheers’ rang out before the house party got underway.

Busying herself through the groups of people, Nikki was attempting to be the perfect hostess, ensuring everyone had plenty to eat and drink. Smiling and chatting with others, but she could not keep her eyes from Tom. She could see her brother, Aaron, on the kitchen table, getting wasted with his friends, carrying out drinking games involving funnels and large amounts of homemade cocktails.

Her smiles and pleasantries were well underway, when she felt her arm being tugged from behind her.

“Hey! Oh hey, you,” she grinned, seeing Tom standing before her, “how is your party going? Are you enjoying yourself?”

“It’s great Nik, thank you darling, I really appreciate you doing this for me.”

“I didn’t, it was Aaron. He told me it was a get together, as our parents are out of town. I had no idea, it was for you,” she continued, aware that his presence was making her ramble and stutter, when all she wanted was for him to pin her against the wall and fuck her brains out.

“Yes but you are being the perfect hostess and look quite the part,” he snickered, his eyes roaming her perfectly formed body in her tight white cropped cardigan and knee length black skirt. “And those heels, well they are just perfect,” he whispered in her ear.

Nikkis pussy throbbed in her knickers, his divine aftershave filled her nostrils as his sweet breath, tickled her ear.

“I think you need to get mingling,” she interrupted, “before anyone sees us.”

“God Nikki, what was he saying to you?” enquired her friend Sarah, “your cheeks are flushed!”

“Nothing, I was just saying it was good to have him home. God am I that obvious?” asked Nikki.

“Just get a few drinks down your neck girl and make your move, you know you want him,“ grinned Alicia, handing her friend a large glass of a green, potent, mixture.

“And then I can pounce on Aaron,” Alicia continued.

“Oh god,” replied Nikki, holding her nose as she gulped the liquid down her throat.

“SHIT! What is that?” Nikki asked, holding her throat as the alcohol burned its way through her bloodstream.

“Oh you will be on your back in no time!” shrieked Sarah. “We’ve put just about everything in that.”

“Looks like Aaron has been on that shit all night,” laughed Nikki, as her brother stumbled around the kitchen.

The evening wore on and the drinking games were well underway. Partygoers were stripping down and the guys challenging each other to see how much alcohol they could consume in the quickest time. The house was a mess, food crushed into the carpets and paper cups strewn all over the place.

Nikki noticed her friend Sarah in the living area, perched on top of her brothers’ friend, her tongue deep into his mouth as he grabbed her breasts on top of her pink chiffon top. Scanning the room, she could see her other friend Alicia, giggling, and laughing with Aaron in the kitchen. Feeling a little light-headed herself she headed upstairs to the bedroom.

“Phew!” she sighed, throwing herself back on her bed. Her long dark hair spilled out onto her white cotton sheets below her.

She was glad of the coolness and the space of her bedroom, the music was banging through the walls of her room, the shrieks and laughter were muffled from the floor below.

“So this is where you got to?” sneered Tom, standing in her doorway.

“What..? God, Tom! You gave me a fright, what the hell are you doing here?” Nikki quizzed, abruptly sitting upright on the bottom of her bed.

“Well I couldn’t find you and then I spied your ass walking up the stairs, so I thought I would..erm….check on you, I guess.”

“I’m fine, I just needed a bit of breathing space, it’s a bit crowded down there,” she smiled, flattered with the fact that he had followed her.

“Well I may need some breathing space from everyone too,” he responded, sitting down next to her on the bed.

“People will be looking for you, Aaron will freak if he sees you in here. You best get back.”

“Nikki, shush,” he whispered, tracing his fingertip along her jawbone and gently lifting her chin. “You know I couldn’t take my eyes off you all night, you looking fucking incredible.”

“Tom.. you know, well you know.. I couldn’t take my eyes off you either,” she breathed, her sparkling blue eyes locking onto his. “But we can’t, Aaron will be..”

“Shush and kiss me Nikki,” Tom interrupted.

Letting go of her resistance, Nikki slowly pushed her lips up to meet his. Her tongue parting his lips as she greedily began to explore his mouth, passionately, and with an urgency that she had never experienced.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you since I saw you in the pool today,” Tom continued, “you look so fucking gorgeous. I have to confess, I went back home and had a wank in the shower, thinking of you. It felt so fucking good, lubing up my soaping cock. I imagined you, with your hands pressed against the wall and…, sorry.” Tom stopped, Nikki's eyes widening at his confession.

“No, don’t stop now,” she breathed, “that sounds fucking hot!”

“Oh really?” he snickered, “Getting a bit damp down there is it? You mean me, wanking my meat over you? At the very thought of the water running over your gorgeous ass, while I slip my aching cock in you?”

“God yes!” replied Nikki, her pussy was throbbing. The confession was almost too much for her to take. She had wanted him so bad, her hand slipped up his jean-covered thigh as she leaned forward and kissed him again.

“Fuck, Nikki, you are making me hard, I might just have to show you what you are doing to me,” he grinned.

“Wait,” Nikki responded, quickly standing up and walking over to her bedroom door.

“Aaron will fucking kill the pair of us,” she giggled, propping her desk chair up against the door and under the handle, ensuring they wouldn’t be disturbed.

“He will never know, he is passed out on the kitchen bench! Now get that sexy ass over here,“ winked Tom.

“Oh I’m coming, don’t worry,” Nikki snickered.

Standing before him, she locked eyes with Tom, and licked her lips seductively as she reached her hands around the back of her tight, black, knee length skirt. Her hands slowly, glided over her rounded ass as she gently tugged on the zipper. Toms eyes, roamed her body, hypnotized by the seductive scene in front of him. Nikki proceeded to wiggle her hips from side to side, slipping the cotton material over her curves and down past her thighs, exposing her tiny lace knicker-shorts and revealing her lace hold ups.

“Fuck!” Tom gasped, he lay back onto the bed, resting onto his elbows, as Nikki walked towards him.

Leaning forward, she wanted to make sure Tom could see her large ripe breasts spilling out of the cups of her lacey bra, confined by her cropped, buttoned up cardigan.

“Take it off,” he breathed, “I need to feel them.”

“I will tell you when!” she commanded.

“Wow, a secret little dominatrix, are we?” grinned Tom.

“No, I just want to have my wicked way with you,” she smirked as she slowly unfastening the zip on his dark, blue jeans. Popping open the button, Nikki pulled them down his body, Tom lifted his ass to allow her to remove them from him. His cock pressed against the cotton material of his boxer shorts.

“Oh, look at you all nice and hard, I haven’t even started yet,” she grinned, running her palms up his thighs as she followed with her tongue.

Tom groaned at the feeling of her warm mouth trailing up his legs.

“Get these off too, I want you naked!” Nikki snapped, tugging at Tom’s boxer shorts before pulling them free from his body.

“Fuck,” Tom moaned, his cock was laying flat against his stomach. He pulled his t-shirt over his head, before lying back on the bed, surrendering to her control.

“Now, get these fucking legs wide, in fact hold your legs for me! I want this ass.”

“What the fuck? Nik!” Tom gasped, as Nikki pushed his muscular thighs up towards him.

He couldn’t believe his luck, he had hoped for a quick fumble in the bedroom and maybe a blowjob but never expected to see his best-friend's young sister on her knees before him and about to devour his ass. All of a sudden Tom felt the wet tip of her tongue pressing hard against his puckered hole.

“Fuck, yes!” he groaned, louder than he expected.

Her dark hair fell softly against his thighs as she pushed his legs further up before forcing her way into his hole.

“Fuck babe, my cock is dripping for you,” he breathed.

Continuing to fuck his ass with her tongue, Nikki's gaze intensified, feeling her own moistness dripping between her smooth, pussy lips. With the flat of her tongue, she covered his balls, and followed up to the underside of his cock. Smiling seductively, she continued to press the tip of her index finger against his asshole, before taking the head of his throbbing cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the engorged head, before taking him slowly and deeper into her mouth, inch by solid inch. Her finger slowly made its way inside of his tight hole, opening him up as she sucked his cock, using her other hand she stroked the base of his cock into her mouth.

“What..fuck Nikki! Damn, “ he groaned, his head fell back into the sheets as he slowly pushed her head down until he could feel her gagging on his swollen cock.

It was almost too much for him to take, the feeling of euphoria taking over him, heightened by the fact that they could get caught at any time.

Removing her finger from his ass, Nikki climbed onto the bottom of the bed, kneeling before him.

“I want you to watch what you do to me. Sliding her hand down her taut stomach, she gently toyed with the elastic of her knickers before slipping her hand inside, touching her clit and feeling her own wetness.

“Fuck, Nikki, just ride me. You’re a god damn tease and I need to fuck you now!” Tom moaned, as he gently tugged on his cock, trying to relieve the ache.

“Mmmm…fuck Tom, my pussy is so wet for you right now, “ she groaned, pushing her middle finger inside of her tight hole.

“Sit on my face, please,” Tom begged.

Nikki climbed up his body and lowered herself onto his face; the smell of her arousal was making his cock bounce, as she began to grind her hips. He could feel her clit poking through the lace on her knickers. Grabbing her cheeks with both hands he sucked her pussy juice through the delicate material. Slowly popping open the buttons on her cardigan, Nikki peeled it from her body, before unclipping her lace bra, letting it fall forward and away from her body. Her dark pink nipples stood erect as her heavy bosom bounced.

“Fuck yes,” groaned Nikki, “now make me cum.” She pulled her knickers to the side, exposing the trail of pubic hair on her pussy mound. She frantically rubbed her swollen clit as Tom's tongue darted in and out of her contracting hole.

“Oh FUCK! I’m cumming!” she groaned, her body convulsing as she bucked rapidly on his face, covering his mouth in her sweet juices.

Lifting herself off his mouth, she bent down and ran her tongue over his lips, tasting her own sweet scent.

“Fucking hell! I need to cum,” Tom groaned, feeling as though his balls were almost numb.

“Then let me help you,” Nikki breathed, as she peeled off her saturated panties, strings of her arousal juice still attached to the gusset.

“Open your mouth, Tom,” said Nikki, as she proceeded to feed him her cum soaked knickers, pushing them further into his mouth.

Tom groaned, his sounds, muffled by the saturated material. Her scent and taste was intoxicating. She lowered herself onto him. His view was almost hypnotic as she lowered her pussy down onto him, her ass in his view. Grinding her hips she felt his thick cock stretching her pussy walls. Grabbing her rounded, fleshy cheeks, Tom pulled them apart, soaking up the view of her tight asshole.

Nikki groaned and began to pick up the pace, “Fuck Tom, that feels so good!”

Trying his best to keep his own orgasm at bay, he could feel Nikki's muscles beginning to tighten around his cock.

“Fuck, yes, I’m gonna cum again for you Tom. I’m gonna cum on your dick!” she panted, as her orgasm flushed over her body once again.

Toms hips bucked up to fuck her, before unleashing his huge jets of cum deep inside of her pussy walls.

“Mmmmm… god yes! Pleased to have you back Tom,” grinned Nikki as she climbed off him.

Crawling over his body, she pulled her used knickers out of his mouth, as he lay spent, breathless, and panting.

“Phew, that was fucking amazing! Great to be back Nikki,” he smiled, before pulling her on top of him for another kiss, “this is a welcome home party, I will not forget!”

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