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Acapulco Pt 2

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Gigi, Part 2
I was supposed to meet Gigi for breakfast. To my surprise it was noon already. Returning to my room, I saw everyone was gone except for one guy fast asleep. I took a quick shower, got dressed, and called Gigi's room.

"Guess we missed breakfast. Sorry, I overslept," I told her.

"It doesn't matter; I'll meet you in the lobby in five." When I got down there, Gigi was already there and so was Sandra.

"You don't mind me tagging along do you? Rob is fast asleep." Sandra said.

"Of course I don't mind," I said. So it had been Rob in Sandra's bed. Lucky guy, I thought. My mind was racing. I wondered how I could get both of these sexy women in bed with me at the same time. During lunch I found out they were on a woman's trip. We chatted about work, marriage, spouses, kids, and of course sex. Of the six women all were married except for Red who had two boyfriends. When lunch was over I walked the girls to their room. Sandra woke up Rob who changed and left for his own room, not even realizing I was there. My mind was racing, thinking I might have a threesome with these two sexy women.

"We're going to go shopping. We should be back for dinner. Do you want to meet me when we get back?" Gigi asked me.

"Sure," I said. My fantasy was ruined. I left the room and went back to mine. By this time Al was awake and was leaving the room to go eat with some other guys

"I'll meet you by the pool," I told him.


The rest of afternoon was spent lying by the pool, drinking beers and even flirting with another group of women who arrived at the resort. As it turned out, the guys wanted to go out for dinner so I never looked for Gigi and instead went out with them to eat. When dinner was over we went to the club we'd gone to the night before. I danced a few songs with a woman who was there alone, but there was no spark or chemistry. I didn't even buy her a drink. Returning to the guys table I felt a hand on my elbow. Turning around I saw Gigi standing there with her friends. She looked stunning in her mini dress. She was so hot and sexy she took my breath away.

"Do you want to dance?" she said. How could I refuse? We headed to the dance floor. Soon we were kissing and caressing. We danced several more dances.

"We need to go," Gigi told me. Back at the table Gigi whispered to Sandra. I guessed she told her that the two of us were leaving. We grabbed a taxi and returned to the resort, kissing and caressing all the way back. We quickly went to Gigi's room. As soon as we got inside, I quickly undressed her and myself too.

I pushed her on her bed and dove between her legs. I ate her pussy until she had three orgasms.

"I want your cock in my mouth," she told me. Switching positions, I laid looking down at this sexy blonde giving me one hell of a blow job. She licked and sucked my cock. Damn she was good. Not wanting to cum before I fucked her. I lifted her head off my cock, stood up and pushed her on the bed again. Spreading her legs I fucked her missionary hard and fast until again she started cumming. Then grabbing her hair I flipped her over and entered her pussy from behind fucking her good and hard doggy style as she groaned and moaned with every thrust.

I was close to cumming but right before I did, I pulled out just in time and shot my cum all over her sweet little ass. After lying content for a few minutes we jumped in the shower to clean up before going back to bed and talking. It was then I then found out that Sandra told Gigi she'd watched us fuck that morning and masturbated while watching.

"Are you Bi?" I asked Gigi.

"No, sorry to disappoint you," Gigi said, "neither is Sandra." She went on to explain that their girls code prevented switching partners during the trip. I laughed and told her, "We guys don't have a code like that one . . .” Gigi smiled and responded, "Well, Sandra IS attracted to you." As we continued to talk, I found out that right from the beginning, Sandra hadn't wanted to fuck any Asian men. She had wanted a black cock and got it with Rob, but in the morning when she saw me fucking Gigi, she wished that it was me instead. Knowing that another woman wanted me got me excited.

Soon we were in a 69 position that led once again to our doing it doggy style (my favorite position). After making her repeatedly cum, she pushed me on the bed and went down on me. This time I was more than ready to cum. I exploded in her mouth and soon we were asleep. The remaining days I would fuck Gigi as often as I could. My only disappointment was that I didn't get to fuck Sandra. Knowing Sandra wanted me and that I couldn't have her was frustrating but I kept it to myself. Even though I've had several threesomes in my life, I longed for a blonde and Asian woman together, something I never had. Even knowing we were both married, when time came for us to part, Gigi and I exchanged phone numbers. We kissed goodbye and agreed that it had been a great trip and who knew what might happen in the future.


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