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Adventure with My Teacher

Personal experience and fantasy intertwined

The beginning

I was oblivious to anyone else in the classroom. Goosebumps covered my flawless chocolate skin. My fingers were numb, my hands were shaking, my teeth chattered, and it had nothing to do with the temperature in the room. The presence of my new teacher made my nipples tingle and warmth spread through my body. He is mine and I must have him, I thought. At least I think he is mine.

When he came to my table, his features became more visible, I wanted to swim in his light blue eyes; his nose is perfect; his inviting lips, I really wanted to kiss those lips, I wanted to bite them, to trace them with the tip of my tongue. And his smile, I melted at the sheer sight of his smile.

I noticed his long, groomed fingers and I wanted them roaming all over my body. Sprinkles of hair on his fingers between the knuckles mesmerized me. Mmm… I always like hairy men. I wanted to take 1 or 2 fingers into my mouth and suck on them. Warmth snuck up my face and I felt myself blush hard, I bet he would have noticed if he had not moved on to the next table.

Over the following weeks I found it very difficult to join in on the discussions.  Twice a week for four months I was in his class. Each day I stole glances of his 5’9” tall, lean body.  And each day he always wore tight pants that aligned his soft bulge.  I wanted to cup my hands around him so badly.

I am not one to sit and hope I get what I want; I started making plans and plotting my moves. I started coming to class a little late so he had to notice me as I made my way to my seat. He was not aware that I watched him like a tigress about to attack her victim, my tongue lolling out of my mouth – figuratively speaking. I managed to make up some questions every chance I got, simply to steal the opportunity to talk with him. I loved the way he treated us nicely, and he always smiled at us.

The day we had to do presentations in front of the class, I wore a tight blouse and pants to flaunt my perfect curves. I was aware of him staring at my profile; I simply arched my back so my breasts looked bigger and my ass tilted upward. My nipples tingled and got very hard, my heart pounding softly as I ended the presentation and went back to my seat.

I am an introverted person; always shy when I come face to face with a stranger or when meeting new people.  That was why I only made quiet advances over the time of the course.  But I am totally 110% the opposite when I cannot see their faces. Thanks god for the anonymity of the Internet.

Four months had finally come to an end.  We celebrated it with a small farewell party. Everybody was busy exchanging contact information, several guys came and asked for my email address; their information was of no use for me, though I had to pretend I was interested. I was after my teacher’s email address… finally enough students asked for it and he wrote it on the whiteboard.  Success!!  The teacher’s lessons might have ended but my own private tutoring was about to begin.


It took a while for me to build up my courage though. Then, two months later, I sent him an email. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the sign of envelop on the screen; quickly I double-clicked on it. Since then, we started emailing daily. Starting with general talks, our conversation soon became more intimate. After more than six months, he finally agreed to meet.

The adventure

I am on my way, be there in five.
I scanned his last text message that appeared on the small screen of my mobile phone.  I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. Our first meeting alone; we were really going to do it.  I was nervous and excited at the same time.

I drove to the Gurney Road train station and waited as agreed upon.  I searched for the familiar face amidst the crowd. Oh God, there he was. Dressed in a dark red gym suit while crossing the wide street, anxiously marching straight to where I parked my car. I rummaged through my handbag searching for a small mirror and a comb to primp myself one last time. I wanted to look good for him.

The knock on the car window at my side surprised me. He smiled his sweet smile. I opened the door and he offered to drive. I jumped across the gear bridge into the passenger seat as he got into the car.

The car engine was alive and I half expected he would slam the accelerator but still I did not feel the car moving. I looked up and turned to see him staring at me. My mouth was slightly open and salivating. I was captivated by his drop dead gorgeous face. I took in his face thirstily and I could feel myself becoming flushed. Oh, I missed and desired him so much.

Smiling he said softly “How are you?”.  Oh my, I had almost forgotten how his voice sounded. We had not met in more than six months and we had never talked over the phone either. Our only means of communication had been texting and emailing. I almost lost my voice.  “I... I am fine,” I stammered after a few seconds pause. He was still looking at me with his sparkling light blue eyes.

“Are you ready?” I felt the butterflies in my stomach doing somersaults as I registered the implicit meaning of his question. I managed a smile and nodded. He planted a quick kiss on my lips. If my skin was not so chocolate dark, he would have clearly seen the red spots on my cheeks.

He drove to the main road. The traffic was a nightmare but he drove calmly.  As for myself, I was tensed up in the passenger seat. As if he could sense my nervousness, he put his free hand on my thigh. Like a virgin siren, I jumped.

“It’s ok, just relax,” he assured me as he stroked my thigh gently, like subduing an injured wild animal.

“I am sorry, I was just… emm…. surprised,” I said. He smiled sweetly at me again. Unconsciously my eyes moved down to his mouth. Oh God, I wanted to kiss that mouth so much.

He caressed my thigh soothingly with his big hand and said, “Are you wearing the pantyhose as I asked?” He was fond of me wearing black fishnet pantyhose. He liked the way they looked after he sprayed his white hot sperm over them. And of course, I wore no panties. I managed a smile and nodded.

He returned my smile before taking back his hand and concentrated on the driving. He did not touch me again until we reached a remote area. There were hardly any cars on the road.

“Are you ok?” he broke the silence.

“Yes,” I answered and he smiled at me again.

Strangely I felt better and more confident now. I licked my lips and looked down at his crotch, and before I could stop myself I said “Can I touch you?” It was his turn to blush.

He shot a quick surprised glance at me and turned back to the road. I sensed, more than saw, as his hand reached out and took mine.  He guided me to his semi-hard cock. As the tips of my fingers touched his cock we both gasped. Though through the barrier of his pants, I could feel his cock growing bigger and harder in my hand. He sighed with pleasure and let out a moan of approval. I was shocked at how hard he was and I hesitated for a moment since he was driving. His moan was music to my ears and encouraged me to keep my hand there.

We had done this many times, virtually. But the feeling of holding his hard cock physically, in reality, caused new sensations to tingle in every part of my body. My clit throbbed and my juices soaked my pantyhose.

I reached into his pants, slipped my hand inside and cupped his balls. I heard him let out a soft moan. I liked that very much and became bolder.  His cock was like steel covered with velvet silk, so hard yet so smooth. I was aware that he was driving, but I could not help myself. I had wanted to do this so badly since the first time I saw him in the class more than six months ago, I grazed my fingernails along the ridge of his now fully hard cock.  His cock jumped and his hips jerked.

“Oooaf..” he breathed a groan and managed to say, “You are such a tease.” I could see his eyes widen in lust and I grinned wickedly at him.

I kept my hand in his pants and gently playing with his balls until he finally slowed down the car and stopped. There were two cars in sight but at a far distance, probably people who came for the same purpose. He killed the engine, released the seat belt and turned to me. I did the same with my free hand, one hand still inside his pants.

Once the seat belt buckle clicked open, he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to him and kissed me hard. Mmmm, yes, this was what I wanted so badly... I opened my mouth and kissed him back urgently. His right hand caressed my left breast and pinched my hardened nipple through my t-shirt and bra. I gasped and he deepened the kiss. His tongue entered my mouth hungrily and caressed every wall inside. When he finally slowed down, I made a loop of my hands around his neck and pulled him closer as I took his tongue inside my mouth and sucked on it gently.

“mmmm…” he moaned softly. I increased the sucking and he groaned louder. We kissed hungrily for a little longer, then, he leaned back. Both of us panting, our mouths inches apart, he whispered, “I want to look at you.”

Breathless, I moved back and removed my t-shirt.  He reached around, undid the clasp of my bra and peeled it off of me.

“You are perfect… so beautiful,” he whispered as both of his hands reached out.  With the tips of his middle fingers he made a slow circle on both sides of my areolas. I sighed and closed my eyes as the pleasure crept up; my nipples hardened. He leaned down and took one hard nipple into his mouth and sucked gently, then he moved to the other nipple. I moaned as my pussy moistened at the sensation. My fingers stroked his hair and I held him tight against my breasts as his tongue flickered rapidly at both nipples.

Then he released the passenger seat and pushed me down. His mouth never left my nipple as his free hand pushed up my skirt.  I sighed a soft moan as he palmed the sensitive spot between my legs. He let out an approval groan as he touched my already drenched pussy through the thin barrier of my pantyhose. Before I could catch my breath, he ripped through the crotch and started fingering the fold, found the throbbing nub, slippery with wet heat.  He rubbed it gently. Then he moved faster in and out. “aaaaarggghhh…” I cried out and shuddered violently as climax washed over me.

After patiently waiting for me to catch my breath, he whispered, “touch me again.” I got up, gripped his monster cock and tugged on it gently. I licked my lips, bent down and took his cock’s head inside my mouth and sucked. He groaned aloud and I loved the sound of it. I leaned down to take more of his cock inside my mouth and moved up and down again. My head bobbed up and down, stroking his cock with my lips. One hand holding the base of his cock and with my free hand I reached out to squeeze his balls. I heard him hiss in encouragement. I stroked faster and harder and I could feel him getting harder inside my mouth.

I was so excited to be pleasuring him, I barely heard him say, “I want to be inside you now.” He grabbed my shoulder, pulled me up and I straddled him. He gripped his cock and rubbed its head back and forth on my clit, then he positioned his cock at my entrance and I lowered down slowly, taking him inch by inch inside me. “ooofffhh…”  lightheaded, my breath caught up as his cock stretched my pussy to accommodate his engorged head. He felt so big penetrating my small and tight pussy. He pulled out and plunged inside with one powerful thrust. I cried out as another climax surged in the bottom of my stomach. He pulled out and thrust in again. He reached for my clit, his thumb made a vigorous circling, rubbing my clit, and I climaxed for the second time.

I grabbed his shoulders, gyrated my hips and he groaned. He plunged faster, deeper into me, both of us panting and moaning. He was close, thrusting inside me harder and faster, I could feel his climax nearing. His balls tightened, and he gave a loud groan as he shot his hot load of semen inside me.

I fell on top of him and we hugged each other, his cock still inside me. Once we found our breath again he murmured, “Protection. I wanted to be inside you so much I forgot about the condom.”

“Don’t worry... I am on the pill,” I assured him and I sensed he relaxed beneath me.

“Next time I will make sure to use condom,” he said as he pulled out of me slowly, feeling intensely satisfied I moved back into passenger seat. Hmmm… there will be a next time?…This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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