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Adventures of a delivery man

A lonely rich woman seduces a younger delivery man
It was 6.30pm on a friday evening, and the roads were jammed with the usual rush hour congestion. It had been a very hard week, I had been delivering and assembling flat pack furniture all over the country starting at 5.00am every morning and not finishing until 9ish every night. Now I only had one delivery left and I was looking forward to getting home and relaxing with a nice, hot shower for an hour or so and then meeting up with my mates for a few drinks.

My mind kept wandering, lately, it seemed, all of my thoughts had, in one way or another, led to explicit sexual fantasies. I spent the entire workday fantasizing about various situations, usually involving any attractive woman that crossed my path, the fantasies helped me to deal with the day’s workload.

I was only forty years old, yet when I was younger, forty seemed so old! Ancient! Every day, I would look at myself in the mirror, searching my face for signs of old age. I was about 5 ft 11, and weighed around 11 st 7. I even kept my hair very close cropped because if I let it get too long, it showed signs of grey.

I had begun a daily exercise regimen, involving running, sit-ups, and other routines, in order to keep father time at bay for a little longer.

The one thing that I did not expect was the increase in my sex drive. I was always horny, it seemed! The smallest thing could set me off; a passing glance from an attractive woman, a sexy walk, a nice pair of legs, sometimes just a woman’s voice, or her eyes. It seemed that my appreciation of the opposite sex had increased with my age.

I found the address and turned my van into the driveway, and stopped next to a pair of large wooden gates. I pressed a button and a voice said, "Yes, who is it?"

"I have the wardrobe that you ordered," I replied.

Without a reply the large wooden gates began to open slowly. I tried to imagine what to expect as I always did before reaching my destination. This person would be an oldish, spoiled and very rich, I had done hundreds of calls like these, and knew the routine, with a house this size the chances of a tip were very doubtful. I drove my van down a winding gravel driveway and pulled up. The house was huge, I was immediately impressed. I walked up to the door, and pushed the bell. After a few minutes, I heard the sound of the bolt turning, and the chain being removed from the slider. The door pulled open, and I found myself looking at the “owner” of the house.

“Mrs. Thomas?”
“My name’s Steve.”
“Hello Steve,” She said, flashing a bright smile.

She was not what I expected, my guess had been way short of the mark. She was slightly shorter than me, about forty-nine, with dark brown hair. The first thing that occurred to me was that she was very cute. Not gorgeous, but definitely cute. Her hair was tied up on top of here head in a ponytail, some of it spilling down over her face. She had bright blue eyes, and a slightly innocent, while at the same time naughty looking smile.

I smiled back and moved my eyes up and down, and noticed that she was wearing a black robe tied with a sash around her waist. She was not skinny, but not what I would consider overweight, either. I liked women that were not too thin, anyway. I found myself blushing at the thoughts going through my overactive mind.

She told me to follow her, and showed me where she wanted the wardrobe putting up, and I told her that it would take about 30-45 minutes.

“That´s ok, i’m going to shower," she said. "If you need anything, I’ll be back in a while".

After about 30 minutes, I heard the sound of footsteps approaching.

“You´ve finished," she said, "how wonderful!”

She was still in the robe, the sash loose around her waist, a towel in her hand. I could smell her freshly washed body;

“Oh, thank you so much. You are such a nice young man, Steve, would you like to stay for a drink?”

There was something funny about the look she was giving me. Her blue eyes seemed to look through me, her sexy mouth smiling at me. Her hand was softly caressing the sash of her robe.
A thought occurred to me.“If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she was coming on to me.”

Even though I was normally confident around women, I found that my hands were shaking, and I could feel my face reddening.

"Sure," I said, "you´re my last delivery today."

“Steve?” Mrs. Thomas asked. “I’d like to show you something. Sit here on the couch, ok?”

I slowly closed my toolbox, and walked toward the couch, sliding down on it.

“Steve, do you realize that you are a very attractive man, I just want to ask you a question, and I want you to answer me honestly, ok?”

In one motion, Mrs. Thomas pulled the sash from her waist, and the loose robe fell open. She then dropped it from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing only a very tiny, black thong. Her breasts were medium sized, very taut and firm for a woman her age. Her skin was lightly tanned and smooth. She was what some men would consider slightly overweight, but all in the right places. I was silent, stunned.

“Well, what do you think? Do I still have it?”

“Mrs, Thomas ,ummm, I don’t know what to say.”

She turned completely around, and showed me her backside. The thong wasn´t covering much, and her ass cheeks were completely exposed to me. “Steve, I have to explain something to you, ok? Her face became serious, and she moved to my side, taking a place on the couch. “Steve, can I confide in you? I desperately need someone to talk to.”

“Why, I guess so, Mrs. Thomas," I replied.

"Call me Sam," she said, "it´s short for Samantha."

"Ok Sam," I answered.

“It’s my husband, he is Chairman of the largest manufacturer of computer software in the country. He’s a very important and rich man."

“I guess I knew it would happen sooner or later. Women are constantly throwing themselves at him. I knew it would be just a matter of time, he is having an affair."

She turned her head to face me. “ Do you think I’m attractive?”

“Yesss. Very. Too much so!”

Her hand touch my knee softly, then rested upon it.

“Sam, I can’t.”

She placed her finger to my lips, moving closer to me on the couch, her lips close to my ear. "Shhhhhhhh, Steve, don’t say anything. I can’t be alone right now. Please.”

She looked so vulnerable and helpless, that I hadn´t the heart to say no.

She brushed her lips to my earlobe, ever so gently, her warm breath filling my ear. Her hand had begun to caress my thigh, ever so slowly moving upward. My cock started to twitch with arousal. I turned my head, and my lips met hers, pressing against them softly. They were so soft and warm, and she was so beautiful. The kiss lingered, and I felt her hand sliding up my leg to my crotch, then resting on my cock, her palm cupping it, rubbing softly up and down. I felt my cock growing hard at her touch, and I turned into her. Her skin was so soft, this beautiful woman; she wanted me, and I couldn’t resist.

She pulled away from me, and pushed me back against the couch. She slid to the floor, on her knees, and moved around in front of me, pushing my legs apart, and sliding in between them, her hands caressed my stomach and abdomen. She then reached down, and unfastened my belt, then my pants, pulling them open. I leaned back, and rested my arms on the back of the sofa. She smiled at me as she tugged at my pants. I helped her by raising my ass off the couch, and she pulled them down over my thighs, and then my knees, then, to my feet. She then pulled my shoes off, and slid them off, throwing them to the side. She then smiled at me again, and reached up and began massaging my hard cock through my underwear. It was then that she began talking, in a low, sexy voice.

“Ooohh Steve! Do you have a present for me? Can I unwrap it? Oooohh I want it so bad!”

This drove me wild, I loved it when women talked dirty, and now, this hot older woman was doing it!

Sam tugged at the waistband of my underwear, and pulled them down over my ass. I once again rose up, and she pulled them down my legs and off, over my feet. My hard cock sprung up, free from its restraints. Sam smiled at the sight of it, and licked her lips, at the same time pushing my knees apart. “Steve, you’re so big and hard! Can I taste it?”

She wrapped her hands around it, feeling its hardness, stroking it up and down slowly. My body jerked at her gentle touch, sweat formed on my forehead. She then removed her hands from my cock, and looked up, smiling at me again, and took her firm breasts into her hands. She moved closer to me, and began rubbing her hard nipples against my cock. “Do you like my tits? My nipples are so hard for you. They like your hard cock.”

She then completely wrapped her tits around my shaft, with just the head sticking out above. She started a slow motion up and down, fucking me with those beautiful breasts, smiling at me the whole time. I groaned, my cock growing even more hard, my legs were spread wide! I worked my hips up and down. The head of my cock began to swell, and I worried that I would cum very, very soon if she kept that up!

Suddenly, she stopped. She moved back slightly, her hands wrapping around my cock, gripping it firmly. “You’re a lucky man, Steve. I was so horny tonight! You came along at just the right time!”

A small amount of pre cum had appeared on the end of my cock. She bent her head, and extended her tongue, licking it off gently. She licked again, up the side of the head. This was almost unbearable.I pushed my hips up toward her mouth. She continued licking the head of my cock. I moaned softly, lost in pleasure. She then opened her mouth, taking the entire head into it, and closed her lips around the base. She removed her hands from the shaft, and drew more of it in. I closed my eyes as an unbelievable feeling overtook me. Her hands found my balls, and she massaged them gently, working them as she sucked. She began a bobbing motion; up and down, sucking hard, as if trying to suck the life from me.

“Oh God! Suck me! Suck my hard cock, Sam! Oh God, please, I’m going to..”

Sam stopped, and looked up at me. “Oh, no you don’t! I’m not ready for you to cum yet!” She grabbed the base of my cock, and applied pressure to the underside of it.

“Oh God! I’m so close!” I moaned.

She then stood up, in front of me. “I want you to lick this pussy, it’s wet for you.’

I was completely under this woman’s spell now. I quickly unbuttoned my shirt, now completely nude I put my fingers underneath the thin material of her thong, and pulled them down over her, firm legs. I then pushed her legs apart, and pushed my fingers into her warm, wet pussy. She let out a gasp as I entered her, and spread her legs wider. I found her clit, and pressed it, rubbing it in a circular motion. “Oooohh yes, Steve. You know what I like! Do it!”

Sam began to rotate her hips slowly. I moved my head between her legs, and licked her wet pussy lips once, all the way up, leaving my fingers inside, pumping gently, rubbing her clit.
“Ohh God, Steve, yes, yes!”

I felt her start to shake, knowing that her first orgasm was fast approaching.

“YESSSS! Ohh God, Yess, Steve!”

I held her jerking thighs as she came, never moving my hands and mouth from her. When she had stopped shaking, I released her, and leaned back on the couch, looking up at her. She looked down at me, then at my hard cock. “Steve, lean back, and get ready!”

She kneeled on the couch, straddling me, her tits right at my face. She reached underneath, and took my throbbing cock in her hand, and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. She then lowered herself, slowly.

I felt her wet pussy around my cock, and my hands went immediately to her ass cheeks, gripping them firmly. Sam stopped for a moment, enjoying the feeling of being filled with hard cock, closed her eyes, and moaned softly. I then began to pump my hips up and down, my hard cock sliding in and out of her slowly. She began to bounce up and down, the rock hard cock rubbing against her clit, driving her into ecstasy.

“Oh God, Sam , you’re so hot!”

“Yes, fuck me Steve, fuck me good!”

I grabbed her firmly by the waist, and spun her around on the couch, so that I was on top of her, her legs extended out on either side of my thighs. “I’m going to fuck you good, now, Sam!”

I began to pound her hard now, my thighs moving up and down quickly, long deep strokes, penetrating her deeply. We were both covered in sweat, both moaning loudly. Her body shook as she experienced orgasm after orgasm. “Ohhh God, I’m going to cum!” I cried out.

I pushed himself up to my knees, and pulled my cock out of her, grabbing it, and stroking it as I felt it nearing the end. Sam spun around on the couch, and placed her face near the head of my cock. I stroked it up and down, and pointed it directly at her. She looked up at me and smiled as I began to cum, all over her face. She closed her eyes, and kept smiling as I pumped my cum on her. As I stroked my cock, she took the end of it into her mouth, and sucked me, swallowing the last of my load.

I leaned back against the arm of the couch, and let out a huge sigh.Sam leaned back against the other arm, wiping my cum from her face. “God, that was hot, Steve! Thank you so much. You don’t know how much I needed that.”

I didn´t know what to say, I was still trying to work out what had just happened.

“Steve, I just want you to know that this was a one time thing, and that I don’t expect anything from you. You were great, and I will forever be in debt to you. But, it is time now to go back to your life, and me to my lonely one.”

I cleaned myself up, got dressed, gathered my tools, and made my way to my van. Sam had disappeared into another part of the house. I did not see her again. I got into my van, started it up and drove off.

I arrived home an hour later, showered, ate dinner, and got ready for bed, it was now too late to go out with my mates, and anyhow I was far too tired. Before I turned in, I checked my uniform trousers for anything before I threw them into the laundry. In the right, rear pocket, I found a small envelope. I unfolded it, and out fell five new twenty pound notes, and a folded piece of paper. I unfolded it, and read the words.

“Thank you, Steve. You’ve helped me live out a fantasy, and feel better about myself. Goodbye!” signed Samantha Thomas.

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