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Adventures of Olivia Chapter Two

Olivia spies on Lexi having sex with a complete stranger.
We walked into the hotel room which was basically a penthouse. Lexi screeched with joy and did a little twirl, taking in the view of the penthouse. "Oh my God, Olivia! Just look at this penthouse! It's gorgeous!" Lexi threw her suitcases to the side and collapsed on the couch, sighing contently. "I'm going to have sex on this couch someday," I heard her whisper to herself.

Ignoring her, I walked around the penthouse, opening doors that led to large rooms and to another door which led to another door! "Holy mother fuck," I whispered. This was unbelievable. I heard someone walk up beside me, probably Lexi.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" I breathed, too stunned.

"Gorgeous," an unfamiliar voice answered calmly. It wasn't Lexi's. It was a guy's. I whirled around and nearly fainted when I saw the hottest guy on Earth. He was wearing the hotel employee's uniform and casually standing there, looking out the balcony I was.

"Who are you?" I asked, taking a step back.

"I'm Alex," the guy introduced himself. He took a bow and grinned at me. "I'm the waiter around here. Bring in the breakfast, lunch, and dinner whenever people call for it." He shrugged. "Pretty quiet here, but nice. This view here? It's nothing. I wouldn't call it beautiful when you're standing here in comparison."

My cheeks flushed automatically. He thinks I'm beautiful. Oh my Lord, this can't be possible. He was good-looking too. He was like a sex god. He had brown hair that looked messy but cute on him and the most mesmerizing green eyes on Earth.

"This is the part where you introduce yourself to me..." Alex reminded me, seeming a bit nervous.

Oh my gosh. I was staring at him!

"Oh! Uh... I'm Olivia. My friend, Lexi, and I are visiting and we just graduated from high school," I blurted out.

"It's an honor to meet you, Olivia," Alex said. He winked at me and took a step towards the balcony door. "If you don't mind, I have to leave now. The chef will probably kill me because I'm most likely late."

I waved, dumbly. "Umm, thanks! And be, uh, careful. My friend's in there. She might strangle you."

Did I just say that?

Alex chuckled and turned around, walking away.


Later that day, Lexi and I went to the hotel bar. We had lots of fun. We danced and bought tons of drinks. Lexi and I both caught guys staring at our asses and boobs when we were dancing. Lexi nudged me and whispered, "See that guy over there? The one that's staring at you?"

I followed her gaze to a guy that looked exactly like Alex. It was Alex. He was obviously working here so why wouldn't he be at the bar? He said he was the waiter. Duh!

Lexi whispered, "Do something sexy at him. Stroke your leg or something!"

I made eye contact with Alex and smiled at him. He smiled back. I slowly and successfully crossed my legs, stroking the leg that was closest to him from my calf all the way up to my thigh. I could see his eyes darken and him grin devilish-like.


Lexi and I got home late. We sat out in the balcony for a couple of minutes before the doorbell rang and Lexi jumped up, running to get it. There was the sound of laughter and Lexi's giggle. She came back on the balcony with her arm linked through a guy's. He was tall like 6 feet tall and had black hair with blue eyes. He had well developed muscles and I could see a hard-on beneath his pants.

"Olivia, this is Eric. He's a friend of mine from the bar," Lexi introduced me to him.

Eric forced a smile onto his face and he simply nodded at me. I faked a smile at him too.

"I'll be leaving now," I simply explained. "It's getting late and I'm a bit drunk so... yeah."

Lexi waved at me as I stepped out of the balcony and towards my room to get some sleep.


I heard loud laughter and snapped up in bed, wide awake. I glanced at the clock. It's been only one hour ever since I feel asleep. No luck at all. Darn.

I crept downstairs quietly when I heard a loud moan from the balcony.

I took quiet and tentative steps towards the balcony door. The curtain was slightly open so I got a perfect view of Lexi straddling Eric, grinding passionately against him. I nearly gasped when I noticed that her bra was long gone and so was Eric's shirt. Her mini-skirt was on the floor too, forgotten. All she had on was her panties and all he had on was his pants.

Lexi whimpered and ground harder against him, him moaning underneath her and squeezing her ass. Lexi leaned over and whispered to him, "Remember that this is a one-night thing. Sex and that's it. If you satisfy me, you get another night with me. So you better enjoy yourself and treat me like the whore I am."

Eric squeezing her ass tighter had Lexi yelping from surprise. He thrust his hips forward and she let out a breathy moan.

"That's it," Lexi whispered. She stood up and slid down her panties, revealing her pussy. She was shaven just like me and so wet. Was I ever that wet? She lay back on her seat, closer to the door. I got the perfect view of her pussy spread wide open and I felt my core get hotter and wetter.

Eric pulled down his pants and boxers at the same time, revealing the most massive cock in history. It was about 9 inches long or maybe even 10 inches. How did Lexi get so lucky? He knelt in between her legs and started sucking her dripping cunt.

Lexi moaned and started rubbing her hard nipples, squeezing her breasts carelessly. She withered underneath his touch and thrust her hips and cunt towards his mouth, moaning louder and louder.

Eric bit gently at her clit and licked her juices out over and over.

I could almost die watching this. I unzipped my zipper and reached into my panties to rub at my aching wet pussy.

He stuck out his tongue and pushed it inside her once. Twice. Three times. He was tongue fucking her now.

Lexi moaned and gasped, "More. More! God damn, Eric! You're so good at this!" She reached over, grabbed his head and grounded her pussy at his mouth.

Eric smacked her ass hard and good and Lexi moaned even louder. He pushed her off him and inserted a finger into her pussy. She whimpered and moaned, rocking against his finger. There they were. Eric fingering Lexi while sucking on her taut nipple while she moaned and clawed at his back.

And I was in the background, rubbing my clit so badly. I needed the release. I needed to cum so badly. Now.

When I opened my eyes, Eric was already pounding his dick inside her pussy. She kept on moaning with her legs wrapped around his hips, breathing requests like: "More. Please. I need you so badly".

Eric gripped her hips and pounded deeper, faster, and harder. Lexi wasn't giving orders anymore. She was moaning, too satisfied already. Lexi's eyelids opened and her eyes locked with his. "I'm going to cum, Eric."

"God, you're so tight already," Eric whispered.

He pulled out and Lexi whimpered. "I was about to cum!"

"I need to fuck your asshole, babe," Eric explained. "Turn around."

Lexi grinned wickedly. I exploded, cumming so much and rocking against my heels. I bit my lip to silence my screams of pleasure. That felt so wonderful. Just then, Lexi stood up and wrapped her fingers around Eric's length, rubbing his head. "I have a better idea. We need to go to some place more comfortable and private."

They were standing up and I ran up the stairs to our room. I tried to pretend like I was asleep and when Lexi and Eric walked in, I could hear Lexi moaning already. He was grinding with her against the wall.

"Not here, babe," Eric instructed. "Get into bed."

I could hear footsteps and hear both of them slip into the bed next to mines: Lexi's.

The night kept on with moans from both of them and I watched them with slit eyelashes. Every second I watched, my pussy ached for me to be Lexi instead. I wanted to be fucked so badly. I wanted to have a man that could please all my desires. I couldn't look at Lexi in the eye without getting images of tonight in my head.

She was like a whole different person. A slut, whore, bitch, prostitute- everything like that. The Lexi I knew was rocking against a stranger's fingers, moaning while throwing her head back, and sucking a man's cock like there was so tomorrow. She would do everything and anything. She would spit on his dick and take him fully in her mouth, pumping his shaft meanwhile. She would ride him cowgirl style and moan whenever she would hear their hips slam into each other.

This was a vacation that I would never forget.

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