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African sunset

Jenny needed to come before she could change

The Lear jet touched down softly and the blur of African bush slowed down to recognisable shapes. Majestic Camel-thorn trees mixed with Mopani and Baobab stretched towards the Mountains in the distance. The heat was visible from the air-conditioned coolness of the plane.


It was Jenny and Paul’s first visit to Africa but the trip was clouded from the word go. Paul was here to investigate yet another investment opportunity and insisted that Jenny accompany him on the trip as his duty-bound wife. Jenny would have preferred to stay at home in London . What was she to do in this dusty, backwater of the world?


Jenny came from a privileged background. Father was an investment banker that got out of every “bubble” before it burst and made enough money to send his Daughters to the best schools and give them an upbringing that bordered on spoilt. Mother was a dedicated wife and poured all her energy into her daughters and the many charities upon which she served. Jenny had met Paul whilst skiing in Aspen and the attraction was initially from Jenny’s side. Paul only became interested when he realised who her father was. The wedding was a typical rich-girl’s wedding but it was only in their first year of being married that Jenny realised the mistake she had made. Paul was only interested in his own future and saw Jenny as a “sponsor” to his success. Now 5 years later Paul was riding the crest of the wave and making millions whilst being bankrolled by her father’s wealth.


As the passengers disembarked, the heat was even more intense than what they could imagine from inside the plane. Slinging her leather holdall over her shoulder Jenny trudged towards the exit and fumbled for her dark glasses as the African sun hit her face. Paul was already busy greeting the hosts and did not notice her stumbling as she came down the steps.


A strong, sunburned arm was around her waist before she could blink and an unfamiliar accent said, “Careful, we wouldn’t want to spoil your holiday before you started now would we?” The arm was attached to shoulder that formed one-half of a pair that seemed impossibly broad, above which was a face with day old stubble and the whitest teeth Jenny had ever seen. He smelt of dusty manliness, this morning’s shower and faded bush kaki. Recovering her composure Jenny made her way to her husband’s side mumbling a “thank you”. She was not sure if the glow she felt was the hot African sun or the lingering feel of a strong arm around her waist.


Richard was a wildlife Vet at Moya-Moya for the last 5 years and have seen thousands of rich guests come and go. He grew up in the area and spent 7 years studying to be what he always knew would be his calling. Working in a luxury Game lodge such as Moya-Moya had its benefits and one of these was that he could spend all his time in the bush. The one downside was that he had to “entertain” guests from time to time and show them what the bush is all about. After the first year, he had had enough of rich guests rushing in, expecting to see lions, elephants and rhinos in the first afternoon and then getting obnoxiously drunk that night.


It was with this attitude that he drove towards the landing strip and he made a mental note not to lose his temper when the guests start complaining about the heat. This group was apparently special as they were about to invest in the new plans for the farm. This was important to Richard as it meant an additional 15000 hectares that would be home to his first love, the animals.


The drive back to the lodge meanders its way through the bush and Richard had to stop on occasion to show the guests antelope, Warthogs and once the tracks of a Leopard. Arriving at the lodge, the guests disembarked and grabbed the cocktails on offer. The lodge crew deposited the luggage in the various chalets and the guests were ushered into the boma.


Jenny had regained her composure by the time they were asked to jump onto the open Landrovers and found herself positioned right behind Richard. He did not mention the stumble on the Lear jet stairs when he helped Jenny up into the vehicle and she quickly engaged in a conversation with an overweight and sweating tourist next to her that tried to educate her on the various facets of the bush. She found her eyes wandering towards Richard and she noticed the way his faded kaki shirt stretched across his shoulders. He had strong hands but the way he held the steering wheel indicated a soft touch when needed.


The boma is the “hub” of any lodge. An enclosed area serves as the dinning and relaxation area. Normally it has a fire going in the middle with drinks and refreshments served on a continuous base. The boma at Moya-Moya overlooked the Sabie River and it was not uncommon to see elephants, and other wild life come and drink below. All guests were introduced to the management and other key staff upon arrival and familiarised with the “rules” of the lodge. As this was an open lodge, meaning no fences, guests were not to walk alone at night. A ranger had to escort them whenever they walked from their chalets to the boma.


As it was getting late in the afternoon all the guests were advised to change into more relaxed outfits as they would be leaving on the afternoon game drive shortly. Richard was leading this drive and he rushed of to ensure that the vehicles were stocked with drinks and snacks for the sundowners that formed the highlight of the experience.


When Jenny walked into the chalet, she caught her breath. It was beautifully done with a view over the same river as the boma. The room seemed to float on the trees and the bathroom had an open-air bath and shower. It was very private and for a moment, she thought she was the only one on earth. The moment was interrupted by Paul announcing that he would not be joining them on the game drive as he as meeting with the owners and had to prepare for the meeting. Jenny was so overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, smells and experience that she did not even notice as she slipped into the bathroom to change into something more appropriate for the bush. As she stripped of her travelling clothes, she looked in the mirror and looked at herself. Her breasts were full and smooth. The nipples puckered when the wind coming from the river touched them. Long legs came together in a shaved pussy and her flat stomach had the smooth look of marble. Her hands wandered down to her sex and she stroked herself remembering Richard’s arm around her waist. She has been the only one pleasuring her lately and she quickly found her rhythm. Sinking down on the cool tiles, she spread her legs and slipped two fingers into her soaked pussy. She knew exactly were to go to get maximum pleasure and her orgasm followed quickly


“Jenny they are waiting for you,” Paul shouted from the deck and Jenny quickly jumped into Denims and an open neck shirt. Underwear seemed unnecessary she thought as she ran out of the door back towards where she could hear the Landrovers idling. Everybody was onboard and the only open spot was next to Richard in the front. She jumped into cockpit and flashed a smile at Richard. “Sorry I got carried away by the beautiful Chalet” she apologised. No problem Richard responded as he pulled of in a cloud of dust. “Idiot” Jenny admonished herself, “why apologise, I am the client here”. Her sensitive pussy enjoyed the vibrations of the big engine pushing them through the bush


The track followed the meandering Sabie River and they stopped to watch the game coming to drink before disappearing into the bush for the night. The sense of calmness that envelopes the African bush as day changes into night spilled over the guests as they enjoyed the sights and sounds of Africa . About and hour into the game drive they came across a pride of lion spread out under a tree. A couple of cubs were playing with the big male’s tail and they seemed content with their position on the food chain.


Whilst the guests where looking at the lions Richard could not help but notice the guest next to him. After a disastrous relationship with a colleague a year ago, he had sworn not to get involved again and so far so good, animal where his life and at least they did not go around cheating on you, he thought. His reaction to the sight of Jenny when she stumbled of the plane earlier that day and the feel of her hands when he helped her into the Landrover caught him by surprise but he remembered his promise to himself and shoved the thought far way.


Jenny in the meantime was having a silent but very serious debate with herself. She did not want to come on this trip and she hated the thought of roughing it in the bush, why then was she enjoying herself for the first time in years? Was it the quiet stranger next to her, the beautiful lodge or the fact that Paul was not there to spoil things for her? Her thoughts were violently interrupted when the big male lion stood up and stretched. He let out a grunt meant for the rest of the pride but the whole earth trembled as he walked past the Landrovers towards the river. O my god, Jenny thought he is coming straight past the vehicle. Richard said softly but firm enough for nobody to argue, “Stay put everyone and don’t move.” The male lion passed the vehicle close enough that if Jenny wanted to she could have leant out and touched him. Instead, she found herself gripping Richard’s arm and sticking her head into his chest.


After the lions had disappeared into the thick bush next to the river, everyone was chattering like a bunch of monkeys and Jenny found herself having to untangle her arms from Richard’s. “Are you ok?” He asked. “Yes thank you, I just did not expect them to come so close”. “We were fine,” Richard said.” The pride is not out hunting and as long as we remained in the vehicles, they would not even bother”. He started the vehicle and turning around announced that the next stop would be sundowners on a sandbank in the river.


An African sunset is one of the most spectacular events on this earth. Being on a sandbank with a drink in the hand makes it even more special. Jenny was still trembling when she clambered of the Landrover but managed to gather herself before anybody, especially Richard noticed. As the sun dipped below the horizon, a chill came up from the river and she thought, “Shit I forgot my jacket”. The drop in temperature was quick and before long Jenny found herself shivering, wishing the rest of the guest would finish up, and they could go back to the lodge. The familiar smell of Richard suddenly enveloped her as he slipped his thick bush jacket over her shoulders. “I thought you might need this,” he said. “Thank you so much, I am an idiot for forgetting to bring mine”. As she was snuggling into the warmth of the jacket, she felt a tingling run up her legs and into her groin. It has been so long since she felt like this and the effect this man had on her was confusing.


Richard was as confused as Jenny as he gathered all the guests to go back to the lodge for dinner. He could not explain his feelings towards this rich guest and the fact that she was everything that he detested in them made it even worse. Jumping in behind the steering wheel of the Landrover, he fired it up and headed back to the lodge. She intrigues me and is gorgeous he thought to himself. I wonder where her husband was and what is going on between them? The drive back to the lodge was uneventful but cold and everybody scampered into the warmth of the boma when they arrived back. Jenny was the last to jump of the vehicle and she forced herself to focus away from Richard as she walked into the boma. Paul was nowhere to be seen and a staff member gave her a note saying that he is in the chalet busy working and would not be joining them for dinner.


Dinner was a feast of local cuisine and together with the wine; a long exciting day and the warmth of the fire quickly had the guest heading back to their warm beds in the chalets. Jenny was curled up in a deep comfortable chair when she heard Richard’s voice next to her. “May I join you?” He asked. “Yes that would be nice,” she said. Richard pulled up a chair and they both stretched their legs towards the fire. “It gets a lot colder than one would expect” Richard said. “Yes, I must admit I never even thought it would get cold after the day’s heat” Jenny replied; “you probably want your jacket back?” “No please do not worry I am used to this”. The conversation slipped into a comfortable silence as they enjoyed the last of their wine and the sounds of the bush.


Both were acutely aware of the person next to them and the building tension between them. After what felt like seconds but what must have been hours Richard said, “Could I walk you back to you chalet?” It was that moment that Jenny decided that she has had enough, enough of Paul’s selfishness, her own boring life and everything that has been bothering her for so long. “No I want to stay with you”. She could not believe what she was saying but that is what she wanted, she wanted to be with this man with the strong hands and confident nature.


Richard was putting of the end of the evening but knew that he eventually had to make a move. Her response was not what he expected and for the first time in his life, he did not know what to say. "Are you sure" was not the most romantic thing to say but it was the only thing that he could think of. The response he got was also not, what he expected and Jenny’s lips found his, her hands crept around his neck pulling him close. The way their bodies melt together was so natural and it felt so right. His hands were on her hips and he could feel her firm bum under his fingers. Her tongue explored his mouth and his stubble scratched her face but she could not care. She breathed in his smell and she felt her groin becoming moist with anticipation. Never before had a man this effect on her and she forgot about all her worries as his hands explored her back, hips and bum.


Richard could feel his erection growing and knew that Jenny must have felt the hardness pushing against her crotch. He could feel her nipples as hard as rocks through his shirt and her hands moved down to his growing erection. Disengaging himself, Richard found a thick blanket that he spread on the ground next to the fire. She had slipped out of her shirt and the fire reflected on her smooth skin. Her stomach muscles shivered in the cold breeze and he quickly removed his shirt and gathered her in his arms. The coarseness of his chest hair rubbing against her already excited nipples flooded Jenny’s groin. She knew that she would come as soon as this man entered her. Without a word, Richard pulled her down on the blanket and sucked a nipple into his mouth, his hands all over her and she could not believe the gentleness of his touch. Kissing her and her breasts he traced patterns on her body alternating between firm strokes over her legs and stomach and soft delicate strokes between her legs and up her sides


Lifting her hips, she undid her jean’s buttons and Richard slipped them over her ankles. Her pussy was glistening wet in the firelight as he spread her legs and lightly flicked her clit with his tongue. He was insanely persistent with his tongue and got her close to orgasm several times before backing off. To late, she realised that this was intended and the sounds of the African night enveloped her groans as he teased her clit and she felt the rise of a massive orgasm rolling up from deep inside her. A finger slipped into her and immediately found the spot that only she could. A second finger slipped in and the orgasm that threatened so long washed over Jenny like nothing she has ever experienced before.


Richard waited until Jenny stopped wriggling in orgasmic bliss and then pushed her back again. The tongue that was so insistent on her clit now changed to a slower more expansive tone and probed deep into her soaking pussy. She was being tongue fucked for the first time and she did not want it to stop. Her juices were running down her crack soaking the blanket beneath her. She could feel a second orgasm building but by now wanted to feel Richard in her. Instead, she felt a finger on her puckered bum hole. The feeling was amazingly pleasant and she involuntarily pushed down on the finger circling her rosebud. The combination of the probing tongue in her pussy and the finger slipping into her arse brought on a second and even more intense orgasm.


Jenny laid back and regained her breath as Richard slipped out of his kaki pants. His freed erection stood up and she reached out and traced a nail along the base. Now fully recovered Jenny crawled onto her knees and slipped his member into her mouth. Richard knew that if he moved too much he would come but he wanted the moment to last and kept as still as he could. Jenny was moving up and down his shaft with her lips and her nails were teasing his balls. She traced the ridge from his balls back to his bum hole and wetting her fingers in her pussy circled his rosebud before slipping a finger into him. Richard’s hips started to move and he slowly started to fuck her mouth. Her pussy was begging for attention again and Richard turned around and straddled her face. He lowered his mouth to her throbbing pussy as she swallowed his member, slipping a finger into his bum. The new angle made for a faster more intense experience and the sounds of Richard sucking Jenny’s clit into his mouth and her lips sucking on his erection blended into the African night. The light of the fire was playing on their naked bodies and their sweat; even in the cold night, air was glistening like pearls.


She could sense that Richard was going to come and pulled away. Turning around she went onto her hands and knees and presented her soaked sex to him. He dropped onto his knees and guiding his member, slid into her. Moving slowly he teased her cunt with the tip of his penis slowly building up momentum and penetrating deeper. With each stroke he was entering her deeper and Jenny found herself pushing back into his strokes to increase the feeling. She could feel him reach places in her that has never been touched and she had to keep herself from shouting aloud. It was as if his penis was growing even bigger inside her and his hands on her hips kept her from moving out of rhythm. The first spurt of come was hot inside her and she felt herself being filled by every subsequent thrust. She used her pussy muscles to milk every drop until he collapsed next to her.


As the night-air cooled them, Richard pulled a second blanket over them and they snuggled up. They stayed like that, making love until the first light of day showed over the horizon. It was the voices from the kitchen that made them jump up and scramble for their clothes. Stealing a quick kiss Jenny ran back to her chalet wondering how she would explain this to Paul. He was fast asleep and did not even notice her slipping into the bathroom.


Jenny made up her mind as the hot water of the outdoor shower poured over her back and the sunrays peeked over the mountains in the distance. This is what she wants; this is what she has been looking for, for so many years. It was time for change and she hoped that Richard wanted to be part of that.


Richard got to his chalet just in time to avoid the day staff entering the boma and he slipped into his shower. He felt alive and excited about the future for the first time in many years. He looked forward to the excitement that being a wildlife vet brings and he hoped that Jenny wanted to be part of that.

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