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After 10 years final

Allison takes care of Ace after his accident
Allison rubbed the back of her neck as she walked down the hospital corridor. These past two weeks had been one surprise after another. Ace ended up having a car accident that day, and breaking his leg and four of his ribs. Allison pushed her hair out of her face as she walked into Ace's room. He had been unconscious since his arrival at the hospital and the doctors couldn't figure out why. It was most likely his bodies way of dealing with the pain and trauma, and he could wake any minute.
"Oh I'm sorry. I will come back later."

Allison turned to walk away after seeing Rachel and Gabby sitting next to his bed.

"No, it's ok, we were just leaving." Allison backed up.
 "No please don't leave on my account."
 Allison turned walking out the door into the hall. Rachel walked out behind her.
"Allison can I talk to you?" Allison turned around surprised, "Um yes of course."

"I know they said they don't know why he isn't awake, but I was wondering if you knew something they weren't telling me?" She asked, her eyes full of questions, and hope.

Allison sighed leaning against the wall,
"No Rachel I'm sorry, I'm afraid it's the truth, we don't know why he isn't awake."

Rachel looked worried, "He is such a great father to Gabby. I don't know how she would take it if....if..." Rachel’s voice trailed off.

"Rachel he will be ok, he has perfect brain function he is just not awake. It could be his body's way of dealing with the pain, it could be anything, but right now all you can do is hope and pray."

Rachel and Allison talked for a few more minutes before Rachel said she really did have to leave. After she left, Allison walked into Ace's room. Allison looked at him, his black hair was longer, his 5 o'clock shadow had turned into a light beard. She walked around to the other side of his bed checking his vitals. Allison was holding his wrist in her hand when she swore his hand moved. She stared at his hand, but nothing. She was just imagining it, out of hope. She finished checking his vitals and pulled up a chair, she checked her watch. It was only 5 pm. She was here until 1am. She sighed looking at Ace, she was extremely tired. She put her hand in his and lay her head down next to his arm. Allison drifted into a deep sleep. Two hours later Allison woke with a start, she checked her watch DAMN! She had slept for over two hours, her boss would kill her. She stood up fast, smiling at Ace's sleeping face as she walked out into the hall.

Allison was busy for the rest of the night with two car accidents, and luckily her boss hadn't noticed that she was gone for over two hours. Finally at 1:30 am she got to leave. She walked by Ace's room looking in on him, she smiled looking down at his face lit up by the moon. She smiled walking out to her car, driving to her place. Allison was asleep when she thought her phone was ringing, but maybe she was dreaming. No her phone was ringing, she rolled over checking the clock, 9AM anyone who knew her knew not to call her before 12.

She picked up the phone "Yeah?" 

"He's awake and asking for you."

Allison was up and out of the bed in record time. She raced to the hospital and ran up to his door which was closed. She took a deep breath checking her reflection in a mirror. She took another breath closed the mirror and put it back in her purse. She slowly opened the door and walked in, she could hear his voice before she turned the corner. She smiled, and stood holding his gaze as the nurse on call finished checking his vitals. He was sitting up in bed, like nothing had happened. She smiled at the nurse as she left. She sat next to him, putting her purse in the floor.

"Ace... I was so worried." He smiled, rubbing the light beard on his face.

"I'm glad you were here to take care of me."

She smiled, "So the doctor told me you can leave tomorrow morning, but someone needs to be here to take you home." 

"Come here Alli..." he said as he patted the bed next to him.

"Ace, I shouldn't..." 

"Alli, I'm not going to bite you, that is unless you ask me to in a fit of passion." Allison blushed, and laughed,

"Ace behave," she said moving her chair closer to his side.

He smiled cupping her face in his hand, and she leaned into his hand, placing a light kiss on his palm. "I missed you Ace."

He smiled. "While I am healing of course I'm going to need a nurse to take care of me..." he said as he slowly rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip.
He smiled. "Alli come here and kiss me, please..."

She smiled placing her hand softly on the side of his face as she leaned in to kiss him. Their lips melted together, and Ace groaned against her mouth. Allison moved closer as Ace leaned up taking the kiss deeper. She opened her mouth massaging his tongue with hers.

"DADDY!" Gabby said running into the room, oblivious that Ace and Allison were just sharing a very passionate kiss.

But Rachel had seen it, and she had blushed. Allison was lucky, Ace was one sexual man. She found herself wishing she hadn't let him go, but that was long over, and she had to move on now, because as she clearly saw, Ace sure had.

Allison jumped and pulled away holding her mouth when she heard Gabby. She was so embarrassed. She licked her lips and smiled at Rachel, who looked a little upset. She could understand why, damn she had just seen Allison making out with the father of her child. She sighed and sat down in the chair watching Ace with Gabby.

After everyone left, she spent the rest of the afternoon talking and laughing with Ace. Once night came Allison stood and stretched her tired muscles. Ace watched her.

"Are you leaving?"

She smiled at him, "No I was just stretching."
He smiled. "You know that chair can't be comfortable, come over here and lay with me." Allison looked back at the closed door.

Ace watched her, "It's almost midnight, you know no one checks on me after midnight except you. Don't worry, just come over here and lay with me."

She blushed a little, and kicked off her shoes, stretching out next to him. He slid over a little to give her more room to lay down. She lay her head on his chest, listening to his steady heart beat.

Ace smiled, rubbing her back slowly, and gently. Allison reached up rubbing the side of his face. "I know I need a good shave."

Allison lifted her head and looked at him, "No I like it, I think it's sexy." He laughed, and cringed as he felt his broken ribs scream at him for the movement.

Allison watched his face, "What's wrong Ace?"

"Nothing, just my ribs." She placed her hand on his side rubbing gently.

They both fell asleep and were woke up by a nurse, one of Allison's friends knocking on the door the next morning. She slowly woke up to see Ace smiling at her.

She jumped out of bed, and smiled as the nurse walked in.

"So Ace you get to go home today." The nurse said.

Ace smiled, "Yes ma'am." She walked over to check his vitals, as she talked to Allison.
"Now you are going to have to make sure he has someone there to help him. He won't be able to walk on his leg for at least another 5 weeks."

He cringed, "So I guess that kind of rules out sex, especially since I have some broken ribs."
Allison blushed, and so did the nurse, "Ace!" Allison said through clenched teeth.

Ace laughed, "Sorry, must be the pain killers talking." The nurse finished what she was doing, "Ok Ace the doctor will be in, in a few minutes, until then just rest up."
She said before walking out the door. Allison walked into the bathroom to fix her hair.

"So I guess I'll have to take a couple of days off to stay with you." She said from the bathroom. He looked at her, watching her fix her hair, she was beautiful even after sleeping at his side in a hospital bed. She looked at him after he didn't answer, "What?" she asked, with a smile on her face.

He smiled, "Nothing, just looking at how beautiful you are." She smiled, "Stop. Really, I assume you want to go home and I guess I'll go to my house and get a few things so that I can stay with you." He smiled, "I'd like that."

Allison pushed the button on the elevator, and tried to push Ace's wheel chair in once the doors opened, but he wheeled himself in.
 "Ace let me help you." She said pushing the button for his floor.
"I'm not totally helpless, sweetheart."

She smiled, and moved to stand next to him. He reached up and slid his hand up the back of her leg, stopping to rest on her plump ass. She looked down at him, "What it's just a broken leg, and a few broken ribs. My hands, and..." Ace looked down at his lap, Allison's gaze following him, "And other parts are working just fine."

Allison laughed and playfully rolled her eyes, "Ace, really you are impossible." Ace smiled, a wicked glint shining in his eyes. "No sex until your leg is healed, doctor's orders."

The door opened, and Allison grabbed the bags, walking in front of him to his door. His ribs screamed at him for wheeling himself in his wheel chair, but he would be damned if Allison would carry those bags, and push him, he was a grown man for God's sake. His mouth watered as he watched her ass swaying, as she walked in front of him. She opened the door, and let him pass into the large apartment before her. He made his way over to the large couch,
"Just put everything in the bedroom, we can get that later, right now I just want to be with you." He called to Allison.

She smiled, a warm sensation filling her, at being wanted so bad. She walked into the living room, and helped him on to the couch.
"Do you need anything?" She reached into her purse to grab his medicine to make sure it wasn't time for it. He slid his hand up her leg,
"Lay down with me babe, the couch is big enough." He patted the large cushion next to him.
"Ace I don't want to hurt you." He smiled, "You could never hurt me. Now come on." He tugged her arm, and she gently laid down next to him. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, rubbing her side slowly and gently. She laid her head on his shoulder, glad she was on the opposite side of his broken ribs.

"You know I haven't had a kiss all day today." Ace said breaking the silence. She smiled, and lifted her head up slightly looking him in the eye. She leaned in kissing him lightly at first. Ace brought his hands up to the side of her face, deepening the kiss, sliding his tongue along her soft lips. She slid her hand over his face and down his chest, clutching at the neck of his shirt.

"You know Alli, back in high school, I really did have a huge crush on you." Allison smiled, "And I have a huge crush on you now. Whatever will we do?" Ace laughed, and winced as his ribs cied out from the movement.

"What exactly happened when you had the car crash?" Ace pulled himself up a little, "Well all I remember is driving on this back road to my office, and then I saw a car coming towards me on my side of the road, then I black out."
He shrugged, "The doctor told me the other person had fell asleep. He died. I guess I was lucky." Allison kissed him softly, "I love you Allison." She smiled, her eyes tearing up, "I love you Ace."


"Allison, stop cleaning and get your sexy ass over here." Three months had passed, and they had both decided that a little after Ace returned home it would be best for Allison to move in. They had just gotten back from the doctor where Ace got the all clear. His leg was completely healed, as well as his ribs. The only thing bothering Ace now was the fact he hadn't been able to have sex with Allison since before his accident.

 "But Ace your parents are coming over tonight, and I don't want them to think I can't keep a clean place."
He smiled, and got off the couch walking up behind Allison. He slid his lips across her slender neck, pulling her hair aside. Allison smiled, leaning into him, "Ace if you start that this place will never get clean." Ace smirked, "Is that a promise?"

Allison turned to face him, "Happy birthday babe."

Allison laughed, "I can't believe I actually forgot today is my birthday." Ace smiled, and produced a small box out from behind his back. "I lost you ten years ago, and I don't plan on doing it again."
Allison bit her bottom lip, her eyes swimming with laughter.
"Is that a threat?"

"It's a promise."

He kissed her full of passion then, grabbing her ass, picking her up off the floor and pinning her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist, the hem of her summer dress riding up on her thighs. Ace reached down and almost ripped her underwear off her body. He needed her and it wouldn't, couldn't wait any longer. He tugged the zipper down on the back of her dress, and let it pool at her waist. Allison ripped open the white dress shirt Ace was wearing, buttons flying everywhere. She drug her nails down his chest, causing a hiss of pleasure to escape from Ace's lips. He kneaded her breasts, sliding his slightly callused thumbs over her sensitive nipples. She arched against the wall, sending her breasts higher into his hands. He quickly unbuttoned his pants, letting them fall to the floor along with his tight underwear. He reached between them, sliding his thumb across her moist lips, causing Allison to close her eyes, and moan loudly.
He leaned in and licked her earlobe, "God babe you are so wet. I want you so bad."

She nodded her head, her voice not coming out. He walked her over to the large couch and lay down with her. He grabbed her legs and opened them wide. His eyes shot down to her pussy. She was beautiful everywhere. He had to taste her, it had been too long. He leaned down, and flicked his tongue across her clit. Allison arched her back running her hands through his hair. She pulled him closer, as he slid his tongue up and down her clit, going faster.

She groaned, "Ace please."
He smiled, looking up at her face, he would have time to tease later, now he wanted, no needed her. He sat up and slid the head of his dick along her now soaking pussy. He pushed into her quickly, the pleasure shooting straight to his aching balls.
"Oh fuck," was all Allison could say.

Ace picked up the pace, going faster. Allison wrapped her legs around his waist, meeting his every thrust, taking him deeper each time. Ace groaned, he was going to cum soon, but he wanted Allison to cum first. He slid his hand slowly down her torso, to her throbbing clit.

He took it between his fingers squeezing lightly, "Oh my God Ace, please don't stop."

Ace moaned, he could feel her muscles squeezing him for all he had. Ace continued pumping, and leaned down kissing her fully. Allison arched her back high off the couch, her orgasm ripping through her body, Ace followed her immediately.

Ace picked her up and carried her to the bed, where they both collapsed sated, and tired. Allison looked over at Ace, pushing a curl out of her eyes. Ace smiled, "Having a good birthday?" Allison smiled, "Oh yeah." Ace leaned in and kissed her, "Good because it's only just begun." A shiver of pure anticipation shot down her spine; she couldn't wait.

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