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After 10 years

Ace cannot wait to see Allison again after being out of high school for ten years.
Ace walked into the large cheaply decorated room, looking around. Damn he didn't see her. He had hoped he would run into Allison, after ten years he still hadn't forgot how beautiful she was. He walked over to the bar ordering a beer, and carried it over to an empty table facing the door, now he couldn't miss her. Ace was 28, and he didn't look bad he thought, tall 6'5 strong frame. He had deep green eyes with jet black hair. He reached up and ran his hand over his buzz-cut hair. He always kept his hair extremely short, made it easier to get ready in the morning. He looked down at the tuxedo that was required to attend the ten year reunion, straightening the pant leg. Ace looked up and his breath caught in his throat. Dear God, there she was, wearing a gorgeous black strapless gown. He smiled to himself, she had come alone.

Allison sighed as she stepped out of the car; she hated these things, but something told her to go. When she had seen this dress in the window at the store she knew she had to have it. She did some last minute touch-ups, and looked in the mirror. She didn't think she was ugly, but she hated her small frame. She was only 5 feet 4 inches tall, with light brown hair, and bright green eyes. To look at her, you would say there was no way she was 5'4, because her legs seem to go on for days. She caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror on her way in and was glad for once in her life that her hair had a natural curl. She walked into the large cheaply decorated room, and looked around. 'I wish I had found someone to bring,' Allison thought to herself. She walked over to the bar and noticed a gorgeous man, staring at her as she walked. She felt her face grow hot, and a small smile crept across her face. Allison touched her cheek and smiled at the bartender and ordered a beer. She smiled when she felt someone behind her, his hot breath on her shoulder. "Join me?" Ace asked from behind Allison.

Allison turned around. "Do I know you?"

Ace smiled a dangerous smile. "You should, I'm Ace, remember me from high school? I sat next to you at graduation."

Allison looked around thinking. "Oh, now I remember, you were quite the geek back then."

Ace cringed, "Yes, thanks for remembering."


Ace smiled, looking into her eyes; he motioned to an empty table. Allison walked slightly behind Ace as they walked to the table. They sat down and Allison smiled at Ace.

"So Ace, how have you been?"

"Oh, I’ve been good I guess, went to law school, got married, had a daughter, got divorced." Ace shrugged. "What can you do?"

Allison smiled as she watched him talk. "Well my life hasn't even been that eventful, I went to nursing school, and I never got married or had any children." Allison shrugged. "What can ya do?" 
 "So a nurse?" Ace asked with a smirk on his face.

Allison looked at Ace's beautiful face. Wow, he has changed! She thought to herself. Allison could remember Ace, he was a geek, and not very attractive; she wondered what happened, because he was like a Greek god now. Ace smiled watching Allison's eyes trail over his body. Allison looked up only to notice Ace watching her, she blushed as their eyes met. Damn, he had caught her checking him out, she chided herself; for all she knew he could, probably does have a girlfriend.

"What are you thinking about Alli?"

Allison shook herself from her thoughts. "Did you just call me Alli?"

Ace smiled, his five o'clock shadow showing a hint of grey hair. "I did, I think it fits you. So what were you so deep in thought about?"

Allison smiled, trying to seem cool. "Just...nothing really."

"You know Alli, you are cute when you blush." Ace smiled wide, Allison blushed deeper.

"So Ace…" Allison began coolly. "Where is your girlfriend?"

Ace laughed, "After you get a divorce the first thing you go looking for isn’t another woman." Ace noticed it was getting hot; was it him, or was it because of the way Alli's eyes seemed to bore holes into his skin? He didn't know, but one thing was certain his jacket had to come off and quick. He shrugged it off and sat back in the chair, watching Allison's face.

Allison watched as he shrugged off his jacket, flexing his muscles in the process. God he was beautiful; what Allison wouldn't give to have him in her bed...what the hell was she thinking? She barely knew this man, but she felt herself drawn to him. Ace smiled, looking past Allison noticing the dance floor.

"Hey cutie, care to dance?"

Allison couldn't help but laugh. "I'd love to actually."

Ace stood rolling up his dress shirtsleeves revealing toned tanned arms, with a hint of blonde hair. Allison got turned on every time she saw a man roll his sleeves up like that, she didn’t know why, and this time was no different.

Ace offered her his big, lean hand. "M'lady." He bowed mocking a 1800's gentleman.

Allison giggled and took his hand. They walked to the dance floor. The music was fast and as they danced they laughed, never saying a word, each laughing at how much rhythm neither had. Once they grew tired a slow song came on, and Allison was prepared to go back to the table, as she turned to go to the table Ace grabbed her wrist, pulling her to him.

"And where do you think you are going?" Ace asked close to her ear, his voice a low husky whisper.

A shiver ran down Allison's spine. "I was going back to the table," Allison said barely above a whisper.

Ace pulled Allison against his body before she could say anything. Allison's hands were lying softly on his back, while Ace's hands roamed over her back pressing her to his body. They danced like this for half of the song, before Ace reached down and took Allison's chin tilting it up, looking into her deep green eyes.

"Allison, I’m glad you came tonight, I was hoping I would see you here."

Allison smiled. "After 10 years, you still remembered me?" Allison asked in disbelief.

Ace smiled. "How could I forget, I wanted you from the first day I met you," Ace said bluntly. Allison blushed a deep crimson. Ace brushed his lips across Allison's cheek stopping at her ear, "Mmmm, you smell incredible."

Allison smiled. "Thank...." Her words were cut off by Ace's strong lips, in a soft kiss. Allison returned the kiss, her hands resting on his neck.

"Let’s get out of here?" Ace asked unsure of her answer.

She smiled, her cheeks flushed. "Where did you have in mind?"

"How about my place, it's closer?"

Allison smiled. "Your place it is."

They walked hand-in-hand back to the table where Allison picked up her bag, and Ace grabbed his jacket. Before they reached the door, Ace said he needed to go to the bathroom first. Allison smiled and told him she would wait next to the door for him. He squeezed her hand before walking to the bathroom. As Allison stood next to the door a man, whom she didn’t recognize at first came up to her.

"Hiya babe."

"Do I know you?"

He laughed, and Allison could smell the overwhelming smell of alcohol on his breath. "Of course you know me, we dated in high school, Jake, remember?" He moved closer to Allison until her back hit the wall, she couldn't escape, his big frame blocked her from view of the rest of the room.

"Yes, I remember you. I also remember why I broke it off with you," Allison said trying to push him away from her.

Jake's hand slid down to her bare knee pushing her dress higher until his hand rested on her hip.

"Stop, you're drunk, get off me you bastard." Allison tried to push him away, but it was no use.

"You know you want it babe."

"I don't want anything from you jerk off." His hand moved a little higher as he got braver. "Jake stop, please don't."

Jake smiled and opened his mouth to say something, but before he could he was thrown back away from her. Ace didn't say a word to Jake, just looked at Allison with worry in his eyes. "Are you ok? He didn’t hurt you did he?"

Allison looked down fixing her dress. "No, I'm fine thank you." 

Ace turned then to address Jake. "I don't know who you are, but if you lay a hand on her again, I promise you will regret it."

Jake laughed, "Calm down man, I was just messing around."

Ace glared at him, and Allison walked up behind him putting her hand on his back softly. "It's ok Ace, he's not worth it."

Ace turned and looked at Allison. "Are you sure you're ok?"

Allison smiled. "I'm fine sweetie, thank you." 

Ace smiled sweetie? Did she just call him sweetie. He smiled; this night might turn out better than he thought. Ace draped his jacket over her shoulders as they excited the building.

"My place is only three blocks from here, if you still want to go."

Allison smiled. "Of course I want to go."

He wrapped his arm around her shoulders pulling her protectively against his side. As they walked they made small talk, talking about how their lives had changed over the past ten years. Allison still couldn't believe that he remembered her after all those years. Ace opened the door letting Allison in first closing the door behind them. Ace reached for the light switch.

"You have a beautiful apartment," Allison said looking around.

"Why thank you," Ace said with a wide grin on his face.

Allison started walking around looking at all the pictures. "Oh Ace is this your daughter? She's beautiful," Allison asked with her back to Ace, as she leaned over a table looking at the framed picture.

Ace walked up behind Allison. "Yea she looks more like her mother everyday."

Allison's face grew hot, and she felt that familiar tingle in the pit of her stomach. Ace was so close behind her, she swore she could feel the heat radiating off his body. Allison straightened herself and turned around her eyes on Ace's shoes. Ace put his hand under her chin lifting her face up, looking into her eyes. Ace smiled and leaned down brushing his lips across Allison’s cheek. Allison lifted her face; Ace’s strong lips captured Allison's in a soft kiss. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer, taking the kiss deeper. Their tongues touched, and Ace traced her lips with his tongue, she moaned and bit down softly teasingly on his bottom lip. Ace groaned and pulled her closer rubbing the small of her back.

Ace pulled away resting his forehead against Allison's. "I have wanted to do that since that day at graduation."

Allison laughed. "You have liked me since graduation?" Her words trailed off as Ace's lips caught hers in a hard searching kiss.

"No my dear, I have wanted you, dreamt about you, needed you since we graduated."

Allison blushed a deep red at his frank words, Ace smiled. "I…I don't know what to say?" Allison said looking at the ground.

He lifted her chin and kissed her; he trailed kisses over to her ear nibbling softly. "You don't have to say anything, just feel," he whispered his voice deep, and husky.

A shiver of anticipation ran down Allison's spine. He smiled and grabbed her hand leading her down a hall to his bedroom; he opened the door going in and pulled her in. He closed the door and pushed Allison back against it. She smiled up at him, and Ace let his hands slide up from her hips to her shoulders pushing his jacket off her shoulders. As soon as the jacket hit the floor he kissed her deeply. Allison returned the kiss pulling his shirt from his pants. She rubbed his bare sides under his shirt as she kissed his neck over to his ear nibbling on his earlobe. Ace's ear was his most erotic spot for him and feeling Allison's tongue, lips and teeth on his earlobe was almost too much for him, he had to stop her or he would ravish her, and that’s not what he wanted, he wanted to take things slow, the ravishing could come later. He pulled her mouth to his and kissed her hard. She moaned against his mouth, and Ace reached for the zipper on her dress as they kissed. He slowly teasingly pulled the zipper down trailing kisses down her throat. Ace stepped back letting her dress fall to the floor, his gaze trailed down taking in her figure.

Allison had decided to wear a black strapless bra, with a pair of black lace underwear that was bikini cut. Ace groaned and licked his lips; he stepped forward and took Allison into his arms, and kissed her deeply. Allison pulled away unbuttoning his shirt, and placed soft kisses on the new exposed skin that each button showed. She pushed his shirt to the floor and kissed his neck. Ace groaned and bent picking her up in one swift movement. Allison smiled and held on to his neck as he carried her to the bed. He laid her softly on the mattress and pulled off his pants kicking them to the side. He softly placed his body above hers, kissed her. "Alli…" Her name was like a prayer on his lips. She smiled and trailed her nails down his back. He clenched down on his teeth and reached behind her and unhooked her bra, while he trailed hot, wet kisses down her neck, stopping at her collarbone. Allison moaned and lifted helping Ace take off her bra. Ace looked down at her chest, and groaned. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her breasts were the perfect size, with small, pink nipples. He placed a soft wet kiss on her left nipple, nibbled and sucking softly. Allison moaned louder and ran her hands through his hair. Ace kissed down to her bellybutton and smiled up at Allison's beautiful face. He moaned when he spread her legs, he could smell her arousal, and it was almost too much for him. He kissed her inner thigh, moving from one side to the other. Allison's face grew hot, he was teasing her, and she loved every minute of it.

Ace hooked his thumbs under the thin straps of her underwear that hugged her hips. He pulled her underwear down and threw them across the room. Allison laughed as she saw her underwear land on the floor. Ace spread her legs a little wider and looked at her. He moaned. "Gorgeous," he said in a husky whisper.

Allison squirmed, as she looked down at him. He opened her lips and she moaned loud. He took one long sweeping lick up and placed an open mouth kiss on her treasure. Allison moaned louder. "Ace...Oh God."

Ace smiled and flicked her clit with his tongue, and nibbled. She moaned louder and arched her back high off the mattress. Her knuckles turned white, as she clutched the sheets. Ace kept the torture going as he pushed one lean finger into her. She moaned louder and pushed down on his finger, feeling herself getting closer. Ace continued, pushing another finger into her. She moaned louder. "Ace." She said his name between clenched teeth as she came hard. He kept his mouth on her as she came, moving his fingers slowly. He pulled away kissing up her body and held her close letting he get her breath back.

Allison reached for him and he stopped her. "No, it's about you tonight, there will be plenty of time for that." His voice was hot and tempting on her ear. She kissed him tracing his lips with her tongue. He kissed down taking one straining nipple into his mouth, nipping it with his teeth, while massaging the other.

Allison moaned loudly, "Please..."

He took his manhood and trailed it up and down her slit. She moaned louder, "Please Ace." She begged against his neck. He smiled and slowly pushed into her. She trailed her nails down his back, and wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him deeper. Ace moaned and started pumping into her faster, his own resolve breaking. He leaned down and took her lips captive under his, and kissed her full of passion. Allison placed small hot kisses down his neck to his shoulder, She moaned loud when she felt herself getting closer. Ace pulled out slamming into her again, harder, going faster.
 Allison squeezed her vagina muscles around his penis, milking him for everything he had. He was pumping so hard her head threatened to hit the head board. She reached behind her and held on to the top of the head board. Ace watched her breasts as they jumped back and forth from the movement. He grabbed her breast in his hand, squeezing it, and tugged on her hard nipple.

Ace moaned. "Alli..." was all he could say before he felt her cum hard, he groaned and came with her, as he held her close.

He kissed her softly and smiled at her, "I’m sure I’m too heavy for you."

She smiled and pulled him back. "No I like you just where you are."

Ace smiled and rolled over on his back pulling her against his side. She laid her head against his chest, and stroked his chest, making figure 8's in his chest hair. He played with her hair. Allison sighed.

"Ace, I don't want you to think..." Her voice trailed off; she wasn’t sure how to finish her thought.

He smiled and lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes. "Alli, I don't think you're easy, or that you do this all the time." He smiled.

She smiled, "Good, because I’m not, and I don't."

He kissed her softly rubbing her cheek. She laid her back on his chest, and closed her eyes. Ace reached down and pulled the blanket over them. Allison drifted off to sleep, and Ace placed a kiss on the top of her head, before falling asleep himself.

Ace woke up first and turned, and smiled to himself when he saw Allison. In her sleep she had thrown the blanket off of her and her body was in full view. He groaned and pulled the blanket back over her, and kissed her cheek. He decided to let her sleep. He got up stretching his muscles before heading to the bathroom to take a shower. Allison woke to the sound of the water running in the bathroom; she smiled and ran through what happened the night before in her mind. She moaned softly and sat up deciding to join Ace in the shower.
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