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After a long day

A perfect way to release stress..
Long day at work. I press the elevator button and wait as I start unbuttoning my shirt.

Normally I would be worried about this, but there's no one to see me this late at night. I drag my feet into the elevator as the door opens and press the button that reads 14. The highest floor. The most beautiful, expensive floor. I unlock my door and walk in, casually slipping out of my black heels as I slide my coat off and hang it up.

I walk to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of orange juice, taking a sip to clear out the nasty taste in my mouth. I make my way to the main bedroom and slip put of my red tight, overexposed shirt and snuggle into bed next to John. I'm behind him and I'm cold, so I spoon him and my fingertips work their way up his chest and back down. I feel his heartbeat start to quicken as I make my way down his hairy, manly body and to the waistband of his pants.

I push my lips against his back and close my eyes, hoping to fall asleep like this.

He turns around though and kisses my forehead. He's not my boyfriend nor my husband but he's loving, gentle, romantic. I push myself harder against him, wanting to feel his protective arms around me. He quickly notices my intentions and pulls me up on top of him, where I lay my head on his chest.

He slides his fingers up and down my body, the tip of his fingers hitting my bra. he keeps on sliding his arm up and down before he unclips it with one quick, gentle move.

My body starts to tense as I let out a soft moan of relief. I slide up his body and push my lips to his. He gently accepts my kiss, taking my tongue into his mouth and massaging it with his.

Our kiss starts getting more and more intense as he slides his hands down my body and grabs a hold of my ass, jerking my skirt up quickly over my cheeks before ripping my leggings apart right at my crotch area.

He's hard, and I can feel it, and just thinking about it makes me go insane. I jerk his pants and boxers down over his thick cock and kiss him harder as our crotches meet and start rubbing against each other, separated only by a small, red, lace thong.

He thrusts his hips slightly, pushing me up and down his body as groans of pleasure invade his mouth. His long cock rubs back and forth against my slit. I can feel him start to throb now, and I know he wants to take me right then and there.

I quickly push my undies over to the side, not bothering to take them off as he slides the head of his cock inside my tight hole.

He's smiling now and he stopped kissing back, his breathing heavy, his chest rising up and down quick enough to show me how excited he is.

I slide down on his cock, taking more of it's length in as I feel my hole expand around him, slowly adjusting to its size.

He starts thrusting his hips again, starting with slow, long strokes, pushing himself as far inside me as he can before sliding back out to the tip. He starts moving faster and faster, his body starting to spasm under me.

He's now slamming so deep inside me, holding on to my hips with such force that I beg him to kiss me again and he does. He pulls the back of my hair hard, making me arch my back as he sits up and kissing my bottom lip and down to my neck and chest.

He slides my open bra down my arms, exposing my boobs and I feel my cheeks start to turn red, but I start riding him. Sliding up and down his cock quickly, moaning out into his mouth, sending vibrations through his tongue before slowing down.

He looks at me, pleading for more as he rolls slightly on top of me and lays me on my back, taking matters into his own hands as he wraps my legs around himself while starting to thrust.

He goes faster and faster and I grip his arm as I feel my body start to tense up, an orgasm building deep inside me quickly as his mouth moves against mine.

We're both panting and I begin to cum, coating his thick shaft in my juices before he pulls out and cums as well. He splatters his white sperm all over my stomach and chest before collapsing next to me.

He wraps me in a warm embrace once more and I fall asleep, breathing gently into his chest.
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