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After a Long Semester

this is for you Mr Devil
“How the hell do you do this to me?” she breathed into hisear as he kissed her throat.

A minute ago she was peacefully reading a book, when she heard her doorbell ringing. He didn’t even stop to say hello as she opened the door to him, his mouth immediately covered hers as his body pressed against her.

Now she was pushed with her back against the wall as his hands and mouth tried to touch her everywhere. Her light summer dress pushed up her thighs, his strong, long fingers kneading her soft flesh. She was already soaking; she could feel her moisture creating a wet spot on her delicate silk panties.

She moaned and threw her head back as one of his hands moved between her thighs and grazed her slit. She could feel he was as hungry for it as she was, as his erection was pressed against her tummy.

They had not seen each other for a while due to the fact that he had to take his end of semester tests. They had both agreed that it was better they not see each other during that period but both of them felt the longing. And now his last test was over and the first thing he did was drive straight to her flat.

His fingers were teasing her through her panties, making her head spin with lust. She lifted one leg and put it over his hip, pulling his body closer and making her pussy easier to access. His hands moved up her body, pulling her dress down under her breasts. He lifted each full mound into his mouth and started devouring her nipples, which were hard and puckered, while he kneaded her breasts with his large, strong hands.

Her hands were all over his body now, scratching his back under his T-shirt, cupping his ass cheeks, tangled in his hair. She fumbled with his belt and zipper wish shaky fingers while he was biting the delicate skin of her throat. She managed to undo his pants eventually and push them down, along with his boxer briefs, revealing his hard cock.

Her fingers closed around his cock, making him grunt with pleasure. His finger pushed her panties aside and penetrated her soaking wet slit, making her moan and push her hips out toward him. Feeling how wet and hot her pussy was made him go wild, he gripped her panties by the crotch and pulled them with such force that they tore right off of her. She yelped in surprise and pain until he shut her mouth by kissing her passionately, discarding her torn panties on the floor.

Now with no obstacles he forcefully shoved two fingers into her, while his thumb teased her clit. It felt so good that she had to hold on to him in order not to collapse. She gripped his cock again and felt it wet with his precum.

“Oh fuck baby! All I want is for you to fuck me senseless,” she moaned in his ear.

Her words turned him on even more. He spun her around and bent her over, her hands and face pressing against the wall. He lifted her dress up over her hips and took in the gorgeous sight in front of him- her full breasts dangling out of her dress, her milky white bare ass, her slightly parted legs giving a glimpse of wet, swollen pussy lips.

She didn’t even expect the first slap of his hand against her ass cheek; it hurt but at the same time made her pussy tingle. He slapped her other ass cheek, leaving two red handprints on her white, creamy skin.

“Oh hell,” he growled, “you are the sexiest, naughtiest woman I’ve ever met.”

“You are fucking amazing,” she moaned in response, “I want your hard, throbbing cock deep in my wet, hungry pussy.”

“You want it?” he teased as he ran the head of his cock between her ass cheeks down to her pussy.

“I want it more than anything baby,” she said as she seductively wiggled her ass.

He directed his swollen cockhead to her opening and slammed into her hard as one hand held her by the hip. Feeling him inside her was like heaven, she had really missed feeling him fill her. She moaned and stuck her ass out in order to get him deeper.

He was fucking her hard now, gripping hips as leverage, each time pulling out all the way out and slamming back in. Each time he pulled out her sweet juices dripping down her thighs and running down her legs. Her wet, hot flesh felt so mind blowingly good that he felt he might explode if he didn’t slow down. He pulled out of her, to a loud sigh of protestation from her, and stuck his finger in her instead, curling it in her and collecting her moisture. When he felt his whole palm was wet with her honey he pulled his finger out, and spreading her ass cheeks apart, ran it over her tight little rosebud making it wet.

“Please baby,” she moaned as she felt him playing with her rosebud, “please push it in.”

He pushed his finger all the way into her little hole, following that action by a ringing slap on each of her ass cheeks. He moved his finger slowly in her, letting her get used to the slight pain, and then he started moving his finger faster and spanking her at the same time.

Her whole body was on fire, nerve endings tingling as he abused her soft skin. The pleasure was so intense she felt dizzy. When she felt his cock fill her pussy again her knees went weak and he had to actually catch her so she won’t fall. He held her for a few moments, not moving, letting her get her balance back.

When she was steady again he pushed his finger back into her rosebud and started fucking her. He was building a rhythm in her, his finger and cock working nonstop, in and out, in and out. Both breathing hard as the need in them grew. She clenched her inner muscles and he grunted and sped up.

“You are going to make me explode,” he leaned over her and growled in her ear.

“Please do baby,” she breathed, “I want you’re hot cum in me so much.”

He was slamming so hard into her, it made her body hurt, but she could no longer distinguish between pain and pleasure. Her eyes closed, her head spinning, a continuous moan coming from her lips. He could see what was happening to her, feel her insides tightening- she was close to cumming and so was he. His cock was pulsing and throbbing, his balls contracting- ready to explode.

He reached around her with his free hand and pinched her clit, sending her over the edge.

“Fuckkk…” she screamed as she came.

The contraction of her inner muscles and the flood of honey over his cock made him explode. He slammed into her one last time as his cock pumped his hot cream deep into her.

When he stooped cumming into her he collapsed on top of her, both trying to catch their breath.

“God I’ve missed you,” she purred in a satisfied voice.

“Me too, you sexy little demon,” he chuckled in her ear.

He pulled out of her and a flood of cum and juices poured down her thighs. He helped her straighten up and pulled her to him, hugging her tight.

“Now let’s go get you cleaned up,” he whispered as he ran a finger up the inside of her thigh, collecting their mixed fluids and putting it in her mouth.

“Mmmm yummy,” she purred as she sucked his finger clean.

“Dirty girl,” he laughed, throwing her over his shoulder and heading toward the bathroom.

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