After Her Shower

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The kids are away and she's wearing only a towel...
Leanne comes out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around her waist. My wife’s big, soft tits are bare, their big, brown nipples are erect. Her long hair, damp from the shower, dangles down over them and clings to her moist skin.

Smiling, I put my book aside and pat the edge of the bed beside me. I’m wearing only my pyjama bottom with no top or underwear. We haven’t had sex in a while and, with the kids off camping with my brother’s family, I’m eager to end that drought.

Leanne sits down and I take the nearest breast in my hand.

“It’s been too long, my dear,” I say as I slide my fingers over the soft warm skin and massage the hard nipple between thumb and forefinger.

Leanne gasps and closes her eyes when I pinch it just hard enough to take her to the edge between pain and pleasure. Lifting her breast in my hand, I lower my mouth to it. I lightly bite and suck my wife’s nipple, eliciting more gasps.

As I play with my wife’s tit, I become aroused myself. My cock swells and pokes out of the fly of my pyjamas. Taking it in her hand, Leanne strokes the shaft and caresses the head with her fingertips. The touch of her fingers has me burning with arousal. The first glistening drop of my precum appears. Leanne swipes it off with a fingertip and licks her finger to taste it.

Rising from the bed, my wife lets her towel drop to the floor. Leanne is bare in more ways than one. I smile at the sight of her freshly shaved pussy, a treat that I haven’t enjoyed in quite a while. Reaching out, I caress the smooth, bare skin with my fingers before stroking the soft lips below.

Leanne enjoys my attention to her cunt for a bit before climbing on to the bed with me. She mounts my face backwards and lowers her mouth to my waiting cock. After running her tongue up and down my shaft, my wife takes me in her mouth and starts sucking. Grabbing Leanne’s ass, I bury my face between her legs. I lap at her pussy with my tongue while my fingers massage her ass. I press a thumb against my wife’s tight back opening and massage the sensitive rim.

Sliding my tongue inside my wife, I taste her juices as they run out into my mouth. I move my mouth over her clitoris to gently lick and suck the little nub. Leanne releases my cock and lets out a little cry. I’m rock hard by this point and dying to have my cock in her body. Sliding out from under Leanne, I stand expectantly at the foot of the bed. My wife lies on her back with her ass on the edge of the bed and her legs up.

“Fuck me, Tony,” she moans softly, “Fuck me hard.”

As if I need the encouragement. I step in close and put her feet on my shoulders. Guiding my cock into position with my hand, I slide it into Leanne’s wet snatch. She moans and cries softly as I fuck her with hard, fast thrusts while massaging her aroused clit with a fingertip. My wife’s tits bounce and shake as our bodies collide with each thrust.

I pull out and Leanne turns over, getting on all fours with her ass thrust out to meet me. I press the head of my cock, well lubedwith my wife's juices, against her tight anus. Slowly, I penetrate Leanne’s ass with my cock while sliding two fingers into her cunt. I haven’t been in here in a long time and the tightness of my wife’s back passage feels so comfortable and welcoming. As I fuck Leanne’s ass slowly and more gently than I had her pussy, it squeezes and massages my hard cock back. As my cock enjoys my wife’s ass, my fingers work her pussy. I’m fucking my wife with two fingers while a third massages her clitoris.

Leanne’s moans and cries turn to howls as she comes all over my hand. I keep working her pussy until she quiets down, then I hold on to her ass and start fucking it harder. It doesn’t take much more to get me off. Closing my eyes, I let go with a howl of my own as I explode into Leanne’s tight little bum.

I pull out of my wife’s ass and sit on the edge of the bed to catch my breath. Leanne sits up beside me and we share a long hot kiss, our tongues tangling as our hands roam over each other’s sweaty bodies.

“You need another shower,” I finally say.

Leanne giggles and answers, “You could use one, too. Let’s go.”

She gets up and takes my hand, leading me to the washroom. When we built the house we’d made sure to put a nice big shower in the en suite. Getting into it together, we get the water going and then start making out under the hot spray as it rinses our skin.

When we’re good and soaked, Leanne turns off the water and grabs the soft soap.Pouring some on to her hands, she starts soaping my body. She begins with my chest and works her way down until I’m soapy from shoulders to thighs. Then Leanne takes my cock in her soapy hand and washes it, first stroking the shaft and head, then the balls. As she fondles my slippery cock, it starts to harden again.

Grabbing the soft soap myself, I drizzle some on to my wife’s tits and massage it in with my fingers. I get the soft globes of her tits all soapy, and then I focus in on her nipples. Slowly, I rub and pinch them with my fingers. They harden at my touch and Leanne moans a little. Then I slide my hands down to soap Leanne’s belly and thighs. I slide them around behind her and wash her ass, making sure to run my fingers along the crack, brushing her little opening as I reach the bottom. As I do so, she does the same for my ass.

We press our soapy bodies together and kiss as we run our hands over slippery skin. Leanne holds my slick cock between her thighs and rubs her pussy along its length as she rubs her boobs against my chest. The feeling of my wife’s body sliding against me arouses me even more than her hand and I’m soon fully erect again.

Leanne steps away and turns on the shower. As she rinses off, I watch. Just the sight of my wife’s wet body is enough to keep me aroused and I slowly stroke my cock with my fingers. Then we change places so I can rinse off as well. Leanne kneels in front of me and rubs the soap off my cock with her hand. Then she wraps her lips around it and starts sucking. I turn off the water and lean back against the wall, watching in fascination as my wife deep throats my cock. She slides me in and out between her lips, replacing the water from the shower with her saliva.

Finally, I know that I can’t hold out much longer. I push Leanne’s mouth away and help her up. Now it’s my turn to kneel. I caress her moist opening with a finger while kissing the soft skin of her bare mound. Then I lick her pussy, pushing my tongue in to taste her before sliding it up to tease her clit. My wife moans and plays with her tits as I thrust two, then three, fingers into her and gently nibble her soft pussy lips. Her moans grown more intense as I lick, then suck, her engorged clit. Pussy juice runs out on to my hand as Leanne draws near to her climax.

Standing up, I turn my wife to the wall. Leanne obediently bends over and spreads her thighs while leaning against the shower wall. Sliding my rock-hard cock into her wetness, I begin fucking her slowly. I ease myself into my wife’s cunt until I’m buried to the balls in her. Then I pull back before sliding in deep again. As I fuck her with these slow, deep thrusts, my hands caress her ass, her body, and her tits. As the urgent pressure in my balls builds, I slide a hand under my wife and vigorously rub her clit. I start fucking her faster and harder. Leanne’s moans turn to cries with each impact.

“Oh fuck yes,” I yell out as my orgasm hits. A wave of intense pleasure washes over me as my cock pumps its load into my wife’s pussy.

Moments later, Leanne cries out in echo to mine and her vagina pulses around me. I continue to ram into her as her vagina milks the seed out of my cock. Then it is over. I pull my cock out and Leanne turns to face me. We embrace and kiss, our naked bodies pressed together tightly as our tongues slide together in open mouths.

After quickly cleaning up with another shower, we climb into bed naked. We kiss and cuddle some more, but fatigue overtakes us and we are soon sleeping very soundly.