After Hours Encounter

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A sexy unexpected encounter with my boss
This is my first attempt at publishing a story on here so please provide your feedback! Love to know what others think of my story and any constructive criticism is accepted, but please be kind!

They had been flirting with each other the entire day, and really it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. He made it seem like he was just being courteous and kind so the others around wouldn’t think anything of it. It was cold, she had to walk home, and he was being a gentleman offering her a ride home. What they didn’t know was what else he had planned.

The last of the employees were leaving the building and he went to start his car to let it warm up. Once he came back in, ensuring they were the only 2 left in the store, he shut and locked the doors. After a bit of small talk, he says he forgot to turn something off in the office. Saying she could stay up or come back with him, she follows him, not wanting to let him out of her sight. Following him down the aisle to the door to the office they just make random little small talk.

Upon reaching the office, he does what he needed to do and they make their way back down the hallway, and, as they come to the door to his office, without much of a pause he grabs her hand and pulls her into the dark room. Guiding her, he pulls her beside his desk and begins feverishly kissing her. They continue to kiss for a while then he takes down his pants, and grabbing her hand yet again, guides her to his now rock hard exposed cock. Without any hesitation she begins stroking his hard cock, all while madly kissing.

He stops suddenly and pulls her closer to his desk. He says something to her but she cannot hear it, but instead is guided by his hands to the chair which he had now positioned himself in. Unable to see anything, she pulls her pants off one leg for more freedom, and lowers herself onto his lap.

She is a little apprehensive at first, as she has very little experience being the one to dominate the sexual encounters; as well it was a first time experience with this type of position. Guiding his cock into her she begins by slowly going up and down on his shaft getting used to the position. With time and desire, she quickens her thrusting and leans forward supporting herself on the desk to allow for even better access. He reaches to her chest to fondle her large breasts. The feeling was amazing – this was why she loved older men they really knew how to please a woman.

All her energetic thrusting is getting him very excited, he loves the feel of her pussy on his cock and the moans she makes as he plays with her breast and clit. She keeps grinding her pussy onto his cock making sure to make this encounter memorable. He tells her she needs to slow down or he will cum right away. Not wanting the experience to end, she slows down gently moving up and down his shaft. He takes control now, grabbing her hips and thrusting hard and fast into her pussy. She’s in heaven right now the feeling of his cock being thrust in and out and the closeness of their bodies, his hands on her voluptuous breasts massaging and pulling on her sensitive nipples.

As he keeps thrusting he tells her that he’s going to cum. Picking up his pace he slams her pussy onto his cock and lets the delicious cum flow into her aching pussy.

Slowly, she gets up, holding onto the desk for support as her legs cannot handle her full weight yet after such an intense encounter. Slowly, she pulls up her panties and her pants, collects her things, and they leave his office. He drives her home and whenever she sees his office, she can’t help but smile, knowing that nobody will know how she fucked her boss there.