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After Hours

Carnal lust
A story of carnal lust on the first meeting.


After Hours


By Donato



It was almost midnight and she was just leaving the office. She was the VP of HR at a major corporation and was used to long hours. They paid her over $100K a year and she gave them her all. She was a corporate animal and aspired to be CEO some day. She had little time for men as her work was her life.


It was really a shame as most men would gladly like her company as she was a very beautiful woman. But she had learned early in life that beauty could be a curse. Men were after only thing; to say that they had had her. Nothing more. And, she was resolute in her resolve never to engage in a one night stand for any man, no matter who he was.


She walked out on Lexington Avenue looking for a taxi but could find nothing. She looked around and noticed a small cocktail lounge that still said "OPEN" in the window and wondered if they could call a cab for her. She walked in and noticed it was empty and dimly lit. The bartender was preoccupied with cleaning up and didn't notice her entrance. She walked over to the bar and said, "Excuse me, but I wonder if you know the number of a taxi I could call?"


The bartender looked up and was taken aback with her beauty. She was very striking to look at. Tall at five foot ten, shoulder length honey blonde hair, electric blue eyes and a very sensual month. She was dressed in a conservative, mannish business suit but he could tell there was one hell of a body beneath it. And, he was right, she had natural 37 c breasts, a tiny 22 inch waist and beautiful rear surrounded by 36 inch hips. One very nice package. But, he also could tell by the look on her face that she was no pushover.


"Yes, I have a company that I use for my regular patron's. I'll give them a call. Can I fix you something while you wait?" he asked.


She could really use a martini so she said, "Yes, thanks, extra dry Bombay Martini, straight up with a twist."


He made her drink and went to the phone to make the call while she seated herself at the bar,


She sipped the cool gin and thought, ah, just what I need. It had been a rough few days with all the layoffs she had handled. That was one part of her job she hated; the look of shock, bewilderment, disappointment, hopelessness. Oh, well, that's why I get the big bucks.


He returned to her and said, "They'll send a cab over but I told them to give you fifteen minutes so you could enjoy your drink."


"Thanks, that's very kind of you."


He said, "Have you ever been here before? Work in the area?"




"No and yes," she replied. "In fact, right across the street at 765. Guess I'm always getting out too late and this place is usually closed."


"You're right, I close early. Do a heavy lunch and early dinner business and am usually out of here by 10. Tonight had a big party and was just about to close when you came in."


"Fortunate for me, I really needed this drink," she replied.


"My pleasure, I don't usually get to talk to my customers when the crowd's here. My name is Ted and I own the place."


"Nice to meet you Ted, I'm Sasha Cantrell."


"You have a beautiful name, it suits you."


"Why thank you, you're very kind"


"No thanks required, I meant it. You're a beautiful woman. Your husband is one lucky guy."


"Oh, I'm single, never been married. No time for it. I'm a work-a-holic."


Hmm, he thought to himself, there may be an opening here afterall and she is one great looking broad.


"Sasha, I have some veal left over from the dinner crowd and I just have to throw it out, that's the law. What say I may up a quick meal of Scaloppini for us? On me, of course>"


"Oh I couldn't, the cab's on the way and..."


"I'll tell him to come back later. C'mon, I hate to waste good veal, say yes."


"Well, since you put it that way....all right!"


Ted fixed dinner and set up a table in the rear of the club. When the cab arrived he gave him a ten spot and told him they didn't need him after all. He turned off the "OPEN" sign quickly so she would not notice and opened a fine bottle of Bardolino for them. He served dinner, decanted the wine and they sat down to eat.


Sasha was quite hungry and exclaimed over the elegance of what he did is so short a time. He filled their glasses until the bottle was empty and got another. Sasha did not seem to mind so he kept pouring. As the wine loosened both their tongues she found out that he was 40 and never married. He said he just never had the time but she suspected there was something more and said, "Forgive me for asking but are you gay?"


He broke out in a hearty laugh and said emphatically no. She pressed on with " But you are very good looking, have your own business, what more could a woman want?"


He looked her and said very seriously, "I am awful in bed."


"Oh come now, I have had not much experience with men but they are never "awful. What seems to be the problem?"


He was getting embarrassed and lowered his eyes from hers and said, "Uh, well it has something to do with my size."


She thought to herself, oh oh, must be a needle dick. She said, "Well size isn't everything I always say its not the size of the wand, but the magic that comes out of it. Omigod, I can't believe I just said that!" It was surely the wine talking, not her, she mused. She had really loosened up and was really enjoying his company. More so than she had any man in several years.


"Uh no, its not what you think, I'm, I'm, uh too large..." he stammered out.


She took another healthy gulp of wine, thought a moment, threw caution to the wind and said, "Can I see?"


Gets them every time he thought. But she has to really want to see me. ""No, let's just enjoy dinner, I don't want to burden you with me problem."


"Oh please, let me see it. I haven't been with a man in over a year and it would do me good," she giggled out.


"Are you really sure, I mean you really want to see my penis?"


She was really feeling the effect of the martini and wine now and giggled and said, "Why of course I do," and she winkled at him.


Oh boy he thought, she's got a little buzz going and the inhibitions are down. OK, here goes. He stood from the table and unbuckled his belt.


Oh what am I doing she thought, but hell, no one is here and who could find out? She watched with fascination as he lowered his pants. He wore briefs and she could tell from the bulge that he was large but she was not prepared for what he revealed to her. He slowly pulled his briefs down and he was enormous! She gasped involuntarily as she gazed at his cock. She could not take her eyes from it. He held it out to her as if he were offering it to her. It was soft and was about two inches thick at the head (he was cut) and looked to be about a foot long. God she thought, how big is it when its hard?


Instinctively she reached out to touch it as he moved closer to her. She placed her right hand around it and found he was already starting to harden. She looked up at him as he looked down at her. She found herself leaning closer to it and he moved closer to her. Her mind reeled with multiple thoughts. Should I kiss it? Lick it? Rub it? Suck it? She was on the horns of a dilemma as she had never made a forward move with a man in her life. But, that had been her problem ,never initiating anything and being left disappointed. Conflicting emotions tore at her. Who was this guy? How can I do this? Should I do this? His cock is so fascinating though, what would it feel like? Will he hurt me? Hey, I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself and handle anything any man can dish out.


And with that last thought in  mind she pulled him close to her mouth and kissed the head of his massive cock.


"Do you really think you should do that," he said.


She now had both hands around his thickening shaft, looked up momentarily, smiled slightly at him, and placed the entire head of his cock in her mouth. She could instantly feel it start to grow in her grip and mouth. She ran her tongue over it and into his cum hole from whence she hoped his stream of love would shoot forth. She sucked lightly on his dickhead while stroking the full length and girth to its maximum. He gripped her head in his hands as she sucked him pushing his cock ever so gently in and out in rhythm with her sucking and hand strokes. His cock was now fully erect. She pulled back from him to marvel at it. It was well over a foot long and incredibly thick. His veins were very prominent running up and down its length. He could not keep it erect without her hands as it was far to large to stand by itself.


"You have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen," she said.


"And how many have you seen?"


Embarrassed she replied, "Oh not too many. You see I too, am not that great in bed and most men tire of me quickly. I have never been able to reach orgasm with a man and they find it very frustrating so usually don't stick around very long in my life. Its just that I have not yet a man who can make love to me and get me off. For me, a vibrator is the only way I can do it."


He looked down at her, raised her to a standing position, pulled up his shorts and his pants and led her to a flight of stairs at the back of the club.


They climbed the stairs in silence. She was once again torn by emotions. Where was he taking her? What would happen?  Should she just run? He led her into a very tastefully appointed apartment at the top of the stairs. "This is where I live. I own the whole building and this is my home. I hope you like it and find it comfortable enough so that you'll let me make love to you. It seems we both have a sexual problem and perhaps we can both help each other. Are you willing to try?"


She nodded in ascent and he took her in his arms and kissed her, It was their first kiss and it was filled with passion. Their mouths crushed upon each other and their tongues instantly entwined, probing, seeking, tasting each other. Her breath was rich with taste of the wine and his was salty from the meal. They drank each others juices. Their tongues began to push against each other harder and harder as if wishing they were sexual organs and not tongues. She pulled away from him  and dropped to her knees while undoing his pants. They fell to the floor but she left his briefs up. She took her hands and rubbed his cock wanting to feel it grow under her touch . She reached around and cupped the cheeks of his ass while placing her mouth on his stiffening dick thru his briefs.


He moaned softly as she bit at his dick thru his shorts. Her hands sought his as and pulled him close. He wanted her to suck his cock but she could not as his briefs were still on. He reached for the waist band and began to slip them down. His dick was throbbing and erect and his briefs caught on his cockhead. She pulled her face back slightly and let his briefs drop and immediately took his cock in her mouth. She pushed as much as she could into her mouth but that was not much.


He was so massive that she could barely manage the first three inches. It completely filled her mouth and she moved her head up and down on it. He responded by pushing it further into her mouth. She gagged a bit but recovered and he lessened his strokes. He wanted to see her body but she was still clothed so he pulled her up into a standing position and began to undress her. She pulled her jacket off quickly and he pulled her blouse over hear head. Her breasts were beautiful. Full, round, firm, nipples hardened and apparent under her filmy bra.


She reached behind and unhooked her bra strap letting her tits hang free. He marveled at them. She was no kid (she was actually 38) and yet her full tits stood out very well with no sag. He looked her and she said, "Yes, all me, no uplifts."


He lowered his head and sucked gently on her nipples and could hear an intake of her breath. So, he thought, very sensitive in the nipple area and he focused his tongue on them. He licked and bit lightly and she moaned loudly. He reached down with his hand and began to rub at her Venus mound. She still had her skirt on that had to come off.


As if reading his mind, she unzipped her skirt and let fall to the floor. He tugged at her panties and they came off easily as if two sizes too large. He dropped to knees to smell her. Her scent of sex was strong and it was something that really turned him on. He buried  his face into her thick thatch. She never shaved down there as there was no man in her life to shave for. Her pubic hair was thick and her pushed his tongue thru it searching for her labia. He used his hands to spread her legs a little and could clearly see her clit peeking out from under its hood. He spread the skin back and placed his tongue on it.


"Oh God, yes, right there, oh yes, lick it , lick it, HARD!" she cried and he pushed his tongue hard on it. He sucked her bud into his mouth, took it between his lips and used his tongue to massage it. Her hips bucked involuntarily and she grabbed his head crying out, "Oh yeah, fuck me with your tongue, yeah, yeah, oh more, more, oh suck me, yes, yes, OH OH OH, MY GOD  I;M CUMMING, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM OH GOD, LET ME CUM, OH YES, YES, THERE , NOW OH ,UHHHH...." And she fell to the floor her body convulsing in a huge orgasm. She rubbed her pussy and clit furiously as wave after wave hit her. She cried out so loud that he was somewhat alarmed but there was no need to worry. It was difficult to believe but this was the first orgasm she had ever had that was brought on by a man and she was loving every minute, every second, every shudder of her body.


Finally, it subsided and she opened her eyes and mouthed "thank you" to him.


A few minutes later she looked and saw his cock was now flaccid once again. "Ted, I want you to fuck me, I have to feel that wonderful cock of yours deep in me. Come to me, let me suck you hard again."


He walked to her and as before held his massive member out to her. She pulled him to her and rammed as much as she could in her mouth. She was frantic to get laid. Her hands worked the shaft and her mouth sucked the head. In seconds he began to grow hard and it overflowed her mouth. In another minute his shaft had extended to its full length and the blood coursed thru making it hard. He was ready to fuck her but was she ready for him?


He had not found a woman yet who was comfortable with his size and just hoped she would be big enough to contain him. He pulled back from her and took a tube of lube and spread it on his cock. He rubbed it all over to insure it was well lubricated and then asked her to get on her hands and knees. She complied and he positioned himself behind her


Her poured lube on her pussy and gently pushed his cock to the entrance of her love hole. She pushed her pussy back at him in effort to get him inside and he said, "Wait, this has to be slow so I don't hurt you..."


"I don't give a fuck about being hurt, I just want to be fucked, now shove that massive piece of man meat into me," she commanded.


He still went slowly, the head was well lubed and in her canal and he began a slow in and out motion to relax her pussy so it would accept him.


She felt the head of his cock enter her and was in ecstasy. Oh God, he was so big and hard and it felt so good in her she wanted more but she waited for him. She felt him enter her inch by inch and was overcome with lust and cried out, "TED, C'MON, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, GIVE ME ALL YOU'VE GOT...". He heard her and was getting consumed with the moment so he gave her one huge thrust and buried all thirteen inches deep in her!


She felt the walls of her pussy tear as his cock rammed into her and she screamed out in pain but she did not retreat. She wanted to be the woman who fucked this dick. She pushed down on him, hard and he pushed forward and they began a furious fuck rhythm. She started to bleed a little but that just lubricated the lust crazed couple only more. In and out went his massive cock and each thrust was met by her hard push down. He was crying out, she was screaming, "Oh yeah, I'm in your hot cunt, oh Sasha fuck me, fuck me,..."


"Ted, oh  Ted, fill my pussy fuck me fuck me fuck me....."


Each was lost in his and her own personal fuck lust. They didn't hear what the other was saying they were interested in only one thing. Each wanted to cum! They fucked, fucked and then fucked more. Her discharge was heavy and he looked down saw the blood on his cock but he didn't care. He was in her and she was fucking him back. Oh it was glorious.


He began to feel the beginnings of his orgasm and screamed out, "YES, YES, I'M READY TO CUM OH YEAH,".


As if on cue her own body started to respond and she yelled, "YES TED, YES, I;M GOING TO CUM TOO! OH PLEASE KEEP FUCKING ME, PLEASE PLEASE...."


Suddenly he rammed into her and let loose a torrent of hot, silvery cum. It poured into her as he balls contracted and he pumped his essence into her. It felt so good to him, so right.


She felt his cock stiffen and the first spurt of cum enter her and her own body released once again and she cried out, "OH SHIT, OH FUCK, OH YEAH, I'M CUMMING AGAIN, OH YEAH, YES, YES, I'M CUMMING..." His cock pumped stream after stream, her pussy contracted as her orgasm overwhelmed her. He fell on her back and she collapsed on the floor with him on top all the way pumping his cock in and out, feeling her pussy walls contracting on his dick.


His cock continued to jerk spasmodically deep within her and she relished the feeling. She had finally met a man who could make her cum with his cock. A huge smile soared over her face.


He was ecstatic, he had finally penetrated a woman fully. His cock was still deep within her and she wanted more. Could he? He tried but the hardness was already fleeing from him. He pushed but could do no more. Finally he slumped to his side and his dick came from her.


"Oh Ted, your cock felt so good in me. Never has any man brought me to climax with his cock. I will never forget this night."


She sat up and looked at him; he met her gaze. There was a bond that had been made. There would be more.

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