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After My Exams

He worked hard to relieve my stress and then fuck me hard, just the way I like it.
Finally I was done.  I was free. Final exams were done and I wouldn’t have to return to university classes for an entire month.  The last week had been so stressful.  Between work and studying for finals and finishing my research paper I had only been getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night.  That also meant I had not had anywhere near enough time to have fun with my lover.  I was tired, emotional, and horny, but now I was free.  

As I walked home from my last exam I just got more and more excited.  I knew as soon as I walked in that door I was going to have some fun, at long last.  I could feel my body getting excited just thinking about it.  The denim from my jeans felt tight against my thighs, the strap from my messenger bag was rubbing against my hardening nipple, and my fingers were clenching inside my jacket pockets.  I could feel my breath getting shallower and faster and I could feel my face flushing.  I started walking faster, getting home in record time.  

I got home, at last, and walked straight toward my bedroom, stripping off my winter clothes along the way: boots, hat, mittens, scarf, and jacket.  Nearly tripping over the boots I had just ripped off, I hurried into the room.  He was waiting for me, knowing I would need him now more than ever.  Looking at me, he could see I was horny, but exhausted.  Naked and smiling he climbed off my bed and stalked toward me.  I couldn’t take my eyes off his large cock, knowing soon it would be in me.  Circling around me he took in my extra tight ass-cupping jeans and low cut sweater.  Normally I wore another shirt under the sweater, but today I wanted to be a little naughty, so I had worn it alone, showing off my cleavage perfectly.  He gave me a look, knowing what I had done.  My heart started beating faster.  That look promised some amazing things were about to happen.

Stopping his slow circle around me, I could sense him standing behind me, not touching me, just looking.  Then I felt his warm hands land on my tense shoulders.  “You need to relax,” he whispered right into my ear, making my whole body shiver.  Then his big hands firmly swept down my sides, grabbing the bottom hem of my sweater and tugging it up.  My hands went above my head, to let him take it all the way off, but he only pulled it up over my head, leaving my arms trapped in the tangled sleeves.   “Keep your hands up” I was told, making me squirm.

Slowly his hands came around the front of my body, his finger tips tickling over my ribs, making me squirm.  As he unlatched the front closure of my lacy black bra, I could feel my nipples tightening.  I sucked in a deep breath, my back arching, silently begging him to touch my tender breasts, but he had other things in mind.  Leaving my breasts encased in my unlatched bra, he slowly traced his fingers down my quivering stomach, reaching the top of my jeans.  He ran his fingers along my stomach just above the waistband of my jeans, teasing me.  Then suddenly he reached down and undid my jeans, ripping the button open and dragging the zipper down.  Grabbing the waistband of my jeans he pulled them down over my hips and ass.  

My arms were starting to burn from keeping them over my head, but somehow he knew.  Gently he reached up and untangled my arms, letting the sweater fall to the floor, then pushing my jeans the rest of the way down.  “Step out,” he told me.  I kicked off my pants, leaving me standing there in just a pair of black, lacy, ass-revealing panties and my partially open bra.  I could feel my breasts pushing against the loose bra with every heaving breath, my nipples rock hard as they rubbed against the lace of my bra.  Running his fingers across my ass along the bottom edges of my panties, trailing from the outside of my hip to the soft skin between my thighs. I could feel him getting so close to my pussy lips, but as soon as he would get near where I really wanted his fingers he would move his hand, leaving a trail of tingling nerves beneath his touch.  I moaned loudly.  “Please” I begged him.  

Knowing how turned on I was he took mercy and quickly and efficiently stripped off my bra and panties, leaving my most intimate parts suddenly bare.  Feeling the coolness of the air and the warmth of his gaze on me I could feel juices sliding out of my pussy, slowly trailing down my inner thighs.  Taking my hand he led me to the bed, and told me to lie down, on my stomach.  Shivering with pleasure and anticipation, I did as I was told.  I could feel the cool sheets against my hot hard nipples, and I gently arched my body, teasing myself against the soft surface of the bed as I lay down.  Walking over, he stopped next to the bed, opening my night stand drawer, where I keep all my fun toys.  Without looking I knew what he had taken out.  

I felt the mattress dip a little as he climbed onto it, crawling over to me and straddling my hips.  I could feel his hard cock resting on my ass, pulsing against my skin.  His skin was so hot and silky, but the flesh beneath was hard and pulsing.  It was so close to where I wanted it, but so far away.  I pushed my ass up a little, rubbing against him, teasing him back a little for all the teasing he had already done.  Laughing, knowing what I was doing, he gently pinched my ass.  “Be good” he tenderly scolded me.  Hearing a bottle cap flip open, I braced myself, and then felt a few drops of warm oil land on my shoulders, followed by his strong, hard hands.  As his thumbs stroked firmly into the knots in my shoulders I cried out, nearly in tears.  Sharp pain from my tense muscles slowly faded into tender pleasure as he rubbed the massage oil into my skin.  Sighing, I felt my body relaxing as he stroked his well muscled hands down my back, smoothing out muscle after muscle.  

Gently he ran his hands up my sides, gently stroking the sides of my breasts, then sliding back down to my hips, leaving my skin tingling and hot.  Moving down my body he ran his fingertips over my ass.  I quickly raised my hips up just enough to fully expose myself to him, hoping for some direct contact with my dripping wet pussy.  It was begging for his attention, but somehow he ignored my silent begging and firmly stroked the muscles of my ass.  As his hand moved down toward my thighs I could feel his thumbs run along the sides of my pussy, deeply stroking the muscles there.  Moaning, I could feel more of my pussy juices trailing out of me, down onto my lips, sliding over my throbbing clit.  I tried to move my hips to graze his thumb with my pussy lips and he laughed and gently slapped my ass.  “You’re so easy to tease,” he scoffed.  

His magic hands kept moving, leisurely stroking and massaging down my thighs, relaxing every muscle in my legs.  Getting to the bottom, he told me to turn over.  Hurriedly I complied, turning over, and spreading my legs so he was kneeling in between them, hoping the view would help hurry things along.  Massaging his way back up my legs, he stopped when he reached my upper thighs.  After rubbing more massage oil between his hands he rested his hands on my inner thighs, pushing my legs even further apart.  Using his strong fingers he massaged my inner thighs, pressing his thumbs deep into my muscles.  Moaning and writhing below him, my fingers dug into the sheets below me as my hips bucked upwards and my breasts shook with every heaving breath, my head falling back, revealing my slender neck.  

Skipping my pussy and hips, he ran his hands up my stomach and over my ribs, making me cry out with disappointment.  As he leaned over me, I could feel the tip of his hard cock brushing against my oiled, trembling stomach, leaving a trail of precum on me.  I wanted to reach down and grab hold of that hard cock, but I knew that would only earn me another swat on the ass.  As he braced his weight on one hand right next to my body, his other hand reached up and slid his slippery fingertips along the bottom of my heavy breasts.  Making soft circles around my breasts, he was careful not to touch my nipples at all, even though they were hard and throbbing, pointing up toward him, begging for his hands and mouth.  

Finally, he leaned down and quickly sucked one of my rock hard nipples into his mouth, tugging gently on it.  As he tongued my hard nipple and began to gently nibble on it my body arched up, my whole body shaking and on edge.  As my body rose up from the bed I could feel his throbbing erection slide along my soft stomach.  Suddenly he bit down on my nipple, just hard enough to hurt, sending waves of pleasure through my body.  Moaning loudly I finally took my hands from the bed, grabbing at his shoulders.  

Running his hands back down my tense, well oiled body and following with his hot wet mouth, he left open mouth kisses all the way down my torso, until at last, at last, he reached my hips.  Smoothing his thumbs along the sides of my swollen, wet pussy lips, he tenderly traced his tongue down to my hot throbbing slit.  Finally I felt his tongue land on my pussy, teasingly running along the edges and creases of my pussy lips, spreading my sweet juices even more.  Humming against me, I could feel the vibrations from his lips and tongue as he lovingly ran his tongue up to my clit, lapping lightly at it.  My hips came right off the bed, finally feeling his soft wet tongue against my hot hard clit.  Crying out and feeling my pussy just dripping juices I begged him to fuck me.  “Please,” I cried out, “please, I want you inside me.”  

Smiling, he looked down at me and slid up my body, lining himself up with my wet wide open cunt.  I could feel the big hard head, wet with precum, gently edge in between my sopping wet pussy lips.  Even with how wet I was and how close I was, I knew it would be hard to take him in.   Ever so gently he edged further forward, pressing into me.  I could feel my quivering pussy muscles stretch around him, until just the head popped into my pussy.  My internal muscles clenched down on it, trying to pull it deeper inside me.  Hearing him moan, I knew I was finally going to get the pounding I’d been longing for.  Firmly he pushed his way into my wet channel, even though it was hard work to push into my tight pussy.  Not hesitating for a second, he plunged all the way into me until I had taken every possible part of him, his balls gently resting against my ass.

Reaching up I grabbed his shoulders and tugged him down to me, kissing him hard and deep, our tongues dueling as he gave me a moment to get used to his throbbing cock so deep inside me.  As we kissed I pulled my legs up around his waist, locking my ankles behind his back, making it easier for my body to accept him in such a deep penetration.  Feeling his tongue in my mouth and his teeth nibbling on my lips I couldn’t stop my hips from starting to rock.  Gently, they started rocking back and forth.  Feeling my body moving under him, he slid one hand down, grabbing my ass and helping me move on his hard cock.

Moving his hot wet kisses to my neck, he started nudging back and forth inside my clenching pussy.  I was so close.  Knowing how close I was he quickly started stroking faster.  Stroking himself inside me, my legs wrapped around his waist, he bottomed out inside me on every stroke.  Pushing my hips up to accept every deep stroke, I begged him to fuck me harder.  I wanted everything he could give me.  As he lay his full weight on me and shoved into me harder and harder I licked and bit at his neck and earlobe, my fingers digging into his rock hard shoulders.  I could feel the heavy fullness of him all over my body and slamming into my pussy.  Legs shaking, body heaving, I could feel his chest rubbing against my nipples on every stroke.  “Cum for me baby,” he whispered in my ear.  Unable to resist I cried out as the blinding pleasure built and exploded all over my body.  I could feel the muscles in my pussy clamping down on his hard cock as he fucked me harder and deeper than ever before.  Uncontrollably my body shook and heaved under him, my hips pistoning on him as his hard cock drove into me in lightning speed.  Heaving and humping me, his body began to shake and I could feel all his muscles tense up.  

“Cum for me,” I begged him.  “I want your cum inside me.  Please.  Fill me up. Give me every drop.”  Keeping my hips thrusting up at him, I bit down on his shoulder as I could feel him start to cum inside me.  Throwing his head back and shouting out his orgasm, he humped me and pounded me until I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk straight tomorrow.  As he poured his seed into me, I could feel our mixed juices running out my clenching pussy, down my ass and thighs.  

As our breathing and movements slowed, I could feel him relax on top of me.  Wanting him to stay right there forever, I wrapped my arms around him, keeping my legs wrapped around his waist.  Gently biting on his earlobe I whispered to him “thanks for the relaxing massage.”  Feeling him laugh, I knew I was not going to get much sleep that night.  

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