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After The Ball

A young girl, enamoured with an older colleague, seeks him out after the company ball

I could still feel the burning sensation on my cheek where he'd kissed me goodnight- how easy it would have been to turn my face and allow him access to my lips, but that wasn't the plan. I'd waited ten minutes, then here I stand outside his room. I knock on the door, no hint of hesitation in my actions.

He opens the door, still wearing the white dress shirt and black trousers, his feet bare, the bow tie loosened around his neck.

"Lauren... everything ok?" He wears a slightly worried look.

"I'm fine. I just... I didn't want the night to end so soon. I thought we could have a nightcap". I hold out a bottle of brandy.

For a second, I thinkt he's going to say no, to turn me away. His eyes smile, his face relaxes.

"What a nice idea. Please, step in".

Like the gentleman he is he holds the door open wide for me, still in my ballgown I step over the threshold. He closes the door, and pulls a chair from under the desk, motioning me to sit. He goes into the bathroom and returns with two small glasses.

"Not quite brandy goblets, but these'll do", he smiles.

Small talk ensues while he pours the golden liquid. He passes me a glass, then sits on the edge of the bed, leaning forward while we talk.

He is easy to talk to, unlike guys my age, he doesn't talk about himself. He listens to me, nods and takes an interest. During the evening he sat opposite me, and for the first time in the couple of years we'd worked together I really notice him. He has a shy smile, his hair is starting to grey at the temples, his eyes are bright and when he looks at me, he sees more than a 22 year old girl. My mind goes back to the dance we'd shared, I'd had to almost physically drag him to the dance floor, but he'd moved with the music, our bodies occasionally touching.

We laugh together, he jokes about someone in the office, and he relaxes.

"I have to say, Lauren, that you look absolutely stunning in that dress. The most beautiful girl at the party".

My legs tremble, but I stand in front of him, and give him a twirl. My long blonde hair, no longer pinned up, spins and falls about my face. I laugh as I turn full circle, and he stands, brushing the hair from my face. We stand about a foot apart. His hand lingers on my cheek. I put my hand on his arm, my fingers gently caressing him through the shirt.

"Kiss me". My disembodied voice sounds harsh against the silence.

"Lauren... I..."

Take the initiative, my inner voice says. I take his glass from his hand, placing his and mine on the bureau. My hands on his arms, my face towards him. I look at his eyes as I press forward.

He responds, his lips are on mine, one hand in my hair, gently pulling me to him. The kiss goes on and on, his tongue caressing my lips, then pushing softly against mine. His other hand on my back. My hands are in his hair, our kisses more passionate, more demanding.

He breaks the spell. He breaks the kiss. Looking at me, I can sense a lecture, the age difference, his family, my boyfriend - well, my ex- , work...

"Are you sure this is what you want? How much have you had to drink?"

I laugh, a hand flying up to cover my embarrassment. I stifle the laugh as quickly as it starts.

"I'm tipsy, not drunk", I tell him, "and I wouldn't have come to your room at..(looking at the clock) half past one if I wasn't sure what I wanted".

He stands, my hands in his. His face tells me he's thinking this through. Instead of ripping my clothes off, he takes the time to give me a way out. I make no effort to move. He leans in, and kisses me, hard. Our hands on each other, he kisses my neck, soft, tender kisses, then back to my mouth. He pulls me closer, his ardour apparent against my thigh. I drop a hand and feel him through his trousers.

"Uh huh", he says, stepping away and taking his thickening cock away from my grasp. I look disappointed.

"Slowly", he says, his eyes sparkle.

He takes the spaghetti straps of my ball-gown off my shoulders, kissing the skin as he turns me around. His lips press gently to my neck, up the nape to the hairline, then back down, deliciously soft, his breath warm on my skin. I sense his fingers at the zip of my dress, my nipples begin to rise in anticipation, a dampness forming in my panties. The zip comes down easily, slowly...

The dress comes free, I lift my arms down and forward so he can take it off. I step out of the dress, standing before him in my ivory coloured corset and panties, my sheer hold-up stockings, and my high heels. He takes the dress, carefully laying it over the back of the chair, smoothing the skirt out with his hand, then turns his attention back to me. He sits on the corner of the bed, me in front of him. He takes my hands in his as he studies me. The corset is tight, pushing my small breasts upwards. How I wish they were bigger. He kisses the back of my hand, pulling me a little nearer, and kisses up my arm. His hands around my waist now, running down my buttocks. I quiver inside.

"Turn around". His voice, not ordering me, but I'll obey, all the same. I turn.

His hands are on the hook and eyes along the back of the corset, releasing one, each gentle 'pop' exquisitely teasing. I can feel the pressure releasing on my chest and waist, the cool air of the room reaching inside to tease my nipples ever stiffer. He plants a gentle kiss between the bottom of the corset and the top of my panties. I close my eyes, wanting each second to last an hour.

He unties the laces at the bottom of the corset, and I feel free from its constraint. Still with my back to him, he removes the corset and lays it on the bed. His hands run down my sides, down my hips, down my legs... then slowly back up. His right hand moves around to the front of my legs, running up my thighs, soft against the silk stockings, across the front of my panties, but not stopping, not paying attention to my aching pussy. His lips on my back, tender, teasing. His hand on my stomach, light touches, reaching up to cup the underside of my right breast.

Finally, he turns me, and I'm now facing him. He looks in my eyes, seeing the pleasure, the expectation, the need to be touched, to be loved completely. He gently pulls me forward, his legs spread, I occupy the space between, clad only in my panties, stockings and high heels. He runs his hand across my stomach, upwards, following a trail of freckles towards my breast.

"So beautiful", he almost murmurs as his eyes take in the sight of me. I smile into his eyes. God, I want him so much. His hands reach up, gently cupping my breasts, his thumbs brushing the nipples, and they stiffen even more at his touch. The rose-like buds ache for his attention, and he doesn't disappoint. He caresses around my breasts, light fingertips on my skin, a flush appearing around my throat. His fingers trail down my stomach, then back up, each time coming closer to my nipples, but not touching.

Around the aureoles, his breath now warm on my skin as his head comes ever closer, then the touch of his lips on my nipple, his tongue flicking gently, his teeth closing softly over one, then shifting attention to the second, back to the first, my stomach fluttering, my panties becoming moist. He sucks a nipple into his mouth, his left hand on my other breast, gently kneading the tissue. He kisses between my breasts, he leans upwards to kiss my throat, and I lean forward to meet his lips once more.

He pulls me closer, I'm still standing between his outstretched legs, his hands return to my waist, to the waistband of my panties. I'm pleased with my choice of underwear, as is he. His cock is straining against the front of his trousers. I can imagine the head, all slick with precum. I lick my lips in anticipation, but for now, his attention is on me, just me. He puts his fingers under the side of the panties and gently pulls them down, his head moving closer to me, his hair brushing my stomach, his breath on my crotch, his tongue so close...

He slides the panties down my legs. I'm standing before him, now clad in just my stockings and heels. I feel so... wanton, so decadent. He gazes at my pussy, and I'm glad I took the time to trim my pubic hair and shave around my outer lips. I think back to the shower I'd had earlier, thinking of this moment, my fingers finding my sweet spot and imagining his fingers there instead...

"Lay down, Lauren".

His words snap me back to reality. Soon, his fingers will be there, and more, so much more. Obeying him I turn and sit back on the bed, my heels digging into the quilt as I move back up the bed, my legs slightly apart, exposing myself to him. His gaze never leaves me, not for a second. He bends to kiss my lips once more.

He stands beside me, then takes a pillow from the bed, and slides it under my bum. He then kneels at the end of the bed, looking up at me, his eyes moving slowly down to my pussy. The air cools the heat from me, just a little. His right hand moves up my leg as he pushes his way onto the bed, until he is sitting between my legs. My left leg is straight, my right leg raised and bent at the knee, slightly to the left in an attempt to preserve my modesty. His hands are soft on my s tockinged legs.

"Are you cold?", he asks, ever thoughtful. He's noticed the goosebumps on my skin. He gets up and walks to the radiator, turning the thermostat up. I hear the hiss from the pipes. He turns off the main light in the room, leaving just the desk lamp on. He resumes his rightful place between my legs. His arms gently push my legs apart, his lips kiss my knee, then slowly down my leg, towards my inner thigh. His face is close to my pussy lips, I know they are wet with anticipation, and I can feel his breath on me. My clit, already engorged , stiffens as his lips make contact with mine.

I almost leap out of bed at the electricity running through me, my god, he is so tender. He kisses my outer lips, his lips caressing mine, his breath causing tremors through my cunt. His tongue gently licks the outer lips, then the inner lips, then my clit. My head goes back, my body his completely. I can feel his fingers on the tops of my thighs, then gently pulling my outer lips apart, exposing my pink, wet centre to him. He varies the pressure, soft, gentle, hard, demanding, his tongue seeking every centimetre of me.

I spread my legs wider, and he leans in, closer, deeper. He strokes my opening with his fingers, that bolt of electricity ripping through me once again. His lips on my clit, drawing it to his mouth, his fingers gently opening the folds of my pussy, my juices easing his access. I feel a finger enter me, gently probing, the knuckle twisting inside me.

He lifts my right leg up and over his shoulder, my heel scraping his s kin, but his mind and attention is elsewhere. My ex-boyfriends idea of foreplay was a cursory lick at my pussy, then ram his fingers in. Sometimes effective, but generally not. I'd never experienced feelings like I'm feeling now. He takes his time, my whole pussy being tendered to, small kisses, gentle bites, probing tongue. I feel completely filled, even though he's only got one finger in me. He knows where to touch me, when to touch me, how much pressure to use, he reads my responses and can tell what I like, what I need.

His hand turns, his finger inside me now against the grainy patch of my g-spot. He applies gentle pressure as his tongue flicks over my clit, concentrating on that one spot. I can feel my juices running, I try to lift my head so I can see his face, but a combination of the position and the fact that my body doesn't feel like mine stops me. I can feel an orgasm start to build. I spread my legs wider, he takes this as an indication of my closeness to coming, and stops licking my clit, the finger still rubbing my g-spot, but the intense feeling eases. My face
is flushed, my hands move to my breasts, pinching my nipples, gripping my breasts. His tongue hits the spot again, the feeling builds, and once again, he stops, concentrating on my outer lips.

"Please..." the single word escapes my lips.

He kisses my belly button. "Of course", he says. His tongue finds my clit, and this time, I cum.

My body pulses as wave after wave of pure pleasure hits me, again and again. He keeps the pressure going, bringing a second orgasm, then a third. I've never felt this before. I feel stretched, open, blissful.

I must have lost all sense of time and place, the next thing is he's sitting on the bed beside me, a glass of water in hand. He puts his hand under my shoulders, helping me sit up, and I drink.

He crosses the room and opens the wardrobe, then removes his shirt, and his trousers, hanging them up. There is a scratch across his back from my heel. He shuts the wardrobe door, and goes over to the chair, stripping off his shorts and turning to the bed. His erection looks impressive. He stands still. I can see the veins standing hard on his cock. I put the glass down and reach for him.

"Tonight is all about you", he says, taking my hand and kissing the back of it, then sitting next to me on the bed. My hand drops to his lap, and I take his cock in my hand. He leans over and kisses me, then moves to lay beside me, causing me to lose contact with him, our legs entwine, and kisses me on the mouth. I can taste myself on his lips, a shudder of delight ripples through my body.

He stops for a second. "I don't have any condoms".

"I'm protected", I tell him. He smiles, nodding his head.

I am still wet. He moves his legs so he's between mine, I look down and see his thick shaft pointing up between us. His mouth finds mine again, and I feel him position his cock between my lips, gently easing into me. I contract my vaginal muscles, making him work his way into me, wanting to feel every inch against my pussy walls. I gasp a little. "You ok?", he asks me, concerned.

I put my arm around his neck, kissing him hard. "I'm feeling things I've never thought possible. Please, don't stop".

His cock twitches in me at my words, he kisses me and pushes deeper into me. He pulls out a little, then back in, slow, so slow. He lifts himself up on his arms, and I look down to see his cock between my cunt lips. He pulls out till just the head is in me, then sinks slowly back in, then out again. His shaft is slick with my juice. He speeds up a little, pushing into me harder. I can feel each vein on his cock against my tight walls. I run my hands over his chest, pinching his erect nipples. It's his turn to gasp, then smile.

He changes position, moving me onto my side, one leg raised at ninety degrees to my body, and he enters me from behind, straddling my lower leg. He's not as deep as before, but the pressure is now on my clit again, and the head of his cock teases my g-spot. He finds my right breast, cupping it tenderly, then his fingers are on the nipple, tweaking it. I start to lose it again. My breath quickens as I cum, he keeps the pressure going, not letting go for a second. As my orgasm subsides, he pulls out of me, and tells me to turn over.

I get on all fours, my knees are weak now, my body satiated but still willing to give him more. His hands on my hips, his cock penetrates me from the rear. I look down the bed, at his cock slipping into me, at his balls, full of promise, at my stretched cunt. I reach down and touch him, feel his shaft so hard in my hand, in my hole.

His breathing quickens, and so does the pace. He slams into me, hard, yet tender. He changes his position slightly, and once again he's attacking my g-spot. The orgasm that I didn't think possible builds inside me, I moan, animal noises escaping my throat. He grows inside me, filling me entirely. His right hand drops between our legs, finding my hard bullet-like clit, rubbing it firmly.

He stiffens, his cock twitches inside me, sending hot pulses of his cum deep inside me, and I cum, too. I push back against him, wanting the contact to continue. He leans forward, cupping my breasts and kissing my back, his breath harsh against me.

"I'm sorry", he says to me, panting with the exertion, "I wanted to be face to face with you when I came". He laughs, gently.

"You will", I tell him, "Oh, you will..."

Collette Parrish October 2012

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