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After The Hot Tub

After we get back to your hotel room, the fun from the hot tub continues....
We stand in your hotel room laughing, holding each other. Our little adventure in the hot tub has us both giddy and a litte bit on edge. After a few moments, we catch our breath and wrap our arms around each other tighter.

I look at you and wink. "So... welcome to Florida."

You grin at me and wrap your arms around my neck, leaning into my chest. I wrap mine around your back and pull you closer, looking into your eyes as I see a glint of something in your eyes. Before I can say anything, however, you grab a fistful of my hair and yank my head down to your level so you can kiss me passionately.

You chuckle and look into my eyes. "My turn", you whisper. I wonder what you mean, but I quickly stop wondering - thinking at all, really - when you slide your tongue into my mouth and grab my already hardening cock through my bathing suit and start rubbing.

I groan and attempt to react, but you stop me by biting my neck. Hard. Oh, you naughty, sexy little tease. You know how much that turns me on. But I can't let you have all the fun, can I? Of course not. I slide my hands down your back to cup your firm ass, squeezing each cheek in my hands. You growl that cute little thing you do and suck harder on my neck. My cock of course, throbs in your hand accordingly. Finally, I decide I can't take your teasing anymore. I grab your upper thighs just below those juicy cheeks and scoop you up, your legs wrapping around me in surprise.

Keeping one hand under your shapely ass, I bring my other hand up to untie your bikini in the back. I then grab the front with my teeth and pull it off. You laugh at my expression when finally after all this time I have your perfect, perky tits right there in my face. I have no intention of wasting this opportunity. I kiss every inch of your glorious breasts, flicking over them with the tip of my tongue, leaving little wet spots for the room's AC to chill them and give you goosebumps. I pause when I reach your nipples, memorizing them. The look, the color, the shape of your areolas. Then I latch my mouth over them, sucking and nipping with my teeth. Teasing your nipples, one after the other until you were breathing heavy and pawing at my head.

I carry you to the bed and deposit you there with a plop onto the soft sheets and comfortable mattress. I kiss you again, our tongues once again wrestling for dominance. With your wrists pinned above your head in my hands, however, I'm confident you aren't going anywhere. I continue kissing your cheeks, your jawline, down to your throat when I take a few nips of my own before continuing south. I kiss and lick all over your collar bone and chest, slowing down and kissing softer and more closely together once I reach your breasts. I want to make sure to get my lips and tongue on every last inch of them.

I spend a little extra time on your nipples again, freeing your hands after making you promise to behave. This way I can massage and knead your breasts as I kiss them, pinching and playing with a nipple in my hand while I suckle and nibble the other one. Finally moving past your bosom, I kiss my way down your stomach, loving the way it goes in and out as you breathe and goes crazy when you giggle as my facial fuzz brushes against you. I pause when I reach the waistband of your bikini panties, looking into your eyes. Seeing the fire burning there, I smirk and continue by pulling them down slowly. You raise your hips to help me get them down, and I slide them down your legs and toss them over my shoulder into the void of the room behind me.

I moan softly when your wet, pink lips come into view. Finally, there they are. Those soft, sweet lips. I gaze at them for a moment longer, then dive in. I slowly drag my hot tongue up and down your wet pussy lips, savoring the flavor and becoming intoxicated by your scent. I lick all the way up to your clit and give it a brief flicking with my tongue, causing you to arch your back and jerk your hips toward me. I then lick all the way down to the bottom of your pussy, my hands massaging and kneading your thighs.

You moan my name and I grin, licking your clit slowly as a reward. You know exactly what I want to hear. I then enclose your soft, wet labia in my lips and suck them hard, my tongue sliding in and out of you, tongue-fucking you deep, wriggling inside of you to lick your sweet g-spot. My hands, meanwhile, continue massaging your thighs. I allow your juices to run down past my chin along with my saliva, running down between your butt-cheeks and onto the bed underneath you, lubricating your ass for my fingers. I know you've never had anal sex, but I also know that you're curious about it, aren't you? I know you've fingered your ass for me. I've heard it over the phone, even seen it on Skype. But now... it's my turn.

With your virgin ass nice and lubed up, I slowly slide my middle finger into you. You gasp and moan, partially from not expecting it and from the fact that my fingers are thicker than yours. I capture your hard little clit between my lips and focus my attack there, flicking my tongue on it and sucking for all I'm worth. My fingers play inside of your ass and two of their counter-parts from my other hand join in inside of your hot, velvety pussy.

You scream and thrash on the bed, your hands clutching the sheets and beating the mattress sporadically as you continually gush your sweet cum into my mouth. I savor the taste, swallowing every drop you give me. I keep fingering you, licking you and sucking your sweet pussy, waiting for the climax I know is coming. The one I've sworn to give you. And then, just as I feel your grip on my hair start to loosen, it hits you hard. You scream like nothing I've ever heard and about rip my hair out as you explode. Your pussy contracts tighter than ever around my fingers, trapping them in a wet vice-grip as you squirt your delicious nectar all over my face, neck and shoulders.

I open my mouth wide and let your juices fill my mouth, me swallowing every delicious drop I can, though my face and neck still get pretty drenched. I look up at you, your cum trickling down my neck as I lick it off of my chin and lips, to see you trembling with tiny after-quakes of your tremendous orgasm. God, you look so delicious I'm tempted to eat you out again. You manage you raise your head and look at me, your face flushed, and I grin at you. I see what you want by the look in your eyes, so I climb up over your beautiful body to kiss you deeply. I chuckle as you lick my neck, tasting your own sweet, slightly tangy nectar all over me.

As we kiss, my cock twitches against your stomach, hard as steel and leaving a broken trail of precum up your body. You grin at me and grasp my throbbing shaft, stroking me as I kneel over you.

"Oohh...." I groan, "Baby, you're gonna make me cum before I'm even inside of you...."

"Well, we can't have that now, can we?" You smirk up at me. "Well? Are you gonna let me jerk you off onto my stomach, or are you gonna get inside of me?"

You know just how to motivate a man. I pull back and position myself back between your legs, rubbing my swollen cockhead around your slippery pink labia. I tease you for a minute or two, rubbing the tip of my cock against your clit, then rubbing the tip up your slit from the bottom all the way to your entrance, then sliding the underside of my shaft up along your drenched pussy at the last minute until you practically growl at me to "just fuck me already". Well, who can argue with that?

I press the tip of my manhood against your silky vagina and slowly push my way in. There's a slight squelching sound as the large head of my cock penetrates your wet pussy. You moan as I slide the thick shaft into you, stretching you tighter around me.

We start slow, my cock working it's way in and out of you as I massage your soft, perky breasts. I lower my head to kiss your perfect bosom, licking and sucking your nipples as you wrap your smooth legs around me.

"Faster," you moan in my ear.

I nip your aroused tits as I start to pick up speed, my hot cock sliding in and out of your tight pussy, bringing forth moans from your lips and growls from within my chest.

"Harder," you beg me.

I chuckle to myself as I start riding you harder, really shoving my cock into your warm pussy. Your perfect breasts bounce in my face as I ride you, my cock glistening with your pussy juice and my muscles clenching and releasing, burying myself deep inside of you.

Your nails are digging into my back and I groan at the combination of pain and pleasure, driving my cock harder and deeper into you, my balls slapping your ass as I drill your sweet pussy. Our moaning and groaning fills the room, along with the wet sounds of our passionate lovemaking. I feel your walls contract around me in your third orgasm of the night. You shriek and moan my name, grasping onto me with your legs around my back and your arms around my neck.

I keep still inside of you, letting you come down from your orgasmic high. We kiss, your eyes still glassed over from your orgasm. I look into your eyes and smile. "You ready for more, baby?" I whisper as I kiss your cheek.

You nod and nibble my ear in response. I groan as you do. Oh, you little devil. You know what that does to me. In an attempt to regain my control, I start my pelvic thrusts again, sending shivers up your spine. Your hips start moving to meet my thrusts, humping against my pelvis as I ride you.

Suddenly, you surprise me with your strength and roll us over until you're on top of me. Before I can say anything, however, you're riding me hard, your tits bouncing as I groan beneath you. I reach up to fondle those perfect, perky tits and you moan. I pinch your nipples and you scream. As you ride me, I slide a hand down your body to finger you clit. I don't even have a word for the noise you make when I do that, but I know the feeling of your pussy clamping over my cock once again as you drench my pelvis. At this, your biggest orgasm of the night, I lose my control and practically scream myself as my cock swells and erupts, filling you with my thick, white-hot cum. We moan and move together, dragging our mutual orgasm out as long as we can.

You collapse on top of me and whisper into my ear how happy you are. I mumble that we should have done this sooner as we both drift off to sleep in each other's arms, my softening member slipping out of you at some point in the night.

As I wake up the next morning I look up to see you walking toward the bathroom, your shapely ass waving good morning to me. As I feel that old, familiar tingling in my loins, I think to myself, A shower.... That sounds like a great idea. This is gonna' be a good morning.

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