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After the Party.....

After the party, I have a wonderful dream...or is it a dream??
I’d been out at my office pre-Xmas party, the night before Xmas eve. It was last day at work for the year, as the following day I was off up to Scotland for Xmas and the New Year with a group of friends from way back. There would be just 5 of us, three guys and two girls, if we 40 somethings could be called boys and girls. Somehow we had all escaped from or avoided our various relationships, and thought it would be good to get together again.

I’d had a great time at the party, good company and just a bit of flirting and kissing under the mistletoe with a few of the girls from the office. I’d had a fair bit to drink, as well, though when the taxi dropped me home, I thought I’d just have a quick nightcap before turning in.

I poured myself a nice measure of my favourite malt and relaxed on the sofa, the room gently illuminated by the twinkling lights on the Xmas tree, topped by the Xmas Fairy with her magic wand. The whisky did its usual job of relaxing me, and my head lolled back on the cushions...

I came awake with an irresistible perfume in my nostrils, and the feeling of soft lips on mine. I found I couldn’t open my eyes, but I could feel the woman who was against me. Kisses as sweet as the best vintage wine delighted my senses, and my wandering hands felt a gossamer light dress, under which a delightfully firm body thrust itself closer to mine. Her perfume seemed unique, slightly sharp, slightly musky, and with a sensual undertone. It filled my head, and thrilled me beyond reason.

Cool hands grasped my cock, and drew slim fingers along my hardening length, the hands continuing to play, sometimes slipping lower to grasp and squeeze my balls. A sharp fingernail drew a line across my helmet, causing me to slurp even more precum through, which the finger then stroked around the edge of my head.

Whenever I tried to take control, I was gently pushed back and found I didn’t have the strength to assert myself. It was as though the lovely woman who was giving me pleasure beyond all imagination had bewitched my limbs, but not all my senses as my organ throbbed massively and felt like it was growing larger than ever before.

I felt bereft when the kisses stopped and an emptiness filled me, a silence, part hope and part fear. I should not have worried, as all fears were banished as I felt those soft lips again, engulfing my cock, tightly around me, at full stretch, it seemed. Her tongue made magic, as lower and lower those lips moved, working me to a frenzy of delight, deeper and deeper, until I felt my cock push into her throat, a slight gulping action squeezing me as I became deeply embedded inside this tunnel of hot, wet pleasure. Slowly her mouth worked up my shaft, and then down again, each time my whole being was drawn into her, and then released to be gripped tightly again. Sensual delight was her mission, slowly building the pleasure she gave me, her hands stroking and squeezing my balls in the same seductive rhythm as her throat was pulsing to, a finger lightly stroking across my asshole. This was exquisite, she was playing me like a flute, drawing me to fever pitch. Slowly, silently, she continued, sliding her finger into me, curling and stroking as she built the pressure around my swollen member.

Such ecstasy could not be endless, and at it reached its very peak, fiery cords of my sperm burned their way from my swollen balls, up the length of my cock and erupted out into my lover’s sweet mouth and throat.

Sweet lips continued to caress me, as my sperm was devoured. The hands that had squeezed me dry moved away, as then did her mouth. Again that unnatural silence, the spell on my limbs preventing me from moving, but somehow the magic drew all of that strength into my still erect organ, as hard as before and if anything harder. I felt the cool air drying the juices which coated me, and then I sensed movement, and her perfume again filled my nostrils.

The lightest of pressure on the tip of my cock caused it to twitch, and then a pressure as it was again engulfed in a slippery tunnel which pulsed with energy as inch by inch it descended on me. This was a vagina from heaven, so warm, so vibrant, again my senses went reeling. After the delight of her descent onto me, the pressure of her body was firm and insistent, as her muscles rippled the length of me, from tip to root, the slightest of movements of her body creating myriads of tiny electric sparks.

I wanted to grasp her hips and stroke the breasts of this delightful creature that was now riding me hard and fast, but I was only able to move one part of me, and working that alone into the most delightful vagina was ecstasy personified.

My unseen lover rode me harder and harder, until I heard a brief intake of breath, followed by a low moan, and the love tunnel that had been delighting me so much went into overdrive, the spasms rippling through it, and driving me on to a second and most unexpected climax.

Again silence after her body left mine. Then a kiss of unknown length as I truly believe it went on for ever...

I woke with the light of the dawn, and stretched, finding myself still on the sofa. In my waking moments, before full consciousness asserted itself, my memory replayed the events of the night. Of all my dreams, none had ever been as realistic as this had been, and I felt just great. It was Xmas eve, and I was off to join my friends in just a few hours.

After I’d got ready to leave, my bags packed, I looked at the Xmas tree and saw the fairy on the top. For some reason I thought she was smiling, but this must just have been a fanciful idea, and so I closed the door and headed off to get the train to Stansted airport. The flight was uneventful, and after changing at Glasgow and a short flight in a tiny plane to the island, I was greeted by my friends. It was great to see them again, but I suddenly realised that instead of the 4 others, there were five of them. She was introduced to me as Latanya, and as she impulsively kissed me on both cheeks, I sensed rather than smelled her perfume, at the same time sharp and musky with an undertone of...

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