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After the Stag

Son- in- law's mother.
I attended my future son-in-law's stag party which was amazing enough in itself, but I woke up the next morning to find myself on the sofa at his parents house in just my boxers and covered only by a thin sheet.
I could remember most of the night but not going back to his parents house.
I checked my watch and found it was almost midday. I called out but there was no one around so I wrapped myself up in the sheet and made for the bathroom.

I took a long shower and I gave myself a nice gentle rub thinking of the strippers from the night before and how I had to eat slices of banana from their naked breasts.
I then dried off and with only a towel around my waist I headed for the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea.I was not a stranger to the house so knew where everything was.

 I was pouring the water into the cup when the door opened and in walked Jill, my son-in-law's mother who is very short and slim, about 10years older than I and equipped with the most enormous tits.

She greeted me with a smile and asked how I slept and told me how drunk I had been and how I had been very...suggestive the previous night.
I could not remember any of it as I had been so drunk. We just stood there and chatted and I could not take my eyes of her huge firm tits that were pointing directly at me. Her erect nipples were only covered by a thin bra and T-shirt.
We chatted for a few minutes and I cheekily said, "It's rude to point you know." indicating that her nipples were erect.

She said, "I was thinking the same thing," and pointed at my towel which clearly showed my cock had also grown semi-erect without me noticing.

She asked, "Is that for me?" and took a step forward and pulled the towel from my waist leaving me naked in front of her.
I of course placed my hands over my cock and just stood there, wanting to run and hide but was rooted to the spot. I was now in a situation I had not found myself in for many years as Jill ordered me to "Move my hands" and "let me see what you've got then."

Jill was only a matter of a foot away from me in her tiny kitchen and just reached out wrapped her own hands around my ever growing cock and slowly began to wank him to hardness.
She then looked up at me and said "Upstairs" and I just followed her to her bedroom.

As we climbed the stairs she lifted off her t shirt and un clipped her bra to let her huge melons fall free.

She then just pushed me back onto her bed gave my cock a few more pulls then positioned herself on top of me, raised her skirt, slipped her panties to one side, and slipped my cock straight into her wet hole as I played with her tits, the size of which I will never see again.
She rode me harder than I had ever been ridden before and it was not long before her face contorted and she came and I came soon after right inside her, she fell forward and offered me her huge tits to suck on. This I gratefully accepted.

Jill then slipped off me and went to take a shower. I cleaned up and left soon after and we have never mentioned this since and whenever I meet her it is as if it never happened.

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