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After Work Fun

I treat him to fun after work.
I'm laying in bed, rubbing my clit softly, as I push a vibrator deep inside my wet pussy. I don't hear you walk into the house and up the stairs. I hear the door creak open, I look quickly, smiling when I see you leaning against the door. I let my eyes close again, my mouth opening to moan softly. I hear you walk over to the bed. Leaning over to suck a nipple into your mouth. I moan louder and rub my clit harder. I scream and squirt all over my vibrator and fingers when you bite my nipple.

I pull the vibrator out of me, letting it fall on the bed, still going. You laugh and grab it, turning it off before letting it fall to the ground. I smile at you while you stand above me. I bite my lip and look at you. I move my hand to your leg, moving up, giggling when I feel your hard dick through your jeans. You smile and pull your shirt over your head. You grab my wrist and put it back on the bed. I frown as you start to undo your jeans. I lick my lips as you push your pants and boxers down. I reach for your hard dick, you grab my wrist and shake your head. I frown, but put my hand back down. You grab your dick and start to move your hand back forth. I make a fist, trying not to reach for you.

I give up and slowly reach for you. You stop moving your hand and grab me. I look up at you, a smile on your face. I let you pull me up until I'm sitting. You sit next to me and pull me over your lap. I look at you, feeling myself get wet. You rub my ass slowly before spanking me. I moan and grab the bed, feeling your hard dick against my stomach. You slap my ass again, and again. I moan each time. You stop after the 5th slap. I look back at you. You smile and gently pick me up before placing me on back. You kneel on the bed, moving in between my legs. I look at you and reach down to your dick. Stroking softly. You shiver and thrust into my hand. I put you at my entrance, you thrust into me, only slipping the head in.

I push my hips towards you, getting more of you into me. You groan as you push all the way into me. I whimper and try to move. You place a hand on my hip, holding me in place. I stare at you, begging softly. I finally yell please, and you start to move. I moan and grab your biceps tightly, squirming as much as I can with your hand on my hip. You lay down, pressing your chest against mine. I moan and move my hands to your shoulder as you lean on your forearms. You start to move as fast as you can. You moan and I tighten on your dick. I cum hard on your dick, screaming softly. You moan and start to move faster. I groan, digging my nails into your shoulders. You moan and bury yourself in me, trying to keep from cumming.

I giggle squirm underneath you. You groan and roll off of me. I get up and move to your dick, kneeling at your side. I grab your dick and lick my juices off. I suck you into my mouth as you run a hand up my leg. You slap my ass when I start to pull back. I moan on your dick and start to suck you back in. You slap my ass again before sticking a finger in my pussy. I moan again and start to to suck you faster. You grip my hair and start to move your hips. I suck harder, moving faster when I feel your dick begin to swell. You moan and push my head down, cumming in my throat. I swallow it and clean your dick again. You moan and pull me off, grabbing my shoulders to pull me up to you. I smile at you, blushing softly. You smile and gently kiss my lips.

I kiss you back and you pull me into you, turning us around so we are spooning. I sigh happily, and fall asleep wrapped in your arms.
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