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Aftermath Confessions: Chapter 2 of 7 - Jeff and Allie

Husband shares past experience of a time when he and his room mate watched a homemade video together
Aftermath Confessions: Chapter 2 of 7- Jeff and Allie

Author's note: It was hard picking a category for this one. It's a wife loving, voyeur, masturbation straight sex story about a man telling his wife about his past experiences with another couple. Send me an email at if you would be interested in an illustrated version.


“You tell me yours and I tell you mine. Nothing held back.” She squeezed my cock into her pussy lips and shook her shirt from her shoulders, leaving her breasts thrust out and exposed. “Do you think you can handle that? Fucking your wife and sharing every cum filled detail?”

“God, yes.”

Lifting herself up she lowered her drenched pussy down unto the length of my cock.

“The first time was on our wedding night...”

Her words hit me like a jolt.

Seeing my reaction, she just laughed. "Relax, it's not as bad as it sounds."

Not as bad as it sounds? Our wedding night! Surely, she was kidding. But then she added, "Besides, I happen to know for a fact that was your first time too."

I don't think I ever fully understood the meaning of the word flabbergasted until just that moment. "W-wwho? W-wwhat? I don't know what you're talking about!"

The sad truth was that I didn't remember our wedding night. It's always been a point of great embarrassment to me that I got so drunk at our reception, I passed out. While Carol never complained, I felt awful about it and spent the next few days in bed trying to make it up to her.

Leaning forward she shimmied her breast across my astonished face. "I know you don't." Giving me that wicked smile, "But trust me, you got one hell of a blow job that night and it wasn't from me."

Who was this woman? She seemed to be enjoying the hell of this. The world wouldn't stop spinning.

"Oh, no! Don't you go soft on me, you bastard." Grinning, she squeezed my cock and began humping me in earnest. "This is a story I've been waiting 25 years to hear. Now fuck me and tell me about Jeff and Allie."

Just when I thought things couldn't get any deeper, we took a step off into the abyss. The mere mention of their names brought a heated flush to my face.

"You can't just tell me something like that and then change the subject!"

"My dear Husband, 'Big' Jeff is the subject."

Then it hit me what she was saying. "You and Jeff?"

She nodded. "And you and Allie."

"But how..." It was like everything I knew about the world had just been turned upside down.

"No. No. No... you know the deal. You get what you give. Tell me about you and Jeff, and I'll tell you what really happened on our wedding night."


'Big' Jeff was a player. Where I had girl friends off and on throughout college, Jeff had a different girl almost every week. He had this gift where he could talk people into just about anything, especially women. Girls fawned over him and, of course, it didn't hurt that he was rumored to have a 12" cock.

We shared a room my junior / senior year. It was a pain in the ass having to 'get lost' an hour or two almost every night and more than a few afternoons, but the trade off was that there were beautiful, horny, women around all the time. By the end of my junior year I was getting as much action from his cast off's as he was. But all that changed when Allie came into the picture.

At first I couldn't understand it; she wasn't his type. She was 5' 9", an hour glass figure topped with perky 32 C breasts and legs that went all the way up, if you know what I mean. Not that you could ever see them, at least not at first. When they first started going out she always wore these long dresses with a sweater thrown over her shoulders.

Don't get me wrong, she was good looking. Hell she was hot as hell, in a wholesome blond haired, blue-eyed country girl kind of way. But that's what I didn't get. Jeff didn't go in for 'wholesome'. Jeff had always been more of a 'put out', or 'get out', kind of guy and she didn't fit the mold.

Later, he told me she was a virgin when they met, and I believe him. But after a month with Jeff the girl was practically walking bow legged. The sweaters came off and the dresses got a lot shorter. She still came across as kind of a prude, especially compared to some of the wild women I was use to seeing Jeff with, but her (pardon my French) fuckability was climbing fast.

"Yeah, yeah. Quit stalling and get to the juicy parts."

"I'm getting there."

Anyway, one day while Jeff was out, I was going through his desk and found a video tape marked 'Allie'. I wasn't expecting him back, so I played it.

Jeff's voice came booming through the speaker, "Spread it, Baby. I want to see that pussy."

And there was sweet, wholesome prudish Allie with a monster dildo buried in her pussy and Jeff's cock stuffed in her mouth. He was so big, only about a quarter of it would fit.

It was the first time I'd ever seen his cock. He's hung like a horse, 9" long and a good 5" or 6" around.

"I remember. I couldn't believe it when I took it out of his pants... the way his skin rolled back and that big fat plum-sized head filling my mouth."

"God, Carol, you really did it, didn’t you? You fucked Jeff."

“Uh-uh. First your story, then mine. Right now, you just keep on fucking and talking... tell me about her pussy... Allie's pussy.... "

Her pussy was beautiful. Everything was shaved and slick with pussy juice, except a little baby-blond patch of hair that surrounded her swollen clit. And, God, her clit... I didn't notice it that first time, but when she got heated up, it swelled like a stiff little penis. Jeff said that sometimes when he was eating her, it was like he was giving her a blow job.

The whole scene was just so hot; it was incredible. Ripping my shorts off, I sat there jerking off while on-screen Jeff pulled his dripping cock out of her mouth. That's when I got my second shock of the night. As soon as his dick came out of her mouth, she started cumming... and I mean cumming loud.

I couldn't believe it. In the whole time I knew her I never once heard her even use a cuss word, yet there she was fucking herself with a huge dildo and talking dirty as hell.

"Is this what you wanted, Baby? You wanted to see me fuck this big.. cock... oh... God.... uhhh... Uhhh....fuck this cock with my tight little pussy."

He took his cock in his hand and started slapping it against her face and tweaking her nipples. "Do it! Fuck it! Get that pussy ready for my dick."

And she did. She fell back on the bed and grabbed the dildo with both hands, lifting her hips off the bed and shoving it into her pussy. I was beating off like crazy, all ready to cum right there with her, when the real Jeff walked in.

"Oh God, Paul. What did you do?"

"What could I do?"

I was mortified. I yanked the blankets over my cock and scrambled to find the remote. The whole time the wet sloshing sounds of Allie fucking herself and cumming filled the room.

Jeff grabbed the remote before I did, but instead of turning it off, he sat down on the bed next to me, just watching Allie spasming on that big dildo over and over again. "God, I love it when she cums."

"Damn, Jeff, I'm sorry.. I..."

“Hey don't sweat it, man." He never took his eyes off the screen. "Allie's fucking hot isn't she?"

Looking at the tape once more, I watched as the on-screen Jeff stood up, his heavy cock swinging back and forth as he spread Allie's legs apart for the camera. He took her hands off the dildo and she moaned as he slowly pulled it from her gaping cunt and brought it to her mouth. She didn't hesitate. Without a word she lifted her head, opened her mouth and began to suck it clean.

"God, she has a beautiful cunt. Don't ya think?"

All I could do was nod. Beneath the blankets, my hand returned to my aching cock. I sat there, watching and trying like hell, to resist the urge to start pumping again.

"Her pussy was so tight when I took her cherry, it took almost two weeks before she could manage to fit my whole cock insider her." Looking at me for the first time since he sat down, he jerked his head toward the screen. "That was just her getting ready. Wait to you see me fuck her."

On the screen, he slid half his hand into her pussy and rotated it around inside her. Allie and I both moaned at the same time. I'd never had a hard on in the same room as another man, much less been on the brink of cumming. My resolve crumbled and Jeff smiled as he caught the movement of my hand beneath the covers.

Jeff or no Jeff, I needed to cum. And I would have, but right then, Jeff slid the covers back exposing my cock in mid-stroke.

"Ohh... damn, he watched you jerk off?"

"No, Baby. He didn't watch. He joined me."

"Oh, shit, Paul."

"Damn, buddy, mind if I join you?" And just like that he took off his shirt and shorts and laid down on the bed next to me, our backs against the wall.

I gotta tell ya, I was more than a little freaked. But, he acted like it was nothing. He just started watching the screen and stroking his cock. I tried not to look but I couldn't help it. It was one thing to see it on the screen, but to see him right next to me stroking it. I felt like I couldn't breathe, but he just kept pumping that cock up and down.

"You're gonna love this part."

I looked up and saw Allie's ass facing the camera. Jeff sitting on the edge of the bed. She was bent over, her head bobbing up and down in his lap. Even from behind, I could see her pussy was wet and open. Through the space between her legs, I could see she had the bottom of Jeff's cock gripped in one hand, while the other hand passed back and forth between her thighs, dipping two and three fingers into her cunt at a time. She was wiggling and squirming and the wetness of her pussy was dripping down her thighs.

"Oooo, Baby, I think somebody's ready for some cock. "

"Oh Fuck, Yeah!" She turned, paused, and gave the camera a big smile. Then, looking right into the lens, she reached between her legs and pulled the head of his cock into the mouth of her pussy.

"Oooooo... uh... fuck... keep going..."

"Oh, you like that part, huh?"

"Let's just say, I've been there, done that... now fuck me and tell me what happened next."

"Mmmmmm... fuck. I want it all the way to the balls... fucking fill me up." Hearing those words come out of her sweet innocent little mouth, made me forget he was there and start pumping my cock again.

I could see him watching me out of the corner of his eye, but I didn't care.

Up on the screen, it was like Allie was performing for the camera. She wiggled her hips and spread her legs wide, as she worked more and more of his cock into her pussy. She wanted the camera to capture his cock spreading her lips. It was like she was possessed... thrusting and humping and grunting until his cock was completely engulfed. "Oh God... uhhh.... I fuck... fuck... I'm so full... Oh, God... give me a minute."

But he didn't. Pulling her up by the hips, she gave out a long animal groan as the hard wet length of his cock slowly began to emerge from her pussy. "No... oh, noooo... please... God... I need..." And then she howled as he pushed her swiftly back down.

"Is that what you need... you need my big cock!?" But she was beyond answering as he began lifting and impaling her again and again. "Fuck... fuck... fuckkkkkk!!!!"

"Ohh... fuck, Paul... I can see it... I can see his big cock filling her... filling that pussy."

She was so wet and animated. His cock was covered in a frothy wetness of pre-cum and pussy juice. She would claw at his balls and play with her nipples, the whole time bouncing up and down on his cock like she was riding some obscene carnival ride.

"Ohh... fuck... fuck ... Paul... keep going... I'm sooo close..."

She just kept cumming and cumming until she was just a rag doll, letting him use her pussy to fuck his cock.

"Ohh... God, fuck me... Paul..."

"Can you picture it baby... are you picturing his big cock... fucking that pussy"

"Oh... damn... yeeessss...."

Then, all of sudden, she came back to life and started gyrating her hips and ramming her cunt up and down to his monster dick.

"Yesss.... I can feel it... Come on, Baby... give it to me...." Her face lit up in a kind of demonic glee.

The meaty sound of the two of us beating our cocks filled the room. I heard Jeff moan and wasn't sure if it was the real Jeff or the Jeff on the screen. The two images became a blur as I watched him pumping his shaft and pumping Allie's pussy at the same time.

"uhh.. uhh... Baby I'm cummingg... uhhhh... don't stop... "

Both our cocks began to swell and Allie started screaming, "Do it! Fucking cum in my pussy! Fuck.. fucckkk... Do it!.... aaaaa.... Fucking cum in... meeeeee..."

"fuck... fuckk.. fuckk... oh God, Paul, this is... so good... Oooooo"

The three of us came together, our cocks shooting cum across our chests and stomachs. While a flood of cum gushed from Allie's splayed open cunt and down over Jeff's balls.

"Ahhhhhh..... ahhhh.... damn...."

"Oh God, Carol.... I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna... OWWWWW!"


Pain yanked me back to reality. "What the fuck! That hurts!"

Carol sat poised at the end of my twitching cock, her hand in a vice grip around my balls. Giving me an evil grin, she said, "Good, it's suppose to. You were going to cum."

"Ah... Yeahhhh."

"You don't get to cum yet."

"You're kidding right?"

"No. I'm not kidding." With my balls still clamped in her hand, she slid off my cock and went to her knees between my legs. "I happen to know for a fact there's more to this story. And, I'm pretty sure, the details aren't going to be any where near as juicy after you cum."

"No fair. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you just came."

"And, when you're multi-orgasmic, then you can cum any time you want, but until then I plan on riding this ride all day long, so pace yourself."

"God, Carol. Is this what you did to poor David this morning. Get him all worked up and send him home with blue-balls?"

Easing her grip and kissing my aching balls, she looked up sweetly. "I said I didn't fuck David. I never said he didn't cum. Trust me, 'poor' David left here a happy camper." My cock stiffened at the thought.

Smiling up from between my legs, she ran her tongue sensuously along my shaft, licking her juices from my member. "Now, give yourself a minute to calm down, and then tell me how you got 'poor, sweet, innocent' Allie to spread her legs for you."

(To be continued in Aftermath Confessions: Chapter 3 - Opening Allie)

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