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Afternoon Beach

The sand proves no impediment to sex on the beach (and not a drink)
Do you still remember that day at Sandy Bay, when we lived your fantasy and made love on the beach? I will never forget it. It still sends tingles through me whenever I think about the sheer joy we felt.

Remember, we were walking down to the beach about mid afternoon, following the rocks from Llandudno rather than taking the path. Soon after we passed out of view of the Llandudno houses, there were people sunning themselves on the rocks, most of them completely nude in keeping with Sandy bay tradition. About halfway to Sandy Bay we came to a barrier of rocks over which we had to climb, and it was looking for a route down the other side that we came upon that young couple making passionate love in the shade of the ledge.

We both stood, transfixed as the woman's moans of pleasure mingled with the light breeze, and the intertwined bodies undulated in each other's embrace. They were not more than three metres away from us, and we could not move, so locked were we in the images and sounds that were reaching us from below. The young woman's face contorted and her moans intensified into regular, high pitch screams of pleasure. Standing there, we watched the young woman experience her intense orgasm and softly became aroused by the sight.

Shaking, we turned away, and continued to the beach, holding hands with sweaty palms. "Are you as hot as I am," I asked.

"I am tingling from my head to my toe," was your reply.

Soon we were at Sandy Bay, naked bodies everywhere. I could see that you were looking at the fit young men lying on the sand. Knowing you, I could only guess that the sight of their nakedness was adding to your level of arousal, and the knowledge (not to mention the lovely naked female breasts all around) served to make my cock stir a little more so that by the time we were halfway down the beach I had a full erection.

"I can't take off my clothes here," I muttered with a husky voice. Let's go on down the beach.

"I am glad I don't have a cock, it would be hard now," came your reply.

We carried on to the rocks at the end of the beach and clamoured over them until we came to a small patch of sand exposed by the still receding tide. It was hemmed in by three large boulders, that made it secluded and warm as it faced the afternoon sun. We looked at each other, and without a word we knew that this was a good place to catch some afternoon sun, and that there was little danger of being disturbed.

I opened the pack and spread the thin blanket on the sand, placing small stones at each corner to hold it down. Slowly, I peeled back my shorts, over my still semi-erect cock, and dropped them to the blanket. You looked at me, down at my cock and back to my face, and gulped. Turning your back to me, you asked me to unhook your bikini top.

I was surprised, as you had said that you would come to Sandy Bay, but that you would be too shy to take anything off. You turned around dropping your top to the sand, and the sight of your small delicious breasts, with their erect and sensitive nipples, never ceases to give me a tingle of pleasure, and now this showed in my cock, which increased its erectness noticeably.

I reached out, and caressed your cheek. You came closer, and we kissed, the wonderful saltiness of your kiss was electric. My cock brushed against your tummy, leaving a small streak of wetness on your skin, and sending a sharp sensation of pleasure through my body. Your lips parted, and we shared a passionate kiss. I could feel your tightly erect nipples pressing against my chest, and the wet head of my now fully erect cock pressed against the hot skin of your tummy.

At this point, we both knew that we were going to make a fantasy happen. We were going to make love on the beach, even if the whole world were standing around watching we would be powerless to stop our mounting passion.

Still kissing, you reached down and took my hard cock in your hand, brushing your finger tips lightly over the wet and sensitive glans. This was not going to be a time of sensual lingering; this was going to be a swift attainment of extreme and explosive passion.

Breaking off the kiss, you slowly dragged your tongue down over my chest and belly until your mouth was in position to take me into itself giving me that delectable pleasure that no one else had ever managed to give to me. Your tongue circled slowly around my glans, my pleasure and the burning in my abdomen increasing with each sweet circle. Wetting your lips you kissed up and down the length of my shaft, slowly drawing each testicle in turn into your mouth, and then returning your attention to the fiery purple head of my cock.

You continued this for several minutes, bringing me almost to the edge of orgasm a couple of times before I interrupted you. Lying down upon the blanket, we managed to get your bikini bottom off, its crotch completely saturated by your freely-flowing love juices.

My fingers parted your lips, even as my lips tasted your sensitive nipples. Drawing each nipple in turn into my mouth, circling it with my tongue, my fingers probed your vulva. Your gasps told me that the sensations were all that I wanted them to be.

I must confess, I have never seen you reach a peak of arousal so quickly. Being on the beach, living your fantasy, the warm sun on our aroused bodies, and the risk of discovery all combined to enhance the pleasure enormously.

Even before I managed to get my lips down to your waiting clitoris, you moaned, "I want you in me now."

I was about to come on top of you, to enter you in the classic missionary position, but you pushed me onto my back. Your back to the sun, you slowly lowered yourself onto my rock hard cock. Taking my cock in your hand, you slowly rubbed it's purple head around your vulva, and up over your clitoris, finally taking it between your lips and slipping it inside your well lubricated cunt.

You gasped as it slid into you, and filled you up with the sweet pleasure of our lovemaking. Slowly, you moved in such a way that it slid out almost to the very tip, and thin deliberately slowly went inside you to its full length. The sensation of fullness that slowly built up and released as you controlled its movement was incredible for you, I know by the look of absolute pleasure that showed on your beautifully aroused face. An intense sensation of electric pleasure spread from your clitoris, up over your abdomen to your nipples, and down the inside of your legs.

Knowing it was there, I slowly rubbed the inside of your thighs, intensifying the quantity of your pleasure as you slowly, deliberately slid me in and out of you. The sun shone on your back, warming you and adding to the overall thrill of making love on the beach in the middle of the afternoon.

Though I could feel the temptation to thrust harder and harder into you, we kept it slow and deliberate. This built the intensity up to almost unbearable levels, so that when our orgasm overtook us both simultaneously, it felt like we were melding into one single sweet sensation. Your orgasmic screams mingled with my low moans of pleasure and the crashing of the surf, and the orgasm just seemed to go on and on and on.

Eventually, we came down from the orgasm, and basked in its glow, as it mingled with the warmth of the afternoon sun. Relaxing in the comfort of each other's arms, we slowly drifted off to sleep, secure that our love and commitment was revitalized on that warm beach in the heat of the afternoon sun.

As you drifted off, I heard you mumble, "I guess there was no need to worry about sand getting into places it shouldn't get, after all."


[Well, I hope you enjoyed recalling these lovely moments. I hope you are now feeling really nice, aroused and wanting - that's how I want you, your body aching, your eyes moist with desire, your beautiful clit throbbing to be touched, your pussy soaking your pretty panties. Mmm, I wonder how you taste. I would give anything to taste you right now, I would give you such attention with my lips and tongue that you would be moaning. Do you like to taste yourself? Can you do it for me and imagine how I would feel tasting you? Talk to me my beautiful lover, tell me what you are feeling, and you are under the strictest orders to touch yourself, to make yourself cum thinking about us making love on the beach.]

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