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Afternoon Delight

Much better than the quickies we usually managed to snatch
We are in the hotel bedroom, on the bed, relaxing in dressing gowns in each others arms with a full bodied red that is smooth to drink and is loosening my remaining inhibitions.

I slide out from your embrace and head to the bathroom, dropping the dressing gown as I go. You get up and follow, your dressing gown joining mine in a heap on the floor.

The shower beckons and I set the temperature to a couple of degrees above my rising body heat. I feel your hands reach out and my skin prickles at your touch, I love that you can do that to me and am getting moist at the prospect of what else you will do to me.

We get into the shower together. My skin is so sensitive in anticipation of your touch that the warm water landing on me makes my nipples immediately stand erect. I look down and am a little surprised to see you are still limp. I drop to my knees to give you a little encouragement.

We take turns to wash each other, slowly and sensually creating a rich lather which covers us. The feeling of your skin covered in creamy suds sliding under my hands is so sexy I can feel myself getting hot and wet and I want you to take me right there, hard and fast, but having time with you like this is such a rarity that I restrain myself.

Your hands are sliding all over my body, while we kiss gently, both of us trying to halt the animal urges to fuck furiously. Your fingers are so slick that they slide into me without resistance and I almost cum right there.

We make our way back to the bed our skin still moist from the shower and take our time to pat dry each other, in between stroking, kissing and nibbling.

I lie on my back and you kiss your way from the crook of my neck all the way down to my waiting mound.

You spread my legs wide and then stop. You are tantalisingly close to my pussy. I reach down and push the soft dark hair on your head towards me so that your face is touching my skin - god I want you feel your mouth on me so much, the ache is almost painful.

You pull apart my lips with your hands forcing my clit to rise and then you sink your mouth down onto me. I push up to meet you as your tongue, lips, teeth and fingers do things to me I can't explain.

My pussy walls begin to pulse and I know I'm going to cum. I beg you to finger fuck me and you oblige ramming yourself in over and over, until my back arches and I cum. My muscles are contracting so hard with the intensity of the orgasm, I'm bucking on the bed and still you work my clit against your mouth until I have to stop you and push you away. I cannot take any more stimulation at that moment.

From somewhere you produce a soft blindfold and slip it over my eyes. I feel your hands encourage me to turn over and find cuffs being wrapped around both wrists. My arms are extended up above my head and secured. I presume that you have tied the restraints to each corner post. You then lift up my hips up so I am on my knees with my head on the mattress.

You start to stroke me very gently from the dimples at the base of my back down and round the cheeks of my arse. I wriggle a little to guide you to those places I need to feel you, but you won't be rushed.

I moan as you begin to explore me with your mouth. Your tongue is slick as it skims between my ass down and across the tight hole. I feel your hands pulling me apart exposing more of the very sensitive skin which you tease over and over with your tongue. I can feel the tip right on my hole and want so much for you to invade me, I can hardly breath. But you won't - "please" I hear myself beg, but still you tease and then just when I think I can take no more you push into me, forcing your tongue in and without any warning you slide a couple of fingers into my wet pussy for good measure.

It feels amazing as you thrust into my pussy stretching me against your knuckles. your fingers find that spot that brings about another orgasm and I gasp as I feel the warm wet sensation of my pussy filling with liquid, covering your fingers and squirting out past them.

I am aware of movement behind me and before I have chance to recover from the intensity of my arousal you enter me hard and direct with your hot cock. I feel your hands grip my hips to secure me as you ram yourself into me over and over.

I’m panting hard and becoming hypoxic, such is the ferocity of our fucking. But I don't want you to stop, every nerve ending is screaming in pleasure, even the feel of the sheets against my face is erotic.

All I can think of is your glorious cock erupting with cum and I am desperate for you to be in my mouth when that happens. I beg you to untie my arms so I can roll over and suck you. At first you refuse, but after a little sluttish begging on my part you give in.

You thrust deep into me and reach above my head to undo my ties, then pull out of my dripping pussy.

I motion you to stand up and drop to my knees in front of you, undoing my blindfold so I can see your cock in all of its glistening glory.

I push my fingers between my legs, dipping them into my own juices before bringing them up to my mouth where I lap up the musky wetness, you look down at me and your eyes are dark with pure lust.

You stroke my hair out of my eyes lovingly, then grip my head and push your cock between my lips and deep into my throat. I gag and you pull back slightly and start to rock your hips, rhythmically fucking my face. You taste wonderful and I can't wait for you to pump salty cum into me.

My hand snakes back between my legs and I stroke myself, my fingers sliding over my clit and into my waiting pussy, you smile at the slurping noise as I frig myself and plunge as many fingers in as I can manage.

Your breathing alters and I know you are close, you pull back slightly and take hold of your cock and begin to wank yourself with fast strokes, I reach for your balls and open my mouth wide to accept your orgasm. Within a few seconds you cum.

As always, the first shot takes me by surprise with the force and the heat which lands high in my mouth. I quickly swallow and the second jet follows, filling my mouth again but I have no time to delight in the taste and texture, as you carry on pumping sticky cum until it spills out across my lips and down my chin.

God I love the taste of your happiness and stand up to kiss you, after swallowing the contents of my mouth. We collapse onto the bed smothered in each others arms. Our kisses slow and sensual. We stroke and massage each other as we both come down from the heightened state we had been in.

This is the bit I really love because it's so rare for us to have this time. Usually once we have peaked we have to get dressed and return to our partners.

But not today, today we get to really enjoy each others bodies and after a short recovery, our caresses become more sexual and you once again enter me, this time making love to me slowly.....

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