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Afternoon Delight

Former lovers enjoy some afternoon delight

They saw each other at a coffee shop and both of them were alone.  They exchanged pleasantries, you know, how are you, do you still work there, who are you seeing. 


They discovered they were both between "friends" right now.  They sat and had their coffee together, even though both had ordered it "to go".  They also discovered they still had the hots for each other, even though years had passed since they had been a couple. 


"What are you doing for the rest of the afternoon?" she asked him.


"Nothin'.  Whatcha got in mind?"


Just the way he asked, she knew then that he would be "up" for a bit of afternoon delight. 


"Well, I was thinking we should, umm, you know, hook up, for old times sake.  Maybe have a bit of fun."


"My place or yours?" he asked as he winked at her.


"I don't know, why don't we switch it up a bit, let's get a hotel room."


"Sure, why not."


They drop off one vehicle and each get a change of clothes and a toothbrush.  The sexual tension in the car is so thick you could cut it with a knife.  She reaches over and fondles him through his jeans.  He is hard and ready to to , but she needed to make sure of that. 


"Oh fuck babe, don't do that when I'm driving.  How would we explain the accident?"


They get to the hotel and register and get in the elevator to go to floor the room is on.  As soon as the elevator door is closed she grabs at him again, this time she gets it all, his rock hard cock and over-sized balls.  He moans and grabs for her crotch through her jeans as well.  That was enough to flood her sex with enough juice that her panties and jeans were soaked.  The elevator door opens and thankfully no one was waiting for it on that floor.  They make it down the hall, she has a handful of his wonderful ass, and he gets the door to the room open.  Finally.  The door is barely shut and they are grabbing at each other's clothes in the frantic need to be naked.  There are clothes strewn from the door to the bed, and they rip off the bedspread and yank down the blanket and top sheet.


Finally they are on the bed, and he knows she has always liked foreplay and starts to kiss her and fondle her breasts, but she is having none of that right now.  She is hot and horny and has been without for too long.  She is throbbing and dripping wet and wants nothing more than his cock in her cunt and the sooner the better. 


He is hard from her little foray in the car and the elevator and is ready for action.  She pushes him back onto the bed and straddles him and impales herself on his throbbing hard manhood.  He's a good nine inches and he fills her completely on the first go.  She lifts herself up and again drops onto his rod, she does this once more, before he grabs her hips and settles her into their rhythm like the familiar lovers they are.  Once she settles into her rhythm, he reaches up and massages her bouncing tits.  She was always self conscious of them, thinking they were too small, but he always thought they were just the right size, just a nice handful. 


She is desperate to cum and she reaches between her legs and starts to finger her nub.  It is wet and slippery, and she fingers it hard and fast.  It isn't long until she screams and floods his hot cock with her gush of warm juice.  She collapses on top of him and he puts his arms around her. 


"What was that all about babe?" he asks, because he knows she likes slow, sweet lovemaking.


"What, I need a reason to fuck my brains out?", she barks at him, annoyed.  "I needed it, so don't ask.  You didn't cum, so let's go.  I could use more of the same."


He didn't need to be asked twice.  He rolled he onto her back, while still deep inside her.  He could feel the muscles deep inside her working at his prick and if this is what she wanted, well, he could oblige.  He started deep thrusting, and she drew her legs up toward her chest, allowing the deepest penetration possible.  He bucked and rammed into her, withdrawing almost completely, only to drive it into her again and again.  He was so close to his own release, that he didn't realize that she was exploding around him again.  Another rushing orgasm left her nearly drained.  He kept pounding into her relentlessly, until he finally shot rope after rope of hot jism deep into her battered womb. 


Now it was his turn to collapse on to her and they lay like that for a while, both gasping for air, while their hearts pounded in their chests. 


He looked at her, still wondering where this change in her came from, and why, but he didn't ask again.  He could be a fuck buddy if she needed that, and it was apparent to him that she did, at least right now. 


"I'm still not done" she said to him as she pushed him off of her and rolled him onto his back.  She straddled his face, plopping her wet snatch right on his kisser.  "Lick it, suck it, FUCK IT" she commanded him, and he did his best to do as she asked.  His tongue snaked out and found her clit and he started there, giving her teasing little licks.  She obviously wanted more, as she ground her pussy on to his face.  He started to fuck her hole with his tongue and tasted both of them in doing so . 


She leaned over and took his now wilted dick into her hands and stroked it until it started to twitch with life again.  She bent over and took him into her mouth and started to suck.  She worked him, hand and mouth, until he is roaring with excitement.  She can feel the vibrations of his moans on her pussy and this excites her.  Sucking him deep into her mouth, she is just about ready to take him into her throat.  He remembers she has always had trouble with this and bites her clit hard enough to cause her to gasp.  He knows the exact moment to thrust his hip upward to get the max down her throat.  69 was always a good number for them.


They both come again and the lap greedily at each other, like they had been in the desert for days with out a drop to drink.  She rolls off him and gets herself righted in bed.  He pulls her close and asks once again, why she is behaving like she is and says if he knew this hidden side of her, the might have still been together. 


"Just enjoy it while it lasts" she says, chuckling at him.


"Oh I am babe, I am."  he says to her as they drift off to sleep.  The afternoon is still young, and there is sure to be some more hard core fucking happening until check out time tomorrow.   

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