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Aiden's Rebecca Chapter 1

They both wanted this, they needed this, release.
He wanted her.

Rebecca had come into his life four years ago and to this day there has been no other woman that could turn his cock to stone faster than she could. Most of the time she only had to look at him, of course, the attire she chose didn’t help his situation any.

She came in every morning in vintage stockings, silk blouses, and pencil skirts. The things she wrapped around her sweet body drove him mad. Aiden imagined stripping her, layer by layer until she was bare and in his arms.

They had flirted constantly for the last three years, but it had never gone beyond that. This morning was different though. Rebecca had come into the office in what he decided was his new favorite outfit. The white button up shirt skimmed her breasts, barely making out the perfect form beneath, thin black belts slung low on her hips, her legs encased in jeans that clung to her body before disappearing into black stiletto boots. The blond hair that he had dreamt about was casually pulled up, a few strands escaping to frame her face and neck.

He was hard and it wasn’t even ten o’clock in the morning. Christ, how was he going to make it through the day if he had to work in such close proximity to the cause of his current condition?

The day went by torturously slow. Minute by minute the hours crept along. Lunch was a blessed relief, Aiden thought, as he headed to the teachers lounge.

Reaching the doorway, he let out a low curse. In his one moment of peace, there in the teacher’s lounge was Rebecca. Facing away from him, she was looking over some paperwork she had laid out on the counter.

A smile passed over Aiden’s face. He quietly closed the door, sliding the lock home. He walked up behind her.

“Don’t move Rebecca, its Aiden.”

He put his hand on her waist, his other hand on her shoulder; he bent to kiss her neck. She let out a small moan, leaning her head back against his chest.

“Aiden, what are you doing?”

Her voice held not the slightest hint of reluctance. He knew she wanted this as much as he did. They needed this. Release.

He continued kissing her neck, working her into a state of tightly wound desire. At least he knew they would be on even ground when he decided to take her to his bed.

Rebecca was leaning back against him; he could see her breasts filling the pale cream bra she wore. Turning her around to face him, he saw the desire in her pale green eyes. He gazed at her as his fingers deftly unbuttoned the first button of her shirt, then another, and lastly one more. He could see the look of anticipation on Rebecca’s face, her full lips were parted slightly, her face held a sexy flush of color. He opened her shirt just enough to reveal her generous bosom, the back of his hand ghosted over her curves, running his thumb over the dusky nipple that shown through the sheer fabric. It quickly hardened, and he bent his head to close is mouth over it through the fabric, gently rolling her nipple between his teeth.

Aiden stood, again gazing into her eyes. He worked his fingers over the buttons of her shirt; sliding them back through their respective holes, first one, then another, and lastly the top button, until she was as he found her, almost.

He kissed her lips lightly, and exited the teachers lounge.

He knew the state he had put her in was just as bad as his own, and he fully intended to rectify that as soon as school let out and the students made their way home.

His classes passed by quickly, time in general passed more quickly. He knew what she tasted like now, and he would have his mouth and his hands on her again soon enough.

The last bell rang, and Aiden ushered his students out of the class room, ignoring the girls who gave him their very best sultry look. He wasn’t interested in the slightest. There was a woman down the hall that was going to be keeping him occupied for an indefinite period of time.

He quickly gathered up his papers, ignoring everything else, he locked his classroom door and made his way down to Rebecca.

She was still in the middle of grading papers. She sat leaning back, her legs crossed as she read some random student’s essay.

He walked up to her, removed the paper from her hands and pulled her up to him. With her body pressed against him. He kissed her neck again, whispering in her ear, “You are coming to my place tonight. Its past time we took care of each other.” He pulled her closer, letting her feel his growing erection, and again, walked away.

Aiden didn’t have to drag it out this long. He knew he could have had her in the lounge if he wanted, and he did want her, but he knew that when they came together tonight, it would be explosive.

The drive home was uneventful and he was grateful to be home after the long day. He spent some time cleaning up the place, before heading for a hot shower.

The water ran down his body, steam rising from his heated skin. Every part of him was tense, he hadn’t felt like this in years and as he was pushing thirty that was saying something. Aiden braced himself against the shower wall, letting the water stream over his face. So concentrated was he in relaxing that he did not hear the door of his apartment open and shut.

He got out, dried off and went in search of clothes. His cock twitched as he walked toward his bedroom, catching sight of her looking out the large window that occupied most of the wall. From what he could tell, she had removed all but that sexy white button up; he could barely make out the shadows created from her thong and bra.

“You’re early.”

Rebecca turned around and he heard her soft gasp as she rested her eyes on his naked form. At six foot three inches he was no small man. His shoulders were wide, well muscled, long arms ended with large hands, that despite being a teacher, were slightly rough. His stomach was flat and his manhood stood thick and erect.

Aiden walked toward Rebecca, pushing her gently toward the thick glass of the window behind her.

“I’ve wanted you for the last four years, you little tease.”

“You know you liked it Aiden, you think I didn’t notice how often your cock got hard when I looked at you. And all those outfits weren’t just for my benefit.” Rebecca said, smiling.

Aiden let out a low chuckle,

“Take off your shirt, Rebecca.” He said, his face serious, eyes darkening as her fingers nimbly removed each button from its hole. He slid the shirt over her shoulders, his mouth gliding over her lips, barely touching. He could feel her body vibrating.

Turning her away from him, Aiden unhooked her bra; removing it he wrapped his hands around her to cup her ample firm tits. His cock rested in the crease of her ass and he could feel its growing impatience.

He pressed her against the wall once more, kissing her neck roughly, “I need you.” He managed, his lust nearly consuming him.

“Then take me Aiden, take me now.”

Aiden found the skimpy material of Rebecca’s thong and ripped it, exposing her sweet cunt to him. He bent her over a desk he had positioned in front of the large window, running his hands down her waist and over her ass. He reached down, his fingers finding her wet lips. He circled her clit a few times, watching her reflection in the glass of the window. Aiden slipped a finger into her pussy. Fuck she’s tight, he thought, and for a moment he wondered if she would be able to take him. He would go slowly he decided.

Aiden grasped her hips, guiding himself into her wet core. Her tight pussy squeezed his cock as he slid into her inch by inch until he had filled her completely. He pulled out once, before thrusting violently into her again. His hand fisted in her hair, he pulled her up to him, turning her face to kiss her as he pumped his cock in and out of her tight cunt.

“Fuck, Aiden, your huge!” she cried out.

It wasn’t his ego he was interested in stroking at the moment he thought as he thrust into Rebecca. Her moans, and pleas of “More”, and “Harder” were all the encouragement he needed to fuck her proper.

He flipped her over, her hips on the edge of the desk. He spread her legs wide so he could see his cock sliding in and out of her. Aiden entered her again forcefully, so deep he could feel her cervix touching the head of his cock.

Looking up at Rebecca, Aiden saw her staring back at him as he fucked her. His hand went down to her mound, finding her clit, Aiden made slow circles with his thumb around her hardened nub. He slowed his strokes, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy slowly in rhythm with his thumb.

Rebecca’s breasts called out to him, leaning down he took a pink nipple in his mouth, his tongue sweeping over the soft skin. He could hear Rebecca moaning as he moved to the other breast, again sampling the texture. Kissing his way up her chest and neck as his cock moved achingly slowly. He kissed her, once, lightly.

“Aiden, please, I’m so close.” Rebecca whispered, as Aiden was strewing kisses along the line of her jaw.

“I know babe, I know.”

Aiden gradually increased the pressure his thumb was exerting on Rebecca’s clit. She closed her eyes and bit her lip; he felt her hips coming up to meet his thrusts, attempting to achieve what she desperately needed. What they both needed.

He pulled her up to him again, hands fisted in her hair, his lips crashed down on hers, his tongue explored the depths of her mouth, taking her in.

“Cum for me, babe, cum with me.” Aiden managed, by this time it had become more of a plea of his own. He wanted to feel her contract around him, milking his hard cock.

Aiden picked up speed, slamming into her; he heard her cries get louder. His thumb worked furiously over her clit and he could feel her muscles begin to quiver around him. His own orgasm beginning to erupt, Rebecca screamed out as her tight cunt began to pulsate around his shaft. He rammed his cock into her one more time, filling her with his cum he held her tightly to him, wanting her pussy around him until their orgasms had subsided. It just felt too damn good.

After what felt like an eternity, they both began to move. Aiden fell onto the bed, exhausted. He had never experienced an orgasm so powerful. Rebecca joined him, resting her head on his chest.

“Mmm, we’ll have to do this again sometime.” She said casually.

How the fuck could she be casual right now, he thought. After having been fucked like that, she was his. He just had to find a way to make her see it.

“We will.” Short simple and no room to maneuver around, Aiden had plans for them, and if he had to start out with “casual” then so be it. But start out he would, not happy to settle for just her body, he wanted her mind too, her soul. He wanted everything, and everything is exactly what Rebecca would give him.

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