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Alex's Kink

Hunter explores Alex's abilities...
Hunter rolls off of me, landing in a panting heap by my side on the bed. I close my eyes, attempting to catch my breath, stretching my limbs as the last ripples of my orgasm subside. I sigh softly, curling into him, making a nest on his shoulder. His arm wraps loosely around my glistening naked body, his breathing slowing to a more normal pace. My still trembling hand hovers on his chest, and I can feel his heart, still racing.

I can't believe how amazing our first time together really was. There had been build up for quite a while - talking, texting, teasing each other. We had even met a few times, but always in relatively public places, so we had been behaving ourselves for the most part. Finally the stars aligned for us, and we had an entire day of our own in which we had nothing to do other than devour each other. My plan had been to take things slowly, and I suppose we had succeeded for the most part. I would have tortured him for hours, but when it came down to it, there was only so much either of us could take. Our imaginations had run wild for too long.

I try to find words for him. I want to tell him how incredible it had been, feeling him deep inside me at last. My mind, like my body, is still recovering. As I struggle, he takes a deep breath and begins, "I am still curious..."

I am caught a bit off guard, my fuzzy brain reaching back through so many conversations, attempting to pick out which particular brand of kink he may be referring to. "Yes...?"

"Well," Hunter says, his husky voice gaining strength and confidence. "Perhaps I will just show you."

My heart picks up its pace as Hunter rolls me onto my back, kissing me. While our first kisses earlier in the day had been gentle and sweet, now his lips press insistently into mine. His tongue probes into my mouth, tasting me. I feel his hand on my nipple, pinching hard, and my breath catches in my throat.

"Oh!" I cry out, not in pain, but in blissful pleasure. This seems to encourage him, and he pinches a bit harder. I sigh in protest as his mouth leaves mine, and he chuckles at my frustration.

"It'll be okay, Alex. I promise. Just give me a moment."

My eyes fly open as I feel Hunter move away from the bed. He crosses the small room in three strides and brings his overnight bag over within reach of the king size bed. I hear the zipper snag briefly as he struggles to open it and rummages through. He finds whatever he was looking for, and returns to me, sliding his hand under my pillow to hide whatever toy he has chosen.

Hunter runs his warm hands slowly down the length of my body, starting with my flushed cheeks and ending with my toes. His mouth finds my nipples and he nibbles gently on them, making them jut out once again.

"Close your eyes, Alex," he says gently. I comply, feeling him reach under my pillow to retrieve whatever he had stashed there moments ago. I hear the slightest clink and have a feeling I know what he is up to.

Hunter pinches my left nipple, hard, and then I feel it...cold metal clamping down on me. The pinch is hard, and stings at first. I take a deep breath and feel myself accepting the pain. I breathe through it and relax, and slowly the discomfort morphs into a burning pleasure. He moves to my right nipple, pinching then clamping. I take another deep breath, feeling shocks of excitement rush through my tits.

Suddenly his lips are on mine again, kissing me hungrily. I feel another jolt of almost painful pleasure as Hunter steadily pulls down on the chain that falls between my tits, linking the clamps. Their grip tightens and I gasp. Almost reflexively, my legs spread open, my pussy throbbing for attention. My hips arch up into emptiness, searching for a hand, a mouth, a cock...anything.

Hunter slowly begins moving down my body, his lips and tongue working on my satin skin. His teeth graze my neck as he slides down, tickling my collarbone with his breath. My tits heave toward his mouth, and he nearly giggles at my reaction to his torture. His tongue flicks hotly over my swollen nipples and he tugs on the chain once again.

My pussy is throbbing now. There is an ache deep inside me, a need longing to be filled. I spread my legs even wider for him, hoping he will take the hint. Still pulling gently on my chain, Hunter moves his mouth further down my now trembling body. His breath warms the cool skin on my belly and I arch into thin air again.

"Please," I pant. "Please, Hunter, I need you to fill me!"

"Don't worry, my Alex. I will take excellent care of you. I promise."

Finally I feel Hunter's tropical hot breath on my swollen pussy lips. My hips buck toward his mouth, but he pulls away, using his free hand to press me back down on the bed. His tongue torments me, licking one sensitive inner thigh, up and around my mound, and down my other thigh. He is thoroughly enjoying licking me everywhere except where I need him most. I can feel my juices dripping out of my hole, down my perineum to my sensitive ass. My hands have gathered up the sheets, squeezing out my frustration. When I am convinced I can’t stand it anymore, I feel the soft wetness of Hunter's tongue sliding slowly up my dripping wet slit.

I gasp, loosening my grip on the sheets and grinding my cunt into Hunter's face. His tongue probes inside of me quickly, then retracts and slides along my slit again. My engorged clit throbs as he swirls his tongue around it. I press into his face again and Hunter begins sucking on my hard little nub. My heart speeds even faster as my hips dance with his face.

Hunter continues sucking on me, his talented tongue flicking every once in awhile. I feel his finger gently part my dripping pussy lips and the light bulb goes on in my head. I finally figure out which brand of kink it is that Hunter is ready to try with me.

I instantly focus on relaxing every muscle in my body. I know this will be necessary if he is to be successful in his mission. I consciously slow my breathing as a second finger slides easily into my hole. The only muscles I allow to tense are the ones I use to press forward, shoving his fingers deeper inside me. I feel him press a third finger into me, causing another big sigh.

His fingers still working, fucking my pussy, Hunter raises his head for a moment. “You okay, Alex?” he asks tentatively.

“Oh, god, yes,” I reply breathlessly. “Please, don’t stop now.”

Encouraged, Hunter returns to work. I suck in my breath hard when I feel a fourth finger spread my cunt open. My hips stop their wild bucking into his hand, and a slightly panicked look crosses Hunter’s face.

“Breathe, Love,” he whispers to me, and my air comes out in jagged spurts. I focus on relaxing again, opening myself to him. As I take another deep breath, he starts working his thumb into my sopping wet sex.

“Fuck, Hunter!” I groan. He holds his hand still, allowing me to provide the pressure now. “Ohhhh…” My hips flex, fucking his hand slowly while my cunt adjusts to his size. I reach between my spread legs, gently pulling my engorged lips apart to accommodate him.

I breathe out, bearing down on his hand. With a slight pop, he is finally all the way inside me. His hand twists just slightly, and I wince with pleasure as he maneuvers into a tight fist, then holds perfectly still while I breathe and relax.

“Alex…God. I can’t believe…Your pussy was so tight when I fucked you. How…” Hunter trailed off and I dared to look into his eyes for the first time since he began. He was staring at me in wonder, eyes twinkling.

I grin up at him proudly. “I tried to tell you…ohhhh…just…my clit. Please?”

Hunter immediately sets to work on my throbbing nub. He begins gently, licking and sucking ever so lightly, as I begin to thrust my hips harder onto his fist. My pace quickens just slightly as he nibbles on my clit, sending wonderful little shocks through my delicate nerve endings.

That is all it takes to bring me to the edge. The velvet walls of my cunt clamp down on his fist, clenching him like a vice. Hunter flicks his tongue over me quickly, my breath coming in jagged gasps.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, Hunter!” My orgasm hits me like a train, my cunt grasping his fist hard. Wave after wave of pleasure pours over me. My body shakes, convulsions of hot desire escaping. I realize I am nearly screaming, which is unusual for me, but I can’t help it. Hunter’s lips surround my pulsing clit, sucking softly as I buck feverishly through my orgasm. His tongue flicks over my nub with each pulse of my pussy, intensifying the already mind-blowing sensations. He laps feverishly, drinking from me as my hot, sweet nectar squirts all over his face and hand.

Finally the intense contractions of pure bliss begin to slow, my moans subsiding. Hunter unfolds his hand gently from the grip of my pussy. “You like, Miss Alex?” he asks me, his eyes grinning down upon my flushed nakedness.

“More than I could ever explain,” I reply breathlessly, collapsing beside him once again.
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