All About You

By PaigeMartin

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Teasing and pleasing you is the ultimate stress reliever
It’s been a very long week for you at work. I hear the exhaustion and tension in your voice immediately when you call to let me know you’re on your way home from the office, slowed down by the light snow that has made traffic even worse than usual.

As I hang up I think for the millionth time what an amazing husband you are. So smart, talented, hard working and ambitious yet always there for me and so generous with showing me your love. My love for you wells up inside as I think of how to help you relax and feel better when you get home, as well as show you how much I love and appreciate you. A sly smile spreads across my, as you call them, ‘soft, full, irresistible’ lips, as an idea develops into a plan for pleasuring you. I want tonight to be all about you.

Over our eight years together I’ve mastered the wonderful art of teasing you by coming to understand what turns you on mentally and physically, knowing precisely where your most sensitive and responsive places are, and the speed and firmness of touch and suction you crave. “Tonight we’re going to turn it up a notch,” I thought to myself, grinning and feeling the initial pulses of horniness in my breasts and clit as I think of the night I have in store for you.

I’ve just finished making you a drink as you come through the door looking weary and drained. As you put your briefcase and keys down on the entryway table and gaze around at the dimmed lights and candles glowing you immediately know something’s up, but when you see me appear from the kitchen in my see-through, silky pale blue nightgown and G-string, my intentions for the evening become clear – or so you think.

Your face looks like you may object and your mouth starts to say something, but stops as I put the drink down on the entryway table beside you, look into your chocolate brown eyes and get lost in them as I whisper ‘hi baby’. I press against you and shiver slightly, my nipples hardening both from the cold wetness of snow on you as well as from inhaling the heady combination of your leather jacket, favorite cologne, and musky manly smell that drives me crazy.

Gently stroking your face and soft beard-covered chin with my fingertips, I place my lips on yours, very lightly for a few moments but as your strong arms envelop my waist and pull me closer I can’t help closing my eyes and pressing harder while allowing the tip of my tongue to feel the smooth silkiness of your lips. Your tongue meets mine and the familiar yet powerful surges of desire radiate through me as my hands move to slowly run my fingers through your dark hair and massage your scalp.

As we pull ourselves apart I rest my head on your shoulder and hug you tightly around the neck, feeling you bury your face in my thick, soft, curly brown hair and take a couple long, slow breaths.“ You’re wearing my favorite,” you murmur in my ear while a sexy grin appears on your face and I smile, knowing how much my Chanel perfume gets to you.

Your hands slowly roam down the small of my back to the curve of my ass, gently massaging both cheeks before pulling up the hem of my nightgown with one hand and softly caressing where my bottom meets my thighs with the other. Your touch feels so good and a soft moan escapes me, I want so badly to tell you not to stop, to kiss you again and feel your tongue in my mouth. But I remember that tonight is all about you, so before I lose myself to the sensations you’re creating I gently take your hand away from my ass and intertwine my fingers with yours, again looking in your eyes, slightly glazed over not just from tiredness but now desire as well.

“I love you so much baby,” I say softly. “You’re an amazing husband in so many ways, and I really appreciate how hard you work and your dedication to me and our life together. I really want to make tonight all about you, just having you relax and enjoy as I do everything I can to make you feel better.”

Silently you press your lips to my forehead, tip of my nose and mouth before saying “I love you too baby, more than I could ever say. Your idea is awesome, but I want you to be satisfied too…” you trail off giving me a questioning look.

“Don’t worry, I will be,” I say coyly, motioning for you to pick up your drink and leading you upstairs to the bedroom. The strong Irish coffee tastes delicious and you’re not sure if it’s the heat of the coffee, the whiskey, or the sight of my tiny G-string hugging the curves of my full hips and peeking out from my round, firm ass that’s warming and relaxing you more.

When we enter the bedroom I take the coffee from you and put it down on my nightstand next to the sandalwood scented candle I lit earlier, casting an ethereal glow and sensuous aroma around the room. Standing behind you, I help you remove your jacket as you quickly unbutton your shirt and remove it, then your T-shirt in one swift motion. You try to turn and face me but I put my hands on your firm shoulders to keep you still. “Just relax and let me do everything,” I say soothingly, while I step forward and allow just my hardened nipples to graze your bare back through the sheer, silky material of my nightie.

I feel your shoulders tense as I slowly move my nipples down your back to the waistline of your pants, then feel you shudder as I replace my breasts with the tip of my tongue on your spine and drag it lightly upwards. Repeating a few times, I then reach around to your hardening member, softly stroking it through your pants and briefs while drawing small circles on your back with my tongue and lips and pressing my breasts into you.

Feeling your hardness swelling I unbuckle your belt and unbutton your pants, slipping my hand onto your cock over your briefs and letting your pants fall to the floor as you step out of them. I take just a fingertip and lightly brush it repeatedly against the underside of your cock head then circle it oh-so-slowly, hearing a low moan escape your lips and feeling your cock begin to twitch slightly as the cotton in between our skin combined with my teasing touches stimulates you further still. I whisper “That’s it…let me tease you until your cock wants to burst…I love making you hard baby…”

Your head rolls back and you lean back further into me, my lips go to your ear lobe, softly sucking and barely pulling, my tongue tip occasionally tracing its way up and down the edge of your ear. My left hand gently brushes and tweaks your nipples, occasionally pinching them just enough to cause slight pain, as my right hand fingernails lightly drag up and down your now rock hard dick, every so often circling just your cock head with alternating firm and soft pressure.

Breathing heavily, you lean forward, placing your hands on the bed, my hands never straying from their missions. “Baby, I need to lie down, my knees are too weak for this kind of sweet torture,” you say huskily, and my hands leave you in order for you to climb on the bed, turning to lie on your back with your legs hanging over the side, your erection straining for release against your briefs even as your body relaxes from finally being able to lie down after your stressful week.

Giving you a few moments to get completely comfortable, and giving myself the chance to view your firm body laid out before me, your eyes eventually focus on me and I feel you drinking me in the same as I am you. Your eyes hungrily traveling over my shapely, creamy thighs, lush hips, trim waist and full breasts make me somehow feel shy and very excited simultaneously.

I climb up on the bed, hovering over you. My silky, see-through nightgown hangs down, brushing your firm chest and stomach, tickling your curly chest hairs. My round 36D breasts are silhouetted by the candlelight, large dark pink areolas jutting out with diamond hard nipples from the stimulation of rubbing them on your back. You catch sight of them and your hands move instinctively to cup them underneath my gown. As much as they are craving your touch, I sit up slightly and circle my fingers around your wrists, gently guiding them to the bed on either side of your head and pinning them there, my face now directly over yours.

A wicked grin spreads across your face as your eyes grow darker with desire, silently telling me how much you love when I take control. I grin back and lower my body down on yours, my lips now going to your ear as my sensitive nipples press into yours, my thighs spreading to press my hot, moist pussy over your brief-covered cock. The heat from between my legs further warms your manhood, the slight clit stimulation sending electric shocks to my abdomen and breasts, forcing a gasp and moan from my lips into your ear, your dick twitching and hips grinding in response.

I lift my head to gaze into your lustful eyes and between brushing my lips against yours in light, soft kisses, whisper “I’m going….to make you….cum so hard….make you….feel so good…” You lift your head off the bed to kiss me deeply, our tongues intertwining and tangoing between our mouths, bodies shifting, unconsciously trying to find the relief that they desperately seek. When we separate you hold my gaze and say hungrily “I want to feel all of you, be inside you, surrounded by you.” But I want to ensure an experience you won’t forget, so I wordlessly guide your hands behind your head and give you a look that clearly says ‘don’t move them unless I say so’.

I sit up, pressing my hot pussy harder on your cock. My juices and your pre-cum have completely soaked your briefs, leaving only the thinnest of material between us. The tiny G-string rubs my clit, the sensations causing me to squirm my hips, increasing the pressure even more, a low moan escaping you as your eyelids flutter and your eyes roll back for a second.

I push myself up to stand on the bed, stepping forward slightly to give you the best view of my body from underneath my lingerie, especially my smooth pussy lips slightly spread apart by the G-string and my widened legs, engorged and puffy, glistening with our juices. You breathe deeply and take in the scent of my sex as I hold onto the bedpost to steady myself and slowly, teasingly remove my panties to reveal my slit, my clit barely peeking out from between my lips. Your arms move a bit and you groan, I can tell you want to reach up and touch, but you continue to keep your hands under your head.

Feeling your intense gaze taking in my body from this angle causes my whole body to blush with increased arousal, and with shaking hands I grasp the hem of my nightgown and slowly pull it up over my head and off, dropping it next to us. I bend forward, further spreading my moist lips and I feel the cool air on my hot, light pink inner folds, my now bare breasts dangling tantalizingly close to your face.

While holding your gaze I reach between my spread legs to lightly graze my sensitive inner thighs and pussy lips with my fingertips, sending ripples of ecstasy through me, my breasts swelling and longing to be touched. I bring my other hand to a nipple and roll it between my index and middle fingers. My pussy clenches and I feel a warm drip running out of my hole and down my slit, the intensity of the feelings causes my blue-green eyes to cloud and lose focus, but I don’t close them as I know how seeing my unabashed pleasure drives you wild.

Ceasing my nipple play but continuing to tease my lips, I reach down and grasp your forearm, gently pulling your hand from under your head and upwards to meet mine. My hand takes your hand and uses it to continue to lightly brush and strum my pussy and clit for a bit, your slightly rough fingers feeling magical on my smoothness. “Oh honey, I love your touch so much,” I moan out in between other nonsensical noises, my knees feeling like they want to buckle under me.

I separate your middle finger from the rest and for one brief instant allow it to penetrate my molten hot, slick, quivering depths before removing it, covered with my warm juices. I let your hand go free and you immediately bring it to your nose, breathing in my sweet scent and groaning as your cock strains ever further against your briefs, before licking every bit of me off your hand like a lollipop.

I feel I’ll lose my will to make this all about you and strip off your briefs and fuck you HARD right then, so against your plea to please let you inside me, I drop to my knees and place your hand back under your head, saying softly, “I promise I’ll make the waiting worthwhile,” and place a light kiss on your lips as my nipples brush yours, causing us both to shiver.

I roll off you and climb off the bed, stepping in between your knees hanging off the side and facing you. Holding your gaze with my eyes and smiling mischievously, I grasp the waistband of your underwear and pull them down and off, you gladly raising your hips to assist, doing anything you can to free your throbbing member from its cotton confines. You sigh as the cool air hits your most sensitive skin, then groan as I blow hot air on your pulsing dick, watching your cock twitch and dance between us.

I rub my hands together to warm them, then place my left hand under your swollen balls and slowly roll them back and forth, every so often gently squeezing them and pressing my middle fingertip gently but firmly into your taint. My right hand encircles your member, slowly, firmly stroking your slippery smooth hardness from base to tip and back down, now and then pausing at the head to lightly trace my fingernails around it and flutter gently on the sensitive little patch on the underside that I know drives you wild.

I take a second to relish your body’s responsiveness. I absolutely adore teasing you. Hearing your gasps, growls and moans and feeling your body tighten and relax as waves of pleasure course through you make me feel so sexy and desired that my own arousal is growing every second. My swollen breasts, extended nipples and engorged pussy are begging my brain to allow you to please them, and it takes all my will not to jump on you and ride you like a bull at a rodeo.

Knowing how much you love feeling my full, soft breasts kneading your cock, I pull my hands from you and lift my breasts to surround your member. Squeezing them together, the head of your dick pops out the top, in perfect position for me to lick and suck. I repeatedly tease you mercilessly, first slowly massaging your shaft and using my tongue tip to lightly lick your now dark red cock head. Then steadily increasing the speed of my bouncing tits and occasionally sucking hard on your member until you’re at the edge of cumming, then suddenly stop all movement while keeping my tits firmly around your twitching member.

I delight in seeing your face contorting and feeling your quick breaths and body quivering and straining as you pump your hips to get maximum friction against my slippery flesh and make your cock sink deeper into my blazing hot mouth, sweat now beading on your forehead and chest from the exertion. I would love to keep sweetly tormenting you, but in between your gulps for air, shivering and shaking body and increasingly loud moans I hear you murmur “Ohhhh shit…..honey….feels so good…please don’t stop…I’ve gotta cum…” and I know you’re very close to losing all control.

I stand up quickly and take your rock hard dick in my left hand, very slowly and gently stroking its slippery length as it dances and jerks, hearing you grunt with need while I find the opening to your anus with my right index finger and press against it, making your head jerk back, body tightly tense and your mouth fly open wide but unable to make a sound. “Relax baby…that’s it…I want to make you cum harder than ever…” I say soothingly as you relax enough for me to very slowly and gently ease my finger into your ass until I feel the little rough patch of firm prostate tissue. When your cloudy, pleading brown eyes meet my gaze I say demandingly “How bad do you want to cum?”

Your muscles quaking, mind focused entirely on the overwhelming sensations coursing through you, every nerve fiber of your body on fire, balls swollen and boiling and cock ready to bust, you beg “SO BAD…PLEASE LET ME C” and before you can get out the full word cum I slip my fiery wet mouth down your entire throbbing hardness while pressing firmly on your engorged G-spot. Your glorious peak sends a long guttural sound from your mouth and your head rears back, hands grip the bedspread and entire body convulses in continuous waves of overwhelming ecstasy. Over and over you pant, grunt and moan as sweet release fills you and you see stars behind your tightly shut eyes, your hips thrusting as thick warm juices shoot and spurt down my throat and I greedily suck and milk every last drop from you.

Feeling your body start to relax and convulsions subsiding into small aftershocks as you catch your breath, I gently remove my finger from your very sensitive ass and slow down sucking your now softening cock before releasing it from my dripping mouth. Still sweating and shaking slightly, you breathe deeply and let out a long, slow sigh of contentment.

Opening your eyes and catching my gaze, you pat the bed with your hand to motion me to join you. Eagerly I climb on and snuggle up next to you, adoring the feel of your warm skin on mine but marveling even more at the tender love in your eyes as you pull me close and give me a wonderfully soft, sensuous kiss that makes my heart and mind do cartwheels. As our lips part you chuckle softly and stroke my long curls and back as you tell me, “You’re amazing baby, you know me even better than I know myself sometimes. I’m a very, very lucky man.”

Your loving hand slowly stroking and rubbing my back, the smell of our juices in the air and your muscled body pressed against me fan the flames of my own arousal that had taken a backseat in order to focus full attention on you. Seeing me close my eyes and hearing my breath catching in my chest in response to your touch signals you to bring your other hand to my left breast and gently tweak the swollen nipple, sending little electric shocks of desire through me as I shiver and bite my lip to keep from moaning.

Feeling you gently lifting my chin I open my aqua blue eyes and you gaze into them, telling me, “We have all night honey. Tonight may have started out being all about me, but after your wonderful gift you deserve to have it end being all about you.” You receive no objections as I surrender myself to you and my aching desire to have you pleasure every part of me. After all, give and ye shall receive!