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All the Teachers PT2

Former student gets sex and passion from teachers
She saw him and smiled. Walking his way she said “May I help you?”

She was a nice looking young girl and Spencer politely answered her. “There was a young woman, a little older then you, but she just walked in here a minute ago. Did you see her?” With that he briefly described her.

The young woman looked him over and smiled. He went on to say “She’s kind of pretty looking and I’m sure she came in here. Oh, by the way, she’s a tad on the pudgy side too. Have you seen anyone like her that walked in?”

The young clerk told him she was in the back. That’s when he started pretending as if he was looking around the store but soon made his way back there as he “shuffled” in that direction. He found himself stopping once and a while to look at the more delicate pieces of lingerie he liked but Spencer finally arrived at his target destination. There they were. The dressing rooms and that’s when he tried making a quick decision on what to do.

Should I call her name out? No, that’s stupid he thought.

Despite that, he stuck his head through the curtains anyway. He wasn’t even thinking about that younger clerk who’d met him when he initially came in. Was she even watching? He didn’t know. He didn’t care. All he cared about was meeting up with Karen Walker. Nevertheless, he quickly backed out of the dressing room. He didn’t want anyone thinking he was a pervert or stalker.

All of a sudden, he saw someone coming out of the rooms. Was it her? He wasn’t sure and soon he “disappeared” as if he was never there to begin with. He walked “away” from that corner of the store a little but remained in the back. He made note of where she was and happened to back into her on purpose.

Before he even looked at her he said “Oh excuse me. I’m sorry.”

Karen immediately replied. “No, oh no, that’s quite alright” but then she turned around. She saw him. “Spencer is that right?” she said, smiling. “How are you?”

“Ohhhhhh Ms. Walker, I’m good and how are you? I’m sorry about that” he said wearing a smile. “I mean about bumping into you like I that.”

Right away though the two struck up a friendly conversation and she appeared to be pleased that he was there. She never seemed to want to walk away as she carried on the conversation with him. He paid close attention to her and her “movements” while each stood and talked, freely.

Finally, he lied. “I was looking for something for my mom actually but it’s weird running into you here though.” She kept on smiling as they talked but he went on to ask “Got any suggestions for a birthday present for a mom?”

She looked at him cheerfully and then looked around the store. Then she said she didn’t really know of anything. She studied his face and added “By the way, I do want to meet with you soon. It’s about your project. It can wait of course. However, we can go over it all a little more in detail when we meet, alright? Could we get together sometime soon?”

He looked at her and smiled graciously saying “Yes, anytime and anywhere is fine.”

With that she suggested something unexpectedly. “Do you have anything going on later today possibly? I mean we could get together at the library or for that matter maybe at my apartment? We could discuss the project there if you’d like.”

He was totally surprised and at the same time thrilled to death saying “Uhhh at your apartment?” However, he knew meeting at the apartment meant “trouble” possibly.

Smiling, she nodded her head. “Yes, at my apartment. I mean that is if you don’t have a problem meeting there. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with that we can always meet at the library.” With that she smiled and touched his forearm, lightly which of course he liked. She added “Otherwise, the library would be just perfect.” However, her tone was not as delightful sounding as when she suggested her apartment. “Whatever you want is fine by me, Spencer.”

With that, Karen displayed a warm and very friendly smile. Spencer liked it a lot.

“Oh uh yes, yes” he told her. “I guess your apartment would be fine but that’s up to you. I mean I’m okay with it if you’re okay with it. It would be perfect.”

Smiling and doing it again, she touched his forearm and said “It is.”

From there, they walked up and she cashed out. He got her address and cell phone number outside the store just in case something came up, which nothing did, and as scheduled he was at her place around two that afternoon. He came prepared too. He went home and took another shower and changed into “nicer” clothes. Then he went to her place with all his paperwork as well. These two sat down for a very “friendly” afternoon.

She was the perfect hostess.

In the midst of their initial conversation, she stopped a moment as she tried figuring something out about him. Having him there just seemed to feel right. It felt totally right she thought. She couldn’t put her finger on it but she knew she liked Spencer. She knew she liked him a lot.

After carefully choosing her words she said “You told me something in particular that has stuck with me. I kind of considered what you’d said an odd statement.” Her tone of voice seemed sweet and friendly. “You said you’d do anything for me. Is that correct?”

He watched her and smiled and then he nodded his head. Spencer, as he looked at her pretty eyes, said yes. He recalled the conversation. He then had to reinforce to himself what he knew about her, which wasn’t much other then she was pretty to look at. He asked himself if she was also thinking along those same lines. He hoped so but wasn’t sure about it.

He asked himself a question. Really, what woman doesn’t want to have sex? I mean, what woman doesn’t want to make love to a guy? He thought about that as she talked. Is that what she’s doing, he asked himself. Is that what’s going on here he wondered? Is she getting doing that? God, I hope so because I know I can do that.

I know I can make love with her. I know I can do that for sure.

That “feeling” he had or was starting to get from being around her seemed to “grow.” It seemed she did want to do it, to something more then talk. He wasn’t sure but he felt something extra or special all of a sudden. Or was he slightly disillusioned? Did she want to make love to him or was he kidding himself?

Here he was, totally silent up until now as she spoke her thoughts, and as far as he was concerned there wasn’t a bit of sound at all. All he heard was the air conditioner and the air circling through her apartment. He looked around here and there as she spoke but finally the only thing he could think about was that Karen had a nice little place.

Then that silence was broken. How, he didn’t know. She sounded kind of sweet when she said “Spencer, I might have a job for you afterall.”

He thought about her tone of voice and how it sounded. It seemed softer and gentler all of a sudden. He liked that too. He looked at her. Her eyes seemed, he didn’t know for sure, but they seemed softer and more affectionate all of a sudden.

Then he heard her say “You only have to do this once for me, that is if you want to.” All of a sudden, he felt her hand on his. It was warm and it was soft. He looked down at it. She went on to add “I promise you that too. I won’t expect anything more either.”

He felt warm. He got very, very curious about this now as he listened intently. He waited for her to say it. He looked down at the hand again and yes, it was still over his hand.

She said it in a softer, sweeter, and even gentler tone of voice. “I need one minor thing from you Spencer.” Spencer really liked how she sounded. “Now, this is at your discretion of course but what I want is this.” She offered this friendly look and caressed his hand some more.

Bingo, he told himself. The moment he’d been waiting for had arrived. He hoped and waited for it. The “I’d do anything you want” moment was coming or had come finally.

She went on to say it in her quiet tone of voice.

“I’d love for you to stay with me today. I’d love for us to spend the afternoon together.” With that, she caressed his hand again. “Come with me, to my bedroom, and allow me to make love with you will you? Personally, I’d love for that to happen. Let me make love with you. You’ll enjoy this. I assure you that you will. I know it” she told him. “Will you do this for me? Can you do that for me?” she asked, lovingly as she held his hand in hers and gazed into his eyes. She added “Are you able to let me make love to you?”

He was excited as all get out and smiles all over but wasn’t showing it yet. He most definitely knew the answer to that question. If only she knew. Yes Karen, I can do that with you he told himself. I can and will make love with you and to you. I will make love to you for sure.

He looked her in the eyes and once he did he smiled brightly. He touched her hand with his hand and rubbed gently too. She was surprised at what he’d done. Finally he said it.

“Karen, I’d be very, very honored to make love with you. You can’t believe to know how honored I’d be to make love with you, honestly.” Then he took her hand and kissed it.

She was certifiably thrilled and smiled abundantly. She was in another world or so he thought she was. She didn’t know what to expect of it all. How it all got to this point, she didn’t know. She never really understood but to make love to this guy, she thought, wasn’t exactly what she’d expected she told herself.

He was the one who stood up initially, he was the one who happened to take her hand in his, and as soon as he did she stood up too. Once they were standing he pulled her body towards him. It surprised her too. But he kissed her and he did so surprisingly and quite passionately and intimately as well.

Whoa, she thought. That shook her. Something happened for sure. However, Karen loved it for sure. She adored the kiss. She absolutely adored his very first kiss. That was for sure. From there, once she got her feet under her, she took him to her bedroom where the two stopped and stood by the bed. She felt wonderful. She initially felt excited. She looked at him, anxiously, and she happily studied his face.

He was soooo sweet looking she thought while looking into his eyes.

Out of nowhere, she took his hand and placed it upon her breast. It felt soooo nice. Oooooohh, she told herself as she pressed it down harder and closed her eyes. Then she opened them and looked deeply into his eyes while his hand remained on her boob.

Then Spencer lightly pushed down his hand because he too felt he really liked her tit. Still wearing clothes, she pushed his hand down some more. She felt the pressure of it and for her it felt adorable. She knew she liked it a lot.

Following that, she closed her eyes again while keeping his hand on her tit. Soon enough, she slowly moved it about her tit and enjoyed the comfort of his hand on her boob. As this occurred, she began enjoying the erotic sensations she knew she should be feeling.

All of a sudden, she was muttering and murmuring sweet sounds which he too liked listening too as well. As a result, he pressed down on her tit some more. He hoped she’d appreciate it as he moved it about her.

However, something appeared to start happening. She appeared to get “younger.” All 25 years of her seemed to “vanish” somehow. It was weird and wild, he told himself as she appeared to get younger he thought. Still, she stayed there with her eyes closed and as she did she kept his hand on her tit.

“Oooooohh Spencer, ohhhhhh that feels soooo nice, soooo wonderful to me” she said. “I mean that’s so fantastic” she told him in a quiet voice. With that she added “Will you lay down in bed with? I want to do this right. Let’s lay down in the bed together.”

And they did. He was happy to oblige her. He could tell she was too. Once in bed, they faced one another and looked at each other in the face. Smiling, he kept on petting her breasts as he watched her ageless like face.

Out of nowhere, as the two faced each other, she was the one who had reached down. She was the one who began untucking his shirt. She pulled it out and slid her hand underneath his shirt. As she did, she smiled while sliding her fingers across his chest and murmured sweet sounding noises.

Finally, she removed his shirt off him. Once she did, she stared cheerfully at his chest. She liked it immensely it seemed. She smiled at him and as she did she finally looked back down at his chest. As soon as that occurred, she began touching parts of his chest. Her fingers trailed this way, that way, and all over his sweet, slender definitions.

Karen felt as if she was in heaven.

Spencer watched her. It all felt nice to him. Her fingers felt awesome as she did it and while she did Spencer smiled throughout it.

Then she said “Do you like that? I sure like doing that.”

He finally said yes and added “Would you like it if I did it for you?”

Her eyes opened wide. She was more then surprised. She said, in a surprised tone, “Would you do that for me? Would you really? I mean honestly do that?”

He smiled and said yes as he soon started undoing her top. All of a sudden she stopped him. He wasn’t sure why either. Although he didn’t know it, she felt a little uncomfortable about what he was doing. Then she said in a soft and sullen voice “I don’t about this, Spencer” and she shook her head as she said it. “I’m not sure about this at all.”

He asked why and she added as she shrugged her shoulders “Uh, I don’t know.”

He looked at her and studied her eyes as he tried reading her face. He thought he understood her but he wasn’t sure he knew why she behaved like she had. She felt a little uncomfortable about herself, about her body and her weight.

“Karen listen” he started to say softly. He shut up a second as he caressed her cheek. “I’m not a psychologist but I will say this, if it helps at all, but I think you are a really, really pretty woman. I mean it too. If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t be here with you today. I mean that. I like you. I like you a lot too. I want to be with you today. I mean that. I want to be with you and I do really want to make love to you.” And then he looked at her as he smiled and added, nicely “And I don’t mean to have sex either. I hope you know that.”

It did sound to her as if he was all grown up as she lay on her back wondering but Karen still didn’t feel positive about her weight issues. He never thought of her as fat. No, he never saw her as a “fat” woman whatsoever. Yes, she was a little on the “fluffy” side but to Spencer Karen was a very attractive and potentially sexy woman.

He came to adore almost everything he’d seen so far. Of course there hadn’t been much to see at that point but he loved her size, he liked her body’s shape, and though she was a tad more fuller figured then others she was definitely attractive and sexy in her own way.

She went on to say “I’m sorry, I can’t do this Spencer. I just can’t.” She shook her head and added “I can’t. I’m not sure why but I can’t do this with you.”

She wore a frown on her face and “pulled” herself together. He watched her and felt bad about it too. He wished he could have made love with her. He knew, deep down in his heart, that she’d love it if she let herself be made love to. But he was younger, much more “inexperienced” in life then he realized, and he knew there would be other chances to fulfill his life’s destiny.

She finally “dressed” and so did he once he saw her pulling herself together. With that she said “Spencer, I want to assure you of one thing.” Her voice was soft and affectionate like. “I am going to go ahead and write you that letter of endorsement anyway. You can be assured of that. Oh and thank you for coming over anyway. I loved that you did.” They gazed into one another’s eyes and she followed up with “You are a very sweet young man Spencer. Someone is going to be a very, very happy woman one day.”

So later on he was at home. Sitting in his room with his laptop open he was thinking about his day and also about Karen Walker. He also thought about Angela. He knew he had her on his side and smiled as he thought about her. She was the first person he could always go to for anything whatsoever he thought. He smiled as he thought about her, as he thought about him and her making love a few times, and he smiled about life in general for some reason. Plus, he thought, she was that one “secure” woman he knew well enough, who loved him for him, and not only the sex part.

Later that afternoon, he spent some more time thinking. He realized he never questioned himself about any woman he was with, ever. He knew when he was with a woman that if they did have sex it wasn’t just sex. He “threw out” passion when he did it with her. He always made love to that woman for her sake. He never took a woman’s affections for granted ever.

Making love, having sex with a woman and doing so intimately had always come naturally to him. He never thought about it as he made love to a woman. He assumed that when he was with that woman that she required passionate kissing along with touching and feeling her all over. He always felt she needed to be handled tenderly as he made love to her and did so right away. So that’s what he always did. He’d go in and make love to the woman. He felt he did it right. He felt he always did it the right way.

With regards to Karen, nothing should have changed. He still felt that it was the only way to do it with her. However, he asked himself what had happened with her? What went wrong with Karen Walker? He wasn’t quite sure as of yet? The only thing he did know was that he simply knew he knew how he would have made love with her.

He knew that for sure.

Go through her heart, he told himself. It’s the only way to do it. Take her, hold her affectionately. Look her in the eyes. And then finally kiss her and kiss her endlessly.

That was the only way he could think of doing it with her. Do whatever it takes he confirmed in his thoughts. Do whatever it takes to make her happy, physically gratified, and sexually pleased.

Yes, she would write a letter for me he told himself and Spencer was happy about that.

“So now I’ve got to go to a few of the other teachers” he said aloud.

The others were a little on the “messed” up side as far as he was concerned. The first two had already agreed to write the letter, which he thought was odd, but happy anyway. Okay, so that wasn’t so messed up but one teacher, well she was fucked up, or so he thought she was. He expected to make love with them all but that only happened with one of them.

It was the third one who wanted something in return. Yes, she did. She was one fucked up woman or so he thought she was. Close in age to Angela, all she seemed normal to him, at first, but all she wanted was a man’s cock, and she wanted it inside her pussy. She also wanted it inside her mouth. No love, no intimacy, all she wanted was good hard sex, and all she got was one hard fuck too.

He made no personal connection to the teacher. She really didn’t care. All she needed was what she wanted. He came, they fucked, and that was that. That was all she required. That was all she needed. That was all she got.

Of course, he did it well, but Spencer being Spencer never enjoyed just sex alone. Anyone can go in and get hard and fuck a woman he believed. Anyone can do that, he told himself after the fact.

Spencer was a rather intelligent guy but that never showed on a grade card. It didn’t matter though because in the long run he became what women needed him to be. He became something of a master psychotherapist that would council women in a relationship.

He didn’t know it at the time but he’s soon learn it in the long run.

Personally though, he knew he loved the passion of a woman. He knew he enjoyed that in any romantic encounter. That much he was sure of in fact. He loved it from the moment the encounters started to occur.

Yes, that’s right Angela. He knew it from the start. He was sure of it in fact. She also loved that passionate intimacy with him. Don’t you Angela he asked himself. But what about Karen? How come she backed out? He thought he knew why but he wasn’t so sure as of yet. Didn’t she love it too? He thought so, he hoped she did, but all of a sudden she backed out of it. However, as sad as it appeared, Karen was the type of woman who truly loved making love. He just didn’t know that yet.

At home, he was up in his room. His cell phone rang and he picked it up. “Hello?” she said which to he replied by saying hi. “How’d that meeting go with that new teacher?”

He thought about how to answer her. “Well, it didn’t really go the way I planned. I mean we had a nice time. We talked. In fact Karen, we even went to bed together. However, something odd happened” and he went on to tell what had occurred. And at the very last minute, she backed out. She said she couldn’t do it with me. It was weird, Karen. I mean it was totally weird, I thought. Going along and she was the one who invited me to make love to her, have sex with her, but all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she backed out.”

With that, Karen said she was sorry and he felt it in her words. She added “Well stop over tomorrow sometime. Anytime is good for me, alright? I’d like to see you and you know I would. Oh, by the way, I also have a little information for you too. You just might like it too, okay?”

He said okay and on mid Sunday morning, around 10:30 or so, he went over to Angela’s house. They sat around and talked and oddly she made no outwardly move on him. He thought that was odd seeing as she always did something like that when together but that day she did nothing of the sort.

“You know I like you a lot, right?” Angela said. He said he knew she did, adding a smile as he said it. “Well, I know this young lady. I kind of know her well in fact. She’s a sweet and very pretty young woman too. I think you would kind of like her a lot, Spencer. She’s a teacher’s assistant right now who’s going through college, and she teaches in an elementary school somewhere near the college. I’ve known her almost all my life in fact. Like I said, she’s sweet, she’s very pretty too, and get this?” Angela added.

He asked what.

“She’s coming to town to visit our nice big city and I’ve invited her to stay with me. Now, she’s only 20 years old and I thought maybe you’d like you to meet her.”

“Why’s she staying with you?” he asked.

“Oh, because she’s my cousin on my dad’s side. She grew up out in the country and she’s always wanted to visit the bigger city. Seeing as this is a bigger city, I thought I’d jumped on it. Anyway, seeing as I like her, I invited her to stay with me for a few weeks.”

“Uhhh, so why are you telling me?” he asked.

“I thought maybe you’d like to meet her but can you do me a favor?” she asked.

He wasn’t so sure he wanted to say yes but seeing as he always really liked Angela, a lot, he gave in, and said yes. He knew he’d say yes to just about anything Angela wanted and so he went ahead and said it and asked when she was coming to town.

“She’s coming in on Thursday, maybe Friday. I don’t know for sure. I’ll show her around but if you can, you know, stop over later on, say around dinner time I can introduce the two of you.”

He said yes and asked her name. He wasn’t so sure about it but Angela assured him she was pretty. He hoped she was seeing as Angela was too but seeing as he knew Angela was, he wasn’t too concerned.

The week passed, he did his thing, and so did everyone else. Wednesday morning started out fine and out of nowhere he got the call.

“This is Spencer” he said.

“Hiiiii Spencer, do you recognize my voice?” the woman on the other end asked, softly.

It took him a minute as he tried recognizing the soft and gentle tones of her voice. At first he didn’t know who it was. He had to think about who it was. He couldn’t put a face to the voice.

“It’s Karen” she said. “How are you?”

“Ohhhhhhh hi there” he told her. “I’m doing well. How about you?”

They exchanged pleasantries but then she said “First of all, I have to apologize to you for what I did the other day. I still feel really, really bad about that.” Then she went silent while he waited. She finally added “I do want you to know I do like you and I do like you a lot too. I really do Spencer. I also want to tell you something else.”

In a rather kind tone of voice he asked “What’s that?”

“When I asked you to make love to me the other day well I meant that. I did. I really wanted it to happen in all honesty. I still do. When we were, you know, in my bedroom, well I started getting cold feet. I’m sorry that happened.”

He thought about her words and then said “Why, why’s that Karen?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because I’m a little in doubt of how I look. I don’t know.”

“Not me, Karen. I was never in doubt of that. I’m still not either” he told her, nicely.

He shut up and waited for her to say something. She spoke up. “I want to invite you over, again. I mean it this time too. I do. I really do, Spencer. That is if you want to of course.”

“When would you like me to come?” he asked.

His question actually surprised her. She was smiling as the silence built up. Her eyes lit up too. Her lips and the smile on them grew while the silence surrounded them and her heart filled with joy and excitement as Karen started gaining hope in her heart.

Thursday, she thought, still might be a success as far as she was concerned. “Thursday would be absolutely perfect” she ended up telling him.

He felt happy too but the day wasn’t going to work out at all. He was more then willing to accommodate her but he had to think about what his plans were. “I can’t meet with you on Thursday. I’ve already got plans tomorrow. I don’t know about Friday yet but Friday would be good.”

She didn’t want to wait until Friday. She knew that for sure. So Karen came back with “Well, how about tonight then? Would that work?”

He thought about it. Sure, he wasn’t doing anything with anyone he told himself. He had no plans so he made them. He made plans to be with Karen that night.

And I a happy tone of voice he said “Tonight is perfect Karen. What time?”

“In an hour” she said. Will that work?” she asked too anxiously.

“Uhhh well I do need to take a shower first but sure that would be great” he told her.

With that she went on to say “Ohhhhhh just bring your stuff over here. We can shower in my bathroom. How’s that sound? Sound good to you? It does to me.”

Her voice seemed changed he thought. He liked it too as she went on to add “You and me, we can shower together, play around a little too, and I promise you that you’ll have a magnificent time in the shower with me. That is if you want to of course. I’m know I’d like to do that with you if would.”

He was smiling at her suggestion. He loved the idea. As they were on the phone, he was already starting to pack some clothes for his adventure with Karen at her place.

“See you soon?” he said as he zipped up the bag.

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