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All the Teachers PT3

Young college student does former teachers

Ohhhhhhh god, I can’t believe how this feels she told herself while he held her shapely soft ass in his hands as they kissed. At the very same time, he pulled at her body elsewhere. She loved it. She adored how it felt to have her ass cheeks squeezed and pulled at like he was doing. It had to be the most delightful thing ever done to her.

She was embroiled in sensations she could not define and her breathing along with her thoughts ran off in a variety of directions not even she could understand. Oh god, what’s going on? Oh wow, oh lord he’s making me feel, whew oh wow, god he sure knows how to do this. Wow, god, wow he can kiss like a kind she kept on thinking as the warmth of the shower’s spray came down over them.

Her breasts were pushing up against his chest. She felt it too and loved how that felt as she moved closer and closer against him. Then she felt it once she pushed right into it.

Oh my fucking lord she told herself! What is he doing? That’s great, it’s awesome. He is a god. Oh yeah, he is a fucking god! Oh my god, he is soooo turning me on! I’m, I am so horny right now.

However, she stopped for a moment when his tongue eased out of his mouth and slipped inside hers. Karen never expected that. No, she did not.

She was an emotional wreck of sorts while everywhere in her body crashed all over and even her pussy wanted it and wanted him inside her body. She began moaning. She had already started “boiling” as Spencer went on to kiss Karen on her lips and did so more wildly then she had ever expected him to do so that afternoon.

She loved it. She absolutely adored how he felt as he held her body and ass and pulled her into his and in that period of time he squeezed her ass cheeks throughout it all. During it all, she felt her nipples get hard while they pushed up against his chest. She wanted him to do soooo much more then he had already done while they kissed, madly, but all of a sudden the kissing stopped.

She begged him not to stop. “Ohhhhhh god, don’t stop,” she said. “Please, oh god Spencer! Don’t stop! I soooo need you. I so need you to keep kissing me like that. Just keep doing what you’re doing! Keep kissing me! Keep holding me like you’ve been holding me! Just do it all the exact same way” she pleaded.

Her heart, her body, and more importantly her pussy felt it all. She was burning up. And it was all due to how he’d been kissing and holding her. She knew she needed so much more of what he’d been doing.

Seeing as how she’d said it, he swiftly pulled her in against him. Without missing a beat, she jumped at him instantly. Her lips were on his, consuming his, as she swallowed him feverishly. These two went right at one another as if nothing ever stopped at all.

Her hands and arms were all over him, feeling his back, feeling his ass, and also rubbing his chest while the water kept on spraying down on them. He didn’t have time to think about anything at all.

He knew it was his moms birthday, he told himself for some reason, but thanks to his dad he was let out of celebrating that to be with Karen. It didn’t matter much seeing as Karen was his main priority that day and not his mother. He knew that. Having this afternoon with Karen so far had been awesome. As far as he was concerned, Karen was incredible in a lot more ways then she knew.

God, she can kiss he told himself and man she sure has a great body he also thought.

It was that and then some, he found that he was thinking while kissing her and also tucking his hands inside her ass cheeks again. He loved doing that he found. They were so damn “edible” in a manner of speaking that he kept on holding them and squeezing them throughout the time they kissed. Her ass felt so damn good to him. It was so soft, so warm, and soooo incredibly sensuous he felt as the snuggled in the shower’s spray.

Finally, he told her “Whoa, now kissing you is like out of this world,” he told her as he smiled. “Do you know that?”

She also was all smiles and looked right back into his eyes. She knew it and held his body closely in her arms and hands. “Yes I do,” she replied and with that she kissed him again. “That’s only because how you’ve been kissing me Spencer. To be honest with you, I love it all. I mean that too. I love how you’ve kissed me and held me like you have.”

He was proud of what she’d said. “But I love holding you, Karen. I love how you feel. I love your body. I mean everything about you is well it’s incredibly spectacular.”

She couldn’t believe he’d said that and due to it she pulled at him she started to kiss him hard on the lips again. She didn’t stop either. It felt great to her. It was more then energizing, she thought as his hands went right back to taking hold of her body and especially her soft sensuous ass. She loved it once she began squeezing it again. ‘

That alone started to arouse her to no end.

He pulled her against him, again. She was quietly moaning once he did too. Her tits were rubbing up against his chest while he pulled her tightly into his body and while they kissed as well. She was into it all and Karen started moaning, as she kissed him endlessly, and found herself wrapping a leg around his waist.

That turned him on some as she did but she never stopped kissing him throughout it all.

He heard her moan and grunt every imaginable sound too and as she did, she found herself pushing into his body more and more. She needed it. She wanted it. She needed him.

So she told herself she needed a lot more then the shower at this point. She wanted to be in her bed and she wanted him to be there with her too. She wanted him to do things with her in bed she didn’t like doing in her shower she admitted.

“Oh god, I so, I soooo need you more then ever Spencer. I need you and I need you now,” she said in a quiet tone of voice. “I have to be with you. Let’s get out. Let’s go to my bedroom and do more then this. Ohhhhhh god, I want you. Please ohhh please take me to the bedroom, will you please?”

He bent over and right away he shut off the water. He reached out, through the curtains, and grabbed a couple towels. Before either knew it, they were in her bedroom, and before she knew it he was on top of her naked body. And he was smiling between kissing her lips and elsewhere.

He kissed her lips. He kissed her neck. He kissed her shoulders. And he kissed her boobs.

He kissed them a lot more too and she loved how it all felt as she moaned and cried out.

Yes, she loved it. However, she knew what she wanted. Karen wanted his cock inside her. She wanted to feel his hard cock sliding inside her pussy and she wanted to have an orgasm due to his loving ways. They kissed or he kissed lips and boobs. She felt it all and as she did, Karen would become hornier and hornier as he did his thing. Still, she wanted his hard cock inside her. She wanted her pussy aroused, swollen, and as hot and horny as she could get it at this point.

She reached down and took hold of it. While they kissed, she began to stroke him so that he’d get harder and harder. Before she got too much further, he slid away from her and Spencer went down on her. Initially, he started playing with her soft pussy’s lips, but soon enough he dove in and he put his fingers deep inside her cunt as he dove in and began fiddling around inside her getting Karen super horny.

Spencer went at her and he did not stop as he initially fingered her and then, eventually, went in head first. He licked her all over while telling himself how great she seemed to taste. He felt she had an amazing pussy. It tasted delicious or so he thought it did. Finally, he mounted her and placed himself inside her.

She instantly screamed out.

“Ohhhhhh fucking yes,” she cried out and added “yes oh fuck yes ohhh yes don’t fucking stop. Ohhhhhhh my fucking god, that is soooo so incredibly good baby!”

Having already mounted her and sliding his cock inside her, he knew how she felt simply by what she cried out again and again.

“Oh god yes, do it more, just keep doing that to me Spencer. Ohhh god, don’t stop don’t ever stop doing that. Ohhhhhh yeah, ohhh god yeah,” she kept on crying out. “Just keep fucking me baby. Like that oh yes oh yes ohhh fucking yes, yes!”

Her body moved with his as his arms cupped her from behind and he pushed inside her repeatedly as she cried out more and more.

Meanwhile, she pushed back at him and screamed out “Ohhhhhhh fuck, oh my fucking god yes that is soooo fucking good. Ohhh yes oh yes ohhh yes.”

Her body started reacting as she moved about each time he pumped himself into her. Her back arched, her body swiveled, and her legs reached up into the air. Eventually, she was wrapping her arms around his back, and so were her legs as she needed him on her as the two made love to one another.

She breathed harder and harder but cried out as she told him she wanted him forever. He did not mind. He loved doing it with her. Plus, he had all night long to do this with her.

With her legs and arms pulling him down on her, she kissed him and he happily kissed her back. That went on for minutes as she kept her legs and arms wrapped around him throughout it all.

He did stop it either, as he pushed down inside her and kept on fucking her soft and juicy cunt. Still, through it all she kept her arms and legs wrapped around him to that she felt more loved then she had ever felt in a long, long while.

Again, she kissed him hard and as she did she kissed him with her tongue doing its thing.

She couldn’t believe how good this day was so far.

He kept kissing her too. He also kept fucking her as well. She was great. Everything was great he thought as she held him, he fucked her, and the two never stopped kissing. He wrapped her up, putting his arms beneath her soft and shapely figure while they fucked. During it all, she could not believe how talented and how passionate a guy his age could be. Now that was amazing too.

She momentarily stopped kissing. “Ohhhhhhh my god yes oh yes ohhh fucking yes Spencer you are soooo awesome” she cried out.

He looked at her and then leaned in, kissing her on her lips and to her it felt more passionate then all the other for some reason. He only made her hornier or so she thought.

She couldn’t get enough of it all. She couldn’t get enough of him either. He was awesome she thought. This is awesome. He is soooo freaking incredible she thought. God, I don’t want this to ever end. I don’t ever want it to end. No oh god no, just keep fucking me how you’re fucking me. Don’t ever stop. Just, oh god, just keep fucking me.

On top of her and in her too, he did keep pumping her full of energy and mounting hormonal “juices.” She kept on fucking him back and both knew that they were having the time of their life as emotion appeared to be “passing” between one or the other throughout their friendly fuck-fest.

However, it was about to end.

“I’m, I’m going to cum” he suddenly blurted out.

“Huh, what, ohhh don’t,” she said. “Please don’t cum yet.” She went on to plead.

She clamped down on his body and it seemed as if she needed to hug him as she held him closely. “I’m feeling soooo,” but then she stopped a second. Then she said “I’m feeling soooo good right now. Don’t stop, don’t cum yet Spencer. Please don’t cum yet.”

But he pulled out anyway and took hold of his cock. Holding it in his hand, he exploded and did it all over her soft belly, tits, and it even splattered a little on her face. Regardless, she loved how it all felt even though she didn’t tell him.

She had already cum once but one time wasn’t good enough for her. She wanted to cum a lot more then just that one time and he knew she did too.

Shortly thereafter she said “Mmmmmm, this is soooo nice. I’m so glad you don’t have to leave.”

He smiled and pulled her body closer and then said “Me neither. I’m happy you and I could get together today. I’m happy that you want me to stay too.”

It felt as if he pulled her closer and cuddled her body and boobs. Once he did, she felt him caressing them just before he added “I want you to know how I feel and how I think about you Karen.” Again, he appeared to cuddle her more closely while adding “I think you are a very special woman. I mean that.”

“Me too,” she told him. “I mean I think you’re a really neat, neat guy as well. How you hold me, just like you are, mmmmmm it makes me feel extremely special” she added as she laid her hands on his arms which held her close to his body.

She was facing way from him, but a smile garnered it as the two cuddled afterward.

She could feel his breath on the back of her neck. She liked that too while they lay cuddled. He lowered one of his arms and caressed her belly as the two lay together. She liked that as well. The other hand, on her boob, began caressing her more and more. It was a turn on to her as he felt her soft nipples throughout it al. He loved how her nipples felt and told her. She smiled at his compliment and patted his hand once he told her.

Then Karen turned over. Smiling, she looked at him. “I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve had such a terrific time Spencer but being with you today and having sex with you like we did, well this has been terrific. You’re terrific. All of this has been incredibly terrific,” she went on to say. “I am so grateful and soooo happy. I feel like I could do this all night long and I feel like I could do it again and again and again.”

With that she held his cheeks in her hands and Karen kissed him warmly.

He looked at her once she did it and she looked right back at him. He was surprised by the kiss at first but he suddenly kissed her on the lips too. He did it again. She liked it too and before she knew it, he kissed her again.

Before she knew it, they were kissing a little more and a little more.

She stopped for a moment, telling him “Gosh, you sure know how to make a girl happy don’t you and I should add that you sure know how to turn a girl on too?”

“I turn you on by kissing you like I did?” he asked.

She nodded her head and said yes. She also told him it isn’t too hard to get her turned on.

“So what you’re telling me is if I get hard and uhhh you get turned on we could do this all over again?” he said.

“Probably” she replied and with that she winked at him.

So slowly he tried it out of curiosity. Initially, he kissed her but before he knew it she was grabbing his hand and lowering it down so that it was inside her legs.

“Ohhhhhh god, mmmmmm uh oooooohh ohhhhhh” she murmured as she then went on to murmur other mounting remarks.

Before he knew it, she was on her back, and spreading her legs apart.

“Ohhhhhhh god Spencer, I am soooo horny. I soooo want you again baby. Do you want me to suck you off or can you just go in me right now?”

She reached down and found his cock. It was not soft in the least. He was ready for her and Spencer smiled as he mounted her once again, He put his hard inside her.

Her eyes closed, her mouth and face winced up. All of a sudden he heard her say “Ohhhhhh fuck yes, ohhh yes baby yes!”
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