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All the Teachers PT4

Young lady wants to learn about sex with a friend of aunt
It had been one hell of a night. He walked out, of the bedroom, wearing a smile as he told himself how fun and enjoyable the night had been. Before he left he made sure he wrote her a note. He told her how terrific he thought the evening was. He also told her how gorgeous he thought she was and that he’d do what they’d done “a million times over” as he smiled. He wrote on the note that she was a sweet and wonderful woman.

After he signed his name, he quietly walked out, and headed home. That was around a quarter to two in the morning. He could “feel” her. He could feel all of her, seeing as his arm and hands were all over her while he drove home that night. A permanent smile existed on his face as he headed home. As he did, he’d breathe in as if “reliving” all the moments from the evening together.

“Mmmmmm, I loved being with you Karen,” he said aloud. “I got a feeling we’ll do that again too.”

He pulled in and shut off the car. He went inside, took off his shoes once he was in his room, and then he slipped off his pants. He couldn’t get that smile off his face. He still “felt” her all over as he lay on his side as he tried going to sleep.

There was no getting to sleep or so he felt like he couldn’t as he laid on his bed, even with his eyes closed, as he thought about her and their night together. He felt like he easily could go back over to her place and do it all over again and again. He smiled as felt Karen’s soft, shapely, and slightly thicker body all around him.

He did fall asleep, around three in the morning, and slept until around 10:45. His parents were already awake but left him alone while a few calls came in for him on his phone. He didn’t answer his cell phone right away but instead went to say hi to his parents, wishing his mom a happy birthday, and thanking his dad for his help regarding the night before.

“So you had a nice time, did you?” his mom asked.

“Yep, I had a great time mom.”

He went back upstairs and listened to his voice mails. There were two from Angela and one from another friend from college. Angela was asking when he was going to be coming over.

“Hi,” he said to Angela. “What exactly did you want me to do?”

She told him her cousin came into town. She needed some help. She had errands she had to run and a couple of meetings and she requested his help. She asked Spencer if he could show her around. Show her the college, show her the area, and take her to lunch if that was okay with him.

“Sure, I don’t mind,” he told her. “What does she like to do?”

“I really don’t know to be honest but maybe you two can find out?” Angela said.

“This is my cousin, Becki. Becki, this is a good friend of mine, Spencer.”

Becki was a slim but big chested young 18 year old who was looking at colleges and was going to spend the remainder of the month with Angela. With long silky hair and bright brown eyes along with a smile he liked, she appeared to be open to anything he thought as Angela readied herself to take care of her errands and meetings while Spencer spent the day entertaining her.

They talked. Things went well. Then the two left on a tour of the town. He did it all. He drove around, she listened, but it appeared to him she had some unusual curiosities.

“So do you have a girlfriend?” she said.

“Huh me?” he said. “Oh uhhh no” he told her.

She liked that but he didn’t see her smile when he replied to her question.

“I would think you do,” she told him. “I mean you’re a good looking guy. I think you are at least.”

He thought that was a strange remark but liked that she said it. “Well uhhh thank you.”

For whatever reason, as he drove, he looked over at her. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I did,” she said. “Not any longer. I mean, not with college coming up.”

They talked a little more about that and went to lunch. They talked, she asked questions about him and his personal life, and finally they ventured out to the college. They drove through it but as far as she was concerned she did not care about the college as much as she did about him and what he was into.

At about 4:30, he headed back to Angela’s place. He was going to drop her off but she still wasn’t home. Becki didn’t mind. She loved being alone with him. He was only a few years older, he was cute in her opinion, and she thought maybe he was possibly willing to goof around with her. She wasn’t sure of that but who knew for sure.

And as far as she knew, Angela was tied up until around 8pm.

“Care to order in?” she said.

She suggested pizza or to her it didn’t really matter.

“I’ll order,” he told her. “What do you like on your pizza?”

She told him, he ordered, and of course being the gentleman that he was he paid for it too. She really liked this guy. He was as sweet as ever. He appeared to be open to anything she thought. She talked and talked and he answered and answered. Everything was going really well. She was sprite and cute and for only an 18 year old girl, she was kind of sexy in her own way. Especially with all her adorable physical features he told himself and that did include her tits too.

He had to admit, for a girl as skinny and curvy as she was, she sure had a nice body. She sure had a set of really, really nice boobs too.

“I’ve got a question,” she said. “I mean, while were waiting and all. Do you think I have nice looking boobs?”

The question floored him. It caught him off guard. He never would have said a word about them seeing as she is Angela’s cousin. He wasn’t sure how to answer her.

“Uhhhhhh, I’m not sure uhhh how to answer your question” he replied.

She smiled, cupped her boobs without touching them at all, and looked down over them. “Do you think I have nice looking boobs?”

His eyes dropped. She was smiling when they did. He quickly looked at them but without delay looked right back into her eyes. Hell yes you have nice tits, he thought. I mean they are big and when I say big I mean big. They’re huge Becki.

She liked her tits. She always liked her tits. She knew they were big and she was proud of them too. She always wore a top which enhanced their features. Singlets or even tight sweaters, it didn’t matter because whatever she wore she always intended to enhance her body’s attributes.

“I guess so” he replied.

He watched her react and once she did he saw the huge smile increase even more.

“I like them too” she added.

All he did was nod his head.

“Guys always want to feel them” she went on to tell him.

“Hmmm, do they?” he asked.

“Yep, they sure do,” she said. “Do you? Would you like to touch my boobs too?”

He switched gears, promptly. “Soooo Becki, what do you want to major in?”

“Awwww, you don’t want to talk about me or umm my tits anymore? I’d show them to you, kind of if you wanted to see them. I mean I’d leave my bra on but you’d still be able to kind of see them better” she went on to say, without any reservations.

He felt warm, a lot warmer in fact as she sat across from him, and smiled right into his eyes. He felt as if he could easily do what she asked of him once he heard her tell him to do it.

Did he want to see her boobs? Hell yes he wanted to see them! Hell yes he wanted to touch all over as well! What guy wouldn’t? Her boobs were healthy. Her boobs were well rounded. Her boobs were easily two big ass tits he told himself. He knew he wanted to do more then see them.

He knew it for sure.

“No, I uh, I can’t do that Becki. I mean it. I’m, I’m not like that at all” he lied.

“Oh, sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to uhhh put you on the spot or anything. I’m sorry.”

“Ohhhhhh no, no that’s okay,” he said as he swiftly looked at them again. “It’s alright. I mean it. Girls will do that sometimes, I think.”

She giggled and said she understood. She was one of those girls. She knew it and he did too. He would happily do it with her. She wished he would. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. The pizza was there.

Thank god, he told himself.

They sat and ate and talked, a little, but he wished it was closet to eight in the evening. It was only six. He had two hours to kill but then she said something interesting.

“You know something. Did you know Angela’s going out of town next week?”

That surprised him. “Really, like for how many days?” he replied.

“I don’t know but I thought she told me like two days” she said answering him.

His brain was working overtime all of a sudden. Boobs, tits, and god knows what else he kept telling himself as he pictured her half or fully naked. Oh god, clean up your thoughts. Clean it up, Spencer.

Out of nowhere she added “Education.”

He shook his head. He blinked his eyes. He didn’t know what the hell she was talking about. “Huh, what do you mean?”

“I’m going into Education. I want to teach. I want to teach high school” she said.

Wow, he thought. Education, really he asked himself. Hearing that, he started thinking about all of them. Angela, Karen, and the other three teachers, one which he had sex with, but mainly they all had to do with getting that letter he needed for the program he was going to take for his degree. However, he started thinking about Karen. Oh yeah, Karen. Once he did, he smiled inside as he thought about how great the night had been.

“Cool,” he told her. “I bet you’ll be a great teacher.”

He looked at her chest again. She had a fine set of tits and she didn’t even see him look.

“Okay, I’ll admit it,” he said. “I’ll say this. You do have really nice boobs.”

He did not know why he told her but for whatever reason it had her smiling. In fact, she appeared to push them out a little so it seemed as though they were bigger. He liked it. She did not mind doing it either.

God, the girl has nice, nice tits he thought.

Angela finally came home. They all talked. Angela thanked him and the two hugged and Spencer headed home. Once home, he called her and asked her about her going out of town.

“Did Becki mention that?” she asked. He said yes. “Well yes, I am going out of town next week. Why do you ask?”

“Did you need help entertaining her?” he said.

“If she feels she does then yes I do, maybe.”

She did of course. Becki wanted to be “entertained” and she felt Spencer’s help would be perfect. Spencer agreed to it and he also agreed to spend the night at Angela’s. Hmmm, thought Angela. What would happen if he stayed over? She knew that answer and seeing as she did she had to live with it.

“Now Spencer, no funny business,” Angela told him before she patted his ass. “I know you and you know that I do. Be a good guy and please don’t fool around, okay?”

“Me, ohhh come on now. I would never do that” he teased.

Yes, she did know better but in this case she couldn’t be sure.

That day came. Spencer was spending the day at Angela’s place with her young 18 year cousin who was a cutie. That was the least of it all. He only thought about her body. He pictured her really nice skinny body that sported a nice, nice shape but maintained that excellent set of well-rounded tits. He couldn’t wait to go over for the next day or so.

Angela was gone already.

She was in shorts and she also wore a sweet looking, spaghetti strapped top.

Holy fucking shit, he thought. They are like huge! I mean fucking huge he told himself as he tried looking without her seeing him doing it.

Her smile was radiant. Her eyes were gleaming too. Her personality seemed to light her up and due to that it had him feeling happier as well.

“Hiiiii Spencer,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him. She appeared to be quite happy at his arrival as she offered him a big hug. “I am soooo glad you’re here.”

“Me too” he told her as he hugged her back.

“Mmmmm, you feel warm” she said.

“I do, really?” he replied.

“I think so” as she pulled away from him.

“Well, I will say this. You look marvelous today.”

“I do, honestly?” she said.

He looked right at them and she saw that he was looking down at her boobs. He smiled but not like she was smiling. She was prouder of her boobs then she’d ever let on in the past and her smile said so too.

“Soooo are you saying that you like my uhhh top?” she said.

“Oh uhhh sure, I uhhh love it. It’s awesome, it’s fantastic” he assured her.

“Does it make my boobs seem bigger?” she said.

“I’d say so” he told her.

Being a gracious host she offered him something to drink. He accepted and she disappeared into the kitchen while he waited in the main room. All of a sudden, she shouted as if something painful had occurred. She walked out, as if her shoulders and left front side of her were injured.

He immediately asked what had happened. She lied and told him she did not know but said she felt as if she hurt her shoulder and it hurt all the way down her front side. He told her to sit down on a chair, which she wanted him to tell her to do, and he’d rub her shoulders and wherever else she needed rubbing.

Once seated, she smiled while she waited for his hands to begin rubbing her.

“Ohhhhhh ahhhhh uhhh oooooohh,” she uttered. “Ohhh that feels soooo good, Spencer. Mmmmmm ohhh ohhhhhh yeah, right there ohhhhhh right there too, and there” she went on to tell him.

That’s when she pointed to the front of her, down by her one side near her breast. He watched himself, carefully, as he rubbed but did not touch the boob. Nope, he was not going to touch her boob. Uh uhhh, he wasn’t going to do it although he really wanted to.

“Oh gosh, mmmmmm that feels soooo good,” she said. “It even hurts down around my tit too but I suppose you won’t rub that, will you?”

He didn’t say yes. He didn’t say no. But he’d thought about it. Yes he did. Ohhhhhh did he ever as he rubbed her shoulders, the front of her chest, and right above her boob. It drew him in as if it were a magnet. He wanted to lean over and put both hands right on top of each one of them.

Yes, he did.

“Do you know how hot you look in that top, Becki?” he said.

“I do, really?” she replied.

“Yeah, I mean it too” he said.

He kept on rubbing her shoulders as he “studied” her tits while he stood over her. She kept on murmuring as he rubbed her down. They were big and round and so damn fine looking he kept on telling himself.

“Have you ever had sex with a girl, Spencer?” she asked out of nowhere.

He stopped rubbing her shoulders. “Huh, uhhhhhh sure uh sure I have” he said.

“Do you think I’m pretty enough to have sex with too?” she asked.

She then turned around wearing a smile on her lips. Spencer started tingling once he heard her ask the question. His answer was hell yes. That’s what he’d tell her.

“So, am I?” she said again.

“Becki, you already know the answer to that question” he told her.

“Does that mean you’d have sex with me too?” she said.

“Ohhhhhh god,” he said as she shook his head. She saw him shake his head and close his eyes. “Nooooo, no I won’t Becki. I mean you are pretty. You have a really sweet body too but Becki I just can’t and won’t do it with you.”

She turned around some more and stared at him. She looked him hard in the eye too. “You are a nice looking guy, Spencer. You really are. I wouldn’t do anything you don’t want to do. Honestly, I wouldn’t. All I want is to, you know, get naked with a guy in a bed, and well play around a little. That’s all,” she told him. “All I want is for you and me to you know play around.”

“God darn it all, Becki,” he said. “You are making me horny and I mean you are making me really horny too.”

She looked down, at his crotch, and then she looked back into his eyes. She smiled and then looked back down into his crotch again. “Let’s do this, okay? We can go to my room and lie down and get a little undressed and let’s just see how everything goes, alright?”

Her tits stared tight back up at him. Her sweet slightly younger face did too and all he wanted was to lay down with her, kiss her madly, and kiss her body everywhere. He knew it. His body burned for it. He wished he could tell her too.

“I know I want you, Becki but I can’t. I just can not do this.” With that he closed his eyes and shook his head wanting her more and more.

With his eyes closed, he felt something, her hand, rubbing his crotch. Now that felt fucking great but seeing as he told himself he would not do anything with her, he jumped away from her.

“What’s wrong?” she said. “Didn’t you like me doing that?”

He loved it and he knew he loved it too but he shook his head and told her no he didn’t.

She pulled off her top, exposing her boobs, and she told him to feel them whenever he wanted to feel them.

“You can feel them whenever you want to, okay?” she said.

He stood frozen as she stared at her “mammoth” looking tits and she smiled too.

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