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All the Teachers

College student has needs and needs endorsments from teachers so fucks the teachers to get it
How’d this happen, she asked herself as she lay naked beside the younger man. Ohhh my god, I can’t believe I did this she told herself while his warm and seemingly muscular arms wrapped her up. Regardless, she felt more loved then ever in her life as he held her affectionately against his body.

She went on and thought about it all. Oh god, the guy kissed me like I was a princess. I mean it too. He kissed me soooo passionately she thought as she lay back against him. Regardless, she couldn’t see his face at all. Then she thought about it some more. Would I do this again with him? She closed her eyes. Ohhhhhh yeah, mmmmmm yes I would she thought as she smiled. I’d do it again. I can’t I’m saying this but I’d do it again with him. Then she raised her hands and affectionately felt his arms and hands which were cradling her body against his.

“Mmmmm, you feel nice” she told him.” She felt his body and heard his soft breathing as he held her in his arms. “Do you know how wonderful a lover you are?” she asked. “You have to be one of the most terrific lovers I’ve uhhh ever been with,” she added. “I mean that too.”

He smiled as he held her and thought about her words for a moment. Then Spencer said “Really, do you mean that?” It appeared to feel as if he pulled her naked body closer. She felt so soft and soooo wonderful that he held her closely. Then he said “To be honest with you, I thought you were the one who was a great lover. I mean that too.”

She said something nice and sweet as she held his arms or hands as gently as she could. As she did, Angela could feel his soft, limp cock rubbing her ass ever so lightly. It seemed to “caress” it just around the split of her ass. As it occurred, she’d smile and wondered what that would be like. She smiled knowing she loved him and his body, especially his cock too. Angela closed her eyes. Then Angela began recalling how it all felt especially when he was inside her.

Angela recalled how it felt once his hard cock went deep inside her and they fucked.

He didn’t do it nastily. He didn’t do anything too hard either. He simply went in slow and Spencer just did his thing. He fucked her slowly. He fucked her affectionately. He fucked her softly. Spencer seemed to do it all correctly. And somehow he got the job done right. Telling herself that she didn’t care if he was a lot younger then her, she found that holding his arms in that loving warm manner and him laying there letting her do so was special. He made her feel really special indeed.

That’s when, while she lay against him, she recalled how as they made love she stroked his cock. She recalled how she’d gotten it hard and horny and finally he’d mounted her as his hands moved about her body. She remembered feeling it going in her. And she recalled how she felt as the two made love that afternoon. Yes, she remembered it all. She smiled as she handled his manhood. Using her fingers at first she recalled palming it and stroking his softness.

Yes, she thought as she remembered how it all went. She pictured it all as she went down on him and eased her lips and finally her mouth as she swallowed him up. She even saw it come out of his mouth. When he came on her, she thought. That was soooo perfect.

Boy was he good or was he good she asked herself as she smiled again.

Angela Tyson never looked her age. She’d always been viewed as a much younger lady. She’d always been viewed as if she was a five years younger then she was. In addition to that some even considered her a very naïve woman too. But she wasn’t as naïve as some thought she was. She was 28 years old at this point. Being with Spencer, who lived six doors down from her, she wasn’t someone who’d run out and scream off the rooftops about what had happened. She knew she wouldn’t and couldn’t do that. But what had happened, well what they’d done, that was a marvelous day to her nonetheless. Making love to Spence was an event in which she was more then happy about.

In her opinion, he was an extraordinary lover she thought. He held her closely. He held her warmly too. Spencer could kiss like no one she ever knew Angela thought. Wow, could he she told herself again. And his hands she recalled repeatedly as she remembered it all. Wow, his hands were out of this world she told herself.

His hands were all over my body. He handled me like he was a male gigolo or something.

She smiled again as he held her and breathed lightly on the back of her neck.

I don’t know about him but how I felt, as we kissed, well that felt glorious she thought. Maybe making love to him despite that he’s only 22 years old and a senior in college wasn’t something I’d do on a daily basis but this guy is one special guy.

Neither said a word for a while afterward. Silence seemed to encase the room while they lay side by side. She felt his lean strong body against hers as the air moved about her She noticed that the sun was out. The day felt perfect. She saw the sun through the blinds and once she noticed it, she smiled happily.

She loved it all. He was so affectionate as he kept on pulling her against his body. She absolutely loved it felt and Angela never once tried moving away.

Finally, she broke the silence. “I love how you feel Spencer.”

“Do you?” he asked.

“Is that so hard to believe?” she asked. She turned over and smiled warmly into his eyes and once she did she added, while nodding “I do. I really do.” That’s when she pulled up against him and added, softly “I know I’m older then you but as we made love I felt as though I was making love to a much more experienced man.” She smiled again and leaned in to him and kissed his lips.

Afterward, she quietly asked, “Is that even possible?”

He stared at her. As he did, he shrugged his shoulders. It was a great compliment. He knew that of course and Spencer felt really good about it all. She remained there, affectionately, as she looked at him, and his naked body.

He looked at her and her naked body too and once he looked back into her eyes he smiled warmly into her eyes. He thought about what she’d said and as he did, he looked down at her boobs and body again.

Finally, after some thought, he said, “I know I can be good in bed, or I think I can be, but I’m not sure what to say to what you just said. I mean, doing this with you, what we did today, well it was a great experience.”

She gazed into his eyes, sweetly, and as she did she smiled that naïve like soft and gentle smile of hers. He knew he loved that look. Her eyes, her cheeks, and her lips appeared soooo fragile and young looking he told himself that it was hard to believe she was a 28 year old woman. Slim and slightly busty, she was an every man’s woman he thought.

She put her arms around him and unexpectedly gave him a loving like hug. Spencer loved how she felt and smiled. He felt as if he was the one who was “naïve” and inexperienced but was he, he wondered?

Here he was, in her home, and Angela and Spencer laid naked in her bed. To him, it all felt right too. This truly felt natural he thought. Being with her, like he was, felt as if it was meant to be as he cuddled with her.

Having had sex, or was it making love to her, wasn’t ever his original goal. But it what did happen just seemed to happen evolve out of nowhere. And it was worth the time and all the effort in the world to him. For whatever it was worth, she was more then grateful towards him for being there that afternoon.

“Two things Spencer,” she went on to add as they remained naked and holding one another intimately. “I do understand what you want.” From there she looked down at his slim but nicely defined slender body and then stared she stared into his eyes. She touched his soft lips with her fingers and finally, before she said what she was about to say, she ran a finger down over his chest. “I know I can help you out but remember I’m only saying I think I can help you, okay? I’m not guaranteeing anything. That portion of it all is up to you of course.”

He nodded and listened carefully.

Still smiling while touching him here and there she went on to add “How you kissed me, how we kissed, how you held and touched me as we made love, and especially how we were in bed together today well that is all up to you.”

She touched his chest again and added “If and when you are with these women I’m going to suggest to you that you impress upon them how great a lover you can be. If they know that, if they know how great a lover you are then you will easily get what you need.”

Again, she stopped and touched his chest. Then she added “I know you’ll be a great lover to whomever you’re with. I know that for sure although I’m not so sure I’m ready to share you.” She stopped and giggled playfully. “You’ll easily get what you need to get.”

She tenderly rubbed his cheek and lips adding “And personally speaking, I think you are one of the best lovers a woman is ever going to have, alright?”

He was proud of what he’d heard. He looked at her and smiled, happily. Right away, he felt a lot better about everything and it looked like she felt good too. Angela took Spencer in her arms and held him warmly as she whispered something in his ear.

“I want us to do this again. Will we do this again?”

He was surprised by what she’d asked and pulled away. “You mean that, really? Of course we can, Angela. I’d love to.”

“Of course I mean that” she said, reassuring him and kissing his cheek. Then she added “I mean that wholeheartedly.” Once she said that to him, she reached down and before he knew it she began feeling his soft, limp, and warm dangling cock with her fingers. He loved it. She added “Ohhh, that is soooo beautiful and soooo invigorating to me.”

She felt it some more as she leaned in and kissed his lips.

He kissed her back but before too much time evaporated he wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her in against him. Before too much time passed, she was on him again. And the two were kissing passionately, and Spencer held her closely as he felt her youthful like flesh beneath the palms of his hands.

Later, in the kitchen, they sat happy, and half dressed. She rubbed his back as she passed a sheet of paper towards him. “Here’s that list of teachers I told you about. Now maybe a couple of them will do what you need them to do” she told him.

She gave him the list but without any profiles on them. He wondered about that a little but didn’t worry about it too much. He only wished he had them but he could work around it he told himself. He read the names off out loud and as he did he looked at her.

“Who’s this?” he asked.

“Oh she’s a new teacher there. I met her once. She’s really nice and very, very sweet. I thought maybe you’d like to meet her and talk to her too. Like I said, I’ve met her and from what I recall, she came on a year after you graduated.”

He looked over her name as she went on to say, “I think she’s about 25 now. She’s a very pretty young lady and I’ll say this also. She’s as sweet as they come, Spencer. But I don’t know anything else about her personal life.”

He looked at the rest of the list and knew the others on it but he wasn’t so sure about them he told himself.

Then Angela added, “Oh and one other thing you may need to know. Like I said, this one is really, really pretty, but I will point out that she’s a little on the pudgy side. Not much mind you but maybe it’ll make it all a little more fun throughout the evening. That is of course if you decide to go that route but that’s up to you to decide.”

Eventually, he left. Of course, all the “formalities” before he’d left seemed to follow as Spencer hugged and kissed her in a loving like manner. He thanked her and she happily thanked him also. She told him she was the one who felt a deep gratitude inside seeing as he was the one who’d made love to her once he came over.

Nonetheless, profiles on them were done up and she emailed them to him for his review. For him, everything began to work out well although he already knew most the teachers to start off with.

Later on that week, somehow, they found time to make love again. It was awesome. Even he felt it was as they held one another, while kissing ardently, and soon enough having sex with her to finish it all off.

At the very least, to her, it was exotic and fulfilling as ever. He kissed like a pro. He took her in his arms. And he touched her all over as they kissed and made love all over. Kissing Angela, to him, was like nothing he’d ever experienced in his life. Having passionate sex, with her, was like nothing he’d ever experienced before.

“Whew, how did you get to be such a great lover Spencer?” she asked.

“I don’t know” he told her in all honesty. “I guess it comes naturally?”

“I don’t know either but regardless I sure love how you work me” she said, merrily.

Afterward, they went over the profiles she’d made up. She even grabbed pictures of them she was so thorough. Although he was only 22, he’d been around that school long enough in the past that he’d known most the teachers already.

She told him to get in touch with them and he went on to ask “Should they know what my plans are? I mean what if I’m shot down?”

“If they shoot you down, it’ll be their loss. Move on, don’t worry about it. If I know you, which I do I think, you’ll figure a way around it all. I know them too well. They’ll figure it all out and we both know how great a lover you are so don’t worry.”

She leaned in and kissed his cheek while touching his hand. “Making love to a woman is something you do very, very well Spencer. Once you connect with them, make your move. Do your thing, alright? Oh and one more thing” she went on to say as she took hold of his hand in hers. “Don’t ever forget who got you started.”

Angela smiled and hugged him warmly. Then he got up and left.

He sat down and “set up” his appointments. He decided his first one would be that newest and youngest teacher. He looked over profile. He liked that she was pretty but wished there was a full body picture of her. He went on line and found a couple pictures of her. Yeah, he told himself. She’s pretty he thought. Yep, she was really pretty actually. Okay, so what if she was a little pudgy?

He did not care. He liked her angelic like face. She seemed sweet. She seemed like a kind and hopefully caring soul. He didn’t know but he called her up anyway and asked for a meeting. He set up an appointment to meet with her and eventually went in.

She welcomed him to the school and he confirmed, to himself, that she was pretty like in her pictures he’d seen. Yes, she was a tad on the pudgy side, but not enough that it mattered. She still had girlish like looks he thought. He adored that about her.

“Now how is it I can help you, Spencer?”

He explained his predicament. She listened as he explained himself and as he did he looked directly at her. He never took his eyes off her at all. Once and a while, he compliment something about her or her office.

Then he said it. He finally added what he felt he needed to add. “And I am more then willing to do anything, and I mean anything whatsoever, to get to all this accomplished.”

She nodded as she listened and considered what he’d said. He didn’t know for sure what to make of it all seeing as he didn’t know her but then he repeated himself again. “And by anything I do mean anything, Ms. Walker.”

He smiled a genuine like smile and offered her a sweet looking smile as he looked into her eyes the whole time. He appeared to give her a very innocent gaze as he answered questions with a simple yes or no.

He tried explaining himself in detail while she paid close attention to him. Oddly, she looked his body over, and oddly he didn’t even see her do that. Regardless, she was truly impressed by what he’d presented.

“However, the one main problem you’re having here is that your grades aren’t up to par. Is that correct?” she asked and he said yes. She went on to say “Hmmm, so by me giving you an endorsement, even though we don’t know one another at all, you want me to write you a letter of recommendation? Is that correct?”

“Well no, not exactly” he told her. “I’m looking for an endorsement for my project I’m trying to get involved with” he added. Then he added, as he smiled modestly “And again Ms. Walker, I am more then willing to do anything that you need to assist in getting that done. I mean that too.”

She offered him one of her “professional” smiles and said “Spencer, allow me a day or two to think about this.” Then she said “By the way, who else have you asked?”

Being the honest person he was, he told her the truth, but added that she was his first request. He also openly admitted that hadn’t spoken to any of the other teachers yet. For whatever reason, that impressed her.

That following Saturday, he was at the mall with his dad and the two were shopping for his mom’s birthday. They each had to find something. They knew that of course but he got “diverted” due to someone he’d seen. He slowed down and of course so did his dad.

“Is everything okay?” his dad asked, said.

Spencer had to lie and said yes as he watched her while she walked into a woman’s store. His eyes followed her in. Finally he asked “Dad does mom like womanly things, you know, like uhhh maybe girlish stuff?”

His dad said yes but didn’t know what Spencer was leading up to. Spencer went on to say “Dad, let’s split up for a while. I’ll meet you at the entrance in say about an hour. How’s that sound? I wanna go look at something. You go look at whatever you want, okay?” he went on to say.

They split up. Spencer headed into the store where Karen Walker was. It was a lingerie store and he felt a little uncomfortable in it, at first. He looked around but didn’t see Karen in it and wasn’t sure she was still there. He was sure he saw her come in but where was she he asked himself.

“May I help you?” a nice looking young girl said.
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