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Allie's Birthday Present, the Conclusion

Aliie gets her big birthday present
Wednesday Evening (your birthday)

The day passes achingly slowly. You work retail and your sex-addled brain considers the masturbation potential of every item. You’re very creative and your need makes you fantasize about being spanked, penetrated, clamped, bound, and made to suck on a surprising array of objects. In the quieter moments, you try to imagine what’s in the gold box. You know it’ll be sexy, and can picture a lot of things that you hope and fear are in there, ruling some out due to size, but the very process is just making your condition worse. You make several slips during the day, accidentally referring to “penis sharpener”, a “nice silky slit to go under your skirt”, “binder clits”, and, the worst, “a box of chocolate dildos (ding-dongs)”, the outrage of the mother with her two young kids, making you certain you’ll lose your job for that last one.

Amazed you didn’t get fired, you punch out quickly and almost literally run for your car. You race home and see the box where you left it, just sitting there, taunting you. No one is there so you decide to take another shower to wash the feeling of work off and cool yourself off a bit before you explode, although the shower head could really feel good if you just…realizing no good can come from that, you try to focus on rinsing off and getting a good close shave, suspicious that, whatever the evening holds, it will be on video and you want to look your best.

Drying off and donning your robe, you head downstairs again to see what’s in the gold box. Your stomach drops and your pussy clenches when you see him sitting there again. Well-dressed as always, he’s wearing a black shirt and slacks. His dark hair and dark eyes make him look a very devilish kind of handsome. Feeling very under-dressed and unkempt in your robe, you look down at the floor.

“Happy Birthday, Allie,” he purrs, his voice dark and sensual, reminding you somehow of soft leather.


You find that you’re looking around, and realize that you were hoping he’d be bringing Kate tonight. You feel a squeeze inside as you think about her and how she made you feel yesterday, hoping that, someday, you’ll get to play with her again.

“Are you ready for the gold box?”

“Um, I think so,” you say to the floor.

“We’ll see,” he says around his sly smile.

You‘re worried now and your hands are shaking a bit as you pull the ends of the bow. You take a deep fortifying breath and open the box. Inside, there’s another note and, underneath, the blindfold and wrist restraints from yesterday. You are a little disappointed at the repeat gift and it clearly shows on your face.

“Read the card,” he says, letting you know he expected this reaction.

You finger the card for a moment before opening it.

Your main present tonight is to fulfill what is your greatest wish right now. I know I’ve had you on edge a long time, but very soon, you wish will cum true. You’ve been a good girl and so richly deserve it. You can signal that you are ready by putting these on and lying on the table.

Happy Birthday.

You ponder this a bit, wondering at the simplicity of it, and knowing full well that he would never misspell a word by accident. You are excited about the surprises he almost certainly has in store for you tonight but are conflicted. Your need is strong, but to strip and bind yourself is not something you’re sure you can do.

Sensing your conflict he says, “I see some resistance Allie, do you want your present?”

You nod vigorously.

“Do you trust me?”

You nod again, more uncertain at first but accelerating as you know you do.

“Do you need some help?” he says now, almost mocking.

You nod a third time, blushing and feeling a little weak that you can’t do as he asks, even to satisfy your now desperate need to cum.

He flows from his seat and around the counter, his movements easy and elegant. Gliding around behind you, he strokes down your arms. Leaning in and breathing against the back of your neck he whispers, “You’re going to like your surprise. You know I love how I make you feel but this…..this is going to be very special.

Are you wet Allie?”

His hot breath on your neck is resonating in your pussy, each sentence causing you to clench.

His hands are moving against your sides, not quite touching your breasts or your ass, but following your curves over the silky fabric.

“Mmm hmmm,” you manage, blushing.

“And you’ve been wet for a few days now, haven’t you?”

His hands roam now over your ass, smoothing the fabric down before cupping and lifting the cheeks.

“Yes.” Glowing red from the flush on your face.

“You probably need to cum pretty bad right now, don’t you?”

His hot breath on your neck is driving you crazy, his hands, pulling your hips back against him, just making the need worse.

“You know I’m going to tie you up before you get fucked, don’t you?” He pulls your hips back against what you notice is a very hard bulge in his pants for emphasis on the word.

“Y-yes,” you answer, a little more breathlessly

“Do you want that?” he asks again, moving your hips back and forth against him

“Yes,” you answer again

“Do you need it?


“Tell me what you want.” 

“I want you to fuck me.”


“I want you to fuck me.”


“Gawd, I want you to FUCK me.” You’re grinding against him now, the talk, his breath, his hands, his bulge, all giving you vivid images to work with.

He lifts his hands to your collarbone and pulls down the collar of the robe. Planting a small kiss there that sends shivers down your spine to explode down below, he pulls the robe over your shoulders.

“We’ll see Allie, we’ll see.”

Your robe flutters to the floor, leaving you naked in the light of the room.


He smacks your ass, leaving a hot hand print and orders you to lie on the table.

You’re in his control now and you know it. You obey quickly, wanting to do anything you can to please him and to make him give in.

“Give me your hands,” he commands. His voice is not harsh, rather soft and confident, but there is no doubt that this is not a question.

You raise your hands and he clicks the handcuff-on-a-rope things in place.

“See? That wasn’t so hard,” he taunts as he pulls your hands onto your tummy by the ropes.

“Now, let’s just get ready…” you feel tension on your right wrist and then feel him lifting your left leg. You feel him tying the rope around your left ankle and cinching it up against your hand. Repeating this on the side, your wrists are each tied to the opposite ankle. Pulling the straps tight, you realize that this leaves you very effectively bound—you can’t bend in such a way that would let you touch your nipples or your pussy, and your feet are up in the air with your knees bent outwards, displaying your slit in the rough “o” formed by your crossed legs. Your sex is open and accessible and there’s not much that you can do about it.

He puts the blindfold on and the room disappearing into blackness. You feel the light of the room on your body but feel somehow more exposed with your vision blocked.

“Can’t I see you tonight?” you complain.

“No Allie, it’s all part of the surprise." 

"Now, have you been a good girl?” he asks.

“Uh-huh," you moan. 

“Hmm, too bad,” he says, clearly disappointed that he won’t get to punish you this time.

Reaching down, he runs his finger along you slit, causing you to shiver. “Hmmmm, not quite wet enough,” he assesses.

You wonder how that can be, you’ve been basically gushing for two days now.

“I’m not sure that things are quite ready yet, so you’ll just have to hang out here for a bit. But don’t worry, I’ll leave you something to keep you amused.” With alarm, you hear the familiar sound of your vibrator being switched on.

“Oh Gawd no, please, please, PLEASE just fuck me,” you protest

“Shhhhh, everything in its time, Allie.”

He lowers the vibe to rest against your slit and then lets it go. The vibrations are maddening. Not quite on your clit, not inside, just humming between your lips. You move, trying alternately to get more contact and to get away from it, not being successful with either.

Snapping his fingers he exclaims “Oh, I almost forgot,” and rummages for a moment.

“Here,” he says as he puts ear muffs on you.

Your hearing and vision blocked, you know nothing of the room other than the hard table on your back, the feeling of the light on your skin, the maddening vibration between your lips, and your need.

After an eternity of enduring the maddening tease of the vibe, it suddenly stops and is lifted away. You whimper in a combination of frustration, need, and relief. He removes your earmuffs, allowing you to hear the rustle of his clothes as moves around the table, your sense of hearing so much more sensitive for having been blocked.

“I can see that you’re ready for your present, Allie.”

“Gawd yes,” you reply eagerly. 

“Now what do you want of for your birthday?”

“I want to cum,” you ask simply.

“I’ll bet you do, but that’s hardly the way to ask.”

“Please please please, let me cum, I need it so bad,” you beg, your need overcoming your normal reservations.

“…and how would you like to cum?” he purrs. 

“However you want me to,” you really don’t care at this point.

“Oh, I’m not letting you off that easily, Allie. If you can’t tell me what you want, maybe I should just go,” you hear him standing and turning for the door.

“Fuck me!” you blurt out, sounding every bit the horny slut that you feel right now.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

“Dear Gawd, fuck me! I want to be fucked, I want to be filled, I want to feel your cock so deep inside me. Pleeeease, I’ll do anything, just please, for the love of god, JUST FUCK ME!”

“Mmmm, that’s better. Now spread your legs, Allie,” he says, his smile quite evident.

You spread them as far as your bonds will allow, wanting to please him so that you can finally cum.

“Now ask me again,” his voice moving from your head to your feet as he walks around the table.

“Fuck, please fuck me, just fuck me, Oh Gawd, I need my wet pussy fucked so bad,” you’re shouting it, begging. The need to be filled is all you know at this moment, feeling like the only thing you’ve ever wanted.

“Well, if that’s what you want most, I’ll see what I can do,” he taunts back, his voice coming from below your feet.

You feel your ankles being lifted, coming to rest on his shoulders. Your arms are pulled taught with his hands holding your legs against him. You feel his gaze on your needy dripping sex—so exposed, so ripe, so ready.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, gawd I want you inside me, I need it so bad, pleeeease.”

Finally, you feel the unmistakable hot velvety feel of a cock head make contact with your pussy, causing you to moan. “Oh Gawd.”

The anticipation is almost too much, having it so close. He rubs it up and down your slit, covering it in your moisture, driving you insane.

Your mouth is spouting a string of profanities that would make a sailor blush as you beg, order, plead, and moan about what you want. You’re barely aware of it, your world consisting of little more than your throbbing pussy and the cock it so desperately needs.

You feel the head come to rest at your opening, just sitting there as you try to move to get more of it inside.

“No cumming until I say so, right, Allie?” the voice coming from just beyond your ankles.

You bite you lip, not sure if you’ll be able to comply, and nod, knowing this is the only way to get what you want.

“Yes, yesyesyesyes, whatever you want, just fuck me now.

The head opens you as it slides easily inside and you quiver and clench around it. Inch by inch, it fills you, letting you feel it as travels to your bottom. Reaching the limit, it grinds there for a minute and the feeling is so intense, you almost lose it.

The cock pulls back and you whimper at the emptiness it leaves behind, before filling you again.

The pace is maddeningly slow but increasing. You’re shaking, your whole body reacting to it. By the time it reaches a moderate pace, your moaning has changed to an uncharacteristic series of grunts, moans, and phrases like, “Oh Gawd”, “Yeah fuck me”, “Fuck that pussy”, “Fuck, I love your cock”. You have little sense of anything outside of the glorious fucking and the edge you can’t let yourself fall over. Your dirty talk changes back to begging as you’re starting losing control; your body convulsing on the very edge.

“Cum for me, Allie,” you hear his soft supple voice in your ear.

You explode instantly, your vision filling with stars, your body wracking and bucking with the pleasure flooding through it. It starts deep inside and causes everything to vibrate and then liquefy into warmth. You’ve stopped breathing and you feel yourself blacking out as the pent up frustration resolves into literally mind-numbing pleasure.

As the first explosion subsides, another goes off, and another, and another as the cock continues to thrust in and out, setting off aftershock after aftershock.

Finally, you feel it explode hot and wet inside you, setting off yet another orgasm.

Your breathing is ragged and your skin is exquisitely sensitive. Every molecule of air, every movement registers on your hot naked flesh. You’re still shaking a bit, your body still recovering as you lie on the table.

His voice comes soft and sexy in your ear saying, “Happy Birthday, Allie”.

Your conscious mind finally kicks in and alarm runs through you realizing that his head can’t be in your ear if your ankles are on his shoulders. You try to sit up but your bonds, the cock softening, but still inside you, and the hands of who-knows-who holding you in place.

“WHAT THE F—“ you start, when he pulls off the blindfold.

Your eyes are blinded by the sudden light. As they adjust, you look down at your feet and it takes you a moment to process what you’re seeing. It’s your online lover Stu, beaming down at you, looking happy, if a little sweaty. You’ve seen his face so many times, but never in the flesh and you finally understand that he’s really here and that it was he who just fucked you so well.

Just as you understand that Stu is your real present and start to smile back, you’re jolted by a very loud, “SURPRISE!!!” from all around the room.

You look around in panic again, very aware that you’re naked, bound, and full of cock in front of a large group. “Oh my GAWD!!!” you shout as the group applauds and closes around your body.

Your head whips around to look at the man who set this all up.

“They’ve been here from the beginning,” he laughs, “that’s why I wanted to be sure you had the blindfold on. Took some work to get Stu down here though." He’s clearly pleased at how it all worked out.

As you look around, you see familiar faces—friends from online and off, men and women, all people you know. Stu unties your bonds while your body flushes hotly from embarrassment.

“Do you like your present?” he asks. 

“Fuck YES!!!” you say, surprising even yourself with your enthusiasm.

You hear giggles and chuckles from around the room. As you look around to identify who’s here, your eyes make contact and are stuck fast by Kate’s beautiful green eyes. She smiles broadly at you and waves a double-dildo in the air, announcing to the group, “I get her next!”

The group moves in, words of encouragement like, “wow that was hot” and “I didn’t know you were so sexy”, and “loved the video”.

Stu starts to move his cock again as a plethora of hands, lips, and tongues move in to touch and caress every inch of your body. Closing your eyes, you surrender yourself completely to your pleasure.

Happy Birthday, Allie!

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