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Ally's Travels

Who knew Allie's business trip would get her so busy!
Ally sat in one of the airports many cafes eating a cinnamon bun and browsing the internet. As she finished the cinnamon bun, a handsome man, sits at her table.

"Hey sexy."

"Darrell Turner? From Tremor High?"

"That's me babe."

"Oh my God! How you been?"

"Life's been good in certain aspects."

"Wow, so how's your sex life been?"

"Damn, Ally after having sex with you in the janitor's closet on prom night, I can't find any other woman that knows how to give me the pleasure you did."

"Awww... I'm sorry to hear that."

"Don't sweat it, I'll find someone better than you." he teased

"Asshole." she teased  back.

"Well I gotta go. If I don't get to the gate, Jen's gonna kill me. It was great meeting you again."

Ally stretched her arms for a hug. Darrell grabbed her waist and kissed her. Ally was shocked then she felt comfortable in his embrace and the scent of his cologne. They stood there lost in each other until a security guard told them to move along.

"I'm so sorry Ally, I don't know what came over me."

"Sorry for what? I loved it. Well now since you started it, I'm gonna finish it!"

Darrell saw that spark, that gleam in her eye that made him have sex with her last time. She took his hand and led him into a unisex bathroom. Ally pulled him in, locked the door, and smiled like a devil. She slowly unzipped her skirt, pulling it down while moving her hips, revealing a red thong. She stepped out of her skirt and started unbuttoning her shirt. She slid out of it, showing off her matching bra and 38C breasts. She slid out of her panties exposing a neatly shaved pussy and undid her bra.

"You like what you see?"

"Damn Ally you've fucking grown!!"

"Now let's see what you've got."

Ally unbuckled his pants and set free the biggest cock she had ever seen.

"Wow!! Darrell your huge! Your like freaking 10 inches and as thick as my wrist!"

Ally removed his shirt and took off his jeans and boxers.

"You ready?"

Ally started to stroke his massive cock slowly, going up and down his shaft. Darrell exhaled in pleasure. Ally started to lick the head of his cock, going circles over it with her tongue. She took some into her mouth, gently nibbling it. She started taking more and more in. Soon she was deepthroating Darrell's massive dick, taking it all in while fondling his balls. Darrell moaned in pleasure while Ally gave him the best blow job he ever experienced.

"Man, Ally, no ones has ever been able take it all in!"

"Told you there's no one better than me!"

"My turn." said Darrell.

He sat Ally on the sink and started to lick her inner thighs. Ally played with her nipples and moaned in anticipation. Her pussy was on fire, begging for attention. Darrell continued to tease her. Getting closer to her sex, but never touching it.

"Darrell!! Lick me!! oh my God stop teasing me! Come on Darrell, eat your high school closet slut' s pussy!!"

Darrell began licking her pussy as slowly as he could, still teasing her. Ally gasped in pleasure. She began to moan.

"Oh yes Darell... yea... don't stop...oooh..."

Darrell picked up the speed. His tongue found her clit and started going circles around it with her tongue. He started suck on it making Ally scream.

"Oh Darrell!! Yes! Eat me!! Suck my clit!! Ohh!"

Darrell continued. Ally could feel an orgasm building up. Darrell stuck a finger in her pussy. he started to move it in and out, slowly picking up speed.

"You like that Ally, you like my finger up your dirty pussy?  You like that a lot don't you?"

"Fuck yes!! Oh my God!! Fuck me Darrell fuck me!!"
Ally went through an orgasm. Darrell held her down as she bucked her hips.

"Oh fuck Darrell. That was so fucking good! But now let me get some of that monster you got down there."

Darrell sat on the toilet while Ally sat in his lap. Ally inserted his huge cock into her pussy. She started riding his humongous cock. he rubbed her nipples and she started groaning. Soon Ally picked up the pace. She started bouncing on his large dick. Darrell started thrusting up when Ally came down creating crazy penetration. Now Ally started to scream.


Ally cummed all over Darrell and the bathroom floor, she sat in Darrell lap with his cock deep in her pussy. She felt full.

"Can I get some of that ass?" Darrell asked.

"If you want it, you can have it." replied Ally.

Ally bent over, ass in the air while holding the sink.

"Shit Ally with all that cum I doubt I'll need to lube you up."

Darrell stuck his cock into her ass.

"Ally your so fucking tight!"

Darrell slid 3 inches into Allie's ass. Ally groaned in pain. Darrell pushed in three more.

"Fuck Darrell, I feel full.'

"I've only got over half in."

"Keep going."

Darrell shoved the rest of his cock into her ass. Ally screamed in pain. Darrell moved in and out of her ass. Ally was in pain. Darrell found his rhythm and Allie's pain turned into pleasure. Darrell sped up. He was ramming his huge dick into her ass with all his might. Ally could tell. She loved the feel and the sound of his balls slapping against her ass.

"Ally, I'm gonna cum!"

Ally spun around, grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her pussy. Darrell shot his spunk deep into her pussy. Ally pulled his cock out and he cummed on her breasts. Ally scooped up a glob and stuck it in her mouth.

"Mmm! so sweet!"

"Damn Ally, that was fucking great. Thank you."

They cleaned themselves up, Darrell gave her bra and helped her put it on. He passed her her thong.

"Keep it. You'll need it."

 She pulled on her skirt and buttoned her shirt. Darrell put on his clothes and Ally brushed her hair. They decided to leave the bathroom the way it was. Somebody might enjoy the scent of their encounter!

They walked out in each others arms enjoying each others presence. Ally checked her watch and realized the plane was going to leave.

"Darrell  I gotta catch my plane."

"Ill walk you to the gate."

They rushed to her gate together.

"Here. Hit me up and when I get back we'll get together again!"

Darrell looked at the piece of paper with Allie's phone number.

"Thank you Ally."

"Alright lover boy, gotta go."

They kissed and were once again lost in each other, only to be found by a male voice.

"Flight 328, almost finished boarding, 1 minute till liftoff."

Ally pulled away.

"That's me. Bye babe."

As she walked away Darrell smacked her ass.

Ally turned around shocked and happy. Darrell only smiled.

"Bye Ally. Now go!"
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