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Always shower after workout

Best shower ever
"Always Shower After a Workout"

Alice showed the girl at the desk her membership card, then hurried down the stairs. Spinning class had started five minutes ago, and she hated to be late, but the Town traffic had been particularly bad for a Thursday night. Besides, she'd make up for it by pushing extra hard tonight. She hustled into the almost full spinning room, about forty fit young people already pedaling away on a fifty-percent-resistance climb, the music blasting. Alice searched for an open bike, and finally spotted one. She adjusted the bike seat and handle bars, at the same time kicking off her sandals and stepping into her cleated cycling shoes. She jumped onto the saddle, locked her feet into the pedals, adjusted the bike's resistance, and started to pump away.

It wasn't until the next exercise, an out of the saddle, seventy-five-percent-resistance climb, that she even noticed who was working out in front of her. "God, has he got fabulous calves," Alice thought to herself. It wasn't like she was being lecherous or anything, she was merely making an observation. And check out those powerful legs. And those shoulders...

Now the instructor switched the routine to one where they pedaled standing up for two beats, then sat down and pedaled for two beats. Up, down, up, down. Alice found that the contact with the bike seat was having an interesting effect on her - no doubt aided by the fact she was still staring so intently at the spinner in front of her. And imagining him wearing something else - nothing, perhaps.

The routine changed again, to one in which the cyclists stayed seated. Alice glanced into the mirror at the front of the room. There was quite a jumble of bodies to look through, but finally she spotted him. God, is he gorgeous. His face flushed, sweaty, breathing hard, his brown hair tousled. Yeah, I'd like to see him like that, Alice thought, except on top of me, not some stationary bike.

Alice pushed hard for the duration of the workout - gotta burn off all the subway cookies I've been eating, she thought to herself. And then, finally, the hard driving music segued into softer stuff, signaling that the workout was over and the cool down was beginning. Deep breaths, stretch out the arms, turn the head... And that's when he, for the first time, looked behind himself and noticed Alice. And broke into a huge smile. "Alice!" Matt said. "I didn't know you were right behind me. Why didn't you say something?"

"I wanted to keep an eye on you," Alice said, kiddingly. "Make sure you weren't flirting with any other girls."

"Yeah, right," Matt countered. "When I've got a babe like you?" They exchanged another smile, then finished their stretching routine.

As they were gathering up their towels and water bottles, Alice asked, "Are you showering here or at home?"

"Well, let's see," Matt replied. "Here I can shower with a bunch of hairy guys, or at home I can shower with you. What to do... what to do...?"

"See you at home," Alice said.

Matt may have exceeded the speed limit as he drove home in his Titan, and got there before Alice. He gave his dog some dinner, then prepared a water for Alice, and for himself. He took them into the bathroom, and then started up the water in the oversize steam shower. He put some music on the CD player. He peeled off his sweat drenched t-shirt, leaving himself in just his cycling shorts.

A moment later, Alice entered the bathroom, and stopped to take a look at Matt. "Ooh, looking good," she said. "I guess you've been cutting back on the beer."

"Yeah, but still..." Matt said, "maybe I should spend more time on the weights and less time spinning." He affected a few body-builder poses for Alice's inspection. But neither could keep a straight face.

"Stick to the cardio," Alice said. "I want your heart to be in good shape."

"Oh, and why do you want that?" Matt asked.

"I just do," she replied. Alice looked Matt straight in the eye, then began to remove her sports bra. But she didn't just shuck it off - she slowly, sexily, pulled it up from its bottom, and used her hands and arms to shield her breasts from Matt's view for as long as possible. Finally, he could see Alice's marvelous breasts in all their glory.

"You look so incredible like that," Matt said. "Maybe even as good as in your thong."

Each down to just a pair of bicycle shorts, they began to simultaneously roll them off. Alice had the easier time of it; the path of her shorts was straight down. Matt, however, had to pull his shorts down, then out over his hardening cock, then finally down again. Alice watched as Matt continued to rise to full glory. "What can I say?" Matt quipped, "exercising gets my blood flowing."

"And what can I say," Alice countered, striding toward him, so beautifully naked, "exercise gets me horny." And with that, she bent down and engulfed Matt's cock in her mouth. Caught by surprise, Matt could only let out a gasp of pleasure. Alice put a hand on Matt's butt, and sucked him for a few moments. Then she released his dick from her mouth, and ran her tongue up and down its underside a couple times. Once more she sucked the head, and then, releasing him and rising up, said, "So, wanna join me in the shower?"

Alice pushed past the still slightly stunned Matt, entering the roomy shower. Matt watched her a moment, the water cascading down on her fabulous body. My God, he thought, look at the ass on her. Matt stepped into the shower and joined her under the showerhead. Alice and Matt hugged each other tightly, letting the water fall atop them. They kissed deeply, passionately, the feel of the water on their faces adding to the sensations. Matt's cock was pressed firmly against Alice's belly. She straddled his upper thigh, her pussy pressed hard against his muscular leg. They finally had to break the kiss because they were out of breath and unable to get any air under the stream of water. But still they kept their naked bodies pressed together.

"Wanna wash my hair?" Alice asked.

"Depends which hair you had in mind." Matt replied.

With a look, she handed him the vanilla shampoo and turned her back so she faced toward the shower head. Matt poured out some shampoo, then began to work it into Alice's blonde hair. As he was massaging it in with both hands, Alice reached back with one of her hands to grasp Matt's hard cock and gently pump it. "That feels nice," Alice said in reference to getting shampooed.

"I agree," Matt said, not at all referring to the shampoo. After Alice had rinsed, it was time for her to wash Matt's hair. They switched positions, and she began to shampoo him. Matt loved the feel of her warm breasts pushing in his back. And to be a gentleman, he returned the favor by reached back to gently fondle Alice's pussy.

Alice gladly pressed herself forward, and spread her legs to help Matt. He worked his finger through her pubic hair and into her slit. Then lightly up and down her crevice, before finally plunging a finger into her warm opening. He swirled his finger around, just the way he knew Alice liked it. Alice let out a low moan - she loved the feeling of his fingers against her G-spot. The steam was getting heavier in the shower now.

Matt ducked his head (the big one) into the flow of water to rinse it off. Then, without removing his hand from Alice's pussy, he turned to face her. Alice reached for Matt's cock, and began to pump it once again. They stood together, giving each other pleasure, their enjoyment heightened by the warm water rushing over their naked bodies. Alice ran her free hand all over Matt's body. He has the most magnificent arms I've ever seen, Alice thought.

Still holding Matt's cock with one hand, Alice picked up the soap with her other hand and began to rub it over Matt's body. Over his strong chest, both his arms, his loins, around the back for a quick trip through the crack of his ass. They both giggled. Then Alice gently soaped Matt's balls, finally running the bar up and down the length of Matt's cock. "Nothing like a good 'soap-job'," Matt quipped. Even more fun was when Alice pulled his cock under the water and spent quite some time making sure it was completely rinsed off. Matt closed his eyes and sighed at the pleasure.

Now it was Matt's turn to soap up Alice. Matt had to curtail his fondling because he used the two-handed soaping technique. Rub up the soap in both hands, put it down, then apply lather-filled hands directly to the body. Which Matt particularly enjoyed employing on Alice's fabulous ass. And then on her breasts. He fondled each of her lovely peaks, paying particular attention to rolling her nipples between his soapy fingers. Matt re-soaped his hands, then began to rub his way down Alice's belly. Over her stomach, past her waist, and then finally into her wet tangle of pubic hair. Alice closed her eyes and sighed. She tightened the grip she still held on Matt's cock.

Once more Matt moved his finger up and down Alice's slit. He used a feather light touch to tickle her clit, then slid his finger down into her pussy. Alice let out a long "Oooh..." and clamped her muscles down on Matt's finger. She felt her breathing rate increase, inhaling deeply of the thick, steamy air.

Matt gently guided Alice to the tile bench in the back of the steam shower, and helped sit her down on it. She spread her legs wide apart, inviting Matt to partake of her treasures. Matt knelt before her on the warm tile floor, and, with the hot water pounding on his back, began to lick her pussy. He ran his tongue around the edges of her lips, which were warm and wet from the shower. Then he drove his tongue as far into her pussy as he could, holding it stiff.

Alice let out another sigh - his tongue felt incredible in her sensitive pussy opening. Matt removed his tongue, and replaced and it with his thumb. Alice took it in easily -- she was very wet, and very hot, and she clamped her pussy muscles tightly on his digit. Matt began to gently lick his way toward Alice's clit. Alice began to rock her hips, and moan softly. A feeling of warmth spread throughout her body.

Finally, after an agonizingly slow trek, Alice felt Matt's tongue make contact with her aching love button. A wave of pleasure rippled through her. Her moans got more urgent. Her pussy muscles continued their involuntary contractions on Matt's thumb, which she could feel deep inside her. She grasped Matt by the back of his head, and pulled him tightly against her pussy. His tongue flattened on her clit, and she began to rock herself up and down against it. "Oh god, oh god..." she moaned.

Matt began to work his thumb in and out of Alice, lingering on the edge for a moment, teasing her, before pressing it once more inside. The tension in Alice was radiating from her pussy all the way up through her torso. The combination of a tongue on her clit and the thumb in her pussy was pushing her ever closer to the edge. Her thighs tensed. Her clitoris tingled. Then Matt began to turn his thumb, pressing Alice's G-spot. That did it. Alice's moans turned to gasps, and with a "Ahh... ahhh... ahhhhh..." she finally exploded, her body wracked by spasms of pleasure, her pussy held tight against his mouth.

When she had finally caught her breath again, Alice released Matt's head, and looked at him with dreamy eyes. "That was incredible," she said.

"Good," Matt said, smiling at her. Alice slowly got off the bench, her legs a bit shaky.

"Now, you sit down," she instructed Matt. He gladly did as he was told. His hard cock pointed up at the showerhead. Alice straddled Matt, letting the head of his pole nestle into the wet, puffy opening of her pussy. They stared into each other's eyes, each anticipating a moment of immense pleasure. And then Alice just sat down on Matt's lap, his cock sliding into her easily, each of them letting out a long "Ahhh." The sensations for each were incredible -- Matt felt engulfed by smooth warmth, Alice felt impaled by a huge, gentle probe. They pressed their warm, wet bodies together, and Alice wrapped her legs around Matt's back.

The lovers felt so totally connected - really one person rather than two. They sat like that for a moment, just enjoying the sensations, spray from the hot shower hitting them, the air thick and steamy. And then, at just the right moment, Matt began using his hands to gently lift Alice up on his cock, then let her slide down. Up, then down. Up, then down. Sometimes he held her for a moment at the top, his cock barely inside her, before letting her slide all the way down. Other times he only let her slide partially down before pulling her back up. Alice never knew what Matt was going to do, and the uncertainty, and the variety of sensations, was driving her wild.

Matt, who'd been thinking of this ever since Alice brought up the subject of showering together, wanted desperately to come, but not until Alice was ready again. He leaned her back a bit, changing his angle of penetration, and allowing him to suck her nipples. Alice's breathing began to get ragged. Each stroke brought a louder groan from each of them. Matt held Alice at the top of a stroke, his cock just barely inside her pussy. He teased her for what seemed like hours by starting to let her down, then pulling her back up. A little down, then back up.

Alice was desperate to be impaled, her pussy contracting greedily on the bit of Matt inside her. And then Matt finally let Alice slide all the way down. That pushed them both over the edge. Each knew their orgasm was coming on like a train wreck. Matt pulled Alice up and down for another full stroke, then one more, each of them grunting loudly. And then finally, with Matt's cock in Alice as deeply as it could go, they both exploded, Matt shooting into her like a cannon, Alice clamping down on Matt like a vise. Their strong spasms went on, and on, then, finally, began to subside.

They were finished, but neither wanted to move. They hugged each other even tighter, both externally and internally, and tried to catch their breaths.

"I'd say tonight has been the best workout I've had in some time," Alice said.

"Yeah, but who said it's over?" Matt replied with a raised eyebrow.

Alice let out a long sigh. "Thank God I'm in shape," was all Alice could say before Matt kissed her hard.
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