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Amber gets a ride home.

Amber caught playing with her pussy by co-worker.

The work day was winding down and everyone was getting ready to go home. Amber was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up and bring her home.   “Amber, do you need a ride home”, Tom asked her.   “No, Justin will be here any minute, but thanks for asking”, she replied.   “OK, I am going to finish some work, so if you change your mind I will be in my office.”   About a half hour later Amber walked into Tom’s office and asked for a ride home.   As they walked to Tom’s car they made small talk.   Amber is 25 years old and an absolute fox.   She is 5’ 7” tall, about 120 lbs and 34D 24 34.   When they arrived at her house Tom walked Amber to the door.   She invited him inside to offer him a beer for giving her a ride home.  

“Tom, do you mind staying here with me until my boyfriend gets home I don’t like being alone”, Amber asked. “No, I don’t mind, I will finish watching sport center”, Tom replied as he turned on the TV.   Amber returned with a beer for Tom and left the room, as she walked away Tom watched her ass sway side to side.     

Tom finished his beer and heard soft moans coming from down the hall.   He walked down the hall towards Amber’s bedroom, the door to Amber’s bedroom was wide open and he could not believe what he saw.   Amber was lying on her bed with her long legs open, and her ankles held close together from the panties she neglected to entirely remove. Her stomach undulated from the pleasure her hand was causing as it played with her hardened clit. Amber's blouse was unbuttoned exposing her large bra covered breasts just waiting to be touched. Her blonde head was thrown back, her bright blue eyes lidded from impending ecstasy. Her finger rubbed her clit faster and her breathing became harsh.   She bit her lower lip in anticipation of her first orgasm of the night.

Amber laid on the bed with her eyes closed as Tom walked over to her.   Tom’s fingers started playing lightly on her wet pussy lips. Amber's eyes opened in surprise and pleasure as she felt his index finger gently stroking her clit. "Oh…." She breathed as she sat up.

"Were you thinking of me?." Tom murmured into her ear as he pulled her blouse off.   He gripped her bra covered breast and squeezed while moving his other hand back to gently rub her opening. Amber closed her eyes and leaned her head against Tom's chest. She was embarrassed by how easily she allowed him to do this to her, but at the same time she couldn't stop herself. It felt so good. "You like that, huh?" She nodded against him. He replied by squeezing her large breast and pushing a finger slowly into her dripping pussy.

"Ah!" Amber gasped as she felt his finger gingerly probing inside her. She found herself moving her back and forth against his hand. She reached and clutched his shirt as Tom wiggled his finger faster and harder inside, as his knuckle ground against her clit. She began panting, rubbing herself faster and harder against his hand, feeling him squeezing and messaging her breast with the other one at the same time. It was too much for her. She threw her head back, laid down and moaned as her body began to quiver with her orgasm. A deluge of wet, sticky fluid dripped onto Tom's hand, which only encouraged him to finger-fuck her faster, prolonging her body wracking come.

Amber felt weak. She felt Tom remove his finger slowly while still continuing to rub her drenched slit. He was still teasing her breast with his other hand.   Tom removed her bra. "Damn, those are some nice tits." Tom breathed a she felt both of his hands all over them. He leaned down and kissed her deeply. She moaned into Tom's mouth.

  Then he leaned down and took one nipple into his mouth. Amber looked down at the man sucking on her tits.   After sucking Amber’s tits, Tom slid down and spread her legs apart, exposing her narrow, pink slit. She looked down and Tom's handsome face, his eyes glinting with sexual hunger. He leaned forward and she felt his tongue against her clit. She let out a surprised gasp of pleasure.

"Your pussy tastes wonderful you haven’t had sex in awhile." Tom rose up from Amber's spread legs long enough to mumble. His chin glistening with her juices, he quickly dove back down, lapping noisily at her cunt. While his tongue concentrated on Amber's pussy, his eyes focused on Amber playing with her tits. His tongue flicking her clit and his fingers fucking her, Amber felt another wave of orgasmic pleasure coming. She began to buck her hips up and down, rubbing herself against Tom's chin. He responded by thrusting his fingers faster inside of her and licking harder and quicker against her sensitive little button. Her large breasts jiggled as the throes of passion overcame her body. Her thighs began to quiver as her orgasm hit her, even harder than before.

           Amber lay in ecstasy. She looked up at Tom who was standing in between her spread legs. He was undoing his pants. Then Tom lowered his pants and she saw his cock flop free. "Oh God." she breathed. His cock was about nine inches long and thick. Amber doubted she could fit her hand around the shaft and she wondered how it could fit inside her. It stuck out straight, pulsating every few seconds. The head was huge and purplish.   She looked down at his dangling balls. Tom smiled. "Don't worry, Amber. It won't hurt. I'll be gentle." He leaned down and, grabbing Amber's thighs, pulled her down the bed toward him. He bent his knees, lining his rigid cock up with her pussy. He grabbed his shaft and started rubbing his head against her, eliciting soft moans from Amber. Amber admitted that it felt good.   Tom was intently watching his own cock as he smeared cum from Amber all over the shiny head. "Mmm, you're ready." He said as he began to slowly push himself into her.

Amber tensed as she felt him entering her. "It's okay, baby. Just relax." He said as he pushed himself another inch inside her. "Oh, God. You're so tight." Amber gripped the comforter beneath her in her hands as she gritted her teeth together to keep from squealing out loud. Tom slowly forced about three inches of his cock inside her, then stopped. Through teary eyes Amber looked up at him. He wore an expression that looked like pleasure mingled with pain. Amber felt her muscles contracting around his pulsating member. Then he began to move back and forth inside her, ever so carefully. With his thumb he began to massage Amber's clit.

Amber was enjoying the sensation of the largest cock she ever had. She spread her legs a bit further apart. Tom reached up and tweaked a nipple with one hand as he lazily fucked her. He began to rub her clit harder and Amber's undulations became more urgent. In moments Tom had coaxed another orgasm out of her. She lay panting on the bed as he felt a warmth spreading over his cock. Her muscles relaxed and Tom took the opportunity to force the rest of his bulk into her. "Ahhhh, fuck." He moaned as he pushed himself all the way in. Amber gave out a surprised squeal. "Damn, it's like a fucking vice!"

Tom began to push himself back and forth inside her. She put her hand against her mouth and bit down, not wanting to scream out loud. With her other hand she gripped the bedclothes even tighter. She did not want him to stop Tom had made her feel so good. “Ohhhh” she moaned around her hand as Tom leaned down, putting his hands on either side of her and pushing himself even further into her. She could feel his heavy balls bouncing off against her ass now. She looked up at his face. In her blurred vision his face was in a grimace. It looked as if he was in as much pain as she was. He looked down at her and pulled her hand away from her mouth. He grabbed her other hand and held them on the bed above her head. Tom began to fuck her even harder.

"Oh, God. Oh! You're so fucking tight, baby! God that feels good." He was moaning as Amber gritted her teeth, choking back a groan. "Oh god, I'm gonna come!" Tom huffed as his thrusts became even more intense.

"Please, don't come in…!" Amber managed to whimper before Tom passionately kissed Amber on her lips.   He pushed his cock deep into her and let go with a thick load of cum. Amber panicked at the feeling of his cum gushing into her.

But her orgasm overcame her in a wave of hot ecstasy. Amber immediately became immersed in the intense feelings of pleasure that now engulfed her again. She was thrusting her hips hard, now fucking Tom furiously. Tom continued to pump his cum into Amber's receptive pussy.

Amber's orgasm lasted almost two minutes. When it was over, Tom withdrew his cock from Amber, she looked down at her pussy then up at him and said,

"Wow, that’s a lot of cum, I can’t believe you came in me," she looked down and remarked.

His cum was smeared all over her pussy and dripping out of her opening. Amber fingered herself and rubbed his cum over her clit.   Watching Amber play with pussy, Tom began to get hard again.   Tom got up and stood in front of Amber, who looked up at him. Tom reached down and rolled Amber onto her stomach.

Tom spread her legs apart, leaned down and she felt his weight against her. He reached in between his legs and guided his large member toward her well fucked pussy. In one thrust he pushed himself inside her.

"Awww….!" Tom stammered, as Amber gasped. He began thrusting, his flesh smacking against her ample ass cheeks. Tom was intently fucking Amber from behind. She buried her head in her bedclothes.   Amber began panting as Tom fucked her, she could feel herself beginning to come again. Her sounds of pleasure seemed to increase Tom's vigor as his thrusts became more and more urgent. Amber was crying out, another powerful orgasm surged through her. "Oh yeah…yeah….yeah….".   She barely registered Tom's own moans of pleasure as he shot another load of cum into her, but this time she did not protest.  

Now completely spent, Amber couldn’t hold her eyes open and then fell asleep.   Tom got dressed and left.   She had a lot of explaining to do when her boyfriend found her like that half an hour later.

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