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Amber was standing by the sink washing the dishes from dinner. I had finished work late, which meant she had eaten alone and my dinner would be in the fridge for me.

She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a light pink, long sleeved blouse. Her dark hair was wavy and pushed over her left shoulder. I could just about see the tiny strand over white gold on her neck, which made me smile every time I saw it. It was the locket I had bought her for our first anniversary.

She hadn’t heard me come in as she had her iPod on through the docking station, which linked to all the speakers in the household. I had decided to use this to my advantage when I walked through the door so I could admire this beauty standing two hundred feet away from me.

She was swaying her heaps to the beat as she scrubbed a baking tray. We had a dishwasher but she very rarely used it unless we had a dinner party. We could even afford to hire a maid but Amber liked having basic things to do, such as washing the pots, it kept her grounded.

She had lost a lot of weight over the last year or so. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her before, she’s always been gorgeous size 16 but she said she had needed to do it for her, to make herself feel better. Now at a slender size 10 I still had nothing to complain about, she still had her curves, which I loved and she still had her full and firm double D’s. If anything I admired more it was her ass! She had toned up everywhere and her ass took it all on board. It was like feeling a peach it even looked like one!

I could feel my cock twitching thinking about how I love fucking it too. Her ass took my eight inches so well, better than anyone I had ever had sex with in my life and at my young age of 26 that was a lot of people until I met Amber.

I put my satchel over the bannister by the front door and undid the new black trench coat she had gotten me for my birthday a couple of months ago. I placed it on the coat hook and took my shoes off making sure to put them down quietly.

I had wanted to do this for a long time, sneak up on her and make love to her like crazy starting in the kitchen then the hallway, on the stairs and final up to our room. She made me crazy.

I walked through the doorway into the open space that was our kitchen diner and headed straight ahead for her while she was still at the sink. Just as I reached her she placed the knife and fork onto the draining board and began to turn around but I pushed my self up against her and wrapped her scarf, which I had picked up on my way in and covered her eyes with it.

She almost screamed and I had to quickly put my hand over her mouth.

“It’s me baby.”

Her body relaxed and I felt her smile while I was holding her in my hand. I kissed a weak spot where her shoulder met her neck and she pushed her ass into my crotch.

I got hard instantly. It’s the effect she’s always had on me.

I lowered the hand that was covering her mouth and ties the scarf around her head making sure it wasn’t too tight but so that she couldn’t see. While I was doing this, her ass kept pushing into me.

“I’ve missed you.” Amber breathed.

I smiled and kissed her head. “I missed you too.”

My left hand felt her ass cheek and without missing a beat I slapped it. Amber arched forward and gasped, it was the sexiest sound in the world.

“Fuck!” She spat out.

“Hush now baby, no need for that kind of language.” I said while rubbing her cheek again.

When we first got together she used to bite back and say something along the lines of ‘well if you didn’t hit me so fucking hard!’ I’d slap her ass again and again until she got the message. I knew she loved it though she was just too stubborn to admit it.

She relaxed again and I spanked her once more before bending her over the sink. Amber’s hands lifted as she went to grab onto the wall for support. Her blouse rose up and I got a sneaky look at her shiny blue panties. I tugged at the back of them revealing the thong and she moaned, as I pulled harder knowing I had caught her clit in the material. I tugged a little harder and her ass ground into my crotch again.

“I’m so wet for you baby.” I heard her moan. My cock twitched as I heard the words. “Please fuck me.” She begged.

I reached around to her front and unbuttoned her jeans while pushing her harder into the sink so she could feel my hard cock. I pulled her jeans down to her mid thighs and spanked her once more.

She gasped again and my cock throbbed. I could feel precum leaking out of me.

I stroked her ass and finally pulled her panties down which had a little wet spot on them. I smirked and gently ran my fingers along her lips.

“Fuck me baby you’re dripping!”

I spun her around and kissed her fiercely. Amber pressed her body to me and I wrapped my arms around her, kneading and squeezing her ass cheeks.

I pulled back, both of us breathless and lifted her up onto the side next to the sink. She leaned back, her hands behind her supporting herself. I pulled her jeans and panties off and spread her legs.

Her pussy was covered in juice it was the most gorgeous site I had seen all day. I could just make out the tiny word on her inner thigh, which I had her get when we were in Spain last summer. Puta. I’ll leave you to work it out I’ll save that story for a rainy day.

I gently ran my finger along her lips before spreading them, covering my fingers with her sweetness. I pressed on her clit and she jerked at the contact. I moved my left hand to position at her entrance while I reached up and let her taste herself. She took my fingers eagerly sucking on them like she had never tasted anything so sweet in her life.

While she kept sucking, I thrust two fingers into her. She moaned so loud and her back arched. God she was beautiful.

I loved the way she responded to me, it turned me on so much knowing I made her feel good. She was like a drug that kept pulling me back for more and I’d be damned if I didn’t have all of her.

I moved my fingers in and out of her curling my fingers up towards her g-spot I stroked over it gently. She moaned and brought her head forward. I grabbed her hair and pulled it raising her face up towards mine before kissing her. I started to move my fingers a little faster and harder and as she moaned I drove my tongue into her mouth.

Her tongue danced with mine as he body ground down on my fingers. I knew she was getting close.

I pulled back and held her head firmly. “You’re gonna cum for me baby.”

“Yes, please” She breathed.

I stroked her spot harder and faster. My cock began throbbing knowing what was going to happen. Her moans became louder and her body moved faster with my fingers. I could feel her clenching down on me which made me growl. She was so fucking sexy.

“Shit!” She screamed “Baby!”

I pulled my fingers out of her and her cum shot all over my jean cladded crotch. I drove back into her and stroke her faster for a couple seconds and let go. She squirted a second time.

“Oh my god!” She growled her body writhing on the kitchen side while I held her head with my hand.

I kissed her hard but slow. Her breathing was wavered and her body still twitching from her orgasm. Once she had regained some composure, she brought her hands round and held onto my head.

“Please, fuck me now.” It was a statement not a question and I had no problem obeying.

I grabbed her hands and helped her find the buttons to my jeans, which she undid with extreme ease. She pulled them down along with my boxers and slowly began to stroke my cock.

“I’ve been wanting to have you all day, I don’t want to wait anymore.” She looked up and I ripped the scarf away from her eyes and threw it on the floor. After blinking a few times she readjusted to the light and smiled up and me.

I smiled back and kissed her forehead. I held onto the back of her head once again and spread her legs apart with my thighs. Without breaking eye contact I thrust into her making us both moan.

I started slowly, savoring the feel of her tight cunt wrapped around my dick. It never got old. I could never get my fill of this beauty sat with her legs spread wide, staring deep into my eyes.

She bit her lip and I thrust into her harder picking up the pace. I could feel my cock tingling knowing I was going to cum soon but I needed her right there with me.

I thrust harder and faster, my balls slapping her ass cheeks. She was moaning and breathing loudly she was getting close.

“I’m gonna cum soon baby.” I whispered against her lips.

“Me too.” She replied.

I could feel her pussy tightening around me as I fucked her hard, hitting her sweet spot. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I thrust into her a couple more times, grabbed her head and kissed her hard as I began to empty myself into her.

I held myself deep inside her, my cock twitching as I let her have every single drop of me. She was with me and she came almost as soon as I did. She moaned loud and I could feel her walls contracting on my cock making both out orgasms last longer.

I held inside her and pulled her back so I could look at her face. I moved some stray hairs off her face and kissed her lightly on the lips. My hands still wrapped in her hair as if I was afraid of letting her go.

“I love you.” I breathed.

“I love you more.” She smiled and kissed me back.

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