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An absolute feast

A wonderful, messy, debaucherous feast described n a letter to a friend
My lover, Patrick and I never meet up and have the same kind of sex, unless you call playful the same. We also don't really have many patterns and habits other than a whole lot of kissing and sucking and rubbing and sighing and laughing and ... you get the picture. Actually, I'm getting the picture all over again too and it's doing nice glowy things to me. I keep our little bag of toys and sometimes I bring them, sometimes I don't. If they're there, we might remember to use them, but often we don't. I like that, that we don't really plan things, but that they are spontaneous.

Anyway, the last couple of times we'd met up, we'd got very hot and heavy very quickly. He'd basically meet me at the door, often already naked. It never takes him more than three minutes to get me from arriving to nude, and within seconds we'd been at it really hot and hard, so I thought this time I'd change the pace a little and tease him until he was out of his mind, so I brought along some of my favourite props that aren't in our toy bag - the whipped cream and the chocolate mousse.

Of course, it didn't go as planned, and we'd missed each other terribly, so within seconds we were getting all really hot and sexy again. However, much as I was loving it, I wasn't going to lose focus, so I very determinedly rolled him onto his back, and being thoughtful of the white hotel linen, I put a white hotel towel under him. There is a sort of logic to that.

He'd seen the cream and he knew what was coming and believe me I got no complaints. I sprayed the cream liberally and thoroughly enjoyed watching it drip, down his very eager cock that had just been inside me, over his balls and his butt. Did I mention he's smooth, so it ran everywhere, freely and very temptingly?

Down I went in a favourite move, and started with a loose, wet tongue, right from the bottom and licked a trail right up to his tip. Then back again ... and again. You should see my grin just thinking about it. I tortured him for ages like that - did I mention that I'm a terrible tease! Eventually though I thought it was time to change the pattern a bit, so I reached over for the chocolate mousse - one of those ready-made packs of two or four that you buy. As I opened it, I realised that the mousse was actually a saucy tops dessert - all slick and runny. Mmmmmmm!!!

I dribbled a little bit gently over his cock, topped it up with cream and licked it up and it was divine. Really really good. So I dribbled a little more, topped up the cream again and did it from scratch. Please don't think I was selfish about it because I did lean up every now and again and give him a taste of what I was enjoying. His kisses were quite rough and hard when I did that, so I gather he was enjoying my teasing as much as I was. Soon my hands were added to my tongue and I loved the feel of them as they slipped over him, lubricated by the sticky sweetness I was devouring rather greedily. Judging by his groans, he did too.

I suppose I got a little carried away then because I wasn't quite as measured when I poured over the next bit of pudding. That all slopped out in a huge dollop and flowed everywhere. Shit! I seriously needed to do some crisis management. The problem is, a girl still has her standards! So, as it dripped down over him, some of the chocolate pudding flowing darkly onto the white towel, I grabbed the cream and artfully sprayed it all over him.

Then I got serious. It was an awesome feast - and I didn't just eat it off of him, I devoured him in the process. I sucked him in deep and pulled up in long, greedy pulls. I leaned down as low as I could between his legs, in every crease and crevice, and licked and nibbled and kissed and feasted until we were both almost beyond reason.

Eventually I raised my head and looked him right in his eyes ..."Where? Where do you want to come? In my mouth?"

"No. Inside you. I want to come inside you."

So I sat on top of him and sank down slowly. It wasn't the first time he'd penetrated me that day, but he was so hot and swollen, and I was so engorged that it felt like the first time all over again. I sank over him achingly slowly and then set the most teasing rhythm I could. I clenched and swayed until I couldn't anymore. His eyes had long since glazed over and as he teetered on the very brink of an orgasm.

This time I raised above him and slammed down hard. It didn't take another three strokes and we were both clenching and shuddering, moaning.

Afterwards, we slumped. There wasn't an option because we didn't have an ounce of energy left.

When we did eventually move, it was a bit of a disaster zone. The brown pudding that I hadn't manage to lick up had soaked through the towel and onto the sheets. It was an awesome, debaucherous site, and we both just burst out laughing and quickly started to clean.

I think the neighbour heard our laughter because she and Patrick bumped into each other as thy were leaving their rooms the next morning and she looked at him with a very knowing laugh in her eyes. Do you think there's any chance she was thinking "This is the guy with the nice laugh" What do you reckon? 

Love and kisses, and I'm waiting for a hot story back!


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