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An act of seduction

The title says it all...

I saw him again that day, trying to ignore that horrible feeling of lust and nervousness in my stomach as he walked past me. He was exactly what I wanted, absolutely everything! I couldn’t seem to be able to stop staring; I ran my eyes up and down his manly body and then looked back to his face again. He seemed to notice me staring and looked back at me, holding my gaze and then just standing there. I felt like I couldn’t stop myself from going over to him, it was like I was completely incapable of staying away from him.

I made my way over to him and thought ‘I know everybody’s against this and that he could get in big trouble if he goes along with what I want but I don’t care, I want him’. He seemed shocked to see me standing right in front of his face and I smiled at him then grabbed onto his penis through his pants. I felt him jump and gasp at my touch.

“What are you doing?” he asked, not even attempting to move away my hand.

I didn’t say anything and stepped away from him, walking away from him and feeling him watching me as I went. The whole thing was so exciting and I got a thrill out of it all, I looked back at him over my shoulder and saw him still standing there with a bulge in his pants.

Later that night, once everybody was asleep I changed into a dress that was so short that it couldn’t even really be considered as a dress. It was all part of the game of course; from the way he had reacted earlier on I knew I could get him.

He was sitting at his computer, his eyes glued to the screen.

“Hey” I said, sitting on his bed. He turned to look at me and continued to look, not saying anything at all. “Come here” I said, almost laughing at my own actions, he started to slightly shake and looked nervous as hell. ‘Aw, poor thing, I thought, he’s so sensitive’.

He awkwardly stood up and walked over to me, “Sit” I said, looking up at him.

He did as I said and sat next to me, seeming more awkward than ever.

“I want you” I said, pressing my lips against his.

He kissed me back and seemed freaked out when I suddenly took his t-shirt off. He didn’t seem to talk much but I’d always thought he was interesting anyway.

I told him to lie down and kissed his chest, eventually kissing him again and then unzipping his pants. I moved my mouth to his penis and tantalized it with my tongue. I then took my dress off and let him feel my breasts, seeing the delight in his eyes as he did so.

I held my head back and laughed then told him to fuck me.

He hesitated at first but I could see that he wanted to, several seconds later he agreed and went into me, moving backwards and forwards and breathing heavily. Shudders of pleasure went through my body as he continued to go deeper and deeper inside of me.

He started to breath heavier and heavier, sweating and panting with lust and sexual pleasure. We both came together and stayed close to one another, staying together for a moment in a kiss.

I fall asleep and woke up several hours later, comforted and warm from his arms around me. “Hi” I said, as he awoke and sat up. “I should go” I said, gathering up my clothes and dressing. “Okay” he said, “Will you come again tonight?” I thought about it for a moment then agreed. I was definitely looking forward to seeing him again.

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