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An adventure at the dunes.

Brian comes up with a way to have some fun in the sun with his girl.
Brian couldn't stand looking at Juliet anymore, and not be able to touch her the way he wanted. She had been teasing him the whole day playing in the water and playing volleyball with a group of their friends. He decided that she looked like she needed a break from the others and he knew just the place to take her to.

Brian got up from the towel they were laying on and took Juliet's hand and pulled her up to her feet. He loved looking at her in her new blue bikini. The top really showed her 38 C breast to the best advantage and her matching boyshort bottoms showed her sexy bubble ass. He could feel himself get hard in his black swim trunks. He decided it was time for a little adventure on to the path beside the dunes.

"Hey, I was trying to tan Brian. Where are we going?" Asked Juliet.

"Come on Jules, I want to show you that trail I found last week with the guys. It's not far and you would really like it." He said as they began walking in the sand towards the opening of a bunch of little trails. Juliet found Brian's enthusiasm and began to laugh like she was a teen again.

Normally when they walked they would take a left that would lead to the little clay pits. They would have fun sliding down the nature made slide and land in the clay like water at the bottom. It was dirty, but so much fun. Then they would draw on each other with the clay and let it dry then walk off to the lake and wash off. But this time they took a right. Brian listened as Juliet exclaimed over the wild flowers on the side of the trail and how cool it was under the trees. It was a hot day already 90 degrees, and getting hotter as the sun rose in the sky.

They walked a little further and could hear the sound of water tickling down. They approached the little brook and Brian took out a penny and gave it to Juliet.

"Make a wish, love." He said putting his arms around her waist.

Juliet closed her eyes and thought for a moment. What should she wish for? She felt Brian's hard erection press against her back and then she knew what she wanted. She wanted him to fulfill her fantasy. She wanted him to make love to her right were they were standing not caring if anyone came upon them. To just be taken in a public outdoor place. She tossed the penny in, heard the plop, and watched it float to the bottom.

"So what did you wish for?" Brian asked turning Juliet around in his arms and looking down into her green eyes.

"I'm not telling. It might not come true." She says to him with laughter in her voice.

"Aww come on Jules tell me. Maybe I can make it come true for you." Brian said as he pulled her hips closer to his pelvis.

"I bet you could." Juliet flirted back. Brian dropped his head for a heated kiss. She felt his tongue duel with her own tongue. He placed his hands under her ass, and pulled up so that her legs would wrap around his waist. He gently laid her on the warm grassy bank beside the brook. He untied the top of her swim suit and began to gently pull on her nipples.

"Mmm." Juliet moaned into Brian's mouth. When he broke off their kiss they were both breathing heavily. He bent his head to her breast and started kiss them. He could smell the sunshine on her body. He took one nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it while still teasing the other nipple with his fingers. He pulled on her nipples knowing that she loved how it felt. He looked into her passion filled eyes and smiled as he began to administer the same treatment to her other breast. His hand slipped into her bottoms and felt hot wet she was getting. He gently pushed a single finger into her and started sliding it in and out of her.

"Oh God Brian!" She yelled out as he slipped two fingers into and then three. She started wiggling her body against his hand. She put her hand over his and pushed him hoping that he would go into her deeper. He lifted his face from her breast and moved so that he was sitting between her bent legs. He grabbed her bottoms and pulled them off. He smiled as he looked at her hairless pussy and bent to begin to kissing her thighs, knowing that he was in a way teasing her. She grabbed his head and pulled him to her pussy.

"Please Brian, I can't take much more of this. You know I can't." She pleaded with him. He laughed as he inhaled her arousing scent. He bent and began sucking her pussy lips gently as he pinched and tugged at her clit.

"Oh oh oh oh!" She yelled as she began to cum. He licked up her juices as they flowed out of her pussy.

Brain sat up and watched as Juliet was still moaning from having her first orgasm from his attention. He pushed his swim trunks off and his hard cock sprang up. Juliet opened her eyes and sat up.

"Umm wow Brian that was amazing, but it looks like you could use a little relief." Juliet said as Brian lay down on the grass next to her. She took his hard cock in her hand and started to gently stroke him. She bent over and led his cock to her lips. She began sucking on him and took her hand and played with his shaved balls. She began to bob her head up and down when she heard him to begin to grunt.

"Jules, baby just like that." He moaned as she began to take him deeper in her throat. He put his hand in her brown hair and gently pulled back and then pushed her back down. He began to feel his balls tighten up. "Oh Jules I hope your ready cause I'm going to fill that little mouth of yours with my cum." He began to squirt loads of his cum down her throat. She tried to swallow it all but some leaked out of her mouth and down her chin. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and licked him clean then took two of her fingers and wiped his cum that had leaked out and cleaned them off with her tongue.

Brian got up and gently pushed Juliet back down. He kneeled between her legs and gently rubbed his cock up and down her slippery wet slit. He pushed into her tight hole and moaned.

"God Baby you’re so tight. Just the way I like you." He said looking down in to her lust filled eyes.

"Please stop teasing me Brian. I want you so bad." Juliet said as she tried to move her hips to feel him inside her. He began to move inside her slow at first, but then harder and harder. With each thrust she moaned louder. He knew it wouldn't be long till she came, or him either for that matter. They moaned together as they came closer and closer to cumming. Brian felt the familiar tightening of his balls, reached down, and squeezed Juliet's clit. He wasn't going to cum before his girl did.

"Arh!!!!! God yes!!! Oh Brian!!!" Yelled Juliet as she came. Hearing Juliet triggered his own release and he thrust into her one last time as he squirt load after load of cum deep into her pussy.

"Juliet, oh God Baby. It's never been like this before." Brian said as he slipped out of her drenching wet pussy. He fell on his back beside her and looked up into the sky and watched the trees blowing in the wind.

He looked over at Juliet. She was already fast asleep with her hand under her head and her feet curled up. He would let her be before waking her up and going back down to the water. His last thought before he closed his eyes was “Man I hope no one comes looking for us cause if they do they are gonna be seeing a lot that they wouldn't want to see.”

Moments later he was fast asleep his arm thrown around Juliet protectively and her head resting on his cheek. Both sleeping and both satisfied.
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