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An Affair with Nikki

An unexpected new fetish, maybe. You be the judge. Other than that just pure sex.

I have never had this happen to me before nor has it happened since. We were looking for a new secretary and since I was sitting in for my boss while she was on leave for a few months it was up to me to do the interviews. When Nikki walked in I thought hmmm she's cute, not beautiful but cute. Lot's of freckles which I'm not normally into but she had these big blue/gray eyes framed by these beautiful eye brows. (Yeah, I know... eyebrows???) Anyway, nothing that stunned me but nice to look at. At one point in the interview she leaned in close to point something out on her resume and it hit me. The most wonderful smell I have ever smelled. To this day it's hard to explain or understand but I couldn't get enough of smelling her breath and it wasn't from her mouth it was the air she was expelling through her nostrils. Whatever it was I couldn't get enough of it and would always find an excuse to be near her whether at her desk or mine. (Yes, of course I hired her...duh)

I couldn't figure this out I thought I was crazy, who falls for someone because the smell of their breath or maybe more correctly her breathing. I mean it was her breathing, when her mouth was closed. Go figure. Now don't get me wrong, I definitely wanted to see what was under those clothes but what was driving me absolutely insane was this smell she had.

I thought I would never have a chance with her since she was younger than me by about 9 years. Not only that, she was pretty, outgoing, fun to be around etc. What chance did I have with her, not to mention that I was married though the marriage was for all practical purposes over.

We had been friendly and had gone out to lunch a couple of times. One day I asked her if she had heard of this musical group that I liked and she said no but she would love to hear it sometime. I had some CD's with me so we took a drive to listen to them. We were along the water in my company car which was a van listening to music and talking. I could smell that wonderful smell that was driving me crazy. I knew then that I wanted her and could feel something from her that maybe I did have a chance. Before I knew it, it was almost quitting time so I asked her if she just wanted me to take her home. She said yes, she could have her roommate drop her off at work in the morning. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I asked her or what she was thinking when she said yes but this was headed somewhere that there wouldn't be any turning back.

When we got to her place she got changed and we started listening to more music at her place. Seemed like a lot of sexual tension in the air. I mean we both knew where we wanted this to go but neither one of us seemed to want to take the first step. Until Nikki said "What are we doing here?" I couldn't seem to get any words out of my mouth. "What about your wife?" "That's been over for quite sometime" was my reply.

By this time she had gotten up and walked about 20 feet away and I think she was trying to either talk herself into this or out of it. I walked up to her and pinned her against the wall, we stared at each other for a minute then started kissing hard and fast. Like we were starving and eating our last meal.

We somehow made it upstairs to her bedroom where she tore her clothes off and hopped into bed. "What are you waiting for?" With that I tore the rest of my clothes off and joined her. But I was not going to rush this part no matter how hungry we both were for each other's body.

I turned her over onto her stomach and started lightly kissing the back of her neck, across her shoulders. Just gently kissing and licking. Moving slowly down and across her back, caressing every inch of her body with my mouth and tongue. I could hear her moaning with pleasure. I continued down across that lovely ass down the back of her legs then started gently sucking on the back part of her knee just above the calf. "Oh my god that feels good" After a few minutes of that I started to move down her calf to her Achilles heel and sucked on that for a bit. "Mmmmmm that feels good too" I had her turn over then started to suck on the inside part of her ankle and then her instep "Oh my god, don't stop oh fuck" I kept at it and she was going wild. "Holy shit I can't believe that feels sooooo goooooood" Soon I started up the inside of her legs, licking and sucking until I got up to that beautiful juicy wet pussy. She hadn't even touched herself and she was dripping. "Mmmmmmmmm" this time the noise was from me. She smelled wonderful, I just wanted to dive in but thought I'd tease her just a bit more. I started kissing around the sides and sucking on the inside part of her groin. More moaning. I worked my way around then started to blow hot air on her clit. "Oh my god....please" More blowing, more moaning and squirming until I slid my tongue into her slit. She stilled waiting for more until I slid my tongue up towards her clit then instead of flicking it with my tongue I just laid it flat against her clit with pressure and she started shaking in an uncontrollable orgasm. I kept my tongue flat against her clit not moving it while her spasms subsided. "" I looked up at her while my tongue still pressed flat against her clit. "God I want to return the favor and suck that big hard cock of yours but I can't stand it, come up here and fuck me senseless with that cock." With that she pulled me up grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy. Even though she was dripping wet she was a little tight so I was going slow. "No, just shove it in, I want it now." But Nikki I don't want to hurt you." "I know it's tight, I have never had anyone as big as you but please give it to me, just shove it in." With that I pushed until the head popped in, before I could slide it in she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. I started slow getting into a rhythm. "No just fuck me please, we can go slow next time. I just want you to pound me, give me that big hard cock." Always wanting to please a lady I started pounding her slamming my cock into her over and over. The head board started to bang against the neighbors wall, I think her head was slamming into the headboard but she just kept saying "yes, fuck me, fuck me oh my god that feels good." She started slamming back into me as hard as I was slamming into her and I could feel the cum building up. Over and over, in and out "oh yes fuck me, fuck me.... oh my god I'm going to cummmmmm" with that I blew my load into her shooting stream after stream into her while she was shaking and turning her head from side to side.

Both of us in pure ecstasy. We lay there, me on top of her until our breathing returned to normal. I could again smell that wonderful smell of hers. I could have stayed there forever just taking in that wonderful smell of her breathing. With that I was rock hard again. We had more fantastic sex that night.

When I left that night, still wondering why that smell had such a hold on me I thought, boy this is going to be a fun ride and I hope it never ends. This was one hell of a beginning.

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