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An Arrogant Lady

A hatred turned to love.
I was loading my car with items I had just bought, when I heard a voice across the car park calling my name, “Pete, Peter, over here!”

I turned my head towards the shouting and could see a woman waving her arm and looking in my direction, “Pete, hi, it’s me.”

It was my older brother’s mother in law. I’ve, well, we’ve never gotten along with each other, she hates me and I don’t really like her that much.

She thinks I’m a lazy slob, and I in turn think she’s a stuck up rich bitch. She does nothing but shop and spends her husband’s money.

She is forty four years old, slim, long blond hair, always wears short skirts to show off her tanned Shapely long legs. Her boobs, I think are around thirty four inches, and her waist is very slim, something like twenty four inches. She is very good looking, although I wouldn’t admit it to her face. She always has a tan. She goes to the gym every other day, has lunches with her friend’s, and plays tennis at a club, where I think she socializes more than actually plays.

As for me, well, I’ve just turned nineteen, and I also do work out, but just twice a week. I work in a glaziers shop, fixing windows, cutting up glass all the usual thing’s you expect in a glazing shop.

Anyhow, I made out that was Catherine and walked over to her to see what she wanted. I get to her and said, “Hi Catherine, something wrong?”

She looked at me as if I was the hired help, “Stupid car won’t start. Don’t know what’s wrong with it, and don’t care. Put these bags in your car and take me home?”

I huffed, and my shoulders dropped, I looked at her and said, “I have work to go to, I’ll be late. Can’t you call your husband or the recovery people?”

“No, I’m not hanging around here. Come on, come on, and grab that bag over there.”

Seemed like I had no choice, and so I picked up the bag on the ground, and she was already halfway to my car. I slowly walked back to my car, and by this time she was already sitting in it.

I got into the driver’s seat and she asked, “Did you get the bags from the boot?”

I looked at her with despair, “What!”

“There are a couple of bags in the boot. Go get them.”

Thinking to myself ‘for fuck sake,’ no please or will you. Just orders, like I was her personal servant.

I retrieved the other bags and we drove off.

Catherine’s home was a bit off route for me, but as I said, I had no choice. Although a nice warm, sunny day outside, it was a cold air that filled the car, not from the air con either, all the way in the car on the journey to her place, nothing unusual for me; I was used to her being cold and unwelcoming. She never asked me how I am, how I’m getting on at work, or anything about me, she just didn’t care for me at all.

As if in a huff and angry with me she asked, “Why aren’t you at work anyway, have you got fired?”

I had the morning off, and was only required for the afternoon, but my reply to her was just a simple, “No.”

She shook her head and made ‘tut tut’ noises. Then everything was quite again, ten minutes later we arrived at her place. I unload the car and placed her bags on the ground.

“Don’t just leave them there stupid, bring them in!” Again tut’ing and walked off to the front door.

I took in the bags, and dropped them inside the front door, where I heard her shout out, “Bring them in here, the kitchen. Don’t leave them there.”

I shouted out to her, “I’m already late!”

She ignored me and said, “All of them, on the table here.”

I picked up the bags reluctantly, and took them through to the kitchen. Being in a mood and wanting to get out of there I quickly threw the bags onto the kitchen counter, across from where Catherine was standing.

A cry from Catherine, “Be careful with that one, it’s got the wine bottles in...”

As she said that, the bag landed with a crash. And a bottle broke tearing through the bag and splattered over her, which soaked her top.

“Shit, sorry.” I looked at her.

“You fuckin' stupid idiot, I told you to be careful. What’s the matter with you?” Catherine’s face looked as red as the wine stained top she was wearing.

She started to take her top off, and undid her bra, throwing them onto the counter. Grabbed hold of a hand towel and started to wipe her-self down.

I instinctively looked at her boobs, and thought ‘shit they were nice.’ Beautiful round shape, tanned with no tan lines to show. I knew she wasn’t shy, she must bathe topless. The other thing that stuck out like a sore thumb, were her nipples, biggest I’d seen on any woman. She also had a large diamond stud in her belly button, and I was pretty sure it was real.

She was wiping herself down almost like I wasn’t there. Then all of a sudden she looked up at me and said, “Have you never seen a pair of tit’s before, stupid boy?”

Well yes I have, but not hers.

I looked away, and apologized again. She must have stepped onto some glass, and I heard a loud, “Ouch, shit, fuck.”

And she asked, “Come round here, and give me a hand? My toe is bleeding.”

I walked round to her side and she put an arm around my shoulder. Lifted her foot up and picked out a splint of glass and dabbed her toe with the towel.

Her tit was pressing into my side; I could not help but look at it. Catherine caught me looking again and said, “You dirty little perv, just take me upstairs?”

We got to the top landing and she asked, “Take me into my bedroom, and fetch the first aid kit from the bathroom.”

I took her in and she sat on the bed. I ran into the bathroom to find the first aid kit and brought it to her.

She asked, “Does a stupid boy know how to dress a wound?”

I answered in a raised voice, “Yes, and I’m not stupid. I said I was sorry, okay!”

 Catherine looked at me not in shock, but just amused, I think.

“My, my, little boy has a voice then,” and lightly patted the side of my face.

I began to use the disinfectant and then apply a strip of plaster to her toe. And as I finished, she patted my face again, “Well done, you’re not as stupid as you come across, hey?”

I moved my face away in anger, and said again, “I’m not stupid, okay?”

Catherinethen in a girly voice said, “Ah, there, there, have I touched a nerve?”

I could not help it but my eye’s kept louring back towards her tits. Obviously she saw me and said, “You really are a pervert, I’m sure you’ve seen better on your computer, have you not?”

Then out of the blue, she smiled and her hand flashed across to my groin, as she said, “What if I touch you here?”

She grabbed my cock and held on to it, and said, “How do you feel now, stupid boy?”

As soon as she said that, the expression on her face went from a smile to one of amazement. Her eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets.

I could not move. I grabbed her by the wrist, and said, “Let go Catherine?”

She didn’t let go, she squeezed harder, a broader smile appeared on her face, “Come on, tell me how it feels, stupid boy?”

I said nothing, just stared at her. Again she squeezed, “Tell me how it feels?”

She was just antagonizing me into saying something, but I didn’t know what she wanted to hear, so the first thing that came into my head was, “It feels good.” Why did I say that, I don’t know why I said that, shit!

Not letting go, she squeezed my cock in pulses, and said, “Feels good does it? And does a stupid boy know how to use this thing?” still pulsing her fist.

My face was feeling flushed, “I said, I’m not stupid, don’t call me stupid.”

My cock was getting harder, and I said, “Yes I have a girlfriend!”

Catherine smiled, “O... you have a girlfriend.”

Then she said, “Okay, I’ll tell you what, I won’t call you stupid, okay?”

I replied, “Okay.”

She then carried on, “Okay, I won’t call you stupid, if… If, you show me this cock?”

I was stunned, and replied, “What!!”

“Show me this cock?” she squeezed it again, “And I won’t call you stupid.”

“No, I, I, don’t think…”

Catherine squeezed it really hard, “I’m actually teasing you, Peter. I’m not asking you to show me this cock. I’m ordering you to. You’ve seen my tits, and now I want to see this cock! Okay?”

Her grip was getting a bit uncomfortable.

“Yeah, okay, okay.” I said.

She released me and then placed both hands behind her onto the bed, “Come on then, get it out?”

Her tits stood proud in front of her, god she looked nice. I kicked off my trainers, untied my belt buckle, dropped my jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. I had boxers on underneath. But because I was hard, my cock-head was sticking out, well above the waistband and beyond my bellybutton. And because I had my tee shirt on, Catherine could not see it.

“Well done, now, okay, take your top off first?” She asked.

I replied with an anxious question in my voice, “But you only asked to see my cock?”

“Don’t be so stupid, just take it off?”

I questioned her, “You said you won’t call me stupid?”

Catherine looked straight into my eyes with a very stern look on her face, “I said I won’t call you stupid if I see your cock! And I haven’t seen your cock yet stupid!”

She then raised her foot in front of my cock, indicating that she’d kick it, and asked, “Do you want this? Or are you taking your top off?”

I stepped back and said, “Okay, okay.” I took my tee shirt off and she saw my cock sticking out above my boxers.

A loud gasp from Catherine as she saw my cock. “Fuckin hell Peter, what the fuck is that?”

She leaned forward, and pulled down my boxers, and another gasp, “Shit boy, remind me; how old are you?”

She knew how old I was but I answered her anyway, “Nineteen… I turned nineteen last month.”

Her eyes were straining in their sockets, she kept staring, “Is that you or have you strapped something on?”

I was lost for words, but said, “I don’t know what you mean, what do you mean strapped on?”

Catherine still in amazement said, “Never mind stu... Just never mind!”

She then grabbed my cock, with both hands one above the other, and there was just my cock-head sticking out.

Catherine started squeezing and stroking my cock and said, “Fuckin hell Peter, we’re going to have some fun with this.”

I again questioned her, “You said you just wanted to see it?”

Catherine dropped to her knees and said, “I did say I wanted to see it. But that was just to make me stop calling you stu... You know?”

Her hands took turns in moving from my cock-head down to the base of my cock. She licked the front of the cock-head and asked, “Has this been in anyone? Has it been in your girlfriend?”

I have had girlfriends, but we never did anything serious, blow jobs and hand jobs, lots of hand jobs, mainly by me wanking, I suppose not that unusual, so, yes I was still a virgin.

I wasn’t sure if I should let Catherine know that, so I didn’t say anything, but my head let me down, when she looked at me, my head shook from side to side, indicating no.

“Fuck, Peter, you’re a virgin, O My God.”

“Tell me Peter, I’ve seen you looking at my tits, do I turn you on. An older woman, does an older woman like me in her forties turn on a virgin boy of nineteen?”

I was thinking this woman wanted me, I was not sure if I should, and mentioned, “I have a girlfriend.”

“Fucking hell Peter, so you have a girlfriend, she’s not your fuckin wife. You won’t be doing anything wrong. And anyway, who’s going to tell her? You?”

She was still stroking and licking my cock as we talked. I was getting extremely hard, and I said, “But your husband...”

She stopped me, “Don’t mention him, fuckin' idiot, he’s as stupid as you...” She stopped in mid-sentence.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to say you are... Well, you know...”

She took my cock-head into her mouth and started sucking and stroking my shaft with one hand and playing with my balls with the other hand.

She came up for air, and said, “My husband doesn’t appreciate me. A woman, he appreciates money, and how to make more of it.”

She then went straight onto my cock again, sucking, spitting onto it and rubbing it onto my shaft and balls. She had a lot of spit in her. My hands went onto the back of her head and moved with her bobbing head.

She kept sucking at a furious rate, when I said, “I’m going to cum.”

She seemed to ignore me, and she sucked harder, she took me in deeper, gagging, coming up for air. There were strings of saliva from her lips to my cock; then she took my cock straight back down, as much as she could.

“I’m, cumming, I’m cumming.” I blew a load into the back of her throat, my hands tightened on her head, forcing her lower as I blew again, and again. Catherine never took my cock out. She stroked me harder and sucked me harder. Drinking my cum, I knew I could cum lots from the wanking I gave myself, and I usually have to do it in the shower, to make cleaning up easier.

I kept blowing, she was doing well in drinking as much as she could, but I felt a few drops falling onto my feet. Her hands tightened, and now she was slowly moving her hands from the base of my shaft up to the head, still she sucked on my cock-head. I was still cumming in smaller bursts now.

Catherine lapped her tongue around my cock-head, as I stopped cumming, it was very sensitive, every time her tongue rolled over my cock-head, my hips jolted.

She came up and let go of my cock, she looked up to me and said, “Fuckin' hell Peter, I could have had a bath with that load of cum. Do you always cum that much?”

I looked down and my chest heaved, trying to take in deep breaths, “Yes, yes ma’am.”

She slowly rose to her feet and said, “Don’t call me ma'am, call me Cat, not Catharine either, okay, just Cat!”

I nodded, “Yes okay, Cat.”

Catharine kissed her fingers and touched my now flaccid cock with it.

I was stunned, and again I’m not sure why, I said, “You made me cum lots!”

She looked back at me over her shoulder, and said, “I had to do that Peter, you’re a virgin, and you’ll last longer for the second bit now.”

She jumped up onto the bed and took off her knickers, threw them over to where my clothes were. She asked, “Peter, have you eaten a woman?”

She perched herself up onto two pillows, her legs were outstretched in front of her.

I knew what she wanted and what she meant, but just to make sure we were on the same wave length, I asked, “Eaten a woman?”

She smiled sweetly, “Pussy, Peter, have you licked and sucked a pussy before?”

She pulled up her legs and widened her knees, exposing her clean shaven pussy. God she looked good enough to fuck. Again I could not see any tan lines on her she must bathe in the nude, not just topless.

I had finger fucked a pussy before, but not licked one. I think that’s what she meant. So my answer to Catherine was, “No, I don’t think so…”

She lowered her head and raised her eye’s to me and said, “Son, you would know if you’ve eaten pussy before or not.”

With one arm outstretched, she beckoned me over to her, “Come here Peter; god you’ve a lot to learn. But don’t worry, I know the perfect teacher.”

She obviously meant her, and I was not complaining, not at all.

I didn’t know why she had this hold on me. I really didn’t like this woman before today, even though she is no relation to me apart from being my older brother’s mother in law. It was still going through my head, what is it she now likes about me? Just my cock, I presumed. I did not like her as a person, but, I suppose if I just think of her as a woman, a woman who wants to fuck me, and is willing for me to fuck her. I could not say no to a body like hers, no matter how old she was. And to my cock it didn’t matter how she had treated me before, apparently.

I got onto the bed, and then on all fours made my way to between her tanned shapely legs. She was still perched up on to her elbows and parted her legs even more and greeted me in.

I approached her pussy, I could see it was glistening, she must already be wet. She flicked her head from side to side to get her hair behind her.

“Okay Peter, now you see that there?” Pointing with her eye’s towards her pussy, “The wet patch.”

I couldn’t take my eyes away from her pussy. I had seen girl’s pussies before, but none had bits hanging out. I had only seen this on images and movies of women on porn sites.

“I want you to lick and suck that, tell me how I taste, go on, go ahead?”

I moved closer, she stuck her ass up and said, “Put your hands under my ass Peter.”

I did as she asked, then I stuck my tongue out and licked her slit. I found the entrance and I poked my tongue in as far as I could, I dart in and out, slobbering all over it.

Catherine appreciated my work, “Ahh, Peter, nice, ahh, keep going, suck my clit will you?”

I slowly moved my tongue upwards, located her clit and sucked on it, flicked it with my tongue, squeezed and nibbled on it with my lips.

Catherine started to buck upwards with her hips, “Harder, ahh, harder Peter, ahh, ahh.”

I squeezed her ass with both hands each time she bucked up. She pushed hard against my face. It was like I was eating a melon.

Then I slowly lowered her, kept one hand underneath and with the other I stuck two fingers into her. I moved these slowly in and out, and sucked her clit hard as she requested.

“Fuck, Peter, ahh, I’m cumming, don’t stop, please don’t stop, ahh, fuck, yes, yes, fuck yes.”

I lapped up a stream of liquid which trickled out of her and I felt her pussy get wetter.

I was amazed at how sweet her pussy tasted, I didn’t think older women would taste like this, I needed more.

But just then, Catherine grabbed my hair and lifted my head off her, “Get on your back Peter?” She said with her usual commanding tone.

I was enjoying this, but also I was very work conscious, I should have been in work by now. I was a bit hesitant as I moved onto my back and I let Catherine know, “Cat, I have work to go to, I should have been there by now.”

Catherine’s face dropped and looked frustrated, she looked at me and said, “Where’s your phone?”

I pointed to my jeans on the floor, “In my pocket over there!”

She angrily said, “Don’t just sit there, go get it and give it to me?”

She asked me to bring up my work number.

“Okay, now get on your back?”

I rolled over onto my back and Catherine straddled my face and stuck her pussy right into my mouth, I stuck my tongue out and Catherine ground her clit on it.

While she was grinding away she rang my workplace, “Hello, I’m Catherine, Peter’s friend, Peter won’t be into work today, he’s got something on his tongue. I’m taking care of it…. No he won’t be in at all today, okay, bye.” She rang off, and threw the phone over to my jeans.

I looked at Catherine, “You said all of today?”

Still grinding away as she combed her hair back with her fingers. “Yes Peter, my husband’s away till tomorrow evening, and I’m on my own.”

I looked at her curiously, “You don’t expect me to stay here?”

“Yes I do Peter, we’re not leaving this bed for a good few hours.”

“But, my mom will be expecting me home?”

“Call her and tell her you’re with friends, okay?”

“She won’t believe me.” I said, not sounding too convincing.

Catherine looked down and with a sweet smile, “Do you want me to tell her who you’re with?”

She took hold of my head and pushed it hard onto her pussy, “Suck my cunt Peter, ahh, fuck, fuck, oohhh, yes, fuck yes.”

I was finding it difficult to breath but managed to take in some short gasps. My head was tight between her thighs, she squeezed them tighter occasionally.

I Came back up for a breath, “No, I’ll call her later, she thinks I’m at work right now.”

My face was pulled back into her pussy, and the heat was amazing coming from her. And she was getting wetter, not just from my licking, but she must have been cumming.

“Ohh, yes Peter, yes, I’m cumming again, harder, that’s it, ohh yes, yes, yes, f u c..”

She had another orgasm, her hips lunged out and more juices appeared to flow out. I knew that was better than honey, so I stuck my tongue out and gathered as much as I could, fuck she tasted great.

“Holy shit Peter, that was nice, you have a nice tongue.” She stepped off me and came to my side, her chest raised up and down, as she took in deep breaths.

She held my hand as we lay there, she squeezed it lovingly and asked, “How’s that cock? You ready yet?”

I looked at her tits, and the way her nipples were standing proud, they were at least an inch long, and as thick as my little finger.

Catherine caught me looking, “Do you like what you see Peter? Would you like to touch them?”

I nodded, and moved one hand over to them. I squeezed her beautiful mounds and ran a finger over a nipple.

Catherine had amazingly firm tits, they were far better than any of my other girlfriend’s tits. I presumed that her gym routine may have had something to do with how firm they felt.

As I fondled her, she asked, “Would you like to suck them Peter?”

This time I didn’t nod or anything, I got up and straddled over her stomach and grabbed her tits. I stuck my tongue out and licked her nipple. I could taste the red wine on them. I sucked the fleshy tanned skin, then back to the other nipple. Again the red wine taste, I sucked on her nipple as it got harder.

“Peter, do you like my nipples?

I kept sucking as I thought she does not really want me to answer her with words, just my action of sucking will do.

“Peter, don’t tickle them darling, suck hard, suck them like you really want to. Don’t be afraid of hurting me.”

I thought I was sucking hard, but if she wanted harder I could do that. I went to town on them sucking, licking almost biting them, they felt amazingly hard, like I was actually sucking and nibbling on a little finger.

Catherine was groaning, “Oh Peter, fuck, nice and hard, that’s it, that’s it, darling.”

She brought up a hand and placed it on my head, pushing it down onto her tits.

I loved these tits they were amazing. I mauled her and sucked all around both tits till my lips were worn-out. Then I lay back down beside her.

I was almost hard again, not quite at full attention. She looked down towards my cock and placed a finger on the tip of the head, then slowly ran it down along the shaft.

“Peter, I’m not sure if I can get all this in?” Her finger slowly coming back up to the tip.

I looked down towards my cock, and watched her finger going down and then back up, I asked, “What do you mean? Your husband fucks you, doesn’t he?”

She took hold of my hand and squeezed it gently, and brought up the hand she had on my cock and placed it on my cheek and turned my face towards her, “Peter, darling, I’m a woman in her sexual prime. And I’m lucky if my husband has time to fuck me once in a week.”

She smiled sweetly, “Don’t get me wrong Peter, I love my husband, but not for his sexual prowess. That thing you have, it’s well… much, much bigger than my husband’s. His cock is about five inches long and as wide as two fingers. Do you know how long yours is?”

I shook my head, “No, I’ve never been asked that before, I thought it to be a normal size.”

“O My God, Peter, let me tell you, what you have is not normal. Your cock is large Peter, probably extra-large, no, definitely extra-large.”

In my head I knew I was bigger than most men down there, but I said to Catherine, “Well I’ve never thought about it in that way!”

She got up onto her knees besides me and grabbed my cock in both hands, again one on top of the other, and said, “This is at least eight if not nine inches long, and shit, I can’t even get my fingers to touch around it, and as for the head, well fuckin hell Peter, look at it!”

I said to her, “That’s normal right?”

“Peter, no it’s not normal. This is a big cock!”

To me it was, well, normal; I’ve always been this way. My girlfriends have told me it’s big, but I never paid that much attention to them, or it.

Catherine dribbled some spit onto it and started stroking it, it felt really nice. She put the head into her mouth again and sucked on it, and stroked it very quickly. God it felt better than doing it myself.

I put my hands behind my head and lay there, letting her suck all she wanted. I watched her, her head bobbed up and down, her hands moved up and down on the shaft. I watched Catherine blow me off. Before today she never even looked at me twice, wouldn’t even give me the time of day. What changed her? Was it my cock? At that moment in time I couldn’t care.

I was at full hardness, when she said, “Peter, are you ready?”

I again wondered what! Ready, there we were both naked. She had my cock in her hands, stroking away, her naked tanned fucking body in front of me, wanting my cock in her. I was ready for what she wanted, I was sure.

I didn’t respond to her question, I just thought to myself, before today, she hated me and everything I did. I was the last person she would greet when she came to visit us. She never bought me any presents for my birthday, just a card, even with all the wealth she has.

She was being ‘nice’ to me, because she’d seen my cock, and wanted it. To be honest if that’s all she wanted from me, then fine, I’ll give her cock. I must admit her body was better than any of the girlfriends I’ve had, even though she was more than twice their age.

I knew she wasn’t shy, from the brash way she talked and her attitude, the way she always carried herself, and she always had a commanding presence when I’d seen her in company. Catherine was a very positive woman. She seemed to get what she wanted.

Also, I didn’t think she was shy on the beach, going by the lack of tan lines on her amazing body. She didn’t use a sun bed or any tanning creams, I later found out from her. This meant she was tanned just from her expensive holidays.

“Fuckin' hell Peter, why don’t you answer me when I’m talking to you? Are you st… ahh, you’re driving me mad!” She began to stroke harder, and yes I was harder than ever.

Catherine shook my cock in her hand, and said, “Yes I think you’re ready Peter. The question is, am I?”

She stood up and straddled over me, bent down, grabbed my cock and pointed it up towards her pussy as she started to lower herself. I still had my hands behind my head, as I watched her insert my cock into her pussy.

She rubbed my cock-head along her pussy slowly, several times, when it got to her clit, she would apply some extra pressure. Then, she lowered herself down and gasped, “Holy fuck.”

She got the head in, she didn’t move for a few seconds, and then lowered again very slowly. She looked at me, “Fuck, Peter, I think I’m the virgin here.”

She closed her eyes, and dropped again, getting another five or six inches in. She went back up, and kept just the head in, “Fuck, Peter, that was as far as any cock has ever been before.”

She bit her bottom lip and again closed her eyes, lowering herself again. She got to where it was before and I instinctively thrust my hips up. A loud cry from Catherine, “Shit, Peter, what are you doing? Let me get as much as I can in first. Then I’ll let you know what to do, okay?”

I looked like a boy scolded, “Sorry Catherine.”

Her head shot from looking at my cock to looking at me, and angrily yelled, “I told you its Cat!”

I said in almost a whisper, “I’m sorry Cat,”

She went down again, cursing my cock. She was getting more and more in, inch by inch, till about two inches were left out. She placed both hands on my waist and didn’t move. I could feel her pussy muscles throbbing on my cock. She started moving up and down agonizingly slowly. She would curse on the way up and down in deep, low tones.

Her face grimaced on her way down, and a blissful smile when she got there.

She carried on like this for quite a while. The urge in me to thrust was unbearable, but I did not move.

Catherine opened her eyes, looked at me and said, “God Peter, I feel so full, there are new sensations in me that I have never felt.”

She kept rising and falling, she sped up a bit, then she said, “Okay Peter, slowly start to fuck with me.”

I started to thrust, slowly, timing my thrusts to meet her. I was wondering if I should try and thrust all of my cock into her. I did hate her, before today. If it hurts her, well, it’s only what she deserved.

But, I thought the better of it. She might not fuck me again if she felt hurt. And I unquestionably, wanted to fuck this woman again, and again. Her pussy was tight, a fantastic tightness around my cock, throbbing, pulsing with a beautiful beat. She was wet, which made it feel like a velvet glove made slightly on the small side to give an extra tight fit for my cock. The heat was amazing, and then all of a sudden, I felt more wetness from her.

“Fuck, Peter, fuck, I’m cumming, oh god, I’m cumming Peter.”

She stopped with me in deep, and clamped her cunt around my cock. I felt a trickle running down the sides of my balls.

She rose and fell again, she continued for a while and then clamped my cock in her cunt, “Oh god, I’m cumming again, shit Peter, I’ve never had two orgasms that close together ever.”

She rose and fell, but this time she intentionally or not, went all the way down, engulfing my whole cock. I was fully in, holy fucking shit she had taken all of me. I never thought my cock would ever give me feelings like that.

My cock-head felt like it was hit with a hammer, I didn’t know what had happened to it. I knew women’s bits from school days. I must have penetrated into her cervix, beyond her vagina. God it felt so good.

An extremely loud cry came from Catherine, “Peter!” She stopped dead. And then rose up slightly.

Her face was one full of agony. My hands went to hers and held them by her wrists. I thought it would comfort her. We stayed like that for a little while. Her pussy throbbed at a much slower rate to previously. I did not know what to say, I looked at her face changing, from agony, to a smile, then immense joy, spread across her face.

She opened her eyes very slowly, and the happiest smile I’d seen on her, beamed radiantly.

“Oh Peter, that was wonderful Peter. Are you okay?

“Yes, it felt good Cat. But I was scared for you. You looked to be in pain. I’m sorry.”

“Dear Peter, don’t be sorry, if only you felt what I felt, the pain was the best part. I hope it will feel like that every time you’re in fully.”

She came down to me and we kissed. It was amazing, but this was our first kiss. People usually kiss first and then fuck. We seemed to have done it the other way round.

There was no movement of our bodies, I was in her, and we just kissed. Slow at first, then passionately, ending in a mad sucking and biting of each other’s tongues.

I unwillingly broke off, because I wanted to ask her, “Can I fuck you now please.”

She laughed, “Peter, you don’t have to say please. You’re a funny boy. And yes, I think I’m ready for you now.”

We started moving, together, slow shallow thrusts. We had only been going for five minutes, when Catherine had another orgasm. We picked up the pace and her pussy flowed again. I always felt it when she released an orgasm, a stream would run down my balls, and hips. I felt such a sense of achievement every time she had an orgasm, and also she would call my name through her orgasms.

Catherine may have made me feel like a ‘stupid’ boy before. But things changed and she was making me feel like the king of the world. I began to like Catherine, not quite love, I didn’t think I would ever actually love her, like I love my mom. It’s not the same.

Although we were what you might call fucking, I was not fully in her. It wasn’t a full penetrating fuck. I was always still out by three inches or so.

I just wanted to get a bit deeper, when she had another orgasm, “Peter, oh Peter, ahh.”

After she finished her orgasm, she asked me, “Wait Peter, let me go down, get on top.”

We swapped places and she was on her back, her leg’s spread, she invited me in. Her pussy already looked open, a gaping hole, clearly visible. I moved on top and was jabbing my cock trying to find her entrance. I found it, and as I just got my cock-head in, she wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me in. Her arms were around my back, squashing me into her tits.

She pulled me in with her legs, but I wasn’t fully in, we still fucked for several minutes at a brisk pace when she again had another orgasm, “Peter, oh Peter, I’m cumming, Peter, I’m cumming!”

It was then I thought I wanted to fully bury my cock, to feel again what I had felt just half an hour or so ago.

Catherine had her eyes closed. I grabbed her face with both hands, and she looked at me. Then, as we were fucking, I stopped when I was almost out, Catherine froze, a look in her eyes, which seemed to ask what’s wrong?

I closed my eyes slowly, and said, “I’m sorry Cat.”

I went for broke, I thrust, one thrust deep into her, burying my cock, fully immersed into her body. I drove through into her cervix. The only thing that stopped me going further was our bodies, colliding.

Catherine cried out again, “Peter, oh Peter.”

I opened my eyes and watched her face, again the pained expression, I retreated, slowly, and quickly thrust back in, fully. She seemed to be in agony all the time as I continued to properly fuck Catherine.

Her face thrashed about, her nails dug into my ass. Everything told me she was in pain, but, her legs. She still used her feet around me, pulled me in as I thrust deeply, fully, my cock surrounded by a hot pulsing envelope.

I again felt the amazing sensation on my cock-head, being hit, being squashed, like you would squeeze a lemon to get the juice, it was sensational.

I kept pounding; I was lost with my head full of stimulated chemicals. Then I looked back to Catherine. She was still lashing her head around, her hair a mess, “Peter, ohh, Peter,” came her never ending cries.

I started to slow down and not go as deep. I was on the verge of stopping when Catherine cried out, “Peter, I’m cumming, keep it in deep, Peter?”

I listened to her words, but from the way her body was reacting, I could not believe she was enjoying my deeper thrusts. I did not want to really hurt her. And thought I should just stay out of her cervix.

I then just fucked her reasonably shallowly for my length of cock. I stayed away from her cervix. It was still a nice feeling for me and I enjoyed it and kept going for about two minutes.

Then all of a sudden, as if to wake me up, a loud , “Peter, what you doing? Get in, all in, now Peter.”

We both momentarily stopped fucking, “But Cat, I’m hurting you!”

Her hands came up from my ass and held my face softly, “Peter, you’re not hurting me, I’m fine Peter. It is a pain, but the most amazing, wonderful, perfect pain. I’ve never had this before, but now I want it all the time. This is the way I want to be fucked.”

Her pussy was still pulsing on my cock, my cock throbbing in return.

While she carried on and encouraged me, “You have to understand your cock is the biggest I’ve ever had. Not just in length, but your girth is amazing Peter. Just fuck me deep and hard, I want you to be satisfied, especially as this is your first time.”

She was very wet so I slowly inched in and came to a stop, my cock-head resting at her cervix entrance. I was still about two to three inches out. Catherine again spurred me on. As she closed both eyes for a second and said, “Go on Peter, I love you.”

I wasn’t sure she meant those words, but for the fact that she had my cock in her. I nodded my head and drove in. I felt my cock-head being squashed, Catherine closed her eyes. Her hands tightened on my face. Then she lunged up to get me home, fully, deeply.

We both stayed like that, must be a whole minute, throbbing, pulsating on each other.

A low whisper into my ear, “Holy shit Peter, fuck, I can’t believe it; I’m actually cumming, Peter, ohh, shit.”

I felt the release of fluids from her, calming my shaft.

Then Catherine moved her hands down along my back and onto my ass again. She squeezed both cheeks and said, “Come on Peter, fuck your Cat!”

I pulled back just out of her cervix, then pushed back in. we both moved together, my cock just moved three inches, with just my cock-head entering her cervix and back out. Catherine was grunting with every thrust into her. Then after a while, in that amazing fucking motion, I started to move slowly out but rapidly back into her, till we met at each other’s groins. Catherine moved with me, and we both enjoyed the pain together.

I was able to give Catherine two more orgasms in that way. I felt I had accomplished a reward. I hoped that that would be in letting me fuck her more in the future.

Catherine stopped, “Peter, hold on a second!”

I stopped, and she placed her hands to the sides of my hips and moved them up and down, “Peter, have you heard of a deep stick position?”

I was a bit surprised that this older woman knew names of sexual positions. I had seen all sorts of positions in the porn stuff I watched. I replied, “Yes.”

“Okay, Peter, darling, let’s do that!”

She raised her legs, one at a time above my head and onto my shoulders. My cock still in her, she could not pump in this position. It was all down to me.

I withdrew my cock till the head, then slowly plunged in, got to her cervix, and ploughed through it. The usual grimace on Catherine’s face, we both got comfortable in this position. I moved out and in, I increased my speed. I felt an amazing whack on my cock-head each time I pushed through into her cervix.

Catherine’s face again thrashing about and she grabbed my arms tightly, “Peter, I’m there again Peter, ahh.”

She had another orgasm. In that position I could see her fluids running out, it covered my cock and trickled down her ass. I kept pumping but not fast, just at a consistent pace. God it seemed like ages, but I think it must have been ten twelve minutes, I was going to cum.

“Cat, I’m going to cum soon, do you want me out?”

“No darling let my pussy taste your milk. Fill me up.”

I was not sure if that was the right thing to do. I didn’t want to get her pregnant, “But Cat, what if I…”

She stopped me in mid-sentence as her eye’s bulged out in anger, her face red and flushed, “In me Peter, fuck sakes, Peter. Don’t worry about anything, okay?”

I looked at her and nodded. I was close, just a few more strokes. Holy shit, I buried my cock deep, and blew my first ever load into a woman. I kept in deep for the second load.

Catherine grabbed my arms tight, “Yes Peter, let it go, enjoy it Peter.”

I withdrew and plunged back deep cumming again, as Catherine announced she was there as well, “Oh Peter, I’m cumming darling with you, ahh.”

As I was withdrawing and plunging back in, my previous cum was oozing out and being splattered around as our bodies smashed into each other. I could not stop cumming, I was releasing load after load it was amazing. I had to stop pumping, so I withdrew from her and rested my cock on top of her stomach.

Catherine grabbed hold of my cock with both hands and stroked me, making me cum again, my cum shooting across and landing onto her hair and face. She kept stroking and I just kept cumming.

My cum was shooting in creamy ropes, everywhere, all over her. She kept stroking and I kept cumming. I had to ask, “Cat please stop?”

“Not yet Peter, not yet.”

She kept stroking with one hand, and rubbed her tits and stomach with every new blast of cum.

“Oh Peter, darling, fuck me, how can you.. where does all this come from?”

I was exhausted, “Please Cat, please stop?”

Catherine’s face looked amazed, “No Peter, let’s see how much you’ve got. How long can a virgin boy cum for?”

Rope after rope flew across her body, it was becoming painful, but bearable.

She brought her face up close and pumped my cock, cum blasted all over her face, running down her neck. Catherine put the head into her mouth and stroked me as my cock gave her mouthful after mouthful of cum.

Eventually Catherine stopped stroking, “Fuck in hell Peter, fuck in hell!”

She eased a few more drops out. And I fell to her side, my chest heaved as I tried to get my breath back. My cock twitched as little dribbles of cum dripped out.

I had my eyes closed and heard Catherine, “Fuckin' hell Peter, you have a lot of cum! I love it, you’re amazing. I didn’t think a man could cum as much as this. Look at me I’m drenched in your cum, just amazing Peter. I’m glad you came out of my pussy, cause my pussy was never going to hold this lot. It’s the best ever.”

She kissed me on my cheek then wiped the cum off with her hand, and said, “If I hadn’t stopped, I think you would have kept cuming. God, I’m going to love fucking you. I’m going to love making you cum.”

I did cum a lot earlier and never thought I had that much still left in me. I looked over to Catherine with her face and hair covered in my cum, and also her tits and stomach, her diamond stud in her belly button was flooded in my jizz, fuck she made me cum a lot.

We lay there both recuperating, our breathing came back to normal, Catherine said, “Peter, I’m puffed out, I need to regain some energy, you okay?”

I was totally bushed, and said, “Yeah, I’ll just lay here for a while.”

She got up and headed towards their en suit, she had left the door open and I could see she washed her face and wiped herself down with a towel, then came back to bed.

She came besides me and I felt her hand on my cock, “Peter, you’re still fuckin' hard, you bastard!”

I looked down and felt pleased with myself, then looked back towards Catherine, and smiled.

She lay alongside me with half her body across mine, patted my chest, and said, “How was that Peter; did you enjoy your first time?”

I couldn’t get the smile off my face as I said, “I did Cat, it was amazing. I need to do it again!”

Catherine still had her hand on my chest, gliding it across my body, down towards my stomach and back up again in a loving way.

“Oh believe me Peter, as soon as I have rested, and regained some energy, that thing is going to be in your Cat once again.”

I was happy Catherine was not calling me stupid anymore, and happy she was actually talking to me like a person and not some idiot off the street.

I asked, “What do you mean, your Cat?”

She moved her hand down to my cock, gently squeezed it, and said, “Peter if you’ll forgive me for my past behaviour towards you. I would like, no, I would love, completely love to have you as my lover, a fuck buddy if you will?”

I did like my first fuck, Catherine’s pussy, and just the way she fucked, was very nice, I thought about how that would work, with her husband and all.

I asked, “It’s amazing fucking a woman, and I’m glad it was you. I would never have thought in a million years it would be you, but what about your husband? What about my girlfriend?”

She moved her hand back up to my chest and patted it as she said, “Peter, darling, don’t you worry about that. They’ll never know. And I would like to be the one you choose to fuck. It’s up to you, if you want to fuck your girlfriend. I can’t stop you. I’m just thrilled I was your first.”

I looked at Catherine, and said, “I’m really glad you let me fuck you, Cat, you’re just amazing. And I never thought my first time would be so physically demanding.”

I turned my face towards the window, and could see the light fading; I didn’t really know what the time was but thought we must have been here for at least five, if not six hours.

We drifted off to sleep.

End Evening One.

I have just started writing the second part. I hope to have it out soon.

This is the first part of a two part story.

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