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An Empty House

Chris and Vic have the house to themselves
Names have been changed.
Chris was about 5 foot 10, on the athletic side, with no fat on his body and an 8 inch cock.

Victoria is 5 7, with B cup breasts, a luscious ass, and extremely sexy tap dancer legs.

It all started Monday night, over webcam. For the past two weeks, Chris was sick and could not see Victoria. However, tomorrow she could stop by. They were talking about it over webcam.

Victoria had no clothes on, however, she covered herself with her blanket.

I was in the mood to be a tease, and was laying without any covers, playing with my ab muscles, making Victoria turn to soup. I would also occasionally play with his cock.

"So Tor, tomorrow everyone is going to be gone all day. Do you think you could come by? I went and bought more condoms today."
"I'll see if I can get a ride, What kind of condoms?" she replied.
"Alright, its been so long. These new ribbed ones, I've heard they're good," said Chris.

"I wish I could touch you. but this damn computer screen is in the way."
"Ugh, I know baby, me too, tomorrow!"


Text reads 'Here' From Tor at 1 o'clock.
Chris lets her in, they kiss for the first time in 2 weeks and start making out in the garage.
"Why don't we go to a bed?"
"Alright, I guess so babe,"

Vic is on top of me, kissing me everywhere. I took off her shirt and threw it on the floor. I then gt my hand under her waistband and discovered she had no undies on. I fingered her to her first orgasm of the day. Then she ripped off my shirt and starts to make her way down to my cock. Kissing every inch of skin on the way down. She pulled down my shorts and boxers waist band and slipped my cock in her mouth.
I grabbed her hips, and flipped her around. I wanted a taste of her sweet pussy while she sucked on me. After a few minutes of sucking and licking, she had me on the brink of an orgasm.

I got her to cum just as I started to squirt into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop.

She then came back up and laid down next to me. She let her fingers trail all over my body as I started to finger her again. She trailed by my cock and felt it twitch and she grabbed my balls in her hand. She played with my cock until making me hard again and grabbed a condom.

"I've never done this before," as she put the condom on my cock.

She then grabbed my cock and lined it up with her pussy. I then took over, and teased her slippery entrance a few times. I then slid all 8 inches into her tight hole. She rode up and down for a few minutes. Then she had her first orgasm. Her body was literally vibrating on my cock as she came.

I then slid her body to the edge of the bed, so we were in the butterfly position. I continued to fuck her as deep as I could for a while, giving her many orgasms (she told me she lost count after the 9th one).
I knew that because I had come from 69, I had plenty of time to fuck her. I continued to drill into her pussy until she grabbed my ass and held me deep. We both came at the same time.

Little did I know, she was not done yet.

After I tossed out the condom, she went down on me again, bringing my limp cock back to life. However, she didn't want me to fuck her, she just kept on sucking, she was trying to get me to catch up to her orgasm number. She continued to cover my cock in her spit while tickling my balls. I came in her mouth again and she swallowed every last drop.

She got really turned on from sucking my dick, and came and laid on top of me. She rubbed her wet pussy on my soft cock and thighs until my cock jumped back to life. Then I rolled her on her back, and put my wet cock in her dripping hole. No condom this time, I knew I had a while before I would come with all the work she had done to me.

There is no better feeling then getting to fuck my girlfriend bareback. The thought of our skin on skin is so hot. She could have had me cumming in minutes, but I controlled the pace. I fucked her real hard though. The smacks could be heard echoing in the hallway, thank god no one was home.
I pulled out and put on a condom, and then I fucked her some more. I knew how to throw her over the edge. Go as deep as I could and stick a finger in her ass. I have thought about putting my dick there, but I don't wanna hurt her. So I stick to one finger, using her juices to slip in and out while I pounded her pussy until I pulled out, removed the condom and came all over her stomach.

Let me know what you think, more to come?
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