An Encounter

By Seannnn

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Two lovers meet...
Author's Note: This is my first story, please offer any feedback so I know how/whether to continue.

She stood nervously looking at the floor. A cool breeze past through the open window crossing the room and fluttered the edge of her tartan skirt. He noticed, from what he could see, that small goose bumps had raised on her legs and ran from her delicate ankles up over her soft, well toned calves continuing until they disappeared half way up her young thighs into the shadow of her skirt. From there his imagination took over.

Above her skirt a crisp white blouse was draped high enough to just get a glimpse of a perfectly shaped belly button and hugged her young B cup tits just enough to draw attention. Her shoulder length black hair was normally kept in a pony tail but was now hanging loose, partly covering her face as she looked down at the ground. As he looked her small hands continued down, stopping at the next button and slowly set it free as she had the others.

With each button that was opened the soft light of the room revealed more of her innocent body to his desperate eyes. Quicker, quicker he willed her to speed up but the more he wished the slower it seemed to happen. A pastel pink bra was now partly visible under her shirt as it fell open with the next button. There was one left and as her fingers fumbled it undone a smooth firm tummy was revealed.

Still looking down, her arms shifted and she let the blouse fall to the floor. He gasped as she was revealed to him. The picture of teenage beauty her skin, her waist and her pert tits were made to be desired, to be fantasized over. She lifted her face slightly and he saw through her soft hair a cute face; a small button nose, pouty pink lips and deep brown eyes which glanced over at him. No more waiting.

He strode over to her stopping inches from her half naked body, everything he lusted for was there, waiting and willing but he still resisted the urge to grasp her to glide his hands down the creamy skin of her back and to grope her small arse. He leaned in and let his lips brush her cheek making her skin twitch as if a small shock had passed between them. This close he could see her chest rise and fall as she breathed faster. He kissed his way down her neck and pressed in tasting her skin.

As he let his tongue trail along her collarbone his other hand came up to rest on her left breast. He squeezed the material of her bra before sliding his hand around and unclasping it. Sliding the two straps off her shoulder it fell to the ground. With both hands his fingers found her nipples and pinched them hard causing her to shuffle her feet and bite her lip. He released and immediately began to manipulate her breasts eliciting a soft moan. Her small tongue wet her lips as she felt an increase in the fluttering of her stomach.

Her body was responding to his touch and as he continued to kiss around her neck and massage her young tits she began to feel warmth spread from her belly down to her thighs and creep in towards her sex. She kissed him, her body was taking control and she needed to feel his lips on hers and his tongue in her mouth as his hands continued their work, every so often tweaking her nipples and sending muscle spasms down her legs so that she felt as though they would give way and she would collapse.

He held her up when this happened and as he held her against him she could feel his body against hers. She felt muscle and strength and she felt his cock. It was rock hard and there was no missing it, the feel of his manhood pressing against her feminine leg was thrilling and as he picked her up and walked over to the bed she also felt her juices running into her panties.

As he laid her down he stepped back to look at her. Her tits were a perfect handful tipped with dark nipples and small areolas. The look in her eyes now was of lust, she was horny and he knew she would go all the way now. Her skirt was still covering her panties and her pussy but he could see the wetness of her lust beginning to show through the tartan material. He raised his own shirt up and over his head, dropping it on the ground and his lean muscled torso was exposed to her eyes.

Bending over her he kissed her deeply once more, sliding his tongue into her mouth and dancing with hers before pulling away. It was time now; he moved his hands to the waist of her skirt and undid the clasp. He pulled it down her legs and off her feet. A pair of black lace panties covered her tight pussy and he could see they were soaked. He leant in to her crotch and his nose grazed the wet fabric. The scent of her teen juices was sweet and musky and he had to taste her.

His fingers pulled the thin material to the side and her puffy pink lips were exposed. His tongue buried itself between them, her juices immediately covering his cheeks and nose as her fingers grasped the back of his head, digging into his scalp as she let out a long moan. He licked up and down her slit feverishly sucking the moisture from her pussy. As his finger began to probe at her opening his mouth worked upwards to her engorged clit, wantonly protruding from its hood.

He squeezed a finger into her slick hole slowly gliding it in and out while he sucked on her sensitive nub. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open as she breathed heavily. Her skin was flushed and she instinctively pushed her hips up off the bed to meet his hand. As she felt a second finger find its way inside her she began to massage her own tits, kneading and pulling at her hard sensitive nipples.

His fingers were moving faster now; as he pushed them inside they reached up and ran along her g-spot each time causing her to groan in pleasure as she got closer and closer to her peak. The liquid was now flowing freely from her, pooling in the palm of his hand and spilling out onto the sheets, his hand feverishly pumping in and out of her tight, young hole as he licked and sucked her clit and pussy lips. Getting very close now the young girl was desperate to cum; one hand left a tit and gripped the back of his head forcing his mouth hard onto her clit as she ground her pussy into his face.

Her other hand clenched the sheets in a tight fist, her thighs came together and held his head in place and her back arched as she felt her orgasm nearing. Lustful pleasure pulsed through her body so that she could even feel it in her toes; a huge wave was building and as he sucked and finger fucked her she whimpered with the intensity of it. The wave was almost upon her now and in a few short seconds she knew she would cum. He pistoned his fingers in and out of her wet hole and she arched her back in anticipation. He stopped. Pulling his fingers out and his mouth away from her body the orgasm was cut off.

The young girl flicked her dark hair from her face and looked at him pleadingly. Desperation in her beautiful eyes as he sat back and motioned to her. Precum dripped from his hard cock. He grabbed her arm and pulled her on top of him pushing his tongue into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own juices. He broke the kiss and pushed her head down. Her young lips slipped over his cock head sliding half way down his shaft before pulling up again.

She grasped him with her hand and ran her tongue along the underside of his twitching cock. His hand gathered her hair at the back of her head and he guided her mouth up and down taking control as he began lifting his hips to meet the rhythm he was setting. Her hot wet mouth felt incredible on his dick.

Using one hand to hold herself steady she used the other to start gently massaging his balls occasionally sliding her fingers down over his arsehole before moving back up. She moaned into his cock as he became more dominant forcing his full length past her lips so that his cockhead hit the tightness of her throat.

Despite herself her pussy continued to flood itself and she could feel the liquid running down the inside of her legs. He felt his cum building in his balls ready to shoot into her mouth or perhaps onto her face and tits. He resisted the urge and released her pulling his cock from her mouth. She sat back and immediately moved her hand to her pussy, stroking her clit. He sat up and moved onto his knees.

Leaning over he turned and positioned her doggy style. Her pussy and the small bud of her arsehole beckoned him and he placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly he pushed in for the first time amazed at how tight she felt despite the earlier finger fucking. Her juices coated her arse and her inner thighs so there was little resistance as he slid in all the way. She moaned loudly and desperately.

Pushing back she made sure he was completely inside her before he pulled back holding just his cockhead inside her hole. His hands gripped her waist and suddenly he slammed into her causing her to shriek in pleasure as he began a fast pace. They fucked hard both desperate to get themselves off and they used each other, he pounding into her slamming his cock in and out and she meeting his thrusts with her hips pushing back when he slid in.

She slipped a hand underneath her body to pinch at her clit sending shocks of pure pleasure through her and bringing herself closer. Despite the pace he could feel with each stroke the walls of her pussy clenching his cock, sliding along its length, milking the cum from his balls. Her cries were beyond loud and sweat matted her hair to her face and glistened along her arched back as the fingers of her free hand held onto the headstand. He slapped her arse cheek hard as he continued to pump into her. She came first.

The feeling too much as it burst from her pussy sending intense ripples through her body as juice squirted violently from her sex, coating his pelvis and running down his legs. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open in silent ecstasy as her muscles all tightened at once. While she was still immersed in her orgasm he slipped over the edge. His cock swelled and cum burst into her womb filling her up. Spasm after spasm continued as the cum began to leak out between them. He continued to pump into her as they came together each in their own world of pleasure.

Slowly they came down from their respective highs, the energy and lust both gone from their bodies in an instant. He pulled out of her and his cum flooded onto the bed. He collapsed on top of her slim body and they lay in silence, breathing heavily and catching their breath. The mattress was soaked and the room stank of sex. Another breeze past through the window and cooled their bodies. Goosebumps raised on both their bodies as they lay in the afterglow of the encounter.