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An escapade in the shower

A lustful bit of fun in the shower
Firstly, this isn't really a story, but rather something I wrote for someone in particular today that I simply thought I'd share.

If I were to join you in the shower I'd slowly step in behind you unnoticed, place my hands on your hip bones and gently pull your waist to mine while leaning down to kiss your neck. Hearing you gasp ever so slightly as my lips contact your sensitive neck turns be on causing my already swelling cock to thicken even more. As you begin to feel my cock swelling into your back I can hear your breaths speed up as you feel a warmth growing inside of your ever increasingly wet pussy. My hands, so close to where you desire them, grasping your hip bones to pull you close to me as your hips slowly begin to rock back and forth subconsciously, your perfect ass sliding on the base of my cock as it becomes completely engorged.

Still kissing and biting your collar bone my hands slowly begin to slide towards the ceiling, and your perfect tits, the water careening off of your erect nipples. As my hands reach the bottom of your heaving breasts, cupping them gently, I hear you let out a soft moan, placing your hands over mine on your chest, encouraging me to make you mine. Your hands, encouraging me to squeeze your breasts begin to play with your nipples, ensuring they're completely erect as the water washes over them. My fingers gently pinch your nipples as your hands slide down to pay attention to your eagerly awaiting mound rubbing the clit that's now so desperately in need of attention.

My mouth on your neck and collar bone, hands on your amazing tits and your fingers rubbing your pussy while your ass grinds up and down on my shaft is finally too much to bear as you spin around to face me, taking my cock in your hand and squeezing it firmly while you look up at me expectantly with that look I love so much waiting for me to lean down to kiss you. Quickly I succumb to your beautiful eyes and lean in to kiss you. The room is electric as our lips finally contact again after so long apart, and your hand tightens down on my cock even further, slowly and deliberately tugging at it, admiring how hard it is for you. Struggling not to be completely overwhelmed by my lust for you I place my hands along your jaws on either side of your face and stare into your eyes as that beautiful look that sustains me returns once more, and I slowly pull your perfect lips to mine once more, sighing in content as I do so.

Beginning to be overcome with lust, I feel the water hit my chest where you used to be blocking it, and upon opening my eyes the sight of you beginning to squat down, first kissing my hip bones but moving towards my rigid cock agonizingly slowly. As I look down at the water running over my body down my chest our eyes make contact as you look at me longingly as you gently kiss and lick the underside of my cock, moving slowly up the shaft maintaining eye contact the whole way. After what seems like a lifetime of teasing finally you eagerly take me into your mouth and almost immediately I find myself struggling not to shoot my hot cum down your throat. Regaining my composure I'm able to hold off my orgasm for the time being at least as I marvel at your skill with my cock in your mouth, just as you promised.

Eager to return the favor I motion for you to stand up and begin kissing you again, very lustfully while my hands squeeze your ass and pull you towards me. Beginning to kiss your neck and collar bone gradually beginning to work my way down your beautiful body while the hot water from the shower bounces off of it. Working my way down your body my hands move to your breasts and softly squeeze them together while my lips work down between them, taking great care not to miss anything nor any spot. I can hear you moan as my tongue flicks your nipples, teasing them and restoring them to their fully erect position. Sucking them into my mouth, ensuring both get their fair share of attention I feel you reach down and grab my cock, trying to pull me towards your practically trembling pussy. Instead of simply giving in and slipping myself inside of you as I've wanted to for so long. I instead continue my way down, kissing along your hip bones as your hands find their way to the back of my head, subtly trying to guide my head to your aroused clit. Not ready to let you have my tongue inside of you just yet, I continue to kiss your hips moving down the outside of your swollen labia down your left inner thigh before moving across to the right, and slowly moving the way back up that side, spending slightly more time on your labia this time, almost kissing your clit directly. Hearing you whimper ever so slightly I finally kiss you in exactly the spot id imagined kissing you, aside from your lips of course, for the previous 6 months or so.

A wave of excitement rushes over me finally having your pussy on my lips, your clit on my tongue and your juices circulating in my mouth. Licking at your clit, and sucking it into my mouth I feel your hand really press the back of my head driving me into your gyrating hips. Staggering back against the wall you're able to spread your legs further allowing me to be very thorough in my quest to lick up every drop of your delicious juices, savoring every bit as I slide my tongue deep inside of you, attempting to lick your g-spot while grabbing your ass to pull your hips towards me even further, pushing my tongue deeper inside of you. Your sweet juices all over my mouth chin and nose doesn't slow me down for a second as I come up for a breath before sucking your swollen clit back into my mouth flicking it with my tongue, and circling it with my tongue, its familiar, slightly metallic taste letting me know Ive found my target.

Unable to take anymore I stand back up, licking the last bits of your cum from my lips I place my hand on the back of your neck and forcefully pull your lips to mind, letting you taste yourself on my lips and tongue. Bending over ever so slightly you feel my cock on the inside of your thigh and eagerly move to ensure it finds its way between the full lips of your trembling pussy and begin to grind back and forth on it. Letting out a large sigh and a moan I continue to kiss you lustfully and squeeze your ass cheeks to pull you back and forth on my cock faster and faster your moans filling my ears, your desire to have my cock filling you filling your body.

Standing all the way up, I briefly bend down placing my hands on the bottom of your ass cheeks, and pick you up, pinning you against the wall of the shower, the tip of my pulsating cock right at the entrance of your eagerly awaiting pussy as for the first time, we're eye to eye as I hold you against the wall. We make eye contact and I see that look flash on your face one more time as we stare into each others eyes. Eye contact is not broken as I oh so slowly slip my cock into your ridiculously tight, wet, Colombian pussy. As with when in your mouth, I struggle to not immediately pump my full load of cum into your perfect body while I completely fill you, pressing into you up till the hilt, your moans nearly filling the bathroom now. The pace of my hard shaft filling you quickens as I push deeper then before, deeper then you thought possible, the tip just hitting your cervix and my pubic bone touching your clit with every thrust.

Frantically I allow myself to come out of you so you can stand on your own. Upon asking you how else you want to be satisfied, you simply turn around and bend over, instead of bothering with a response. Taking your hit, my hands find their way to your hip bones to give me extra leverage as I slide my cock inside of you. I can tell you like it this way, as almost immediately I can feel your pussy begin to tighten somehow further then before around my cock as you begin to work up to an orgasm. Upon feeling this with one hand I reach my hand down to your clit and begin to rub it encouraging your pussy to cover my cock in your cum. Apparently this was the magic touch because before long you begin to feel your pussy tense still further, you're almost there now, screaming so loud the neighbors can hear. We couldn't care less, our bodies in ecstasy with one another as your body begins to shudder, you finally clench and demand that I fuck you harder, my left hand still rubbing your clit as the hot water from the shower lands on your back. Pounding you from behind now, your body demanding more, you cum all over me, pulling me inside of you as deep as possible while you slowly come down from your orgasm.

Finally letting me slide out of your quivering pussy, you turn around and stand back up, informing me that its my turn. Nodding, I bend down to pick you up again, as before, but instead of pinning you against the wall, we step outside of the shower, and I place you on the counter top so you can lean back against the mirror and enjoy the view of my cock entering you. As you observe your lips spreading to accommodate my girth I reenter you, wishing I never had to be anywhere but inside of you, my dreams coming true and already thinking about nothing more then wanting to do it again when this inevitably ends. As it turns out, that wouldn't be long, because instead of simply leaning back and enjoying, you decide to rub your clit as I slide myself in and out of you, the massive load of cum beginning to get ready to be shot deep inside of you, enough to fill you completely and then some. You again demand that I fuck you harder and the familiar sound of your screams of pleasure begin to refill the small bathroom. The cold mirror on your back, the cold counter on your ass, the water dripping off both of us, and my hot member inside of you with your fingers massaging your clit is all you can think about as once again your pussy clenches as you begin to climax again. Screaming that you're cumming again triggers me to fuck you harder, pushing myself all the way inside of you, and then somehow further. Once again slamming your pussy I can feel myself about to cum, and just as you're finishing your orgasm, you begin to hear me make noise as I begin to climax myself, finally feeling my hot cum be propelled deep inside of you, sets you off again and instantly, you're cumming again, the unexpected tightness squeezing every single drop of my cum into you. Unable to slow down just yet I continue to slide myself in and out of you till you finish your third orgasm.

Completely satisfied, I lean in to kiss you again before sliding myself out of you and watching my pearly white cum pool at the entrance to your pussy, exactly where it belongs. Grabbing your hand, I kiss it like a couple from old times about to go on a date or about to dance, then lightly pull you off the counter so we can get in the shower and finally wash each others bodies.

Leaning up to my ear, you whisper, “I'm yours now.”

Completely awash with joy, I simply reply, “I've been yours in my heart for some time, I've just been waiting on you sweetheart.”

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