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An Evening Out

A lady shows her man she knows how to take care of him
Doug comes home from a long hard day at work to find a note on the door.

"Baby, your black suit is on the bed along with my favorite shirt and the paisley tie I love to wear in bed. Take a shower to wash off the construction site and meet me at Mario's at seven. I will be the sexy brunette in the red low cut dress bought especially for tonight. I am wearing your favorite bra to hold the girls up and nothing else. See you at seven, lover."

You walk in the door trying to calm the erection already rising in your pants. You shed your clothes as you head to the shower. Waiting on the bathroom door is another note that reads.

"Lover, I know you want to take care of the hard on you are now prominently sporting but wait, I promise it will be worth it."

You think to yourself how well your baby knows you and shower, paying special attention to your cock and balls, knowing they will be receiving attention later, while trying not to encourage your erection. You use the body wash you know I love; it smells so good on you, it turns heads.

You dress with care, wearing the clothes I have laid out for you. You put on the watch I gave you and the gold link bracelet that shows off your strong hands. You drive to Mario's, our favorite restaurant in town. You get out, hand your keys to the valet, noticing the stares from the women around you as you walk into the restaurant.The Maître D sees you enter and wishes you a good evening telling you I am waiting for you in the bar and our table will be ready shortly. You walk into the bar and notice every male in the bar is looking toward the bar where your gorgeous lover is waiting. You are now the envy of every man in the bar as you walk up and put your hand on my shoulder.
"Is this seat taken?" you ask as if we don't have an intimate knowledge of the other.
I look you up and down. "You'll do unless something better comes along." You love me to tease you.

"You look beautiful tonight!" you say as you lean in and press your lips to my neck.

The Maître D tells us our table is ready. We head to our table with your hand resting in the small of my back, letting everyone looking know you possess all of me. The electricity running through your hand into my body sends a shiver up and down my spine and I wonder once again how much control I will be able to wield once we are alone. I have been planning this night for weeks. I heard you tell one of your friends that you would enjoy being seduced instead of being the pursuer. We reach our table in a very secluded part of the restaurant and you hold out my chair for me, ever the perfect gentlemen--in public at least. I know underneath lies a man that can be driven by pure passion and manners have no place. 

We order dinner and drinks, making small talk about work and enjoying each other's company. I decide to be a little naughty and slipping out of my heel, I move it up your leg under the table. Parting your legs, I move it further up your leg. I reach the top of your leg and rub my foot up and down your shaft, teasing you of things yet to come.
"Baby you know how much I enjoy that but Mario will kick us out of here if he sees what you're doing to me."

"Mario was the one who suggested it when I told him how I wanted this evening to go."

"And how exactly is this evening going to go?" You ask as you move your hips in time with the rhythm of my foot moving up and down your groin.

"You will just have to wait and see!" I say as I signal the waiter over to pay the bill. I tip him generously for leaving us in private while we dined. I slip my heel back on and look over at you and ask, "Are you ready to finish the rest of the evening?"

I hand you a hotel key card and move to leave the restaurant, anticipating what is to come next. I turn and look at you, waiting for you to follow me, trying not to grin at the trouble you are having walking with the raging hard on I have given you. I move back towards you so you can walk out close to me and none will be the wiser of your predicament.

"You will pay for this later!" you tell me, looking down toward your shaft.

"I am counting on just that!" I say as your truck comes around.

The valet opens the passenger door and I slip in letting the valet catch a glimpse of my lack of panties. He gasps as he closes the door behind me. You move to the driver's door and drive us to the hotel.

"That was a very naughty thing to do to that poor valet."

"Consider it his tip."

You reach over and run your hand up my exposed thigh and between my open legs. Feeling the wetness within, you slip your fingers inside my wet swollen lips, lightly running your fingers in and out while you drive. I gasp as the pleasure builds, but then you quickly withdraw your hand, leaving me hungry and wanting.

"I told you, you would pay for that!" You say, as you move your hand to your mouth and suck my juices from your fingers.

You return your hands to the wheel and we finish the drive to the hotel in silence, each lost in our desires of how this evening will end. We quickly enter the hotel and find our room. The sexual tension reaching a fevered pitch, you usher me into the room with your hand on my waist. I can feel the passion radiating out of you and I know as soon as the door closes, all bets are off.

The door closes behind us and your hands push me back against the wall, your mouth hungry for my lips you smother me in a deep passionate kiss that tells me everything about you and how the rest of the night will go. You press your hips against mine and I feel a deep growl exit my lips as I beg you to take me.

"I need you inside of me," I moan against your lips as your hand reaches down and continues what you started in the truck. You fingers bury deep within my wetness moving in and out, you tease me to climax.
My body shudders around your hand as I climax from your fingers buried deep with me. My belly spasms against your hand as my hips writhe. I bury my hands in your hair as you kiss me with deep longing. Your hands leave my body long enough to undo your pants.

You grab my legs and lift me off the ground pinning me against the hotel wall. You position the head of your shaft against the opening to my womanhood and thrust into me with one swift hard motion. My wetness making it easy for you to access the deepest part of me. I moan as you start to thrust up into me, your hands kneading my ass cheeks as you move in and out of me. My body shudders with anther intense orgasm as you work my body as only you can. You continue thrusting in and out of me becoming a man possessed. You moan against my mouth as your body tightens and I can feel you are ready to cum. You moan, "Oh fuck baby you feel so good on my shaft," as your body erupts in passion within me. I feel wave after wave of your cum shooting inside of me, coating the walls of my vagina. I am so overcome with how good your orgasm feels, my body shudders as a wave of pleasure overwhelms my body and I cum again as you continue to slowly move in and out of me relishing all the orgasmic sensation our bodies have to offer.

You slowly lower my legs to the floor as you soften within me. You withdraw your shaft and back away from me so we can gain room to breathe.

"Sorry babe, it's your own fault. I couldn't help myself, I had to have you hard and fast."

"It was perfect baby!" I tell you as I undress you the rest of the way, "The night is not over."

I lift my dress above my head giving you a view of my naked body. I slowly take off the bra you love to see me in. I stand before you naked enjoying the look of lust in your eyes, knowing I have regained control of the room. I lead you over to the bed and motion for you to lay down on it. I lay down next to you and slowly kiss you with all the passion in me. I move away from your mouth and slowly kiss down you body to your beautiful shaft still wet with our juices. I hear you gasp as you realize what I am about to do.

"Are you sure baby?" you ask, making sure I want to pleasure you this way.
I answer by running my tongue down the top of your shaft and all the way down to the bottom of your sack slowly sucking each of your balls into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around and hear you moan in pleasure which spurs me on to continue. I run my tongue back up your shaft, relishing the way your veins tickle my tongue. I can feel the wetness seeping between my legs as my arousal for you heightens. I run my tongue up and down your shaft cleaning our juices from your shaft as I continue to pleasure it. I reach the top of your shaft and suck the whole thing into my mouth taking every inch of your nine inch shaft down my throat, enjoying how full my mouth feels with you inside it.

I move my mouth up and down your shaft bringing it back to hardness in my mouth, savoring the feeling of it swelling and growing under my lavish attention. I create a rhythm moving up and down you, as you wind your fingers through my hair guiding the rhythm that feels best to you. I allow you to control the movement, enjoying how hot it feels to control your passion. I feel your body clenching as you move towards another orgasm, I move your hands off of my head, as I am not done with you. I slowly move up your shaft and let you fall out of my mouth.

"Baby don't stop I was so close!" you moan as I move back up your body.

"I know" I say, "that's why I stopped.!" I straddle your rock hard body and rub my pussy up and down your shaft several times.

"Fuck baby don't tease!" you cry out as I move my lips over your shaft till the head is positioned at the entrance to my womanhood. I bend down and kiss you deeply as I guide you inside my wetness. You love that and tell me how "hot" that move is. I slowly move my hips up and down feeding your shaft in and out of my pussy. You move your hands up to my nipples and rub each of them between your fingers until they are rock hard, adding to the wetness and pleasure between my legs.

I continue to feed your shaft in and out of my pussy, coming all the way up to the head, before rocking back down till I am hitting your pubic bone with my clit. Slowly, I increase the speed making us both moan and pant with pleasure. My pleasure is quickly reaching it's peak as my body spasms and jerks against yours in total surrender to a body rocking orgasm. I collapse on top of you knowing I don't have the strength to finish bringing you to climax. 

You roll me under your body as your desire to cum overtakes you. You thrust your rock hard shaft deep inside me and continue to thrust as my hips, with a will all of their own, rise to meet each thrust. You move like this for mere minutes before your body clenches and your balls tighten as you thrust deep within me as you cry out as your orgasm rips through your body. The hotness of your orgasm feels so good my body responds with one of its own. My body bucks and shakes under you as I am satiated by your body in mine. We lay this way for a while your body softly moving in and out of me knowing my body so well, I climax again. You roll off of me and pull me to your side in a sweet embrace. We kiss and touch for a while and slowly fall asleep from the exhaustion our sex has created.

I sleep soundly and wake to feel your hands rubbing over my clit as you pleasure my body for breakfast. You know I love good morning sex. I move under your attention to my body. You continue what you're doing, making me wetter by the second. You realize I have woken to what your doing and move over me, spread my legs and swiftly push the head of your shaft between my lips and bury it deep within me. My hips rise to meet your thrusts as we quickly move towards climax. My body bucks and writhes under you as my body succumbs to the climax you are giving me. You feel my pussy clench around your shaft as you body clenches and reaches a climax of its own. You fall into me in bliss and whisper good morning against my neck. You roll off of me and kiss me lightly as you head towards the shower.

As you leave the bed you turn and look me, "Thanks for an amazing date, baby!" You smile as you turn to take a shower.

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